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Standing in the bathroom, his heart still pounding from having just brought her to her second orgasm sucking her wonderful dark nipples, his cock still tingling from her having taken his entire creamy load, he watched Auntie May bend over to pickup her bra, her blouse and suit jacket, her wonderful chocolate breasts swaying with her every movement, he wondered why Auntie May had just said “They had to get him ready for Uncle Max.”

So he asked, “What do you mean get me ready for Uncle Max?”

“Well, first, we need to take showers so we don’t smell like cum and pussy juice,” she said, smiling gently at him, her white teeth contrasting against her dark face. “I’ll explain in detail later, but for now all you need to know is that your Uncle will be wanting to welcome you too,” she said, giving him a lewd smile as she walked out the door, her large full breasts wobbling with each step. As he watched her go, his noticed how wide her shoulders were and running his eyes down her back how much of an hourglass figure she had, till finally his gaze fastened on her wide bottom. Her hips were so wide, and her suit pants fit so well they accentuated the gap between her thighs, a gap he really wanted to see up close and personally.

His heart continuing to pound with the lingering thrill of the most erotic woman he’d encountered in his young life, he leaned into the shower and turned on the hot water, wondering what she meant about Uncle Max “Welcoming him.” He stripped of his shirt and socks; the only things he still had on after Aunt May had so generously removed his pants, and stepped into the shower.

He was still hot, thinking of running his tongue over Auntie May’s dark chocolate nipples, and his cock stood firmly erect while he soaped up under the warm water. He heard a loud rumbling as a vehicle pull up in front of the house and assumed it was Uncle Max in his diesel pickup. Two minutes later he heard his Uncle’s voice in the hallway calling May, and her unintelligible response.

He was facing the shower head, rinsing the shampoo out of his hair, when he felt a rush of cold air on his wet back, and heard his Uncle’s voice right behind him.

“Oh it’s you in here. Well, look at you! You’ve certainly gotten a lot bigger since I saw you last, and you look like you’ve been working out. Good muscle tone kid,” and in a lower suggestive tone added, “I had a nice firm butt like that when I was your age.”

Pleased his uncle had commented on his muscle tone, he turned around, forgetting his fully erect cock, and was delighted to notice his Uncle’s eyes run over his muscular body and nod with approval, then drop to his engorged cock his where his gaze lingered a bit longer than necessary, then said, “Your Dad’s right. That is the only thing about you that looks like him.” He said nodding at Tom’s cock, then turned to go and said over his shoulder, “I’ll see you in about 20 minutes in the den for drinks before dinner, after I get a quick shower.”

Tom was drying off, one foot on the edge of the tub, his now semi erect cock in full view of the open door, when Aunt May, dressed in a long sleeved, ankle length dress, with a tight low cut white lace up bodice, that accentuated her dark chocolate complexion, and deep cleavage, walked by the open door, glanced in and saw him.

“Mmmmmmm. Very good looking stuff you have there!” she said in a low throaty whisper, pointedly looking at his cock, while pushing her breasts up with both hands as if offering them to him to suck again. He glanced from her enticing creamy chocolate cleavage to her face, and saw that she was looking him directly in the eyes while she ran the red tip of her tongue in and out over her dark upper lip; but before he could say anything, she moved past the door out of sight.

He was so distracted by her licking her lips and teasing him with her breasts to notice if she was wearing a bra, or if her wonderful tits were confined by a bra or just the laced bodice of the dress. Then, while he spent a couple minutes shaving, he lewdly wondered if she was wearing any panties and the licentious thoughts caused his cock to harden. Two minutes later, his face now free of any “fuzz” as his Dad called it, he walked into his room to dress for dinner. He threw the towel on the chair and opened his duffel bag, but it was empty. About the same time as he discovered his empty duffel bag, Aunt May called down the hallway.

“Tom, I took the liberty of hanging your clothes in the spare closet in our room, because the one in your room is full of boxes of our business records. The rest of casino şirketleri your stuff is in the dresser on the left side of the closet.”

Nude, but hearing the shower running and knowing Uncle Max was still in the shower, he went into the master bedroom, to find his clothes and get dressed. All his clothes had been neatly hung on the left side of the closet, shirts on the top bar, pants on the bottom bar. A small short 4-drawer chest sat just inside the door on the right. He was dressed quickly, just a dress shirt and lacks sans shorts, and his dockside loafers. The type of dress his Dad called business casual, and had insisted Tom learn to wear instead of the T-shirt and jeans he preferred.

Finally dressed, his uncle still in the shower, he went down the hall toward the den. It was a large airy room with a high ceiling, plush carpet, a built-in bar in one corner, a larger flat screen TV opposite the bar, a full sized pool table fit comfortably opposite a card table and chairs, and a large couch occupied the wall next to the bar. Aunt May was sitting on one of the stools at the bar sipping a cocktail.

“Do you want a drink before dinner?” She asked, looking him up and down, and nodding approval of his casual dress. “Good choice of clothes. Max wants to go the Steak House. I think you’ll like it.”

He wondered how the dress she was wearing would fit in at the Steak House, but realized he didn’t care. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

When he didn’t answer immediately, she said, grinning “I know your not 21 but you’re close enough, and we know you’re plenty old enough for other adult stuff so you can have a drink.”

Realizing she had said something to him, he glanced at her eyes, to see she was watching him with an amused concern on her face, “You think you can keep from staring at my tits while we’re at dinner Tom? Or should I put on something else so you concentrate on eating something else?”

He flushed deep red, realizing she had caught him staring – again, and obviously had a very good idea of what he was thinking.

I’m sorry Auntie; I didn’t mean to be rude. I’ll try to do better,” he said genuinely embarrassed that he couldn’t control himself any better than he had.

“Oh sweetie you’re not being rude. I really do love having you look at me that way, it make me feel good, and it reminds me of Max when he’s really horny, but you need to think of your Uncle and not embarrass him by staring at me when he’s around,” she said gently.

“I’ll …”

She didn’t let him finish, “Dinner will be short tonight. Max has some after dinner business he has to deal with on the other side of town, so we’ll be on our own for about 2 hours after dinner.”

He nodded, thinking to himself, “Damn! How am I supposed to behave at dinner when she just said that?”

“I’ll be good Auntie, I promise,” he said earnestly; hoping he could deliver on his promise, but doubting he could.

“Oh you’ll be good alright,” she said with a knowing wink, “I’ll see the that.”

Holy shit! Shit she’s gonna drive me crazy, he thought, just as Max walked in.

“You ready? I gotta scoot, Ben just called and wants to meet sooner,” he said addressing May.

“We’re ready,” she said.

She’d been right. Dinner was short, but the food was excellent. They had arrived and been seated immediately even thought the place was busy and there was a waiting line. The waiter obviously knew May and Max, and simply asked, “The usual?”

Max answered, “Yeah, and he’ll have the same as me,” nodding at Tom.

“What am I having?” asked Tom curious but not really caring what it was. How bad could it be when it was a steak place? “Wait and see,” Max said.

“They certainly know you here,” Tom observed, never seen anyone get such quick service in any restaurant before.

“Max knows the owner,” May said with a wink, and when we get a reservation we pre-order. Speeds things up a lot.”

Dinner arrived as she said it. After the waiter set the plates down and departed, May said, “So tell us how you like school, are you living on campus, what classes are you taking, are your professors any good? The works.”

“I’m taking computer science. This semester I took basic classes in design, manufacturing, soft ware, and electrical engineering. Next semester I have to choose what to concentrate on, and I haven’t decided yet.” He thought about the computer in his bedroom and the photos on, and kept his description of his classes vague to avoid any possibility of discussing programming, or hacking.

“Your mom casino firmaları told us a bit about what classes you’ve taken, and that you’re doing very well. She also told us you’re going to graduate early, unless you decided to do graduate school,” said Max, “have you gotten any job offers, or are have you looked yet?”

Tom was surprised Max knew anything about his schooling. Mom had never told him she had told Max anything about his grades, course work, or job search. “Actually I’ve gotten several job offers, and I’m trying to decide if I want to get a job or get a Masters or PhD.”

“What are the considerations on whether you stay in school or take a job?” asked Max sounding more serious that curious.

“Money, I’m drowning in school loans; location, I don’t want to leave California, and quality of the work. I don’t want to get stuck doing some repetitive boring job, and I want some control over what I’m doing.”

Max’s cell phone beeped. “That’s my reminder,” he said, “I want to talk to you some more about your decision. There’s a few things you don’t know about that you might want to consider before you make a decision. In the mean time I’ve gotta run. You two have a good time and I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

Max dropped his napkin on the table, got up, stepped around the table, and leaned over to kiss May who took his kiss full on her lips as she ran her hand up the inside of his leg, cupped his bottom, pulled him closer and whispered in his ear. He listened, and Tom saw him grin and glance over at Tom.

“It seems May has plans for you two while I’m busy. You enjoy yourself now,” he said directly to Tom, with a genuine smile, as he left.

Tom was too surprised and unsure what May had said to Max to respond before Max was out of earshot and gone.

“What did you tell him?” Tom demanded.

“I told him I was gonna take you home and fuck your brains out, and when he got home he could do the same and then watch you do me again,” she said calmly, but lust showed in her eyes and he could see her pulse pounding in her neck.

“You can’t be serious!” Tom sputtered, “no joke now. Tell me what you said.”

“I did.” She said, smiling at him. “I told you we would have some time together while he was gone, I just didn’t tell you it would be quality time.”

“No, you’re jerking my chain,” Tom said, now having had time to consider the odds of what she had said being true, and figuring they were astronomically against it being true.

“No Tom, I’m not pulling your chain. What you don’t know about Max and me is that Max is bi and that this business Max is going to go deal with right now involves his boyfriend. For that matter, I’m bi as well and I have a girlfriend that I see on my girls-night-out. It just so happens this is Max’s boys-night-out, so I now have you all to myself.”

He stared at her too shocked to say anything, trying to assimilate the incredible, improbable, and unbelievable bombshell she had just unloaded on him.

“But … I … How do you …?” He was having trouble formulating his thoughts. Images of the photos of Max and May on the computer engaged in every sex act he knew about, were interrupted by images and the taste of May’s nipples in his mouth, that were interrupted my images of Max staring at his cock while he was in the shower, interrupted by images of her sucking him, interrupted by his memories of Max in his cowboy gear working the cattle, interrupted by memories of his father and Max standing together at various family occasions talking quietly just out of earshot, interrupted by the sight of May now sitting next to him breathing hard, and his almost physical memory of her begging him to suck her nipples again.

He looked over at her, and saw she was sitting there, watching him with amusement on her face, waiting till he had worked through the information and was ready to talk.

“Does my parents …? ” He decided he didn’t know what to ask and might not want to know the answer anyway. There were way too many questions he wanted answered, but wasn’t sure he was ready for the answers when it came to his parents.

Then he asked, “How did you and Max …?” He let the unfinished question hang in the air.

“Lets go,” she said quietly with urgency in her voice, “I really need you right now. And we can talk about all this stuff later.” She stood up and almost pulled him out of his chair.

Her touch was electric and sent shock wave up his spine. He looked at her face, eyes were slightly wider than usual, she was breathing hard and the outlines güvenilir casino of her erect nipples were clearly visible through the light fabric of her bodice. His cock stiffened and his heart rate jumped. His pulse pounding in his ears and his hardon trying to force its way out of his pants, he stood up and followed her out the door his hand held tightly in her suddenly sweaty hand.

She drove home, refusing to let him drive with the simple explanation that he didn’t know the way, and it would be way faster if she did it. Then she refused to let him touch her while she drove, slapping his hand away, explaining that it was way too distracting in her state of excitement and didn’t want to crash. However, to keep his hands occupied, she encouraged him to unzip his slacks and fondle himself while she took quick peeks at what he was doing.

She triggered the garage door even before they entered the driveway and drove straight in and closed it before she switched off the engine. Refusing to get entangled with him in the car or garage, she led him into the house before turning to him and engulfing him in her arms, pressing the full length of her body against him, as they entered the den. He enjoyed the heat of her embrace, his hands finding and holding her firm bottom, exploring the separation between her cheeks and squeezing her tight. He met her lips with his own gently sucking her tongue when she forced it into his mouth, letting his hands explore the rest of her body, anywhere but her breasts. He’d make her wait a little for that.

Her hands finally forced their way between their bodies, and shoved his pants down releasing his throbbing cock into her eager grasp while she watched him untie the lacing of her bodice, and then raised her arms while he pulled her dress up over her head and dropped it on the floor, releasing her breasts to his waiting mouth. Now fully nude they stood together enjoying the pleasure of exploring each other, in no rush to move on.

Then responding to her insistence, he bent his head and began to run his tongue over her nipples. She moaned, “mmmmmm, harder, lick me harder, mmmmm, uuuhhhrrrh!” Then as his mouth closed over her nipple, she moaned deep in her throat at the electric sensation running through her nipples, “AAAAHHHHHH, AAAAAHHHHH, AAAAHHHHH!,” and ran her hands over his shoulders and up through his hair, “MMMhhhhh!” Her legs started to buckle, and he stepped backwards pulling her along with him till he sat down on the couch and pulled her down to straddle him, letting her pin his pulsating cock between their bellies as he sucked her nipples. As he sucked her she rubbed her belly and crotch against his cock and her soft moans grew louder as he sucked, first gently then harder, finally he trapped her nipple between his tongue and the roof of his mouth and sucked hard, and she screamed, “AAAAHHHH, MMMMM, OOOHHHH,” over and over, unable to resist her impending climax, she pressed her breasts against his face moaning uncontrollably, “UUURRRGGHHH,” as he pushed her over the edge till her body suddenly twitched as each electric spasm of pleasure released her tension.

He held her tight, running his hands over her bottom, enjoying the sensation of spreading her cheeks and gripping her, not forcing himself on her, till her contractions relaxed and she could focus and look at him.

Then, aware she was straddling his legs with his cock trapped between them, without saying anything she leaned forward raising her bottom and then settled back down on him enveloping his throbbing cock. He groaned, “Uuurrggghhhh,” as he felt her warm wetness firmly grasp him. Then when she began her rocking hips he started to loose control, “Uurrrggghhhh, Uurrrggghhhh,” as she forced him inexorably toward climax no matter how hard he tried to resist her and control himself. He felt it coming and moaned deep in his throat, Uurrrggghhhh, Uuurrrggghhhh,” arching his back, gripping her bottom tightly, and thrusting himself upward into her harder and faster, as she rode him and repeated in his ear, “Come on Tom give me all of it!” He reached climax loudly, “UUURRRGGHHH, UUURRRGGHHH, UUURRRGGHHH, UUURRRGGHHH,” spurting his cream deep into her eager body as she watched his pleasure show on his face. She sat quietly on him, nuzzling his face, enjoying his hands caressing her bottom, till his body relaxed, then slid off him onto the couch.

Sated for the moment, they relaxed with him still sitting on the couch and her lying on her back, her head on his lap, one leg lying flat the other knee bent and raised leaning against the back of the couch, one arm over her head the other rested on her belly holding his hand, giving him the perfect view of her entire luscious body.

After a few quiet minutes she looked up at him and said softly, “Now it’s time to talk about us, and Max.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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