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This is a work of fiction and all characters are fictional. Any similarity to anyone living or dead is completely coincidental.

This story contains some very mild watersports. If this offends please do not read.

British English terminology is used throughout. If you are unable or unwilling to deal with this, please avoid reading.


I was sat with my wife, Jen and Howard Franks. Howard’s wife, Pauline had just died and we were mourning her passing. Pauline Franks was the most influential person of my life and the person that probably made me the man I am today. In my early years she was my friend, my confidant and, for many years, my lover. This is the story of how we first got together, when she was Mrs Griffiths, my biology teacher.


Pauline Griffiths was a tall athletic woman with a face that shouted sexuality. She was in her mid-thirties and was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever come across in person. She had long wavy brown hair, pinned back away from her face, revealing emerald green eyes that were like lasers when she looked at you intently. I had witnessed those green eyes on a couple of occasions when I’d been late handing in my A level biology essays. Her features were almost perfect and her lips were full and she always wore red lipstick. I regularly found myself fantasising about her and was always keen to engage her in conversation if we happened to bump into each other outside of class. Now and again we lunched together, mostly with others, but on one occasion just the two of us, but always in public view. I was always comfortable around her and was happy to talk about subjects other than biology.

Today Mrs Griffiths was wearing a typical grey skirt suit and blouse, with her jacket, as usual, on the back of her chair. The skirt was tailored, accentuating the flatness of her stomach, the curve of her hips as well as hinting at the power in her upper legs. The hem of her skirt finished just above the knees showing her legs sheathed in dark sheer tights, or hopefully stockings. Her blouse was tight fitting which tended to push her breasts together and up giving the impression that she was always pushing her chest out.

“… Johnson. Andrew Johnson!”

“Yes Mrs Griffiths.” I replied suddenly coming out of my trance.

“What did I just say, Andrew?” Mrs Griffiths asked.

“Sorry. I was thinking of something else,” I answered, wondering what I’d missed.

Mrs Griffiths stood up and walked towards my desk, “Would you care to elaborate?”

“Not really.”

“Well if you don’t want to share your private thoughts with the class, I suggest you have them away from the classroom.” She said this with a slightly sarcastic smile on her face. There was a rumble of a giggle around the rest of the students.

Mrs Griffiths returned her attention to the whole class, “For Mr Johnson’s benefit, please make sure I receive your Genetics coursework immediately after the break for Easter. I’ll expect to receive it during the first lesson after the break. For anyone that has any final questions please speak to me before the end of the day. Do have some time for yourselves over the break and I’ll see you next term.”

The class mumbled their goodbyes as everyone got up to leave. I also got up and was about to turn towards the door when, from behind me I heard.

“Andrew. Do you have a minute please?”

I turned and was a little surprised to see a soft smiling face looking in my direction. “Yes, Mrs Griffiths.” I replied.

“Can I have a word with you for a minute?” Then patting the seat in front of her she said, “Come and sit down for a minute, I want to talk to you about your last Genetics paper.”

My head dropped as I approached the chair.

Mrs Griffiths suddenly laughed and said, “There’s no need to be worried, I was going to congratulate you on one of the best papers I’ve seen for many years.”

I looked up at her to see her face with a broad smile. I felt a little shocked at the revelation of my apparent success, as I never felt Genetics was one of my stronger points.

“Please sit down for a moment Andrew, I won’t keep you long.” She again pointed to a seat just in front of hers.

I sat down facing her chair and she took her seat and as she did she crossed her legs and I caught the briefest of glimpses of her stocking tops and a flash of milky flesh. Within a moment I became embarrassed and I felt my face flushed.

“Are you alright?” She asked with what looked like a barely disguised smirk on her face.

“I’m alright Mrs Griffiths.” I replied.

“What plans do you have for the holiday?” she asked.

“I haven’t really thought. I will probably just take a break from school and just relax for a couple of weeks.”

Mrs Griffiths seemed to ponder my answer and then said, “With such a good paper on Genetics I think it would be really beneficial if you tried to keep studying over the holidays.”

I frowned a little, and looked at her questioningly.

She continued, “I don’t casino şirketleri mean work as hard as you obviously have been. I mean just keep yourself ticking over.”

“It’s a little difficult with school closed. I wouldn’t be sure what to concentrate on.” I said, still wondering where this was going.

“How would you feel if I said I’d be happy to spend some time with you, helping you study during the holiday?”

I considered her offer and it suddenly dawned on me that I might have the opportunity to spend some time alone with Mrs Griffiths. I had imagined just that in many a session at home in bed. I looked up at her and saw a warm smile on her face and my mind began to race before reality seemed to kick in and I considered the opportunity of increasing my chances of a good result.

Eventually I needed to consider the practicalities. “What are you thinking of Mrs Griffiths?”

“What I was thinking was that I don’t mind giving up a couple of hours on a couple of days each week just to look more in-depth into Genetics. You seem to have a really good understanding of the subject.” She was smiling at me and waited for me to take in her offer.

“That doesn’t seem too bad,” I replied. “How will I get into school? Won’t it be locked up?” I then asked.

“The school will be closed,” she confirmed. “But if you don’t mind, you could come over to my place and I could help you study there. Only if you want to though.”

I started thinking with a part of my body below the waist again before becoming realistic and deciding whether I wanted to spend my break studying for some of the time. Ultimately I considered that you only get one real chance at an education.

“Ok.” I replied.

Retaining her warm smile, she said, “Why don’t you enjoy the weekend off and come and see me next Tuesday?”

“But I don’t know where you live Mrs Griffiths.”

She gave a little chuckle and then leaned over to her desk. As she did she gave me another glimpse of her thigh. I must have been staring, because as I looked back up I met her gaze with her eyebrows raised and a questioning expression on her face.

She smiled and said, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Sorry Mrs Griffiths. I wasn’t thinking.”

“No need to worry Andrew. Why don’t you come to this address,” she said offering me a piece of paper, “at 10am on Tuesday. If you like I don’t mind doing a bit of lunch before you go.”

I looked at the paper and it had her address and her phone number. I looked back at her and she smiled broadly.

Then her expression became serious. Then she said, “I don’t need to tell you to treat that with confidence.”

“Of course Mrs Griffiths, I’ll see you on Tuesday morning.” I said as I got up.

“I look forward to it Andrew.” Then with the smile appearing on her face again, she said, “Now off you go and enjoy the weekend.”

I turned and headed for the door. As I went through the door I turned and shouted, “Have a good weekend Mrs Griffiths”.

As I headed down the corridor I heard a faint, “Bye Andrew”.

I spent the rest of the day fantasising about Mrs Griffiths. I imagined numerous scenarios where we ended up having sex. It was so bad that by the end of the final lesson of the day I had to cover my crotch to hide my erection. The end of the day eventually arrived allowing me to leave school to enjoy the weekend and fantasise in the privacy of my bedroom.

Tuesday morning came and I was up early. I checked that I had Mrs Griffiths’ address. I’d spent Sunday afternoon and evening completing the assignment for the whole of the holiday. I showered, dressed and had breakfast. I got my books together and I headed out. I took the bus and in about 40 minutes I was standing outside of Mrs Griffiths’ house.

It was a fairly new house on a new development. I headed up the drive and got to the front door. I rang the doorbell and waited.

After about a minute I saw movement through the door and then the door opened and Mrs Griffiths stood smiling at me.

“Hello Andrew, it’s good to see you. Come on in.”

She stood aside and beckoned me in. She guided me down through the house and into the kitchen diner at the rear of the house.

“Why don’t you sit at the table,” she said pointing to the dining table.

I went and sat down saying, “Thanks,” as I did.

“Would you like a drink?” She asked.

“Yes please.” I answered.

“There’s tea, coffee, fruit juice, coke. Anything take your fancy?”

“Can I have a coke please?”

“Of course,” she said turning to the fridge. She called back, “Why don’t you get your books out.

I got my assignment and books out and then looked at Mrs Griffiths while she made the drinks.

It was an unusually hot spring day and she was dressed in a long, loose fitting summer dress. It showed off her slim figure but hid most of her body as it came down to mid-calf. She didn’t have make-up on but it seemed to show off her natural complexion. Her hair wasn’t pinned back, but hung loose framing casino firmaları her face. She looked even more beautiful than she did in school. She looked fresher and had a glow to her that I hadn’t noticed before.

She eventually brought our drinks and she sat opposite me. We spent an hour or so going over my work. It was good sitting with her. Although we were getting on with the work it was really nice spending time with her.

Eventually Mrs Griffiths said, “We’ve made great progress, why don’t we take a break.”

I sat up, stretched and replied, “That would be good.”

“Go through to the lounge and we’ll sit in the conservatory. Would you like another coke?”

“Yes please Mrs Griffiths.”

She smiled at me and said, “While you’re here I don’t mind you calling me Pauline.”

We smiled at each other as she turned back to the kitchen and I went and sat in the conservatory.

A couple of minutes after I sat down Pauline came in with a coke and a fruit juice. Before she even sat down she said, “Crumbs it’s warm in here.”

She put the drinks down and pressed a switch on the wall and the blinds on the ceiling of the conservatory closed. It immediately felt cooler as the sun was hidden from direct view.

Pauline turned back to the drinks, handed me my coke, took her fruit juice and then sat in the chair opposite me. She just sat and looked at me without saying anything.

I looked back at her feeling a little uncomfortable under her gaze. It seemed she had been looking at me forever before I eventually asked, “Is anything wrong?”

“No Andy,” she replied. “You don’t mind me calling you Andy, do you?”

“No, of course not.”

We fell silent again for a few moments and then Pauline spoke. “I’ve noticed you staring at me in class.”

I felt myself blush and not knowing what to say all I could do was look at the floor.

“It’s ok Andy. I’m not upset; I just wondered why you keep staring at me. Am I so disgusting?” she smiled as she finished speaking.

“No. Of course not, Mrs… Pauline. I think you’re very beautiful.”

“Thank you Andy. There’s no need to be embarrassed when you compliment a woman.”

I looked up to see her warm smile.

“Pauline, this is really weird. You’re my teacher and we shouldn’t really be doing this should we?” I asked beginning to feel a little uncomfortable.

Her smile slipped a little and a slight frown appeared, then she replied, “Look, you’re 18 years old. It’s been obvious to me over the last couple of terms that you’ve been eyeing me up. If you forget I’m a teacher, I’m just a woman that has been extremely flattered by your attention and I’m also a woman that enjoys sex. If you are happy we can just enjoy ourselves for a time, until we decide to move on with our lives.”

“Is there a Mr Griffiths?” I asked. “It’s just that you’re a Mrs and not a Miss.”

“I see. You’re concerned that there may be complications.” she said with the smile returning to her face. “There’s no need to be worried. I’ve been divorced for nearly 10 years. In that time I’ve devoted myself to teaching and enjoy the company of my students at a professional level, but just now and again I come across someone I feel is special and I decide to offer the opportunity to spend a little social time with me. It doesn’t happen very often. In fact you’re only the third student I’ve felt this way about and the first at Colston.”

I sat and absorbed what I’d just been told. I was very attracted to her and just needed to overcome any doubts I had.

After a minute or so with Pauline waiting patiently I asked, “What made you pick me?”

She laughed and then said, “That’s easy. You are attracted to me. You’re a very attractive young man. You’re extremely intelligent and part of my decision is based on your high standards with your studies.”

“I didn’t realise I was being that obvious. I didn’t mean to embarrass you or myself for that matter.”

Pauline laughed again, “You didn’t embarrass yourself and after I got over the initial glare from your eyes I actually liked it and have been very complimented by your attention. I’ve even, in my private moments, imagined what it might be like for you and me to be together.”

“What do you mean by private moments?” I asked, a little naively.

“I think we’re beyond being proper now so I’ll be completely open with you. There are a number of times I’ve spent recently pleasuring myself while imagining you were with me; imagining us doing intimate things together. It has been very arousing and that is the main reason I decided to ask you because not only are you very attractive I actually want to spend some time with you in the hope that you may want to fulfil one or two of the fantasies you may also have had about me.”

“Wow.” Was all I could say at this point.

A silence fell again.

After a minute or two with my head bowed trying to decide whether to do what I wanted to do or what I should do.

“Andy. We’ve obviously got to a point where things güvenilir casino will not be the same in the future, but look, this is how I see it going from here. You could turn down my offer and I will be a little disappointed but I will accept that it is the proper thing to do. If that happens I will not be offended and I will retain a respect for you being able to override your basic desires to do the right and proper thing.

“If you decide to take advantage of my offer, I will be happy to be intimate in private, but I will also expect us to conduct ourselves properly when we’re in school or in public.”

“What would happen if I say no now, but change my mind later?” I asked.

“If I’m still not involved with anyone else, I may make the offer again, but there will be no guarantees.”

Throughout this conversation there was warmth to Pauline’s expression that was so attractive. I found it difficult to think about her with just my head and not with other lower parts of my body. I’d also decided that this was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. The chance to enjoy the physical pleasures of a beautiful older woman was so irresistible that I already knew I was going to take her up on her offer. I was also aware that I was starting to get hard and I didn’t want to appear to be too eager.

“That’s one hell of an offer,” I said, pausing before continuing. “I can’t believe there’s a man on this planet that would turn that offer down. I certainly can’t. It’s an opportunity for a very naughty fantasy to come true.” I had a broad grin on my face while I said this and Pauline’s face also lit up with a broad smile as we both realised we would hopefully enjoy each other for as long as we decided we wanted to.

Pauline got to her feet and held her hand out for me to stand. “Come here.”

I got up and she walked to me and held me to her. She was pressing the whole length of her body against mine. Her pelvis was fairly forcefully pushed forward, which I’m sure allowed her to feel my growing erection. He breasts were pressed against my chest and I could feel the points of her nipples pushing into me. It suddenly dawned on me that it was likely that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

All of a sudden she whispered in my ear, “Are you hard?”

“Mostly,” I replied.

“Good. It’s nice to know that teacher hasn’t lost her touch.”

She giggled at this and I joined in with her. After a few moments she stopped and pulled her face away from mine, but looking intently into my eyes. I stopped as well and looked back at her. All of a sudden her lips opened slightly and she moved them to mine and we kissed deeply, opening our mouths, and I felt her tongue running across my lips and extend further into my mouth and sought out my tongue. At this I reciprocated and our tongues danced and pushed around each other as the intensity of our kiss and passion increased.

She gave a soft groan as we kissed, enjoying the intimate contact.

As we eventually broke the kiss I asked, “What did you fantasise about me, in your more private moments?”

Pauline smiled lustily and asked in reply, “Will it turn you on if I told you?”

“Mmm. Probably.” I replied.

“Well let’s sit down, and I’ll tell you.” As she said this she led me to the small sofa to one side of the conservatory and got me to sit. She sat at the other end, facing me with one leg up on the sofa and the other on the floor. As she sat she pulled the bottom of her dress from beneath her allowing it to simply rest on her legs.

She began her tale, “Well, it would usually begin with me thinking about you in class and you staring at me. I would think about what you were thinking of doing to me. With this I would usually get a bit aroused, so I would grab a glass of wine and go up to bed, get naked and masturbated for a while.

“I would think about you running your hands all over my body, kissing me, and playing with my breasts and nipples. You would pinch and roll my nipples in your fingers, but also you would suck and nip them with your teeth. Then you would kiss down my stomach and lick around my pussy and pussy lips. You’d flick your tongue across my clit and suck and bite on it. I’d imagine you doing that and pushing a couple of fingers into me until I came for real. Sometimes I would carry on imagining you getting your hard cock out and pushing it into me and fucking me until I came again as I imagined you filling my pussy with your cum. It was usually at this point that I had a wonderful orgasm which usually provided some satisfaction.”

As I listened to her my cock became rigid and it was noticeable that a flush came to her face and chest.

“I’d love to see that.” I said a little absently, not really thinking of the implications.

“Do you really mean that?” she asked, with a smile.

“Yes. But I didn’t mean it to sound crude.”

“It wasn’t crude darling. Come with me.”

She got up and took my hand. She led me through the lounge and into the hallway, up the stairs and finally in through a door leaving us standing in the middle of her bedroom.

She went over to her dressing table and got the chair and placed it next to the bed, facing it. She then came back to me turning her back to me and asked, “Be a darling and unzip me please.”

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