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Parts of this is true, other parts are not true, only the people involved know which is which. (Names have been changed)

“Happy Birthday” says my wife who was already awake and, on her phone, when I woke up. “I hope you have a great day today, I’m sure you will, but I hope you enjoy the day.” While I thought it was a little odd the way she said it, I have come to know after 21 years of marriage that she likes to surprise me. My wife, Amanda and I (Josh) have a great sex life, a great marriage, and a great time with almost everything and everyone. We live a pretty carefree life as we have been through the ups and downs of marriage, 2 kids, and health issues. As long as we have each other, the rest is immaterial.

A little about us, I am 50 (today), 5 ft 8″ and about 180. Not in great shape, but round is a shape, right? Haha. Seriously though, for being a diabetic for over 40 years, I am in decent shape. Amanda is 45, 5 ft 5″ and about 155. She is always hard on herself for her weight (as most women are), but after 2 kids she still gets stares from people while we are out. She will not admit it but does like to see guys staring at her and their girlfriends/wife smack them.

Amanda said she had to go someplace today and wanted to know if I would take our daughter to grandma’s while she was gone. I agreed and asked when. Amanda said anytime after 2pm. I agreed and got up to get in the shower. Just as I sat on the side of the bed, Amanda leaned over, grabbed my arm, pulled me back down and leaned in to give me a deep kiss and said, I cannot wait until tonight to give you your present. She then put her boobs just over my face but just out of my mouth’s reach. She is a tease like that. I replied with, “we agreed no gifts for each other this year for birthdays. I didn’t get you anything this year.” She laughed and said, “I did not buy anything at all” so that lead me to believe it was either something she made, or something to do with sex tonight which I was fine with.

The morning and early afternoon was a typical nice day. “Celebrated” with both kids as our son was in from college for last night as he had plans today. We had lunch as a family, played a couple games then our son had to leave at 1. We gathered some things for my daughter and as Amanda left, so did we.

I got back to the house about 3pm and Amanda was still gone. I decided to do some yard work and then have a drink. About 5pm Amanda pulls in the drive. By this time, I had already cut the grass, cleaned off the driveway, and was just sitting down for a rum and diet coke. Amanda walks in with a couple bags from Victoria’s secret. This was very odd for her as she never goes there. She also had a smaller bag, but I could not see where it was from. She walks erotik film izle over to me in the chair, gives me a quick kiss, and said she would come down to fix dinner in a little bit. She hurries upstairs and closes the bedroom door, and I could hear the lock engage.

I just sat back, enjoying the Cubs game and drinking my drink. At almost 6pm, Amanda walks downstairs in a black lace corset and silk shorts that were very form fitting. My mouth just dropped. Just seeing her made my cock start to stir. She laughed and said, “Easy big boy, there will be a time and place, but not now, and not here.” She goes into the kitchen and gets dinner ready. She asks me to go start the grill as we were having steaks on the grill along with baked potatoes. Being the typical grill master of the house, I went to start the grill and took my drink out to watch to make sure the steaks did not burn. Amanda walks out holding the tray of steaks and sits them on the grill ledge and then walks over to the chair and sits down.

Our back yard is fairly open, but we do have some neighbors very close, so I was surprised to see Amanda walk out dressed like that on a nice summer day. I personally do not care but usually she does. The neighbors never came out while we were out there which was probably good because it would have made Amanda more conscience of her outfit. I was just getting ready to pull the last of the potatoes off and Amanda said, “hang on will you throw a couple hot dogs on the grill too please?” She runs inside and grabs 2 hot dogs and brings them to me. With both of us having steak, I though to myself, ‘the dogs are really going to have a good dinner tonight’ as we usually do not feed them too much people food but will on occasion.

Just as the food was finished, Amanda runs inside, and I could hear her through the screen door talking. I walk in with the food and her friend Mel was in the living room talking with Amanda. Mel had been Amanda’s friend since grade school. She is almost twins in looks with Amanda, same built, same age, and likes to drop in on occasion out of the blue. Mel walks over to me and gives me a big hug, kisses me on the cheek and says, “Happy birthday Josh, I cannot believe you are 50 and still look as good as you do.” I shake my head, roll my eyes and say thanks.

We sit down to eat, and Mel eats the hot dogs that I fixed and one of the 3 baked potatoes, while Amanda and I have the steaks and other 2 baked potatoes. I start to realize that Mel dropping by may not have been a coincidence after all. We all eat, just chat for awhile and I decided to offer the girls a drink. They both agreed and Mel said, “But you realize if I drink, I will have to stay here, I don’t want to impose on your birthday.” Before I film izle could even say anything, Amanda replies, “We would love to have you stay, as long as you can play some games when drinking” and then laughs.

I said I was going to go to the bathroom and then we could play a couple card games. Amanda says, “Before you do, you cannot go into our bathroom, you have to use the guest bathroom.” I look at her, she winks and says, “trust me, it is for your birthday reason.” Once again, I shake my head and agree and go to the guest bathroom.

Once downstairs, I grab the cards and we start playing rummy, then uno all with drinks flowing very well. After the uno game, Mel said she was going to the bathroom, but was pretty drunk. She was not walking straight at all. Amanda said she would help her upstairs, so she did not fall back down them. None of us were feeling much pain at all, but Mel seemed to be more drunk than Amanda and me. After about 10 minutes, I hear Amanda say, “Josh, can you please come up here for a minute?” I laughed and thought, ‘well, Mel probably passed out and Amanda needs help getting her to the guest bedroom’. I walk upstairs and our bedroom door was open, and I could see candlelight in the room. I walk toward the guest bathroom and Amanda said, “No in here” from our bedroom. I walk in and Amanda is sitting on the middle of our bed naked. I said, “Where is Mel?” and just as I finished, I looked over and saw Mel standing in her bra and panties in the corner and motioned for me to sit in the chair. I walk over, sit down and Mel comes over to me, puts handcuffs on me and ties them to the chair. Shocked, amazed, and now horny as hell, I am all confused at what is going on.

Mel walks over in front of me, kisses me on the forehead and said, “again, happy birthday.” She then walks over to the side of the bed, and Amanda leans forward and pulls Mel down on the bed. She then climbs on top of Mel and starts kissing her neck. Amanda then unhooks Mel’s bra, takes it off slowly and throws it over at my feet. She then looks at me, smiles and slides down. She teases Mel by rubbing her nipples and continuing to kiss her stomach. She slowly moves further down, takes Mel’s panties off and drops them on the floor. She then moves slowly back up between Mel’s legs and gets to her thighs, and then sits up straight, leans back and rubs herself. Mel reaches up, twisting Amanda’s nipples, and Amanda leans down, and starts licking Mel’s pussy. Mel grabs the back of Amanda’s head and just grinds on her mouth. It does not take long for Mel to have an orgasm. Amanda sits up, licks her lips, and reaches over to the side of the bed. The little bag was what she grabbed that I could not see earlier in the day. She pulls out a double-sided dildo seks filmi izle and starts licking one end of it, and takes the other end, brings it to Mel’s mouth and then slowly but methodically slides down (while the other end is in her own mouth still), goes between Mel’s boobs and squeezes them together. Amanda continues down to Mel’s crotch then pushes it hard into Mel. She takes the other end and pushes it in herself, and they grind back and forth. I am so hard at this point, but, cannot even rub myself since I have the handcuffs on.

Amanda and Mel continue to play around with each other, using the dildo, using their tongues and fingers and probing all areas of each other’s body. They had so many orgasms I lost count at 10 each. After about 45 minutes they both collapse on the bed. They catch their breath, and both sit up at the same time, kiss each other then say, Happy birthday at the same time.

Amanda comes over to me unties the handcuffs, removes the handcuffs, and tells me to release the bent penis. I drop my shorts, and Amanda leads me to the bed, pushes me down where both Mel and Amanda sit next to me on each side and rub my chest and face. Mel said, “I hope you liked your gift; I know I did” and all I could do was just nod my head yes. I start to reach over to both of them but they both grab my hand and hold it down and at the same time said, “No touching, rules are you just lay there and relax now.” Amanda looks down and sees the pre-cum and laughs then says, “Look Mel, looks like we have an excited birthday boy here.” Mel reaches over and touches just the tip of my penis and strings up from the head a line of pre-cum. Amanda said, “I think we need to help him out a little, but not too quick.”

Amanda then slides up starts kissing me. Mel kept rubbing the inside of my thigh and on occasion brushing up against my pubes, but never touching my penis directly. This lasted for what seemed like 5 minutes, although it was probably only a couple, and then Amanda climbs on top of me, rubs me against her crotch but never putting it in. Mel moved back up a little but was just watching. Amanda finally slid it in and starts riding my throbbing cock. Mel leans up, whispers something to Amanda, Amanda says, “Be my guest” and Mel climbs on top of my chest. She has my arms held down with her legs and leans forward so her pussy was just above my face. I leaned up but could not reach her. She was teasing me with the anticipation, but I could not do anything. Finally, she leans forward, puts her hands on the wall and pulls my head to her crotch. I could not believe it; I am doing oral on Mel while my wife is bouncing on my cock. It does not take long, and I start tense up and Amanda jumps off me, and starts stroking my cock, and shoots my cum all over her and my stomach. Mel then sits up, leans over and licks my stomach.

We all collapse on the bed and they both again say, “Happy birthday Josh.” I have to say this has been the best birthday ever!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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