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My name is Big Samantha and I am one freaky chick. Man, do I have stories to tell you. I’m a big woman and I am damn proud of myself. Five feet ten inches and two hundred and twenty pounds of jet-black, chunky black mama. I’ve got 32-D breasts, a 34-inch waist and a 40-inch bubble butt. Yeah, that’s right. I said bubble butt. As in the kind of booty you can’t miss seeing unless you’re blind. I’m a thick, somewhat chunky sister but in a good way. I am a big girl and I am proud of my shape. I get a lot of attention from men and I absolutely love it. I’ve got some stories to share with you.

One of my favorite stories is the time I got to fuck a good friend of mine. My friend Matthew came to visit. He’s a tall, slim guy with blond hair and pale blue eyes. He’s a very pretty guy, and I’ve had a thing for him for years. I don’t tell him, though. A long time ago, Matthew decided to tell the world about his bisexuality. He had fallen in love with a guy named Blake and they’d been together since before Matthew graduated high school. Oh, yeah. Everyone knew them to be a couple. Before he hooked up with Blake, Matthew dated a girl named Francesca. I didn’t like Francesca one bit.

Let me tell you something about her. She was a skinny bitch who thought the world revolved around her. I hate people like her. Those kind of bitches need to be destroyed. They make the world a lot worse than it needs to be. I guess Francesca really wasn’t good in bed since her boyfriend left her for a man. I liked Matthew so I didn’t care when he decided that he liked boys. I still liked him, though. Sometimes at night I wondered if he still liked girls. I knew plenty of females swung both ways. Little was known about bisexual men. I thought and hoped and prayed that Matthew was really bisexual instead of purely homo since I really, really wanted a piece of him.

Matthew came to visit me, he was all sad over his boyfriend Blake leaving him for some hustler named David. I knew David, a tall, slim Latin dude whom everybody in the hood knew was gay. David was a tough one, though. Dudes don’t mess with him. Bitches didn’t mess with him either. Even though he was a queer, he knew how to fight and he had a wicked set of knives. I listened to Matthew as he went on and on. I wasn’t really listening. He was so sexy-looking. He’s around six feet tall, and could be a male model if he wanted to. These days, he was a student at Bridgewater State College, studying Business. I was involved in night school, taking up Nursing at Massasoit. I wouldn’t mind nursing a stud like Matthew, though. A man like that needed some loving and I was just the girl to give it to him.

I drank some beer and gave Matthew some. Man, once I got some alcohol into him, he became really happy and agitated. He was moving all over the place. I smiled and looked at him. As he drank, I could tell that he was relaxing. I decided to use it to my advantage. No, I’m not some freak taking advantage of a drunk person. I’m a caring friend who’s helping one of her guys with his issues. I figured that Matthew was better off in my crib, talking and drinking with me than spilling his guts all over the place. There were homophobes out there who might kill him just because he was what he was. I wasn’t one of those people. Yeah, he was better off with me. As I got more liquor into the both of us, it became clear that both of us were becoming very horny. Matthew seemed to realize and told me he’d like to leave. I pouted and asked him to stay with me a little longer. Ever the gentleman, he agreed. I grinned. My plan was working perfectly.

I pushed Matthew on the couch and unzipped his pants. He didn’t protest. He just looked at me and continued to gulp down his beer. He was on his second bottle. I pulled his shorts down and stared at his dick. He had a nice-looking dick. Seven inches long and quite thick. I took him in my mouth and decided to give him a good suck. Man, it had been a long time since I tasted someone like Matthew. Every man tastes different. I liked the way Matthew smelled and tasted. He tasted yummy. I sucked on his cock and balls like they were made of sugar. He put down the beer bottle and gripped my head. That’s when he began moaning. I took this as a good sign. I worked him up until I felt his throbbing cock in my mouth was ready to let loose. I kept him in my mouth even as he came and I drank his seed. Like the member it came out of, Matt’s seed tasted great. I licked every drop of it.

When I was done, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and looked up at Matthew. The dude was looking at me. I smiled. I knew I was right. I don’t care if a guy güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri is straight, gay or bisexual. Get him drunk, suck his dick and make him cum, then he will be so horny that he will fuck any hole that’s available. I’m pretty sure that Matthew was at the point where he’d fuck a snake if he could get up under it. The liquor had made him more aggressive too. He grabbed me and pulled me to him. I didn’t mind. But I would dictate the positions we would use. I have always loved getting it in the back so that was my first thing. I got down on all fours and spread my butt cheeks wide open. Matthew saw this and grinned. He assumed the position, coming up right behind me, holding his hard prick in his hand.

I made him stroke his thing in front of me and greased him up with lube. Then, he took me. I felt his hard cock press against my tight little asshole. Okay, I’ve done anal before so it’s probably not that tight but you get the idea. Matthew started pumping his prick into me like there was no tomorrow. He plunged his dick deep into my asshole. I was screaming and fingering myself. I loved every minute of it. I looked at Matthew. His big hands were gripping my wide hips with force and he was thrusting into me with all of his might. For a guy whom everyone thinks is gay, he certainly loved fucking a female in the ass. I guess when a guy gets drunk and horny, a hole’s a hole. He doesn’t care if it belongs to a man or a woman. All he wants to do is stick his dick in it. That’s my kind of man. Matthew plowed into me for a long time, until he came. I knew when he came. His hot cum flooded my rear. It was a bit painful but felt really, really good. I screamed as loud as I could. Anal sex felt awesome!

Matthew spent the night at my place. He left the next day. Things were a bit awkward between us after this. We had been friends since high school and then one night we simply fucked. He told me that he didn’t want to mess up our friendship so he didn’t want to do it again. I spent half an hour convincing him that sex could not only be beneficial to our friendship but it could also enhance things for both of us. Somewhat reluctantly, Matthew became my fuck buddy. We had a lot of fun together. He had trouble finding someone else. I gave him some good sex and the rest of the time, we hung out as best pals only could. I kept him coming back to my bed.

I always loved spicing things up between us. One time, I invited my friend Steve to spend some time with us. Steve was a tall Black guy, kind of handsome and also very nice. I met him at the campus library once. He was checking out some porn on the web. Many guys think porn is offensive to women. It’s not. Especially since Steve was checking out sites featuring Big Beautiful Women. I loved it whenever I saw men checking out big women. So many of my girlfriends, who are large themselves, find it very hard to find themselves a man. What I liked about Steve is that he was a big guy himself. He was around six-foot-six, and must weigh about two hundred and fifty pounds. He played football for the University of Massachusetts. He liked big girls. He was perfect in my eyes. I had also seen him checking out Bisexual Male Erotica on the web. So I knew he was also curious about his own gender. I invited him to spend the night with us once.

Steve came with me, and I guess Matthew was late or something. Matthew is on his school’s Men’s Swimming team. I sat Steve down on my couch and we watched some television. We talked for a bit. He was a really interesting guy. It’s rare to meet a young brother who is educated, athletic and so easy on the eyes. Steve was a fine-looking guy, like an Ebony god or something. I definitely wanted a piece of him. As we sat together, I started touching him. To hell with Matthew, if he wasn’t around to share, I’d just keep Steve to myself. That’s when Steve stopped me. I looked at him. Okay, what’s the problem? He looked at me sadly. I grimaced. Was he backing down? Was he going to leave me without giving me a taste of his candy? He told me some rather shocking words. He told me that he was a virgin.

I looked at Steve, shocked. He was so handsome and so tall, definitely the kind of guy that girls went crazy for. Especially since he was a popular black athlete. Yet he was a virgin. I was very surprised. He looked at me sheepishly. My mind raced with thoughts. I’d slept with a lot of men in my day but I’ve never met a virgin. Damn! I was going to be Steve’s first lay? Oh, man. I was going to sex him down until he screamed. That boy was going to remember me. I grabbed him and pulled him into a kiss. He didn’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri protest.

Since Steve was a virgin, I decided to be gentle with him. I wanted him to enjoy this. So, I slowly undressed before him. He looked at my big, sexy body and smiled appreciatively. I played with my breasts and sucked on them, before turning around and shaking my big booty in his face. He smiled. Oh, yeah. Like every red-blooded black man, Steve liked a big booty. I was going to let him experience it up close and personal. But first, I wanted to blow his thing, as they say. I told him to unzip his pants and he did. He undressed and stood naked before me. He was so tall and so big and strong that I almost felt weak in the knees. I wanted a piece of him, badly.

I sat him down on the couch and knelt before him. I held his member in my hands. He was nine inches long and quite thick. I smiled. The dude was big all over the place. I took his member in my mouth. Like a few men I’ve met, Steve was uncircumcised. I liked that about him. I loved playing with a guy’s foreskin. I licked his cock and sucked on his balls, and he began to moan in pleasure before screaming my name. I continued what I was doing, sucking on his balls and taking as much of them in my mouth as I could. I even managed to take in most of his cock, and deep-throated him. He loved it. I sucked and licked him until he was hard as steel, then it happened. Yes, you know what I mean. He came, blasting his seed all over the place. I greedily drank his seed. Man, he tasted good, too. I drank it all without spilling a drop.

Steve looked at me, amazed. I smiled. Of course he was amazed. He didn’t know I could do that. Well, I was going to show him how a woman could rock his world. I decided to give him a little ass. I licked up his big dick and then rubbed it between my butt cheeks. In case you didn’t know, I prefer anal penetration to vaginal. I simply feel filled when having anal. It’s like no other feeling. Steve wanted to look at my face while fucking me. That’s a nice change. Most guys loved doing it doggy-style. I asked him about it. He said he wanted to remember the face of the beautiful Black woman he was about to lose his virginity to. I smiled. Man, this guy was awesome. I promised myself to rock his world tonight.

I lay on the carpeted floor with a large pillow underneath me. Steve came and raised my legs so that they rested on his shoulders. He held his cock in hand and put on a condom. He then sprayed it with lubricant and rubbed it against my back door. I grimaced. I’ve been fucked by big dicks before but the dude had a nine-inch cock and was about to drive it up my ass. I was more than a little bit intimidated, though I was too cocky to show it. Slowly, he slid his cock into me. I felt it going in. Inch by inch, until he reached bottom. By the time he got there, my eyes were bulging. I wasn’t sure how much more I could have taken.

Steve began to fuck me, hard. He pumped his cock into me. I knew that this was his first time but he sure as hell wasn’t acting like it. He rammed his cock up my ass without needing any encouragement. I was screaming my lungs out. I felt like I was being split in half. Steve noticed this and slowed down. I was gasping as he slowly removed his cock from my asshole, then put it back in. I felt like I had a brick house up my shit hole. He felt that huge! I gritted my teeth and took it like a champ, without further screaming. Steve continued to fuck me until he came, then he pulled out.

I lay there, breathing hard. Steve put his arm around me and asked if I was okay. I smiled bravely, thinking that sitting down wasn’t going to be easy for the next couple of days. Steve pulled me closer to him and kissed me. He kissed me full and deep. I had never been kissed like that before. At the risk of sounding like a romantic fool, that kiss almost made the pain my butt went through seem worth it.

When Matthew returned, he found us like this. I got up and made the necessary introductions. We made small talk for some time and told Matthew what had been going on. Matthew didn’t seem mad that we started without him. He was looking at Steve the way a hungry man looked at fast food. Matthew smiled at Steve, and looked at his cock hungrily. Steve smiled and gestured to Matthew. The swimmer knelt before the football player while I watched. Matthew took Steve’s cock in his mouth and began sucking on it. At the same time, he unzipped his own pants and began stroking his own dick. I watched his, amazed. Yeah, the boys never wasted time getting down to business. Matthew was sucking güvenilir bahis şirketleri on Steve’s dick like cock sucking was going out of style. I slid two fingers into my wet pussy and sat down on the couch, watching two athletic studs going at it.

Matthew sucked Steve for a long time, sucking on the brother’s nuts and licking up and down on his dick. Steve was groaning and grunting sexily, urging Matthew to continue. I watched them go at it. When Matthew got done sucking Steve, Steve surprised the hell out of me by deciding to take it up the butt. I simply assumed that since Steve was the taller and bigger guy, then he’d be the top. Apparently, this wasn’t the case. I handed Matthew the lube and he put on a condom before greasing it up. Steve lay on his back, waiting for him.

Matthew positioned himself between Steve’s legs. He rubbed his cock against Steve’s back door and slowly slid into him. Steve held his own cock and stroked himself as Matthew’s dick penetrated him. Matthew grimaced and said something about Steve’s ass being tight. Steve laughed. Matthew continued to fuck him, drilling his thick cock deep into Steve’s ass. Steve grimaced as Matthew’s dick plunged into him but did not scream. He was taking it like a real man. I fingered myself furiously as I watched them go at it. It was so primal and so damn sexy. I was wet as a river. I closed my eyes as I came, so worked up I was over watching two men fucking each other.

When I opened my eyes, they had changed positions. Matthew was now on all fours, his butt cheeks spread. Steve was thrusting his big black dick deep inside him and from the look on Matthew’s face, he was loving every minute of it. Matthew stroked his own cock as Steve drilled into him. I watched this, excited. Matthew gestured to me to come to him and so I did. I noticed that Matthew’s cock was hard as a rock. I came closer and took him into my mouth. He thrust his cock into my mouth just as Steve slammed his cock up his ass. I sucked on Matthew’s cock and balls, loving the taste of them. I stopped sucking and slid underneath him, raising my legs and sliding so that we were groin to groin. I took his cock and rubbed it against my asshole. Matthew’s eyes widened. I smiled. Oh, yeah.

Matthew’s hard cock slid into my asshole. He dug his hands into my hips for support. I didn’t care. All I wanted was to feel his big dick into my tight girly booty hole. Yes, I am a girl who loves cocks up her butt, especially after those cocks had gone up a hot guy’s booty hole. Matthew started pumping his cock into me, giving it to me hard and fast. I loved it. I fingered my pussy as he fucked my ass. He grimaced and screamed as Steve’s dick fucked his ass. I grimaced in sympathy. I’ve been fucked in the ass by Steve’s dick earlier. Not an easy thing to accommodate in your rear. Trust me on that one.

Steve continued to fuck Matthew’s ass for a long time, making him scream. In turn, this made Steve fuck my ass harder. It wasn’t long before they both came. I felt Matthew shoot his load up my ass and from the way Steve screamed victoriously, I knew he had just shot up inside Matthew. Matthew’s lean and muscular swimmer’s body was covered with sweat. I licked it. Steve, the bulky football player pulled out of him. Only then did Matt pull out of me. I rolled out from underneath him. Both men looked at me, smiling.

Steve had a big grin on his face. I knew that he had just lost his virginity. He’d fucked a girl in the ass and he also fucked some hot male booty on his first time. Damn! I wonder if this dude knew how lucky he was. Oh, wait. He had never fucked my pussy so he was still a virgin in that area. I dashed to my room, got a condom and put it on him. He looked at me, surprised. I lowered myself onto him until my pussy was impaled on his thick cock. He held me by the waist in his big hands and thrust into me. Man, I had never had such a big cock in my pussy. I cried out from the sheer joy of it. Steve pumped his cock into me, possessing me. It may have been the black stud’s first time but he definitely had great potential. He plowed into me for a long time, until I came. I cried loud enough to wake the dead before nearly collapsing in his arms.

When I recovered, both of my sexy men were looking at me. I looked at them both. They were so different. One was a football stud from UMass. The other was a swim team star from Bridgewater. They were my men. And no one was going to take them away from me. This was the beginning of very interesting times for all three of us. Steve was new to sex and he couldn’t get enough of my ass or my pussy. And you know I wanted to give it to him! He was also sexing Matthew for all he was worth. We had some wild threesomes. Just the three of us. All possible combinations that you could dream of. I love these guys and I don’t want to choose between them. I’m not letting any woman or man take either of them away from me. That’s what’s up. Holler!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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