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I wrote this story in 1998, and it is set in the 70s, hence the mention of ‘records’ etc. I haven’t updated it. I notice I have a habit of ending a paragraph with three dots, as in a Mills and Boon novel. Well, H.G. Wells used a lot it too, so I’m in august company.


It was my birthday, and I wasn’t going anywhere. My girlfriend, with whom I had been living for over two years, had last week walked out on me, accusing me (wrongly, for once) of infidelity. The university where I was doing postgraduate work was on vacation and most of my friends were away. I was feeling depressed and completely unfestive. As far as I was concerned this was one birthday that could go uncelebrated.

It got to about 8 o’clock, and I had just fetched a bottle of whisky and was about to see how much of it I could get through, when the doorbell rang. I could have ignored it, but I didn’t. Outside stood two girls from along the road, Melanie and Hannah.

‘Happy birthday!’ they chorused, presenting me with a large card and a bottle of wine. ‘We thought we’d give you a birthday treat. Come on, we’re taking you out for a drink.’

I should describe them before we get too far into the story. They lived a few doors along the street, both with serious boyfriends, in a rented house. All four were students of one sort or another, and I saw them occasionally, sometimes together, sometimes separately. Although I fancied both girls, their relationships seemed too strong for me to attempt anything.

In appearance the girls were as different as possible. Melanie was tall, slender, very black (I think she was Nigerian), with very short frizzy black hair. Hannah was from Finland, and opposite in looks – shorter, curvy, very pale skin and long straight ash blonde hair. But they had some things in common – both were attractive, sexy, fun and open-minded. I lusted after them both.

They also dressed differently. Tonight Melanie wore a green T-shirt that highlighted her almost conical breasts and big nipples, and a full-length cheesecloth skirt (cheesecloth was very much the fashion then) and sandals. Hannah wore a white silk blouse that showed off her lacy bra, and a short cream skirt with tan nylons and high heels. Suddenly the bottle of whisky lost its appeal.

‘Where’s Paul and Mick?’ I said, referring to their respective boyfriends.

Melanie made a face. ‘Oh, they’re both in London for the big match. Left us all on our own.’ She looked at Hannah and they both burst out laughing. I didn’t see the joke.

‘Come on then,’ said Hannah. ‘We’re missing valuable drinking time.’ I recalled that both girls – and their boyfriends – had something of a reputation for the quantity of alcohol they could put away.

I grabbed some money and locked the door, and we strolled down to the local pub. I had always got on well with them both (perhaps because I had never tried to make a pass at either), and we were very much at ease. We all drank pints, and I rapidly realised that if I tried to keep up with them I would end up unconscious and perhaps miss the fun. I slowed down, wondering if a few subtle signals that I was receiving from Hannah were just in my alcoholic brain or hints that she might be available. I didn’t want to risk being unable to rise to the occasion. In fact (this may also have been the alcohol) both girls seemed more flirtatious and sexy than usual.

Hannah excused herself to go to the toilet and we watched her curvy ass wiggle its way across the room.

‘She’s lovely, isn’t she?’ Melanie said, half to herself.

‘Mmmm,’ I said, still gazing at her legs.

‘She’s wearing them specially for you, as a birthday treat, you know.’

‘What?’ I said. Melanie was looking at me with an amused expression.

‘The stockings and suspender belt, of course. You don’t mean you haven’t noticed?’

I shook my head. I usually can spot such things. Melanie laughed. ‘You ought to pay more attention to your companions!’

I was confused. I thought I had been paying attention – I hadn’t looked at another girl in the pub all night. Why should I when my two companions were so attractive?

‘She’s coming back,’ Melanie said. ‘You’ll see them now.’

Hannah sat down opposite me and Melanie immediately said to her, ‘He hasn’t noticed. Go on, show him.’

Hannah grinned and raised the hem of her miniskirt. I saw the lacy tops of her stockings and the white lace suspenders on her crossed thighs. It was delicious indeed.

‘Part of your treat,’ she said, simply, and pulled the skirt down.

I turned to Melanie. ‘And what are you wearing for my treat?’

She looked at me with big dark eyes. ‘Nothing,’ she said seriously, and then laughed. ‘Here, it’s your round.’

When I had fetched more drinks, somehow the conversation had turned to other things.

Later, I had had enough to drink and the girls were getting tipsy, their speech slurred. I suggested that we go home and have some coffee. We staggered out into the street and I ended up between them, an arm round each one. bahis şirketleri They hugged me, partly for support, but the pressure of their hips against mine was full of promise. I let my hands stray downwards to cup their buttocks, and realised that Melanie had been right when she said she was wearing nothing as a treat for me. Under the thin skirt she was naked and pantieless. Hannah, on the other hand, was girded with suspenders and lacy panties, as my exploring fingers could detect.

We ended up in their house. Hannah immediately dashed upstairs to use the toilet, Melanie shouting to her to hurry up. Then suddenly Melanie and I were in each other’s arms, and kissing frantically, her fat muscular tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I let my hands roam freely over her slim body, just as hers were doing to me. We gripped each other’s buttocks and strained our loins together, compressing my growing erection painfully against her pubes.

She broke the kiss, gasping. ‘I want you deep inside me tonight,’ she growled. I responded by plunging my fingers into the cleft of her buttocks and sticking my tongue deep into her mouth.

‘Which hole?’ I grunted, and she gave a shudder as she got my meaning.

‘All of them!’

This was going to be a birthday treat indeed. Her hot lissome body and exotic aura were exciting me dangerously. I knew I had to have her soon…

Hannah came down the stairs and we separated. If she had seen us embracing she gave no sign. Melanie dashed upstairs to relieve her bursting bladder, and I followed Hannah into the kitchen.

‘Mmm. what would you like?’ she said. ‘Tea, coffee, chocolate – or something more adventurous?’

The purr in her voice, if it was not just drunkenness, made me think that she too was trying it on.

‘What did you have in mind?’ I said, and put my arms round her gently from behind. To my delight she twisted round and put her arms round my neck, her curvaceous body flowing against mine. We kissed open-mouthed, our tongues fluttering against each other.

‘How about …’ she whispered, her lips touching mine ‘… some hot juice?’

‘Is it ready to drink?’ I murmured, and she chuckled.

‘Oh yes, ready and waiting.’ My cock swelled hard into her stomach, and she writhed against me. Wow, I thought, two girls hot for me at once. How could I choose?

I heard Melanie coming downstairs and we separated. I said that I’d like some coffee, and Hannah winked at me. My bladder was giving urgent signals too, so I left the girls making coffee. When I returned they were both in the lounge, sat on the settee with space for me between them. I started to sweat a little as I sat down, my thighs touching theirs. They both leaned against me with little sighs of contentment. How could I possibly go for one without upsetting the other?

We listened to the record they had put on, and I put an arm around each of them. Both began to touch my legs softly. Gradually my hands worked their way down until I was stroking their thighs – in Melanie’s case through her thin skirt, in Hannah’s case her nylon-clad skin. They relaxed further, giving me better access. I felt like I was about to enter heaven …

My fingers rode up Hannah’s thigh, taking her skirt hem with it, finding the lacy top of her stocking, stroking the hot smooth skin above. I reached the hot soft lace of her panties without any complaint … Meanwhile my other hand had pulled Melanie’s skirt up until most of her long smooth black legs were exposed. She shifted so that her back was against the side of my chest and opened her thighs, letting my hand fall into the warm space between them. I stroked upwards until I confirmed without doubt that she was wearing no panties – the hot, soft hairless petals of her cunt were open and defenceless beneath my trembling fingers.

Hannah twisted round so that she was kneeling on the settee and facing me. Her mouth nuzzled into my neck and my hand slipped almost of its own accord into her crotch. I pulled her panties to one side and touched her lips, feeling her soft hair matted with juice. She shifted her knees apart to allow me better access…

With growing disbelief I slipped a finger of each hand between the lips of each girl, analysing the different textures of their folds and fluids. Melanie’s clitoris was hard and slender, Hannah’s spongier and fatter. Both elicited moans of delight when stroked. I rubbed them equally, interested to see who would cum first. Certainly from the growing amount of noise that Hannah was making she seemed to be about to win the race. Her juice was flowing out of her under gravity and running down my hand. Melanie had her hand on my wrist and was guiding me to her most sensitive spots.

Hannah gasped into my ear, ‘Oh yes, I’m going to cum, yes, oh yes ….’, but suddenly Melanie gave a little cry and her body went rigid, and then began to jerk up and down under my fingers. Hannah bit my neck and squeezed her thighs together, and I felt her spasms radiate outwards from her clitoris. I continued to rub both little nubs bahis firmaları until I was sure that each girl’s orgasm had run its full course.

They slumped against me, breathing deeply and almost purring. The feel of two girls cuming in my arms simultaneously had inflamed my cock to bursting point, and I would have touched it if I hadn’t still had my arms round them. But they must have realised how I was feeling, for they sat up and slowly unzipped my trousers, drawing out with their long slim fingers my aching cock. Both gave little sighs of contentment when they saw it rise to full height under their caresses, and together they bent forward to kiss it…

To have two hot wet mouths sliding along my shaft was unbearably lovely. It was all I could do not to cum. I stroked their backs and heads and tried to think of quantum mechanics in order to control myself. It was impossible, their lips and tongues knew exactly what to do for maximum stimulation. I felt a hot bubble of pre-cum ooze its way out, and they pounced on it with little cries of delight.

‘Uh, girls,’ I said hoarsely, ‘I’m going to cum all over you if you keep this up.’

They giggled, but reluctantly sat back. Both had full, glistening lips and fire in their eyes.

‘We don’t want that to happen – yet,’ Melanie said, smiled, and began to take off my shirt. I was powerless to resist, and soon I was sat naked between them, my cock pointing rigid at the ceiling. I took the initiative and undid the buttons of Hannah’s blouse, and she sat there and let me undress her completely, moving slightly when I wanted to slip her sodden panties off. She was beautiful naked, her pale skin glowing with sexual excitement. Her neat blonde bush was dark with wetness.

I turned my attention to Melanie – she was quicker to undress because she only had two items. The T-shirt went over her head, exposing her proud firm breasts, and the skirt unwrapped, letting me feast my eyes on her hairless cunt with its exotic wavy black lips. I could hardly believe this was happening to me.

Hannah grinned at her friend. ‘Who’s first?’

‘God, I want you both,’ I groaned. ‘If only I had two cocks.’

‘We know what to do,’ Melanie chuckled, and sat back. With practised ease Hannah squatted over her, holding onto the back of the settee. Their cunts, almost touching, gaped pinkly at me. ‘There you are!’

I plunged my aching cock into one of them. It happened to be Melanie’s, and it was the hottest, firmest, juiciest cunt I had ever been in. I wanted to spend the rest of my life there, but I knew Hannah would be jealous. I withdrew and entered the other tunnel. It was as hot and firm and juicy, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to choose which I preferred. I held Hannah by the waist and pistoned in and out of them both, one stroke in each, trying to detect differences in their shape and texture, the way their muscles clutched at me. I was going at it strongly, my cock finding its way almost automatically, but every so often I would miss my aim and try to enter one of their anuses (or is that ani?).

Melanie giggled. ‘That’s for later,’ she said, and reached down to hold my slippery column and direct it to the right holes. I realised that she was selfishly giving herself more strokes than Hannah, but I was too far gone to do anything about it. Both girls were moaning with pleasure every time I entered them, a very gratifying noise. I looked down and saw that both were rubbing themselves with two fingers, their hands touching in the narrow space between their pubes. In disbelief I saw their fingers swap places, Melanie’s black parting the pale lips of her friend, while Hannah’s white fingers slipped between Melanie’s coal-black labia.

The sight was so erotic that I felt myself begin to cum. But Melanie felt the increased hardness and quickly did something with her fingers at the very base of my cock. The orgasm magically receded. That was some trick! I continued to ram into them alternately while they rubbed each other, and before too long they both started to make high-pitched noises and I felt their cunts quivering around my cock. God, they were both cuming together again! Again it was too much for me, and I felt myself losing control. Again Melanie’s fingers pressed down hard onto my root, stifling the eruption, even while she was shuddering through her climax.

They subsided and I watched the glistening juices flowing out of them onto my cock. I gave a tremendous groan of lust. Melanie giggled. ‘I think he wants to cum, don’t you?’

‘Mmm, I expect so,’ laughed Hannah. ‘Shall we let him?’

‘Oh God,’ I groaned. ‘I’m going to burst!’

They laid me on my back on the rug, and knelt on either side, their asses by my shoulders and their heads over my hips. Hannah had fetched a hair-band to keep her long hair out of the way. I started to dabble my fingers in their gaping cunts – one white, one black, both deep pink inside – but the things they were doing to my cock made it hard for me to control my fingers. One girl would take it deep into her mouth while kaçak bahis siteleri the other sucked my tight balls, then they would swap places, licking their way along the shaft, nibbling my solid column. I felt two slim fingers sliding around under my buttocks and wriggling their way into my asshole.

Somehow they knew how to screw my sexual tension up to unbelievable heights without actually letting me cum. I was writhing and moaning on the floor, while they did incredible things to my poor aching cock. My fingers fluttered around in their soft slippery petals, but I couldn’t concentrate enough to give their clits the attention I wanted. It seemed like I had been on the point of cuming for days …

My cock was being held vertically in their hands while their lips and tongues roamed over my enormous swollen purple glans. I felt the mother of all orgasms building deep in my balls, and gave a loud groan. This time they didn’t stop, and the fire rushed up my pipe and into my swelling column and burst out like a volcano. I watched in disbelief as a gout of white cum shot three or four feet into the air and then splattered down onto Melanie’s head. They just kept on licking and sucking my glans as spurt after spurt burst forth, some of it splashing onto their faces, some being caught in their eager mouths, some escaping to arc up and fall onto their hair and onto my thighs and stomach. I seemed to have an inexhaustible supply, and they obviously meant to extract it all …

I lay exhausted, gasping, my body still throbbing as my cock twitched with the ebbing orgasm. Hannah and Melanie, their faces streaked with white, grinned at me, and then to my astonishment began to lick and kiss each other’s faces, cleaning my cum off each other. They even sucked it out of each other’s hair! I watched dumbfounded…

‘Did you enjoy that?’ Hannah asked when they had got every splash cleaned up, including the ones on my stomach and legs.

‘Oh God,’ I said, ‘That was the best treat I’ve ever had.’

‘Oh, we’re not finished yet,’ Melanie said, smiling. ‘That was just the warm-up. Wasn’t it, Han?’ And they laughed delightedly.

They stood up and put an arm around each others’ waist. ‘Now we’re going to go upstairs and get ready. You come up in five minutes, OK?’ I could only sit back and gawp at them.

I waited what I thought was five minutes and then went up, wondering what they had in store for me. The light was on in one of the bedrooms, and the sight that met my eyes made me stop dead. On the floor was an enormous mattress, covered in a shiny red cloth (which turned out to be thin rubber). Melanie and Hannah were lying on it, their limbs entwined, writhing slowly in a sensuous embrace. Their bodies glistened all over and a huge bottle of oil stood by the mattress. Their intermingled white and black bodies resembled an enormous curvy chessboard. My cock swelled quickly and painfully at the most erotic sight I could recall.

‘Don’t just stand there,’ said Hannah throatily, reaching for the bottle of oil. ‘Come on in!’

I almost dived on top of them and she poured the warm oil liberally over me. Quickly I became as slippery as they were, and we slid and rolled over each other like eels. Their hands were everywhere, and any inhibitions I had ever had were wiped away as we massaged each other in exotic places. I closed my eyes with the extreme pleasure of the sensations as their oiled skin slid across mine, and then, realising that I was missing the beautiful sights of their bodies writhing around mine, opened them again.

My cock and fingers penetrated any holes that came near, and I felt the girls opening up my only available hole with their fingers. At one point I realised that I was buried up to the hilt in Melanie’s anus; I had slipped into her so easily that neither of us had noticed anything unusual. Later, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Hannah reach onto the floor and grasp a bunch (just like bananas) of dildos, which soon became oiled enough to slip into any orifice that was handy. In fact they were so slippery that it was hard to pull them out again. My anus was permanently filled by what felt like an enormous column, which the girls took turns to pump and rotate, and they themselves kept a dildo in each hole, so that I had to take it out if I wanted to fuck them anywhere. It was hard to tell (not that I was trying) exactly when and how many times they came – they both made so much noise in their ecstasy that the climaxes were somewhat drowned in the overall sounds of gasping, slurping, crying and sucking noises. Fortunately my first draining orgasm had blunted my sensitivity a little, so that I was able to avoid cuming despite the mind-blowing stimuli.

Eventually, though, I found myself pumping furiously in Hannah’s delightfully tight little anus, and realised with a twinge of sadness that I was about to cum. Melanie, who was lying on top of me pumping a dildo into my anus and squeezing my balls, realised it too, and whispered in my ear ‘Go on, fill her up! Harder! Pump that spunk into her!’ I did, with a tremendous shout. My anal muscles clenched fiercely around the dildo as Melanie gripped Hannah’s slippery hips and with a fierce thrust of her own body forced me deeper into Hannah’s ass. The cum blasted out of me like lava again…

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