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Adam pulled up outside his parents house. The car full of boxes packed with the last of his possessions. He’d recently split from a relationship and just picked up his remaining things. Late 20s and back living with his parents. He sat staring out the windscreen as the rain poured down.

“Fuck sake,” he said aloud before sighing loudly.

Opening the door of his car he stepped out into the rain. Staring up into it he wished he was anywhere else but here.

“What are you doing?” A voice suddenly said behind him, making him jump.

Adam quickly shot round to see Kerry, his parents friend stood on the pavement with a smile on her face like she had witnessed someone doing something embarrassing.

“Well, Kerry, to be honest I haven’t a clue,” Adam responded as he started to laugh.

“Sorry to hear about you and your… ex,” Kerry said empathetically. Even if she couldn’t remember Linda’s name. They’d met a handful of times but Adam knew Kerry well enough to know she meant well.

“Thanks Kerry,” Adam said with a smile.

“Drink?” Kerry said holding the bottle of wine she had brought with her.

“Yes! But no that shite,” Adam said laughing. He wasn’t a wine fan.

“Come on then,” Kerry said gesturing with her head.

Adam locked his car, there was little of value from what he had picked up so decided he could just get it later.

“I’ll sort this later,” he said as he headed round the car to the curb.

Adam had the hots for Kerry, he had for years. She was gorgeous. Blonde, curvy and was always in high heels. Adam had wanked over her countless times, with absolutely no regret. She was in her late 40s, a divorcee with no kids. She spent a lot of time round Adams parents house. Mainly on the weekend. They all just got pissed and talked nonsense most of the time. Well that was Adams opinion anyway. It wouldn’t have been unusual to find his mum and Kerry asleep in the front room on a Saturday morning when he lived at home before moving out.

They headed towards the house and Adam gestured for Kerry to go first through the door. He watched as Kerry stepped into the house. Her leather waterfall jacket slightly framed her arse, which was clad in tight denim. Her knee high black leather stiletto boots clung to her calfs beautifully. Adam could feel his cock tingle as he continued to check her out.

Inside the house Kerry sat on a chair by the door and began to remove her boots. Adam was mesmerised. Taking the zip in her fingers she slowly pulled it down, from the top to her ankle. Before pulling the boot off to reveal her bare, well manicured foot. The red nail polish caught Adams eye. Realising he was staring he looked away and began taking his coat off, he couldn’t help but glance again to see Kerry pull her other boot off. He could feel his cock hardening watching her.

Hanging his coat up, Kerry passed him towards the kitchen and he could smell her perfume. Taking a long breath in he savoured the moment. Kerry entered the kitchen exchanging pleasantries with Adams mum, Lorna and was pouring a glass of wine as Adam entered the kitchen.

“Beer love?” Lorna asked.

“Please mum yeah,” Adam said with a smile.

“Where’s dad?” Adam asked as Lorna passed him a beer.

“Oh he’s gone to the pub, can’t do with our cackling he said,” Lorna replied laughing.

“Charming, leaves me here with you two!” Adam joked.

He looked over at Kerry who was laughing, her long blonde hair pulled round over one shoulder, hanging down her front. Adam was bahis şirketleri mesmerised by her. Looking back at his beer he lifted it to lips and took a large mouthful. As he did he had a sideways glance at Kerry who’s eyes he met instantly. They both held their gaze for a few seconds before looking away. Adam got a rush of excitement. The night went on and Adam continued drinking conservatively, feeling like the third wheel he called it a night at around 10pm.

“Right, I’m off to bed,” he announced as he finished the last of his beer.

“Ok love, sleep well,” his mum responded.

“Goodnight,” Kerry said with a smile.

“Night,” he said as he left the kitchen.

Adam got to the foot of the stairs and stopped, he looked down at Kerry’s boots, which lay on the floor by the chair. He looked back to the kitchen and he was out of view. His cock was hardening as he crouched down. He picked up one of Kerry’s boots, the feel of the leather on his hand aroused him further. He looked inside noticing how well used it looked. He took one last cursory glance around before bringing the boot to his nose. He got his nose in as close to the sole as possible and took a deep inhale of breath. The smell was incredible. His cock began leaking with pre cum. Stopping to take another look around, which would have been in vein as he would have been caught if someone had seen him mid act, he took another long sniff.

Little did Adam know, Kerry had passed the kitchen door on the way to the fridge and had spotted him on his second visit. She knew he fancied her but did not know about his boot smelling habits! She was incredibly turned on watching this man get aroused by her in this way. She quickly moved out of view again as she saw Adam move. He was non the wiser.

Adam placed the boot back down quietly, stood up and had a quick look round as he dealt with his raging hard on in his jeans. Proceeding upstairs he headed for his bedroom. Stripping down to his boxer shorts and turning the light off he got into bed. He laid staring at the ceiling holding his hard cock through his boxers, wondering if he could get away with grabbing the boots and smelling them as he wanked. The internal battle of whether he could or couldn’t and whether it was a step too far raged on.

Adam had lost track of time and was shocked out of his daze as he heard footsteps coming up the stairs, he realised his chance may have disappeared. He overheard Kerry and his mum exchanging pleasantries as they headed for bed. Kerry was staying the spare room which was across the landing from Adam’s room. Knowing his chance was fully gone and slightly annoyed, Adam eventually fell asleep.

Kerry laid on the spare room bed her boots in her hand. She was crazy horny and had been thinking about Adam since she saw him with her boots. Standing up she removed her T-shirt and dropped it on the floor. Her large breasts held comfortably in her plain blue satin bra. Unbuttoning her jeans she removed them and dropped them with her top. Turning the light off, she laid back on the bed and slid her hand into her matching satin thong. Her finger sliding down and parted her lips. She could feel how turned on she was. Working her clit slowly she started to think about sneaking into Adams room. She stopped and seriously considered sneaking in.

“I’m doing it!” She whispered to herself. Grabbing her boots and figuring she didn’t need her clothes she crept to the door, opening it silently she looked about to make sure the coast was clear. Creeping out and silently closing bahis firmaları the door she turned the handle on Adams door, opened it quietly and slipped in. Now in his room she stood there for a moment, her nipples hard as stone and her mind racing at what was going to happen. She walked over to Adams bed and pulled back the covers, he was laying facing the other way so she laid next to him and covered herself up. Placing the boots quietly at the side of the bed. She pulled her self close to Adam and her touch made him jump.

“What the fuck!” He said half asleep. Reaching for and switching on his lamp by the bed.

“Shhh, it’s Kerry,” she whispered in his ear.

“What are you doing in my bed?” He asked now wide awake.

“Well i saw you with my boots earlier,” she explained as she ran her hand down his stomach and into his boxers, “and I thought I’d let you have another go with them if you like?”

Adam was speechless as he felt Kerry’s hand around his shaft, the cold pre cum from earlier still lingering in his boxers.

“Mmm you’ve been excited haven’t you,” she whispered.

Adam was still trying to work out whether he was dreaming or awake as Kerry suddenly let go of his cock and had reached down for her boots.

“Here, have a good smell,” she whispered seductively as she replicated the angle she had seen Adam use earlier to smell them.

“Mmm fuck,” Adam mumbled and he smelt them again.

“You love that don’t you, the smell of my feet!” Kerry whispered.

“Mmhhmm,” Adam mumbled as he continued smelling them.

Kerry pulled the boot away and leant in. They kissed deeply and the arousal they both felt erupted again. Adam pushed Kerry on to her back as they continued to kiss. Opening her legs to allow Adam to manoeuvre above her in the process. Their kisses were deep and full of tongue, they just wanted to taste each other. Adam moved down and began kissing his way down Kerry’s body. With little effort he removed Kerry’s thong seeing it all the way to her feet before pulling it off and throwing it up the bed. He took a moment to kiss Kerry’s feet before kissing back up her smooth soft legs.

Adam kissed the inside of Kerry’s thigh and began getting closer and closer to her fanny, she put her hand down to block his path as she sat up.

“That’s not how I like that,” she said sexily as she dragged his head up for a kiss.

As they were kissing Adam reached round and undid Kerry’s bra before sliding it off and tossing it to one side. Her large breasts were now free as she sat completely naked.

“On your back,” she demanded.

Without hesitation Adam did as he was told and laid down on the bed, he watched on as Kerry put her boots on quickly. She turned round and crawled over to him, and climbed on top of him, straddling his hips. Leaning in she kissed him again, her breasts touching his chest. His hands began to wander around Kerry’s body.

Kerry pulled away slightly and said, “this is how I like it!”

Turning 180 degrees they were now in prime 69 position, but Kerry had a different idea. She didn’t even need to explain to Adam what she wanted, he had pulled her in and began to lick every inch of her fanny, occasionally stopping to start licking her arse hole.

When he got to her arse she pushed his head in to her her cheeks, “eat my arse you sexy fucker!”

Letting his head go he moved round to her fanny again, and he lapped up her juices. Applying some force from above Kerry began grinding as she felt herself get close to an kaçak bahis siteleri orgasm, she was going to cum off his tongue. Adams tongue was lashing around her clit and then back down and pushing into her fanny. He ran his hand over arse and slid his finger down to her arse hole.

“Oh yes!” Kerry moaned quietly as his finger touched her arse hole and applied pressure.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” Kerry mumbled through her hand she had covered her mouth with. She lost all control and pushed more onto Adams face, he lashed his tongue faster as his finger passed her tight ring and into her arse. Kerry laid forward and grabbed a bit of the covers to bury her face in as she moaned through her orgasm. After a few seconds of letting Adam (who was crazy horny) lick her up and down despite her heightened sensitivity. Eventually she lifted her leg and collapsed next to Adam, head to toe.

They both lay catching their breath Adams eyes were on Kerry’s boots. She looked down and saw what he was doing.

“You want to smell them don’t you?” She asked as she swapped ends of the bed to lay next to him.

“Yes, so badly. I know it’s strange but it’s intoxicating.” He answered desperately.

“It’s not strange, it’s complimentary I think.” She said before continuing, “you wouldn’t do it to someone you didn’t find attractive would you?”

“No definitely not. In fact it’s not many times I’ve felt the need to do it but yours, I just had to!” He answered honestly.

Kerry lent in and kissed him deeply. As they kissed she felt round for her discarded thongs.

Pulling away she said, “your turn to cum now!”

She unzipped one boot and pulled it off before laying it on Adams chest. He was clueless as to what she had in mind. She then pulled his boxers off to leave his laying naked.

Taking her thong in her hand she lifted it to his face.

“Open up,” she whispered.

After opening his mouth she pushed her thong into his mouth.

“Can’t have you missing out of the smell can we,” she whispered in his ear.

Adam moaned in pleasure as Kerry pushed the boot over his nose, he began inhaling deeply. Suddenly he felt the warmth of Kerry’s mouth round his cock. Still holding the boot over his nose she began to suck his cock slowly. Taking as much of him in her mouth as she could before quickly bobbing her head up and down. She loved sucking cock. Continuing to pleasure him with her mouth she knew the more she edged him closer, the quicker his breaths would become.

“Fuck I’m gonna come!” Adam said muffled by the thong in his mouth.

Kerry sped her tempo and as she felt him starting to come locked her lips round his shaft. The ropes of warm cum filling her mouth. She swallowed some before making sure she had pumped him dry. Spinning round she straddled him again, removed the boot from his face and pulled her thong from his mouth. Looking up at her Adam knew what was in her mouth and pulled her down to him. They kissed passionately, his cum flowing into his mouth and some spilling out. Both of them tasting each other’s juices. They continued kissing, lost in their kinky moment. Eventually Kerry slid off the the side and lay next to Adam. Laying with her head on his chest.

“That was hot,” Kerry whispered.

“You’re telling me!” Adam replied.

Kerry giggled, “I could teach you a few things!”

“With pleasure, I’m all ears!” He replied.

“Come round mine soon, I’ve a few ideas!” Kerry flirted.

“Oh you’re on,” Adam replied.

They laid in silence for while enjoying laying with each other.

“I, erm, best get back to the spare room hadn’t I,” Kerry said reluctantly breaking the silence.

“Nah, stay here for a bit,” Adam answered as he pulled her in closer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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