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Weeks run Thursday thru Wednesday, as Thursdays are the days the group meets for their weekly updates.

This is not a sex story, but rather a story of two individuals meeting and falling in love.

Week 5


“Everything seems to be coming along great. We’re definitely in the homestretch now, and we still have the rest of today, and 2 more study periods to finalize things.” Jordan finished summarizing the group’s progress so far. Trey, sitting next to Blaine, couldn’t help but notice Dustin was almost in Jordan’s lap and was batting his eyes at him almost constantly. “I’ll be coming to each pairing individually in about 20 minutes to see which areas we might need to concentrate on this week so that next week we can complete the rough draft and the week after that we can tweak it as needed for the final presentation. Excellent job everybody!”

Blaine and Trey were finishing the rough draft of their part of the presentation when Jordan came up to them, Dustin right next to him, holding his hand. Jordan, a 5’8″ guy with mocha colored skin and brown eyes, sat down next to Trey and tugged Dustin into the seat next to him. “Hey guys, how’s it going” he asked.

“Great, just finished our rough draft.” Blaine responded. “I was just about to go to the printer to pick up the copies. We made one for us to work on for the next week and one for you to look over. How are the other sections going?”

“Aimee and Logan are at the same stage you are at. Dustin and my section is done, ready for group review. Angela and Lisa still have a bit of research to finish, but assured me their rough draft will be ready by next Thursday.” Jordan sighed, gently rubbing his thumb on Dustin’s hand. “Of course, Dustin and I have spent a lot more time together, personally, than any of the other pairings in our group, so we naturally completed our section early.” Jordan smirked at Trey as he pulled Dustin closer to himself. Blaine excused himself to go to the printer.

“That’s great, I’m glad you two found each other. Will you be joining us for movie night tonight?” Trey grinned back, relaxing back into his chair as he watched the two men interact.

“Yep. Dustin told me about the one time he went. It sounds like fun, we’ll be there” Jordan replied.

“Great! I look forward to it. Maybe you guys can choose the movie?” Trey asked as he watched Blaine approach with the rough draft copies and hand a copy to Jordan before sitting again next to Trey.

“Absolutely,” Jordan grinned, “see you tonight” he added as he and Dustin left.

Blaine arrived at Trey’s that night carrying a tray of brownies. Trey had loved them the night Blaine had cooked supper, so he decided to bring more for movie night. As soon as Trey saw what Blaine had brought he took the brownies, set them down on the table and hugged Blaine close. “Thanks so much, these are so good I might not even share them with everyone.”

Blaine laughed as he hugged Trey back “Don’t worry; I’ll make more for you anytime you want.”

Aimee came into the kitchen, “I heard what you said Trey, and you better share!” Pulling Blaine out of Trey’s arms and hugging him herself “I hear your brownies are the best! Thanks for bringing them.”

Blaine grinned down at Aimee “No problem.”

He wandered into the living room and found Dustin and Jordan cuddled up on the loveseat Aimee usually sat on. Angela and Lisa were nowhere to be found. Logan had claimed the chair. “Hey guys, what’s up?”

“We decided on Chinese for dinner” Logan answered grumpily as he glared in Dustin’s direction.

“Yep, we did. Just waiting to find out what you want so we can place the order.” Dustin grinned happily at Blaine as he snuggled into Jordan’s arms.

“Okay, I’ll just go let Trey know so we can get the order placed.” Blaine backed away from the obvious tension and headed back to the kitchen. “Trey, I hear we’re ordering Chinese for dinner.”

“Yeah, here’s the list, just waiting for your order so we can call. I hope you like Chinese?” Trey watched Blaine for any hint of discomfort with the decision.

Blaine grinned happily, “I love chinese. I’ll call in the order, but I know it usually takes like an hour to get here. Are we gonna wait, or start the movie and take a break when it gets here.”

“We’re gonna start the movie.” Trey growled, “If we have to spend that long being nice to Dustin someone may end up killing him; probably Logan.”

“Yeah, I noticed the tension there. Why don’t you go start the movie? I’ll make the call and be right there.” Blaine responded as he automatically started pulling plates and silverware out of Trey’s cabinet and set them on the counter in preparation for dinner. Aimee watched in amazement as Blaine seemed so at ease in Trey’s kitchen.

Aimee and Trey went into the living room to start the movie as Blaine made the call to order dinner. When he got to the living room the movie was started. Aimee was curled up at one end of the couch and Trey was in the güvenilir bahis middle. Blaine took the other end and groaned to himself when he saw the opening credits. It was one of the bloody gory horror flicks they had thus far avoided. Glancing around, he saw a blanket on the back of the couch behind Trey’s head. He reached over and grabbed it, accidentally brushing the back of Trey’s neck as he pulled the blanket toward him. He felt Trey shudder slightly at his touch. “Sorry” he whispered as he shrank back into the corner of the couch with the blanket.

“You okay, Blaine? You’re not cold are you?” Trey watched him pull the blanket around him.

“I’m fine” Blaine whispered. “Just watch the movie.” A few minutes later it was obvious to Trey why Blaine had grabbed the blanket. Each time the killer attacked someone Blaine would pull the blanket over his head to avoid the bloody, gory scenes.

Trey quietly scooted closer to Blaine and pulled down the blanket. His face was inches from Blaine’s, “problems?”

Blaine grinned sheepishly, “I, uh, don’t really like the bloody, gory scenes.” He blushed from embarrassment as Dustin glared at him.

“Shh, it’s okay,” Trey put his arm around Blaine’s shoulders, pulling him close and cuddling him. “Will this help?” he whispered directly into Blaine’s ear.

Blaine blushed again as he hid his face against Trey’s chest. “Sorry to be such a wimp about it, but I really don’t like the bloody scenes.” He whispered.

“You didn’t answer my question,” Trey looked down at the adorable man cuddled close to him. “Will my holding you help?” He glanced over at Aimee who was watching them with wide eyes, and grinned at her.

Blaine quietly nodded his head, which Trey felt against his chest more than saw. At that motion Trey cuddled him closer, and made sure the blanket was in place, just in case Blaine needed it. Blaine shyly wrapped his arms around Trey’s waist as he made himself more comfortable. He watched the movie with his head resting on Trey’s chest, and at each gory part he would turn his head and hide his face against Trey’s chest again. Each time he did that he would quietly breathe in Trey’s scent. About 45 minutes into the movie there was a knock on the door.

“Food must be here” Blaine whispered. “I’ll go get it.” He disentangled his arms from around Trey’s waist, and stood up, putting the blanket back on the couch.

“I’ll help,” Aimee volunteered, quickly jumping up to follow Blaine to the door. After they paid the delivery person and took the bags of food from him Aimee shuddered “I definitely know how you feel, this really isn’t my type of movie either. Too bad I don’t have someone to cuddle with to help me through it.” She teased him.

“Trey’s a nice guy, I’m sure if you wanted to you could cuddle with him too.” Blaine responded absently as he started unpacking the food.

“Yeah, somehow I don’t think he’d appreciate it as much from me as he does from you. I’m not his type.” Aimee looked up at Blaine incredulously from the fridge where she was gathering drinks… how could he not know Trey liked him?

“I’m not his type either, we’re just friends.” Blaine mumbled as he removed the last of the food from the bags. “If he’ll hold me and I’m just a friend, he’ll hold you too.”

“What makes you think you’re not his type?” Aimee was beginning to think Blaine was clueless when it came to relationships.

“I met his ex. We are nothing alike.” Blaine walked to the living room to tell the others the food was ready to dish up.

Dustin hit pause on the DVD and everyone came into the kitchen. Logan filled his plate as quickly as possible, snagged a drink and slouched back to his chair. Dustin had his arms wrapped around Jordan as the smaller man filled a plate for each of them. Dustin reluctantly let go to grab their drinks before they headed back to the living room. Aimee slyly watched Blaine, still not believing Blaine had no clue that Trey liked him. Blaine quietly filled a plate, grabbed a Sprite & went back to huddle under his blanket as he ate.

“Aimee, what was that look for?” Trey asked.

Aimee coughed, “Oh, um, Blaine and I were talking about the movie, how we both don’t like gory movies. I made a comment about how I didn’t have someone to cuddle me while I watched, and he said, and I quote ‘Trey’s a nice guy, I’m sure if you wanted to you could cuddle with him too’. I guess it just caught me off guard.” She quickly filled her plate as she spoke so she wouldn’t have to look at Trey.

“But I thought… aren’t you and Logan…” Trey trailed off.

“Yeah we are, but you’ll notice Dustin and Jordan took our normal spot. He didn’t want to crowd us out on the couch, and we knew you’d want to sit next to Blaine. I saw how you watched him a few weeks ago when you were on the couch and he was on the chair.” Aimee grinned slyly at him.

“I see, guess I’m not as subtle as I thought I was,” Trey worried. “I wonder if Blaine noticed.”

“Nope, he’s absolutely convinced you two are just güvenilir bahis siteleri friends and he is not your type; said something about meeting your ex.” Aimee explained before walking back into the living room.

Trey groaned to himself as he slowly followed her. He glanced at Jordan and Dustin, happily cuddling on the loveseat and feeding each other bites of food and rolled his eyes.

He then looked at Logan, miserable on the chair as he shoveled his food in almost faster than he could chew it. He looked at the couch, thought for a minute, then nodded to himself. It would be tight, but that just gave him a good excuse to keep Blaine cuddled close to him for the rest of the movie.

“Logan, come here. Aimee, stand up.” Trey directed Logan to sit at the end of the couch where Aimee had been, with Aimee next to him. “Blaine, stand up please?” Trey took Blaine’s end of the couch and patted the cushion next to him as he stared at Blaine. As soon as Blaine sat down, Trey pulled him close and covered him again with his blanket.

“Okay, everybody comfortable?” he looked at Aimee who was snuggling closer to Logan who had a big grin on his face as he wrapped his arms around her. He tightened his grip on Blaine, making sure he was as close as possible without actually being on his lap. A glance at Jordan and Dustin showed him they were comfortable, maybe a little too comfortable. He asked Dustin to restart the movie.

Blaine sat right next to Trey, hip to hip; leg pressed against leg, and quickly finished his food. A glance at Trey showed he was also finished with his dinner. Blaine nodded toward Trey’s plate with an eyebrow raised in question. Trey nodded, so Blaine set both Trey’s and his plates down on the coffee table and shyly watched Trey’s face as he snaked his arms around Trey’s waist. Seeing no objection from Trey, Blaine cuddled closer and rested his head on Trey’s chest to watch the rest of the movie, sighing contentedly as he situated himself comfortably. A little too comfortable, he decided later as he woke up when the final credits started blaring. Blaine blushed has he shyly lifted his head and his sleepy blue eyes met Trey’s sparkling brown ones. “Sorry, Trey” he whispered quietly, ashamed that he had fallen asleep.

Trey grinned as he gently squeezed Blaine’s waist. He kissed Blaine’s forehead and quietly replied “Don’t worry about it.”

Blaine yawned and arched his back as he stretched. He looked around and saw Dustin and Jordan kissing passionately on the loveseat, Jordan’s hands under Dustin’s shirt. He saw Aimee stretching then kissed Logan on the cheek as she pulled away from him and stood up.

Aimee glanced at Blaine and Trey still cuddled up and looking so cute together, then stared at Dustin and Jordan as they seemed to forget where they were and were really into their make out session. “Ahem”, Aimee cleared her throat. “Uh, guys?”

Dustin glared at Aimee as Jordan pulled back, and apologized. “Uh, sorry; I think we should go now.” Jordan stood up quickly, pulling Dustin with him. Within seconds they were both out the door.

Aimee burst out laughing as she started carrying dishes to the kitchen. Logan got up and followed after her. Blaine, still somewhat asleep, fell back against Trey’s chest. A few seconds later, as he became more awake, he realized where he was and jerked up, and away from Trey’s grasp. He scurried to the kitchen and started putting the food away. Trey quickly followed with the final few dishes from the living room. Aimee, Logan, and Blaine were all in the kitchen finishing with putting the leftovers away when Trey got there. Blaine blushed and excused himself to the bathroom. When he came out, Aimee and Logan were gone and Trey was sitting at the table staring off into space.

“Are you okay Trey?” Blaine asked as he walked to the sink to wash dishes.

“That’s my question for you, Blaine. You jumped up from the couch so quickly I thought something was wrong.” Trey watched him with troubled eyes, afraid he had pushed Blaine too far.

“No, just… embarrassed I guess. I’m sorry I was such a baby during that movie, and then I fell asleep.” Blaine mumbled, head down, shoulders slumped, completely dejected looking.

Trey came up behind him and spun him around so Blaine faced him. Trey held him close. “Blaine, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. I was happy to hold you and you didn’t bother anybody by falling asleep. It wasn’t your type of movie, you were comfortable, and felt safe.” Trey reasoned, trying to make Blaine feel better.

He put his finger under Blaine’s chin and raised his face until Blaine’s eyes met his. He slowly and deliberately moved closer to Blaine’s face, watching carefully the entire way. He slowly shut his eyes and very gently kissed Blaine on the lips. Just a soft, sweet, gentle kiss; but he couldn’t believe the tremors he felt through his body from such a gentle touch. Trey slowly opened his eyes to find Blaine’s bright blue eyes looking directly at him. Blaine was trembling… iddaa siteleri and was that fear in his eyes?

Trey cringed inwardly while outwardly revealing nothing. Had a small kiss really instilled that much fear into Blaine? He gently steered Blaine to the couch and sat them both down. “Ba… Blaine, please tell me what’s wrong. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Blaine looked down, eyes wet with tears that he refused to let fall. “I…” Blaine stood up, restless, “I have to go.” And he tried to bolt for the door.

“B… please talk to me” Trey grabbed his arm, not letting him leave. “You helped me, please let me help you.” Trey’s big brown eyes were focused on Blaine’s face, pleading with him to stay. He gently pulled Blaine back into the living room and pushed him down onto the couch.

Blaine sighed, and reluctantly told his story, “I came out to my family, friends, and school when I was 13. My family was very accepting. Most of my friends said it didn’t matter, a few told me flat out they weren’t my friend anymore. By the time I was 17, summer before my senior year, I had only a few friends at school. I was happy though, I knew the people I hung around with were really my friends. I was lucky; I never really had anybody bully me because of being gay.”

Blaine sank back into the couch, curled up into a ball at one end. He glanced up at Trey quickly before focusing his eyes again on the edge of the blanket he was twisting in his hands.

“A few weeks before senior year started a new guy moved into my neighborhood. He would be starting as a junior. We met at the video store a few blocks from my house and started talking. We got along great, and I ended up inviting David home with me to watch a movie we both wanted to see. On the way, we ran into a friend of mine who, not knowing I had just met David, asked if he was my boyfriend.” Blaine looked up at Trey, “Can I get a drink before I go on?”

“Of course, help yourself. I’m going to run to the bathroom, I’ll be right back. Do NOT leave, I will hunt you down.” Trey looked directly into Blaine’s eyes, trying to determine the other man’s thoughts.

Blaine grinned self consciously, “I promise, I will be here.” He turned and walked into the kitchen.

A few minutes later they were both back in the living room on the couch, Blaine huddled against the corner at one end, mostly covered by the blanket. Trey at the other end of the couch, feet up on the middle cushion, watching Blaine’s every move.

“After a few minutes discussion, my friend left us alone and we started walking again. As we got to my front door, David put his hand on my arm to stop me from going in. He asked if I was gay. Of course, I said yes. David got a big grin on his face, and told me he had been hoping I was. I opened the door to the house; he pulled me in and kissed me as soon as the door was shut. It was my first kiss, and I was thrilled, because I had an instant crush on David when I saw him in the store. During the few weeks before school started we spent a lot of time together. When we weren’t together at one of our homes, we talked on the phone, texted, or IM’d each other.” Blaine sighed; tired even with the short nap he had taken earlier.

“The day before school started David came over and said we needed to talk. He… he told me that he really liked me, but he wasn’t ready to be out. He planned to join the football team, and didn’t need the possible harassment being out could cause.” Blaine cleared his throat, and took a drink of water. “He said we could still be together, but we had to keep it hidden. Be careful about where we went and who saw us, not talk to each other at school, things like that.” Blaine fidgeted, thinking about what to say next.

“Bastard” Trey whispered under his breath, barely loud enough for Blaine to hear. He hated David’s attitude toward Blaine.

“Yeah, but I didn’t think so at the time. I was so happy to finally have a boyfriend, I agreed. Of course, I didn’t think he would need to hide long once he found out how accepting the high school was of gays. We started school; he got in good with the jocks and ended up on the football team. We had a few classes together, but didn’t see much of each other during school hours outside of those classes. We were together a few evenings a week and usually for an afternoon on the weekend.”

Blaine nervously grabbed his water glass and sloshed the water around in it, watching the movement.

“Anyway, it all went well until about 6 weeks into the school year. Our English teacher, one of the few classes we shared, split the class into pairs and assigned a project. By the luck of the draw, David and I were partnered together. We ran out of time in class, so as we were leaving I called to him. I thought he didn’t hear me, now I think he intentionally ignored me. I ran after him, and tapped his shoulder, trying to get his attention. By this time, he understood the whole school knew I was gay. He had been chatting with a few football players. When I touched him he turned around, angry. He glanced up at his football buddies, looked directly in my face and said ‘stay away from me faggot’ then pushed me away from him. I couldn’t move; I just stared at him.” Blaine started trembling again as he remembered.

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