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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see below). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Synopsis of Story to This Point (CHAPTER 90 STARTS FURTHER DOWN THIS PAGE). Elsa Conner and billionaire Mark Worthington meet at a party, only he hides his true worth and identity from her in fear this nice girl might be another gold digger trying to get into his wealth. They date, but when the truth is discovered Elsa breaks up with him in anger over his lack of trust in her. In love, he grovels his way back into her good graces only she sets a condition of reestablishing the relationship as the equal involvement of her sister Cindy. The trio falls deeper in love. There are some awkward moments where Elsa and Cindy work out how they’ll date their new boyfriend and whether to be exclusive. To test their relationship, they meet and enjoy a sexual evening with Tom on a weekend vacation. Later, Mark’s cute new secretary Melanie gets added to the relationship. After holding off to assert their independence, Elsa and Cindy move in with Mark; Melanie soon joins them in living in Mark’s posh condo. They all learn more about the ever-present bodyguards and security guards around Mark managed by stoic Lucas.

Mark’s long time aide Sheila eventually joins the sisterhood. He established an office dress code for Melanie and Sheila — no undies. Several parties are held that devolve into happy sexual events among friends. There’s a kidnap attempt on Mark that gets foiled. Mark meets Brita, a Danish woman he strongly resonates with. The four girls pick-up Ryan, Deke, Mike, and James at a club, and establish group-to-group fuck buddy relationships with them. Ryan introduces ‘The Experience’ — an intense A-spot orgasm — to the women; Mark learns and applies the technique on Brita and later to others. Cindy and Elsa get deeper into martial arts and handgun training motivated by the kidnap attempt on Mark. They get a chance to use their martial arts in a club one evening when dealing with some drunken men.

Mark arrives home from a trip to find a full-scale orgy underway that Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, and Sheila have orchestrated with the men they picked up at a club. One of the men Deke is their firearms instructor. Mark happily joins in the party. The girls hold a swing party and one of the guests brings KC — a talented artist, who Mark and the girls fall in love with, and who loves the group and its sexy lifestyle. Tom joins in, especially now that he has agreed to work for Worthington Industries. A vacation to a Mexican villa is planne; Brita, KC, and others join in the fun and sex at the villa. KC and Brita receive love rings like the others have. Elsa and Cindy seduce Lucas — Mark’s bodyguard. Marcia, the other key bodyguard, prepared to seduce Mark. The girls keep up their instruction in urban survival and weapons training.

Returning from Mexico, the rest of the circle of friends join the Mile High Club in Mark’s large custom 737 aircraft. Back at work, Elsa and co-worker Sean are sent to Las Vegas to iron out problems getting a condominium project approved by the city. While there Elsa does a fabulous strip tease. She also counsels Sean about breaking out of his life’s unsatisfactory rut, and bringing his wife Pam along on the new journey. Pam comes to Vegas and the fun starts as she gets in the spirit of change. Sean and Pam eventually come and enjoy one of the sex parties Mark, Elsa, and the others conduct. At work, Mark has Melanie present some improvement ideas to one of his businesses with great success. Mark and KC take a romantic trip to Europe. Eventually, Sean and Elsa’s boss at the architectural company learns of their new sexual relationship; Greg asks that he and his wife Kim be included.

A pipe bomb is discovered attached to Mark’s limousine, but turns out to be a hoax. Several other incidents happen including a drone watching at a sex party and a gross package of a dead rat and five mice delivered at a restaurant. Mark and the girls are being stalked and threatened. Cindy and Elsa continue to take martial arts and weapons training, expanding to include defensive driving and awareness about bombs.

Mark and the sisters form a sexual relationship with Greg and Sean, architects where she works, and their wives Kim and Pam. The women are given The Experience by Mark and predictably fall in love with him. Some planning work goes into a new house outside the city and land is purchased. Summer sex parties are held on the land by the bahis firmaları river passing through. The stalker strikes again several times, his attacks falling on Mark, Elsa, KC, Melanie, and Sheila, but Elsa and Cindy eventually catch him. Mark is furious at Elsa and Cindy for putting themselves in harm’s way to catch the stalker, Myron Tanner; he punishes them. They also meet Troy and Dan in a club and have an erotic one-night stand with them. The girls also start flying lessons.

The girls decide to hold a large erotic party and end up with nearly forty attendees. Of course, open sex becomes a staple for the event. Izzy, another worker in Mark’s office, becomes a steady visitor and lover. Also invited to the party are their flight instructors Wes and Scott and their girlfriends Vanessa and Anna — who turn out to be porn stars. They also invitee Troy and Dan and their wives Janet and Sandy, who subsequently learn about the one-night stand their husbands enjoyed with Elsa and Cindy. Janet becomes a freewheeling sexual being at the party, with Sandy right behind her; their husbands are shocked.

Construction starts on the new home named The Meadows in a rural area outside the city. The home has a runway and river front as major attractions. Mark offers a premium to have the house completed by the following July first. Brita announces her marriage to lover Nils, and everyone attends enjoying some open sexuality while in Denmark. Myron Tanner escapes from police custody, burns the partially completed house, shoots at Mark while he’s learning to fly, and other mischief that could be deadly.

Elsa and Cindy get their jet ratings after pushing ahead with their advanced flight training. After several more encounters with Myron Tanner, they convince Mark and Lucas (head of Worthington security) that they should become bait for catching Tanner. They are armed and skilled in urban survival martial arts. While having lunch together Tanner approaches them in disguise. The two women realize the threat just in time, but gunfire breaks out. Elsa and Cindy shoot Tanner through the chest, but he gets off a shot that nearly kills Elsa.

Elsa spends hours in surgery after having been only seconds from death due to blood loss through her shot-up femoral artery. She slowly recovers and then spends months in physical therapy. House construction on the mansion continues. Everyone meets Alice, the interior decorator, whom they tease and then embrace into the sisterhood. The deadline for house construction of July first is met, and a joyous housewarming is held with many visitors from far and near. A fallout of the house warming is a detailed article concerning Mark Worthington, his ‘wives’ and other friends, and his lifestyle, including the sexual component. Despite the revelations in the media, no one seems to care.

Another large party is held at The Meadows a few weeks later, this time with sex being the major item on the agenda. Nearly eighty people attend. Mark entertains Vanessa and Anna, girlfriends of his flight instructors, plus Felicia and Monica, their new friends, at the party. They all want to make a porn film in Europe to compare to U.S. practices, and they want to dance in a strip club. Subsequently, Mark buys a rundown bar and starts renovations to turn it into a high-end restaurant, dance club, and strip club — the Club Infinity. In the design phase, he meets Stacy and the two hit it off despite her Goth-like tendencies. While the club is being renovated Mark prepared to surprise his friends Anna, Vanessa, Monica, and Felicia with the trip to Denmark where Brita is helping locate the right people to make an adult film there.

Mark testifies before congress about innovation in business in America. Stacy, Elsa, and Alice travel to look at adult clubs; Elsa flies them in the Cessna 210 that Mark bought for Cindy and her. Mark sells off some private real estate, and ends up buying a large private villa on St. Croix; the family vacations there frequently. Elsa and Cindy have become jet rated, so they can fly the Cessna Citation and later the 737-700. Lucas and Marcia get it on, and then Mark and Marcia. Elsa and Cindy conspire to get two couples they meet in a St. Croix lounge to do a swap with each other.

As the Club Infinity prepares to open, Mark meets the hot sexy stripper Kate, who he gives some money to for her teenage daughter Tori’s orthodontics. Mark and the sisters hold a family Thanksgiving with many parents and sibs; lots of questions are fielded from the elders. KC’s sister expresses interest in joining the family. Club Infinity is a huge success after it opens, and it affords the sisters and friends an opportunity to give sexy performances publicly. Elsa helps Pam and Kim integrate the lifestyle into their lives.

Mark surprises Vanessa, Anna, Felicia, and Monica with a trip to Copenhagen to do some European porn; Sheila, Brita, and he also engage in the filming. Lucas and Linda Boyd, Elsa’s nurse after she was shot, become a serious couple, but kaçak iddaa continue to join in the group activities. The sisters hold more weekend sex parties at The Meadows

Mark and his guests return from Copenhagen with some videos of their porn shoot. Alice, Stacy, Marcia, and Izzy become sisters with love rings. Elsa’s pregnancy continues. Mark gives Marcia a new job other than bodyguard. Deke opens up a security system installation business. Mark decides to annex Carter, Deke, Ryan, Mike, and James into the family; that eventually happens to everyone’s delight, and the men move into the condo and The Meadows.

Elsa meets Matt at the club. Despite her baby bump, the two make love in the club’s VIP ‘sex room.’ Some other sisters join in with guys they like. Matt and Elsa talk about his marriage improvement program. Mark and Cindy travel to NY for meetings, and meet Ron and Wendy in a swing club. Wendy turns out to be a high-powered financial analyst for a Wall Street firm. They swap.

The family hires a new housekeeper/maid named Celeste, and a nanny named Julie. There are some awkward moments describing the family’s predilection for group sex to each of them in the job interviews. Mark is eventually Julie’s first. Elsa happily gives birth to Philip Emerson Worthington. Alice and KC announce their pregnancies. Kate from the club also starts to hangout with the family

Chapter 90 — Erotic Massage. Tutoring Julie


In keeping with the villa’s unwritten dress code all of us were naked. It was the sexy kind of naked and not the clinical or gym locker room kind of naked; there was no embarrassment and no worry about being probed in the wrong place in the wrong way by the wrong person. Sure there were a lot of different shapes and a little cellulite and sag here and there, but the way we thought about it made it sexy and arousing.

Celeste and Julie were lying face down on our two massage tables that sat in the shade of the palm grove near the gazebo on the pool patio. Each of tables also had two men and another woman beside it — masseurs and masseuses, and we were taking turns giving deep tissue rubdowns to our two new lovers, sometimes two or three of us working simultaneously on one of them. We had soft music playing nearby, and the smell of jasmine filled the air from a nearby arbor. A gentle breeze off the Caribbean Sea wafted over the patio.

There was a contrast in the beauty of the two. Julie was just thirty and had nearly flawless skin that hadn’t seen too much sun except for the past two days since we’d arrived. Her long black hair had been done in two ponytails, one on each side of her head making her look like she was about fourteen. Her muscle tone was tight and her breasts high and proud.

By comparison, Celeste was over a decade older. She had a billion freckles and apparently because of some Mediterranean blood, a natural tendency to brown up in the sun in a matter of minutes. In the two days of Caribbean sun she’d darkened considerably as well as freckled up — all over. Sexy freckles, even on her mons and pussy lips where she’d collected a partial tan. She had short blonde hair that looked as great coming out of the pool as when she’d spent lots of time getting it just right for us. Celeste had a less firm body — more middle aged, and some enjoyable droop and heft to her meaty breasts. To everyone’s surprise and like Stacy, she had pierced nipples and a clit ring along with a decorative dangle at her navel.

Both women had perfect butts, and lying prone on the table accentuated the magnitude of their assets. I was rubbing massage oil in Julie’s ass as Melanie used the same oil on her left arm, and Deke handled her right arm. Julie was moaning in ecstasy almost constantly, especially when I allowed a couple of fingers from one of my hands to drift over the crack of her ass into her cleft, and then into her body. She had her legs spread apart to facilitate that kind of internal massage.

Next to us Ryan, Andy, and Marcia were fawning over Celeste who likewise made a lot of sounds of appreciation and encouragement about the imminent sex that would no doubt take place in a few minutes. Celeste had been more reserved and less of a participant in our sex games, but I think she got inspired being in Caribbean and watching the erotic couplings going on all over the villa. I think what tipped the scale for her participation was when our one virgin — Julie — succumbed, that was too much; she had to also play.

Also without doubt, nude group massages are foreplay. Melanie had explained that to Julie as our nanny stood in front of her with eyes the size of saucers soaking up every word. Julie had wandered into an entirely new life landscape, and wanted to absorb every last detail of it as her awareness and sexuality blossomed. I almost laughed aloud, but that would have embarrassed Julie, and I wanted her to be comfortable with our sexy household and us, and not think we were laughing at her innocence and inexperience.

Melanie kaçak bahis could probably sell sand in a desert, because she ticked off all the points about why Julie should come with us and join in and be the subject of a highly sexual group massage, and then why she should expand her horizons and fuck us to show her appreciation. After five minutes of the gentle sell, Julie subtly started to nod her head, and I knew we’d have her on the table in five more.

I thought Julie would have a large negative reaction to Mel’s use of the word ‘fuck,’ but that turned out not to be the case. Her eyes did flare, but I think it was with arousal and lust. I tried to use the term ‘make love’ with her, and she seemed to like that better. Julie hadn’t been the type of person you would use crude language or terms around, but I suspected that was changing by the hour.

Julie and Celeste both rolled over onto their backs at our suggestion. If there was a position they could adopt as the subjects of a three-person massage that invited sex, this was it. I grinned at Mel and Deke after Julie relaxed and closed her eyes again. Both Deke and Mel had leaned in a kissed her tenderly assuring her of pleasure and love from every direction.

I applied the flavored edible massage oil to Julie’s feet and especially her sexy toes. The aroma of vanilla wafted up and made the experience sensuous to me as well. I’d read where women love to have their feet massaged, and she seemed to be relishing the experience as I worked the oil into each of her delicate toes. Knees down turned to be my next focus. I knew when I started on her thighs that sexual things would soon follow.

After a suitable period of time, I applied some warm oil up each of Julie’s thighs. Deke and Mel were working from her shoulders down to her gorgeous mons, with obvious special attention to her breasts and excited areolas and nips. I smoothed the oil into her skin and a long moan arose from her as I neared but didn’t initially touch her nether region. I knew what she wanted, and she’d get it soon enough, but I wanted to heighten her arousal.

I think she could feel when I sprayed the massage oil directly onto her slit because her legs spread apart almost pleading for more attention. I worked on each quad for a few minutes allowing the edge of each hand to brush by her intimate areas. I could see that Julie was adding her own lubricating juices to the oil I used.

Finally, I worked on her nether region. I think Julie might have had a small climax because her body stiffened for a few seconds and then relaxed in a more significant way. A couple of Deke’s fingers smoothed through her cleft and then rubbed deep into her body to find her G-spot. After he’d massaged her interior for a few minutes, I nudged him aside with a smile and brought my mouth to her cunt and focused in on her clit. Julie moaned and had a significant orgasm. Mel and Deke sucked on Julie’s breasts as I brought her off. She clamped down on my hand and head, holding me to her sex for a long time as her body spasmed its pleasure.

Julie’s eyes opened and she gave a weak smile to each of us. She gasped out, “I’ve never said this in my life, but would one of you please fuck me. You have me wound up tighter than a drum, and the orgasms have been wonderful but I want something more. I need some cock deep inside me. Cum too.”

Deke winked at me and nodded to indicate that I should complete what I’d started with her from the waist down. I leaned in and kissed Julie’s twat and used my tongue some more, eliciting still more moans and writhing of her beautiful body.

We made love. I penetrated her and we kissed and shared passionate kisses that left no doubt in my mind that Julie wasn’t enraptured by the new relationship she’d formed with us — with me. I felt glad that she had those feelings because they were mutual.

When I was through, Melanie made love to Julie, delivering still more orgasms as Julie sucked on my flaccid cock. Deke completed the foursome by also making love to Julie and delivering a few of his own trademark orgasms. Melanie followed up when he was through again, licking up every drop of cum that oozed from Julie’s quim.

Julie lay sprawled out on the massage table. She mumbled, “I may never move again, plus I’ve never felt so loved in my life … well, maybe when Ryan gave me The Experience. Thank you all so much. This is so dreamy. I hope I don’t wake up and find all this didn’t really happen.”

I kissed Julie very romantically, and then picked her up from the table. She seemed sleepy and in a sexual stupor. She put her head on my shoulders and arms around my neck as I lifted her. I think she knew what was going to happen, and I certainly didn’t want to disappoint. Had it been nighttime, I would have carried her into my bedroom and cuddled up with her; however, it was nearly noon and time to be wide-awake for the rest of the day.

I walked about twenty paces with my cute ward and nanny, and then stepped off into space at the deep end of the pool. The two of us were airborne for a brief instant and then splashed into the pool. Julie screamed, but the kind of shriek that let everyone know it was all in fun and friendly.

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