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Every piece of this women had been in her mouth. Tonight was no different. She loved the way Liza’s nipples were a juxtaposition of textures when she was aroused. There was the path from her bumpy areolas up to ribbed shaft along the nipple’s height. Then there was the smooth velvet like softness of the tip of her nipples. Elena always felt like she was nibbling cannolis. She made a small cone of whipped cream around her nipples and a heart shaped drizzle of fudge on her soft mound. Her landing strip made it seem like Cupid’s arrow was coming out of the fudge heart.

It wasn’t their bed. That’s why they always got a suite with two queens. Two queens in the middle of a staycation covered in whipped cream. Both of them were pretty busy with travel for work. Elena was a pilot and Liza a professor. They decided to just unwind for their free weekend, eat their way thru the city guided by Yelp reviews and unique experiences on Groupon. Their hotel overlooked the city square below, but it also had a beautiful view of the river.

It was playtime. Liza was drawing a designer bra onto Elena’s itty bittties. Liza had frozen her can and the sensation of the cold whipped cream delighted Elena. Liza playfully teased Elena’s nipples with a strawberry from the night stand nearby. They had picked them up at the farmer’s market that afternoon. Washed and sliced them into thin round slices for a snack tomorrow. But from the looks of it, there wouldn’t be enough left after tonight. Liza sucked the cream from Elena’s breast and pulled it into her mouth. Because they were small, her mouth tekirdağ escort covered the full areola and she was able to get a nice mouthful. She sucked each one and once all the whipped cream was gone Liza changed positions. She straddled her now, facing away while drizzling fudge along Elena’s inner thighs.

Elena grabbed her ass on both cheeks. Pulling them apart, she ran her finger along the path from her clit to her anus. Liza was so wet. Elena spread her juices around with her fingers. The wetness was audible now. Sliding two fingers inside her and one knuckle along her anus, Elena could feel Liza’s pulsing vagina muscles. Liza moaned with pleasure. She pushed them in deeply and began to slowly stroke her inside canal. Liza’s hips began rotating and now she pushed back into Elena’s hand. Elena intensified her motions now, almost like a machine gun she began fucking Liza with her fingers. She slowly pulled her fingers out, agonizingly stopping Liza short of release. Then she entered again, pounding her hand into her with more vibration and deeper still. Again she slid out, her fingers exiting to a slick sounding smack as her lips dripped juices into the sheets.

“I want to come, don’t make me wait!” Liza moaned. She obliged her and finger fucked her until Liza’s come covered Elena’s hand.

Panting, Liza said, “I didn’t forget about you.”

She grabbed the strap on from nearby. Elena spread her legs for maximum penetration. She loved missionary. When they finished, they stepped into the rainfall shower in their room tekirdağ escort bayan and let the sticky sweet mess wash away from their bodies. They were both satisfied and now they could relax for the evening. They went to bed naked, each reading a book until they felt the need for sleep.

The smell of coffee had awakened her from her slumber. Elena lay there looking into the sunrise with sleepy eyes wondering where her partner was. Scanning the room, she found her. Silhouetted in front of a billowing white linen curtain. A light breeze coming thru the open balcony door made the curtain softly brushing Liza’s naked physique. Her legs and round bum stuck out of the curtain towards the bedroom as she looked out into the morning light finishing her coffee.

Turning and grabbing a mat, Liza walked over to the deepest portion of the balcony. She began her sun salutations. She closed her eyes and raised her arms over her head extending her small frame. Elena rolled over onto her side for a better view. She always had a thing for breasts. Liza’s were the shape of perky footballs and they rose and fell with the movement of her arms. Elena especially liked when they jumped around whenever they humped each other. From that scissoring angle she could see them in their full glory as they furiously rubbed their vaginas together.

Pausing for a moment, she thought about how much fun it had been to slow down finally so she could think.

Just last week, she had three red eye flights in a row. The last one had exhausted her so escort tekirdağ much. After smashing on a quick breakfast, she collapsed in her hotel room, not getting back up until dinnertime. She had met a guy at the bar and after one too many drinks she ended the night ass up. She even let him come inside her. Then on round two, they lay there heavily breathing entwined together, legs locked like pretzels.

Why had she done that? Had she just wanted a change of pace? A chance to explore and play a bit. But…It was too early to think of explanations right now.

Back to the present now, Liza bent forward and stepped one leg forward into a deep lunge. The movement made her breast rest on her knee jauntily and her vagina was partially exposed towards Elena.

The breeze picked up the hormonal scent and carried it to Elena who had begun stroking herself. Liza’s vagina had a clitoral piercing. From this angle Elena saw the inner pink of her vagina and she licked her lips at the thought of tasting Liza. They actually both had piercings, but Elena’s was horizontal. Liza’s was right in that little ball of nerves she loved to lick so much.

Now in plank pose, Liza lifted her face to the sky and closed her eyes. Elena left the bed to position herself behind her lover. Liza moved swiftly from plank to stick to upward facing dog. Elena was finally in position, silent as a cat stalking prey. She laid down behind Liza. Face towards her rear. As Liza’s hips lifted into the air, Elena gently stroked the soft flesh of labia that became visible as she transitioned to downward facing dog.

Liza shivered and raised up on her tip toes. “Good morning to you too”.

Elena sat up, now that she was facing Liza’s vagina and nuzzling her face in her pelvis, her real prerogative began. Liza held the pose for some time as Elena entered her with her tongue and licked her clit ferociously.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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