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If anyone from Blue Evan’s hometown saw the nineteen-year-old on his knees in front of a half-naked man, they wouldn’t believe their eyes. He had often heard himself described as quiet and polite. Klutzy and accident-prone for sure, but most people tried to over-look that unless he had a cast or some stitches. Everyone knew that he tried his best to be extra good, to make up for his other lacks. No, they would look and be sure it was just someone who resembled their Blue. Especially since his startling copper hair, shared with the other members of his family, was dyed blue to match his name.

“Oh, God, yeah Blue, suck me hard.”

Blue gripped the hips of the man in front of him and sucked harder on the cock in his mouth. Hands wove themselves into his blue hair and held tightly. Blue opened his throat and silently encouraged the man to move, to fuck his mouth however he wanted. It was a little difficult for him but this wouldn’t last much longer, so he just moaned and hummed around the hard flesh.

“I love your fucking sexy mouth, Blue. Oh damn, I’m gonna blow. You’re so good. Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Just when the man started to come, Blue sat back and pulled off the condom to let the cream hit his face, one hand moving down to milk the cock dry. “That was fucking amazing.”

“Glad you enjoyed it, Harry,” Blue purred, looking up through his lashes. It didn’t take much for him to play up to Harry, if it got him what he wanted. “It’s always a pleasure to do you, you’re so enthusiastic.”

Harry laughed and strode over to the sink to get a wet cloth for Blue. Once he was tidy, the two men returned to the front room where Blue slid into one of the chairs. He was here to get his hair done in a different shade of blue. He wasn’t due to be paid for two days and his money was tight, so this was an arrangement he had with Harry. For a blowjob, he could get his hair done and not have to pay.

There were a few places around town, for different things, where he had the same arrangement. Sure, it was one step removed from being a whore, but an important step so far as Blue was concerned. The only thing he offered was his mouth and he didn’t accept actual money. It was nothing more than self-deception, but it allowed him to keep his self-respect in his own mind. Others likely wouldn’t see it the same way.

A glance out the window through the mirror showed a group obviously coming from the nearby library. It bothered Blue that he wouldn’t ever attend college. He used to dream of becoming a teacher and working with kids. Now that dream was as dead as his past. Even if he wanted to try and take some classes, he could barely make his rent and buy food, let alone pay for tuition and books. Best to just forget about all that and concentrate on getting through each day as it came.

“So, Blue, what are you going to do while Jack closes down the shop to renovate?”

“God only knows, V. I’ve got a place I can stay for a few weeks, but I won’t have any cash coming in unless I find some sort of temporary work.” Blue looked into V’s eyes for a moment, admiring her vivid pink hair with black and white streaks mixed in. Vanessa, or V as she preferred to be called, was as close to a friend as he had. “There is one place that told me maybe, so I’ll head back over there tomorrow morning and see what they say.”

Jack, V’s cousin, owned a bookstore and hired Blue as a favour. His hard work, and willingness to work long hours, meant he was still working there nearly three years later. The pay was for shit, but Jack also allowed Blue to stay in the tiny loft above the store. Now, however, Jack wanted to redo the entire interior to maximize space, so Blue had to leave for the weeks it would take for the work to be done.

Truth was, Blue didn’t have anywhere to stay yet, but he didn’t want anyone to know that. V would worry and try to find him a place. That was the last thing he wanted anyway, having to live with someone, share space and stuff. They would probably want to talk and he just didn’t need to deal with that. Best to just find some out of the way corner. Thank God it was warm out now that spring had officially arrived. Sleeping in an alley or a park might be uncomfortable in the dead of winter.

The new shade of blue V gave him was amazing. It was kind of a royal blue, with a shimmer of lighter blue shot through it. It was very nice. He gave a grin to V, his normal grin that was all for show and didn’t reach his eyes. Tomorrow might see him with nowhere to live and no money to buy food, but he would look damned good. The least he could do was try to appear appreciative of her efforts.

For twenty minutes he sat there once they were done, drinking coffee and telling jokes. Not once did he feel happy but he still laughed right along with the others, blending in. He wouldn’t come back for weeks, when he absolutely needed his hair done again, so he spent his time now, promising to get together soon for drinks. Harry and V knew it bahis şirketleri was a lie, knew that he would not call or visit, yet they tried and pushed.

When he left the salon, Blue walked aimlessly, not sure where he wanted to go. His steps brought him to the library, where he hesitated, wanting to go inside but afraid to. What if he went in, took a book, and loved it? Blue knew he couldn’t take the time to start reading and spending time in a library now, because when he went back to work it just wouldn’t be possible anymore. If he was living on the street until he could get back to his apartment above the bookstore, how could he have a book and not have it get ruined? Still, he felt the draw of the books. Until he…left home, reading had been a pleasure, a way to forget his problems.

There couldn’t be anything wrong with going inside and reading in the library. Blue just had to not check out any books. If the librarian said he couldn’t spend all his time inside reading, then that would solve the problem. Just when his hand reached out for the door, he frowned and paused. He worked in a fucking bookstore and he never once felt the need to take one of the books and read. Not once. Jack told him as long as he was careful of the books, Blue could read whatever he wanted in the store.

If he’d never felt the urge to do it there, why did he feel so compelled to go into the library now? Why did he feel he wouldn’t be able to bring a book home, when Jack wouldn’t care one way or the other? Uneasiness filled Blue, made him back away from the library entrance and hurry down the sidewalk. Blue knew he couldn’t go inside that library until he figured out what the difference was. There had to be something for him to feel so different about the two places.

The last time he’d read for pleasure was before his father kicked him out of the house at fifteen. He could still remember hearing his father yell in the hospital room, with Blue resting on his side. His back was too sore and bloody to support any weight, and he couldn’t be on his stomach because…his mind shied away from that and he didn’t try to remember.

The only other time Kevin Evans yelled for any reason was when one of the horses kicked him, and that was only from the pain of the blow, not because he was angry at the horse. That day, Kevin Evans had been furiously angry with his son. The police officer and doctor tried to calm the older man down, but he was too busy accusing his son of inviting the attack. He told Blue that he deserved what he got for being perverted.

Blue was told in no uncertain terms that he was no longer welcome at home. When he left the hospital, Blue went to live with a nice couple, John and Amelia Kane. He worked part-time after school to save his money. A year later, with enough money to last a few weeks, Blue wrote a note to his foster parents and took off. He didn’t have any destination, only that it be away from home. More than the hour he was, at any rate.

Until that day in the hospital, Blue never doubted the love of his parents, even though they had every reason to be exasperated with him. As a young child, when he was about three or so, one of the family dogs knocked Blue over and he hit his head on the corner of the table. He was unconscious for almost two days, had blurry vision for a week, and suffered from post concussive syndrome. Although the doctors insisted that his later problem of being accident-prone wasn’t related, Blue’s father was sure it was.

Blue always had some sort of accident growing up. Hardly a day went by that at least something happened to him. He couldn’t help with the dishes because he would break them. It wasn’t that it might happen, just when and what. He constantly tripped or banged into things. By the time he was twelve, he’d broken his left leg twice and his right once and that wasn’t counting various sprains.

Often, after another trip to the hospital, Blue heard his father resignedly tell his mother that he just couldn’t get ahead of the hospital bills. It cost more to take care of Blue than all the rest of the family combined, which was something with five other kids. Still, never once did Kevin raise his voice or do more to punish Blue than send him to his room.

Most of that stopped by the time he was twelve. The last time he broke his left leg, it wasn’t really his fault. His older sister, Rose, didn’t want him telling their parents she’d been smoking and tripped him, which made him fall down the stairs and break his leg. Blue’s father still said it was his fault and that he was trying to blame Rose. His mother saw the improvement, his teachers saw the improvement, but his father refused to believe it.

When he might have been able to have a fairly normal life once his accidents stopped, Blue developed lung problems. If he got upset or stressed, he couldn’t breathe properly. That didn’t help his father believe that he was well, which only made the problem worse. The doctors told bahis firmaları his mother, who brought Blue in on her own, that it was psychosomatic. Blue received a prescription for an inhaler, but neither he nor his mother thought it a good idea to bring that home.

So, when the four guys, masked to remain unidentified, caught him and beat him in the old barn, it was the last straw for Blue’s father. They accused Blue of being gay and Kevin didn’t question that accusation, simply accepted it as fact, and it was the final straw. They didn’t tell Kevin in person, of course, only painted stuff on the walls and left a light on so Blue’s father would come investigate and find his youngest son.

“Aren’t you just the prettiest thing, with your nice blue hair?”

Blue started from his reverie and looked around, seeing two guys close behind him. He was nearing the industrial section, nearly four blocks away from the park and where he wanted to be. How the hell had he ended up here? Icy fingers tickled his spine and his breath came short. They were bigger than he was by a few inches and more than a few pounds. He remembered them now, they’d come into the shop to look over Harry’s inventory of tattoos and piercings he did in the evenings.

“Harry said as you give the best head he’s ever had. We just want the same treatment you give to him, and maybe a little more.” The larger of the men spoke, moving forward. The other one edged around to cut off Blue’s escape. “Definitely a little more. I was watching that nice little ass and I’d like a piece of that action.”

It was a lie. His clothes were loose enough that nobody would be able to see anything about his body. Blue was very careful about things like that. “I’m supposed to meet someone very soon. Just let me go and we’ll forget about this.”

“We’d best make this quick then. Hot little twink like you must be dying to be bent over and fucked hard. My buddy and I might even give you a couple of bucks if you make it worth our while.”

Fuck, Blue could feel his breath closing off. The smaller of the two men grabbed him from behind. The hands felt like iron bands around his arms as he was forcefully propelled into a nearby darkened alcove. Not again, not again, not again. The chant repeated over and over in his head. He felt his senses shutting down, until the only thing he could do was breathe. But no, not all his senses were gone. He could still hear rough breathing near his ear and the sound of cars. The cars were so far away. Even if they were close, he knew none would stop to help. It was only what he deserved for being who, and what, he was.

A new voice sounded from somewhere nearby. Blue was barely aware of being let go, of his pants being down on the ground around his ankles. He still had his underwear on, so at least he wasn’t completely exposed. “I’ve just got to press this one button and the cops will be on their way. Why don’t you fellows move on before there’s trouble.”

Blue reached down and pulled his jeans back into place. The newcomer was about as tall as Blue’s biggest attacker. This man, however, didn’t have the weight in his gut. No, he was muscular through his shoulders and chest. He scared Blue more than the two who attacked him did, in some way. Carefully Blue walked until he was in the middle of the street, watching the trio warily. Maybe they were all in this together, playing a game with him. Give him the hope he might escape only to drag him back in. He couldn’t trust anybody, he knew that. Still, he would wait, now that he was far enough away from them that he could run if he needed to. He was pretty fast, if it wasn’t for too long a distance.

No, he couldn’t run. His scare meant that Blue couldn’t breathe properly. Every breath he managed to draw in burned in his chest and soon spots danced in front of his eyes. The two finally left, casting baleful glances at the one who ruined their fun. Blue backed up a step, even though his rescuer didn’t move after turning his attention over.

“Are you all right?” Unlike before, the voice was soft and tentative. It didn’t fool Blue for a minute. “My name is Harley. Harley Barlow.”

“I’m fine. Leave me alone and I’ll just be on my way. I-I’ve got someone waiting for me.”

The expression on Harley’s face showed just what he thought of that ridiculous statement. He didn’t say anything about it though. “Good. That’s good. How about I just walk with you, to make sure those guys don’t come back.”

“They won’t. I don’t need you.” Blue knew he should thank the man, Harley, but it made his stomach twist and his mouth feel sour. “Thanks for your help, but I can manage just fine on my own.”

He turned and walked away, refusing to look back to make sure he wasn’t being followed. As soon as he reached the corner, short of breath or not, Blue ran towards the park. Once there, he found a place he would be hidden from casual view and huddled down. It took a long time before his breathing eased kaçak bahis siteleri back to normal and he drifted off into uncomfortable sleep. Tomorrow he would go get his backpack with his clothes and other necessary items, but tonight, Blue just wanted to sleep and forget.


Harley left the bar and his friends to walk home. He hadn’t drunk that much, knew he would drink much, but wasn’t in the mood for driving or taking a cab. Jess and Dave, his best friends, wanted him to go dancing with them, and they were less and less willing to accept his excuses. They didn’t understand that he didn’t particularly like going to the clubs and dancing with strangers who were mainly only after one thing.

If he was honest, there were probably others out who were searching for something real, searching for that one person who would understand and accept them as they were. So far, he’d never encountered that kind of person who was compatible with him. Jess said he was too picky, while Dave said he needed to get laid. If all he wanted were to get laid for a night, he could find that without going to a club.

It took a moment before he heard the voices coming from a nearby alley. “I’m trying to get some sleep here, man. Fuck off.”

“Come on, a quick blowjob and I’ll give you enough for a room somewhere. You know you want that more than sleeping out here in the dirt.”

“No. Go about three blocks that way and you’ll find all the rent boys you want.”

There was a low thud and a cry of pain, which made Harley go into the alley rather than pass by. “If I wanted a rent boy, I’d go find one. They might have diseases, you probably don’t.”

A pot-bellied guy in a suit was holding up a slighter figure. It looked like the other had been stretched out on the ground before being lifted up by his hair. Blue hair. Shit, the kid had to have the worst luck. Harley cleared his throat loudly and watched as both looked in his direction. He let himself smile, when all he wanted to do was snarl and growl. That was so far from his usual behaviour that Harley thought it best not to indulge. He wasn’t some sort of animal, after all.

“I distinctly heard the kid say no at least twice. Be a sport and be on your way. It’s not worth the aggravation, is it now?”

Harley waited until he was alone with the kid, then crouched down, not moving closer for the moment. It was two weeks since their first encounter, and already he could see that he’d probably missed more than one meal. The clothes were clean enough, different from what he’d seen that night. Wow, strange that he actually remembered what the kid wore for that brief moment they’d been in each other’s company.

“What?” The question startled Harley out of his musings. “You waiting for a medal or something? Like I said before, I would have managed just fine on my own.”

“I have a thing for helping the unappreciative,” he answered with a grin. “Do you think I could have your name? In case you don’t remember, mine’s Harley.”

“Harley Barlow, I remember. Mine, if you can’t guess it, is Blue. And yes, that is my real name.”

Harley took a chance and moved over to where Blue was sitting on the ground and extended a hand. “Pleased to meet you, Blue. Are you new in town?”

“Nope, I’ve lived here for three years now. I do have a place to live, over the Jack Sprat Bookshop, but Jack’s renovating and there are no more stairs to get up to my place. It’s less hassle just to stay out here than try and share a place with someone. I don’t do sharing very well. I found a temporary place to work, but it isn’t enough to rent a room or anything”

Blue shifted and hissed in pain, his hand pressing against his side. Apparently, Mr. Blowjob kicked him when he didn’t get what he wanted. After asking for permission, Harley felt along Blue’s ribs. There were no breaks. He would have felt them, too, since each rib stood out. It pained Harley that this kid, who didn’t look more than seventeen or eighteen, was sleeping outside, getting propositioned and attacked and missing meals. It was insane, but he found himself offering his apartment.

“Look, tonight and tomorrow I’m home, but starting Sunday I’ll be on nights for about a month. If you come crash at my apartment, it’ll be free from about ten at night to eight in the morning. We wouldn’t really be sharing it at the same time. How does that sound to you? You’ll be there at night while I’m gone, I’ll be there during the day while you’re gone.”

Distrust and wariness met his offer. Beneath all that, however, Harley thought he could detect longing. Maybe it was his imagination and he saw something that wasn’t there or that he would feel if he was sleeping outside and someone offered him a place. After a long moment, Blue nodded his head slowly to accept.

Carefully, because of his injury, Blue stood up with his backpack in hand. It looked lumpy and probably made a very uncomfortable pillow. His place was about a ten-minute walk away, and now Harley wished he had his car. Of course if he did, he wouldn’t have met up with Blue again anyway. Still, it made Harley feel somewhat guilty to see the kid wince as he walked with a hand pressed to his right side.

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