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Uncle Jack is here! Trish shouted as the cab pulled up out front. She squealed her delight as she bounded for the front door. She hadn’t seen her favorite Uncle since her sixteenth birthday. “Would you like help getting to the front door, or are you ok?” the cab driver asked.

“I can take it from here, but thanks just the same,” he answered while handing the cabby a five dollar tip. Slinging his travel bag over his left shoulder, he unfolded his white cane and tapped to locate the sidewalk.

As the cab drove away, Jack could hear the front door open and the voice of his niece Trish yelled, “I’m coming Uncle Jack!” Hearing her running footsteps, Jack let the cane fall to the ground as the nineteen-year-old threw herself into his arms. Squeezing him tightly around his waist, the girl reined kisses on his face as she squealed her delight. Jack put his own arms around her slender waist and hugged her tight. He was also trying to hold himself upright.

“Hey Kiddo. Give me a big kiss.” Trish responded with a full on kiss on his mouth.

“UmmmM!” she noised with a smack as she broke the kiss. “I’m so glad you’re here,” she said in a rush. “How long are you staying? Will you be here for my party?” She drilled him with questions as she bounced up and down on her toes, all the while maintaining her hold on him.

“For crying out loud Trish. Give him a chance to get in out of the heat.”

“Ok Mom,” Trish answered. “I’ve got your stick Uncle Jack,” she said as she bent down to retrieve his cane. Uncle and niece walked up to the porch arm in arm, both with broad smiles. Inside the house was slightly cooler, but still humid. He greeted his sister-in-law, Donna with a hug and a kiss, noting how much her body felt like her daughter’s slender form.

“Here,” Donna said. “Hold out your hand. I know you’ll want this,” she said as she put a chilled mug of beer into his outstretched hand. “Pretty hot out there. Isn’t it?” she asked.

“Too damned hot for my taste. That’s why I moved to the Pacific Northwest. I can’t take this crappy climate anymore.” He said, taking a deep draft of the refreshing brew.

“Uncle Jack. I’d like you to meet my best friend Oko,” Trish introduced her friend. “She’s an exchanged student from Tokyo.”

“Hello Uncle,” Oko said as she shook his free hand. I’m glad to meet you.”

“Hello Oko from Tokyo.” Jack responded. He noticed how her small hand felt delicate, but with a firm grip. Her voice too, was delicate in his ears, with an accent to be sure, but she obviously was comfortable with English.

“Is anyone else here yet?” Jack asked.

“No. They’re all coming tomorrow,” Donna told him. “Tonight, it’s just us four.”

After a wonderful dinner of fried chicken and potato salad beside the in-ground pool, they sat and enjoyed what little relief there was thanks to a slight breeze. It was better than being in the stuffy house. “I’m going in for a cold beer. Would you like another Uncle Jack?”.

“You know better than to ask if your Uncle Jack would like another beer,” Donna said with a chuckle. After setting his beer on the table in front of him , Trish leaned down and kissed Jack on his cheek. As she did so, her full, young breasts mashed softly into his forearm. He made no attempt to pull his arm away from his beer, but neither did he let on that he did indeed notice.

“What’s that for?” he asked.

“Just for being here,” his niece said. The four chatted and got caught up as the hot sun settled behind the trees that surrounded the property. That in itself brought a bit more relief from the muggy Northeast summer day.

“Uncle Jack,” his niece began. “You didn’t notice that I cut my hair.”

“You cut that beautiful hair?” Jack exclaimed. , he had always enjoyed running his fingers through that thick main of crimson curls when they visited.

“Sure did. It’s hot standing under all that hair. I just cut it for the summer. Don’t worry. I’ll grow it back in the fall just for you. Here, feel how short it is now,” she said, and lowered herself beside his lounger and put his free hand on her head. Jack’s eyebrows shot up as he ran his fingers through the short locks.

“You didn’t change the color, did you?”

“No,” she said, much to his relief. “I like being a redhead,” she went on. “Redheads are alluring and sexy. Didn’t you know that?” As Jack chuckled his response, Oko, who had been sitting quietly, spoke up.

“In Japan, some of the more liberated women dye their hair red.” Jack tried to picture an Asian redhead. Before he could respond, Trish said,

“Oko has beautiful long hair. Oko. Come over here and let Uncle Jack touch your hair.” As the girl rose from her chair and crossed to where Jack sat, Trish said,

“You’re going to love this.” Oko knelt beside Trish with her back to Jack. The blind man first touched, then began to run his fingers through the heavy, softness of her jet black hair, warm from the hot sun.

“WOW!” He remarked. “How long is your hair Oko?”

“Stand up,” Trish commanded. As the girl stood, Jack let the straight lush locks run through his fingers. As she rose, the backs of his sensitive casino şirketleri fingers touched first, the soft, warm skin at the base of her neck, then down along her spine to what felt like a bra strap then more skin with firm muscle underneath.

“Obviously a bikini top,” his brain registered. Her hair ended below her waist. His hand was now at the crack of the girl’s butt. He could feel the cleft through her thin shorts.

“Her hair is blue-black and shiny,” Donna explained. “Any woman would kill to have hair like that.”

“She’s beautiful too Uncle Jack,” Trish said.

“Yes,” Jack thought to himself. “I’ll bet she is.”

It was 12:35 in the morning according to the talking wristwatch on the nightstand by Jack’s bed.

“Sheesh! It’s too fucking hot to sleep,” he thought to himself as he sat up. Pulling on his loose, bluejean cut-offs, he made his way downstairs and out onto the front porch to cool off. His skin was covered in a light sheen of sweat. As he enjoyed the cool of the night air on his nude torso, his thoughts drifted back to this evening by the pool. Both of those young girls felt good to his touch. He knew it was wrong to think about his niece that way, but his thoughts were his own and nobody else’s damn business. Over the years, he had watched Trish go from a skinny tomboy into a shapely young woman. He had a pretty good image of what she looked like because of the many times they had hugged. There were also the many times over the years that they had rubbed or bumped against each other, like today at dinner when she leaned to kiss him. By the feel of her breasts pressed into his forearm, he could tell she was well built. By the feel of her waist when he put his arms around for their frequent hugs, he could get a general idea of how tall and shapely her young body must look.

Jack was lost in his musings when he heard the front door open behind him. Two soft hands came down on his bare shoulders as his young niece knelt behind him and said,

“I thought I heard someone moving around. You can’t sleep either Uncle Jack?”

“No baby-girl. It’s too damned hot in the house.” Putting her cheek next to his, Trish said,

“Oko and I are by the pool. Why don’t you come out back and join us?” Jack detected the unmistakable smell of Marijuana on her breath.

“Ummm. Smells like you two are having a party out there.”

With a small giggle in her voice, Trish said,

“Want to join us? We’re cooling off in the pool.”

“I definitely would like some of what you two are smoking,” he answered.

“Come on then,” she said taking him by his hand and pulling him to his feet. Jack took his niece by her right upper arm with his left hand in the proper sighted guide technique as she led him, not back through the house, but onto the lawn and around to the back yard. The grass felt cool and slightly damp under his bare feet as they walked.

“What do you have on?” he asked as he felt the terrycloth covering her arm.

“Ah,” she said with slight hesitation. “I put on my bathrobe to come and get you.” Jack noticed a certain amusement in her voice as she answered, but let it pass.

Stepping onto the cool flagstones that surrounded the pool, he heard a gentle swishing of water as Oko swam to the near side of the pool.

“Good evening Uncle,” she said in that soft-as-a-whisper voice.

“Hey Oko. How’s the water?”

“It feels so very refreshing Uncle.”

“do you want a lounger?” Trish asked.

“Nope. I want to sit at the edge and put my legs in the water.” After getting himself into a comfortable position at the pool’s edge, he heard the familiar “zip zip” of a Bic lighter, the sound of Trish drawing in on a pipe. As the pungent aroma of the pot drifted to his nostrils, the girl put the lit pipe into his hand.

“Go for it,” he heard her say as she held in the toke. Jack took in a long slow drag, enjoying the taste and smell of the weed. He jumped when he heard a sudden “SPLOOSH” as Trish dove into the water. Jack could feel that fuzzy blanket of the marijuana hi settle over his brain as he sat there listening to the young ladies cavort quietly in the water.

“Hey Trish,” he said in a low voice.

“Yes?” she answered from right in front of him. Correcting the direction of his blind gaze to look toward the sound of her voice, he asked,

“What color is your bikini?” He heard titters from both girls as his niece answered.

“Ah… my bikini?… oh, it’s yellow.”

“And what color is yours Oko?” After a long hesitation, Oko’s voice came to him from his right and a little ways out in the middle of the pool.

“My swimming suit is white Uncle.” This was followed by that same tittering from both girls.

Uncle Jack. Why don’t you come in the water too? It feels so good.”

“Believe me ladies. I would love to jump in there with you, but I don’t want to go rooting through my bag looking for my swimming trunks at this time of night.” After a bit of a silence, his niece answered,

“Well… Actually… ” He heard a bit more soft laughter. “We aren’t wearing any swimming suits either.” casino firmaları

“You’re not!” he said, louder than he meant to. “But you said you were wearing a yellow bikini, and she,” he said nodding to where he last heard Oko’s voice, has on a white one.” He heard the swishing of water coming closer, then cool wet hands touch him on his knees.

“No,” Trish said slowly. “You asked what color our bikinis are and we told you. We didn’t say that we had them on,” she corrected.

“Oh wow,” Jack said dreamily. “You mean I’ve been sitting here talking to two naked young women and didn’t know it?”

“It’s no big deal. We often swim naked. No one can see into our back yard. Come on in,” his niece implored again.

“What about your Mom?” he asked with concern.

“Believe me. After all the wine she drank today, she will be sound asleep. Now come on.” Jack hesitated only for a minute or so. He thought,

“What the hell,” as he stood and unbuttoned his cut-offs, letting them slip down his legs, then kicking them to the side. Sitting down again, he slid his six foot, 175 pound frame into the cool water, hopefully before his cock began to show his arousal.

“Ooooh baby. That feels so good.” He sighed deeply as the water cooled his sweaty skin. Trish waded up to her Uncle and slid her hands around his waist, then hugged him tightly. Her firm young breasts pressed softly into his chest and their thighs touched under the water.

“Now, doesn’t this feel good?”

“It sure does,” he replied. “The water feels good too.”

“You’re naughty,” she teased, her lips so close that Jack could smell the pot smoke on her breath.

“Naa. I’m just thinking about being naughty.” He said as he slipped his hands around the girl’s waist and drew her tighter into his body. He leaned forward and put a light kiss on her mouth. A kiss that lasted a bit longer than an Uncle’s kiss should, but the girl made no attempt to pull away. After breaking their embrace, Jack’s cock twitched as Trish rubbed her hip, then her soft firm ass against him as she turned to swim away. Oko swam up beside him, then climbed out of the pool to retrieve the pipe from the table. Sitting on the apron, she dangled her legs in the water as she lit the pipe. Holding in a toke, she asked Jack if he wanted a hit.

“Sure. Thanks.” After hitting the pipe, then passing it back to Oko, he asked the girl,

“Oko. How tall are you?”

“I am five feet tall exactly.”

“She’s built perfectly too,” Trish added from somewhere behind him. Slipping quietly into the water, Oko waded up to Jack and said,

“Here Uncle. You can touch me.” As she spoke, she took his right hand and brought it to her face. Without hesitation, Jack brought his other hand up, framing her face as his sensitive fingertips explored the delicate shapes and curves, Trish swam up behind him and put her arms around his waist, hugging him. Her large breasts pressed into his back.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

“Ummhmmm,” was all Jack could manage. His niece’s body was snug against his backside and in his hands was the face of an Asian angel. All of this female contact was having an effect on him.

“Check the rest of her out,” Trish said over his shoulder.

“I don’t think I should,” he replied.

Please do Uncle,” Oko said. “Your touch is so very gentle.”

“Ok then,” he answered with a smile. He placed his hands on the girl’s shoulders and noted immediately how toned and firm her muscles are under her oh so soft skin. He ran both hands slowly down her slender, firmly muscled arms, then taking her small hands in his. He explored Oko’s fingers, then moved his hands back up her arms, touching all of her as he went. From her shoulders, he gently slid his hands down her back as he did, he felt her wet hair, now in a thick, long braid. He brought both hands down to her tiny waist, then let them slip along the flare of her hips.

“Should I?” he thought to himself. “What the hell, go for it.” He moved his hands back to cup her ass cheeks. Jack again was impressed with the firm muscle under soft skin.

“Isn’t that a nice butt?” Trish asked, almost cooing in his left ear.

“A very nice butt,” he agreed. “Do you work out Oko?

“In school I was very much the gymnast,” She told him.

“You have the muscles of an athlete,” Jack said, smiling at her. Reluctantly letting go of such a perfect ass, he slid his hands upwards to her ribs, then around and up, cupping each breast.

“B cups,” he thought. “Nice, full B cups.” He also took note of how hard her nipples had become. Jack finished his tour of Japan with his hands once again framing Oko’s beautiful face.

“Boy! Uncle Jack, his niece said. “You never checked me out that thoroughly.”

Bending down, he placed a light kiss on Oko’s soft lips.

“Thank you Oko. Now I have a full image of what you look like.”

“Ummmm, not quite Unk,” Trish said in a sly tone.

“What do you mean?” he asked, not quite catching her meaning.

Coming around to stand beside them both, Trish asked her friend,

“Do you mind Oko?” With güvenilir casino a soft laugh, Oko answered,

“No. I do not mind.” Trish took Jack’s left hand and placed it between Oko’s legs, directly over her pubic mound. For the second time that day, Jack’s eyebrows shot up as he encountered her clean-shaven pussy.

“I see,” Jack remarked, not quite knowing what to say. His semi-erect cock sprang to full attention at contact with Oko’s smooth cunt. He had of course, known that some women shaved their pussy, but had never encountered one.

“Now it’s my turn,” Trish said as she turned Jack towards her. “You have to Braille me too.”

“What the hell,” he shrugged. Taking his niece’s face in his hands, he began to explore the taller girl’s body in exactly the same way he had with Oko.

“what are you Trish, about five feet nine?”

“Five ten,” she answered dreamily as her uncle ran his hands over her delightful body. Her muscles weren’t as firm as Oko’s, but she was definitely toned. Reaching around to cup her ass, his hard cock bumped into Trishs belly, just below her navel.

“I see your little friend wants to play, she said, again with that teasing lilt.

“I think his friend is not so little,” Oko said. Reaching down, Trish took his erection gently in her left hand.”

Ummmm. I think you’re right.”

“Hey! You’re not supposed to do that.” Jack admonished.

“Well. If I close my eyes, can’t I Braille you too? It’s only fare.” Jack became very aroused as he cupped her larger breasts in his hands and ran his thumbs around her erect nipples.

“C cups. Definitely C cups,” he noted.

“Oko’s right. You have a very gentle touch,” Trish sighed and began to slowly run her hand along the length of his cock and back again.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, hearing her giggle to herself.

“I just thought of that old joke.”

“What old joke?” he wanted to know.

“You know. The one that goes: If your Uncle Jack got caught on a fence, would you help your Uncle Jack off?”

Letting go of his pulsing cock, his niece ran her hands up Jack’s chest, over his shoulders and down his back to cup his ass cheeks. As she moved her body in closer to his, Jack moved his hands from those lovely breasts to frame her face as he had done with Oko. As he leaned in to kiss her, her tongue slid deliciously into his mouth. He returned her kiss, their tongues dancing together. Jack mentally updated his image of his niece. He also had a rock-hard woody practically vibrating in front of him.

“I wish we didn’t have to stop,” Trish said wistfully.

“We cannot leave your Uncle in such a way,” Oko said.

“You’re right. Come with me.” Jack heard water rustle as the two women waded to the other corner and whispered together. Coming back to where he stood, Trish again embraced her Uncle and hugged him tightly to her cool, wet body.

“I’m going in now Uncle Jack. Oko wants to stay out here with you for a while. Do you mind?”

“Not at all. Good night Baby girl,” he said as he once again kissed her on her full lips. Taking his rigid member in her right hand and giving it a couple of gentle strokes, she said,

“Good night little man. Have fun.”

Jack wasn’t quite sure what to expect as he waited for whatever was about to happen.

In all of the activities, he hadn’t realized that he had gotten turned around in the pool.

“Oko?” he asked.

“Yes,” came her response. Turning towards the direction of her voice, he asked.

“Where are you?” Hearing the swishing of the water, he could feel the small waves against his skin as Oko approached. Wordlessly, she placed her fingertips on his chest, then the flat of her hands as she moved closer. Jack enfolded the tiny Asian into his arms. They kissed long and slow, their tongues swirled and dueled with each other as their passions rose. Breaking the dizzying kiss, Oko took Jack’s hand and led him to the pool stairs and out of the water. His seven-inch bobbed in front of him as they walked across the flagstones to the cushioned settee. Oko tossed the cushions onto the flagstones and pulled Jack down to lye beside her. They entwined arms and legs as they embraced again. He couldn’t get over how wonderful she felt. So delicate, yet so strong. Oko moved him to lye on his back. Without a word between them, she took his throbbing cock in her small hands and stroked lightly, then bending, she took his hardness into her warm wet mouth. Her tongue danced and glided over his flared cockhead, her lips felt like butterfly wings as she gave him such pleasure. Jack could feel the thick, damp braid lying on his stomach.

“Oko,” he said a bit hoarsely. “I want to taste you too.” His lover turned to face him, then lay her body on top of his. They kissed again. Jack could taste his pre-cum on her tongue. He moved her so that she now sat on his chest with her knees on either side of his body. With his hands on her ass cheeks, he urged her forwards until her pussy was in his face. He tasted her for the first time. Her honey was sweet with a slight taste and smell of chlorine. She drew in her breath has Jack worked his tongue gently into and up and down her hairless opening. His finger tips played at her anus, eliciting moans of pleasure from her. Oko’s young body went rigid as she felt her orgasm hit, then again and again as Jack worked her clit with his tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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