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Bored…that’s the only word that could sum-up the reason I was in the car and driving toward an adult bookstore a few exits down on the freeway. I’m forty-six, in good shape through years of exercise, and married to a smoking-hot wife. But Kim wasn’t feeling very sexy lately, and I was getting horned as hell. Sure…Kim would have gladly “taken care of me” in other ways; she gives a great blowjob and would lovingly do nearly anything I asked of her. I guess I was just in the mood for something a little more unusual. I’m not gay, and rarely have any fantasies of being with other men, but once every few years or so, the curiosity comes back to haunt me. I experimented with jerking-off and sucking cock in college. It was ok, and a good way to get-off in a pinch, but not something I wanted with any regularity. Today, I just wanted to feel a hot mouth around my cock that did things only another man could understand, or know how to do. Receiving service from another guy doesn’t bother me at all. Reciprocating isn’t high on my list, but I’ll sometimes jerk a guy off when the mood hits me. I have to be really horned, drunk, or both to swallow a cock.

By now, it was 11:00 pm, and Kim was in bed asleep as I pulled into the parking lot that glowed red from the garish neon sign on the front of the building. The usual assortment of new cars, old beaters, and semi trailers were scattered across the darker spots in the lot. I guess most guys don’t want to advertise their whereabouts by parking out front. After taking a few deep breaths to calm my nerves, I got out of my car and walked toward the entrance. I was nearly at the door when a flash of panic hit me and my pulse began to race. Parked at the other side of the building, closer to the attached titty-bar, was a familiar vehicle. The features were so distinctive that it couldn’t belong to anyone else. It was my son-in-law’s car.

Sean is a great guy, and he loves my daughter very much. With Emily being four months pregnant, I knew she had turned into an unpredictable mess of hormones and emotions. I wasn’t angry or upset to find he was here. No doubt, he was taking some time to do exactly the same thing I was…finding a quick way to let-off some steam. My mind was telling me to get the hell out of there. Neither of us would be very comfortable running into the other. Looking back toward my car, it occurred to me that Sean wasn’t likely to notice it, and he was apparently in the bar. Against what should have been better judgment, I nervously stepped into the bookstore and took a quick look around…Sean was nowhere in sight. The horned-up part of me rationalized that we were both here for the same reasons. Why should the other care if we spot one another? Even though I knew it was a bad idea, I wandered toward the magazines, keeping an eye out for Sean. After about ten minutes, my irrational mind was satisfied that he must be in the bar, and I walked toward the viewing booths.

The booths were nothing fancy…mainly small compartments separated by half-inch plywood. The usual token-eating monitor was built into one wall, with a folding chair, box of tissues, and a waste basket to complete the accommodations. Most of the booths were very private, but a few had hastily bored holes in the walls between compartments. The owners gave a half-hearted effort to “fix” the holes, but the patches were easily removed. I found a booth that had the laughable patch still in-place with one screw…that way I could close it if some beer-bellied loser expected me suck him off. I was there to get-off, and really didn’t care what the other guy looked like…I just wanted to be able to show that I was there for a one-way exchange. I flipped through the five or six different videos that were playing, settling on one that featured the woman getting tagged by two guys. A few minutes later, an average guy wearing khakis sat down in the booth next to me. I watched him jack through the opening as I fisted my own tool, but he never made any gesture suggesting he wanted to do more than watch. He came fairly quickly, cleaned-up, and left. It wasn’t long before what seemed to be an older, and fatter, trucker took his place. The tattoos on his knuckles instantly turned me off, so I closed the opening before he could even get started. I guess he didn’t like the message, and I heard him leave just seconds afterward. By now, I was beginning to question coming here, and figured it was best to find a good clip, jerk-off, and go home. I hadn’t indulged in this kind of behavior in years, so it certainly wouldn’t upset me to go without a hot mouth around my cock tonight. Besides, Kim would certainly oblige me in the morning.

The scene on the monitor was pretty hot, and my cock stood at its full seven inches while I stroked, tugging my jeans toward my knees. Maybe two minutes later, I heard someone enter the booth next to me. I still had the opening covered, and was content to finish myself off, but curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take a peek. The softball-sized hole allowed me to see the man’s lap as he squeezed a prominent bulge through the fabric of his pants. bahis siteleri The color of his shirt and pants seemed instantly familiar, but my stomach tied in knots when I noticed the ring he was wearing. Platinum, with a band of black carbon-fiber down the middle, it was not the kind of wedding-band you’d see everywhere. My daughter picked it out for her husband, knowing how much he enjoyed tinkering with cars and all things mechanical. I bent forward to see more of my neighbor, being careful not to show more of myself than I already had. I was hoping to dispel my suspicions, but there was no denying that the fit, athletic, twenty-seven year old was my son-in-law, even without seeing his face. I quickly sat upright, and broke into an immediate sweat, realizing I wad exposing myself to the guy I played tennis with, and the soon-to-be father of my grandchild.

Everything told me that I should have listened to myself earlier, and gotten the hell out of there. Even as my thoughts told me to flee, I found myself stuck to the chair, my hard-on as firm as ever. Illuminated only by flashes of light from the monitor, I watched my neighbor rub at his growing crotch, seemingly unaware or uncaring of being watched.

“Crap…fuck…shit…” the words kept repeating inside my head as I continued to stare. Part of me was repulsed, but another side intrigued, as I thought of seeing the cock that was fucking my daughter. Minutes seemed like hours as Sean chose his favorite video, then settled-back onto his chair. His fingers nervously fumbled with his belt, as though he was unsure of his next move. Curiosity had consumed me completely, and I slowly pulled at my cock while waiting to see if he would show more. Sean’s torso shifted forward, and I knew he was taking a closer look at what I was doing on the other side of that thin plywood. My cock twitched and swelled even harder in response to this taboo act of voyeurism. Sean stood-up from the chair, and I thought he might leave, but I heard the clink of his belt-buckle and the sound of a zipper being lowered. He sat down again with his pants at his knees, and a huge erection jutting upward.

“Good god!” I thought to myself after seeing his impressive manhood. Sean’s cock was at least eight inches long, and incredibly thick. Not as big around as a beer can, but not far from it. I was both sickened and titillated when I thought of my little girl subjecting herself to that massive member. “Stop thinking like that, you sick fuck!” I screamed with my inner voice. I’m not so uptight that I can’t admit that another guy is good looking, and Sean certainly is, but it was rare for me to be so mesmerized by another dude’s prick. I knew my fascination was driven by familiarity and curiosity, but I couldn’t stop staring as he stroked his cock and juggled his balls.

I had reluctantly agreed to jacking and even sucking a cock during my experimental phase in college…mainly from a sense of obligation. This experience was different. I wanted to feel Sean’s meat in my own hand…and more surprisingly, wanted to feel the heat of it on my tongue. My pulse was really racing now. Fooling around with guys was always about busting a nut and moving-on. Actually wanting and admiring another cock was starting to freak me out. Even as it happened, part of my mind couldn’t believe it…I watched as my hand reached for the opening, and my finger traced along the bottom edge of the hole. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears as the full realization of what I was doing hit me. “What are you going to do if he takes the invitation?” My inner voice asked of my conscience. “Are you really willing to do this with your daughter’s husband?”

At first, nothing happened. Sean seemed uninterested in going any further, and continued jerking himself to the video. I thought for a minute that I had averted a terrible mistake, and could still get the hell out of there. Then, to my own horror, I heard Sean softly mumble to himself “ah shit…what the fuck…”, and then rose from his chair. It happened almost in slow-motion, watching every inch of my son-in-law’s hard cock pass through the opening, stopping only a foot from my face. The steel-hard pole twitched and bobbed in anticipation as I stared with apprehension. My hand shook as it slowly approached and gripped the throbbing tool. The skin was soft and silky, with the flesh beneath hard and unyielding. I heard a soft moan from the other side of the wall as I ran my thumb along the underside, squeezing a drop of clear precum to the tip. I smeared the sticky fluid around the spongy head, causing it to reflect the glare from the TV screen. I had forgotten just how different it was to handle a cock other than my own. I was now out of control. My own horniness and twisted curiosity was calling the shots, and I felt powerless to fight the urges coming from deep within me.

I mindlessly stroked him for a few minutes, admiring the size and strength of Sean’s impressive baby-maker. I quickly pushed aside disturbing thoughts of seeing it’s girth splitting the lips of a soaking pussy…knowing full well who’s pussy that would be. I closed canlı bahis siteleri my eyes, my hands still nervously shaking, as I leaned forward and pressed the slickened helmet to my lips. “Oh fuck…you sick, sick, fuck!” my conscience taunted as I ran my tongue just below the glans. The deep groan of appreciation from booth next door only fueled the fire as I took the first few inches into my mouth. The taste was salty-sweet, and the intense heat of Sean’s erection radiated through my cheeks. I couldn’t remember this sensation from my college days, and wondered why I would have found it so objectionable. His cock grew much wider just past the head, and I worked hard to produce enough spit to work more of him past my lips. “My god…how does Emily do this…does she do this?” my evil mind was thinking, even as I fought to suppress it. I was not very skilled, and could only manage half of the turgid pole into my mouth…but Sean didn’t seem to mind.

“Mmmmmm…aaahhhh…ssshhhiiitttt” Sean hissed softly through the wall as I started sucking in earnest, my head bobbing across his massive cock. “Ah…fuck man…lick my nuts” Emily’s husband commanded in a hushed tone. By now, I was completely crazed and complied without even thinking. The opening was just large enough to pull his sack into view. Sean’s balls were in proportion to his prodigious cock, and hung in a loose, shaved scrotum. I keep things tidy and trimmed, but never thought of taking a razor to “the boys”. I could hardly believe my own behavior as I eagerly lapped at the wrinkled flesh, taking one and then the other orb gently into my mouth. A thin ribbon of precum trailed down to my shoulder as I nuzzled his balls and lapped at the base of his cock. My own dick was so hard it ached, and I couldn’t help but acknowledge the irony of doing the very thing I wanted to avoid.

“Show me that mouth, cocksucker.” Sean grunted as he pulled away, waiting for me to press my face to the ragged opening.

Oh shit…not only was my son-in-law using me to get his rocks off, like I had intended to do with any anonymous dude who came my way…but now I wondered if he could see enough of my face to know who I was. I hesitated for several seconds, wondering if I had any tell-tale moles, scars on my chin, or any other shit that could give me away. In the end, the sight of his hard and dripping rod cancelled all the legitimate worries, and my face was drawn toward him like a magnet.

Sean smacked his steel-hard rod across my chin. Instinctively, I opened my jaw wide and waited for the skull-fuck that I knew was coming. It didn’t take long before he took aim and slowly, but assertively pushed into my mouth. Sean was pushing deeper than I had taken him on my own, and I started to gag around the thick meat. “Relax, man. Shit…my wife can take it deeper than that.”

That was not what I needed to hear, and I fought once again to erase the mental images his comment created. Amazingly, I did manage to heed Sean’s advice, got control of my breathing, and soon had his tool pushing the back of my throat. This seemed to be exactly what he wanted, and started to piston in-and-out of my overflowing saliva pit. I could feel every ridge of hardened flesh under the skin of his shaft with each thrust past my overstretched lips. Sean’s pace quickened and I could faintly hear his breathing growing ragged. Fuck…I had never swallowed cum before, and unless I could time it right, there was little I could do to avoid it. For the first time, I wasn’t the one in control.

“Aaaahhh…ssshhhiiitttt…yyyyeeesssss!” Sean moaned in as hushed a tone as he could manage, as stream after stream of hot man-seed filled my mouth. Even as I was devising a way to pull away when he came, the actual moment caught me off-guard. The first shot went straight down my throat before my tongue blocked the rest, and three more ribbons of spunk flowed past my lips, down my chin, and splashed on my rigid cock below. I coughed and gagged mainly from being taken by surprise, but found the taste not nearly as horrible as I imagined.

I was wiping cum from my face as Sean withdrew his deflating member back into his own booth. “Thanks, man…I needed that.” That’s all he said as I watched him stuff his half-hard, and sticky cock back into his pants. Just like me, he was apparently here for only one thing…to get off, and leave. And that’s what he did…zipped-up and left without offering me anything in return. I was cool with that…hell, it’s what I had every intention of doing…but now I was left with a raging hard-on with remnants of my son-in-law’s cum dripping down the sides.

Shit…if I thought I was horned out of my mind before…I was way over the edge now. I couldn’t help it…as much as I didn’t want to envision it…all I could see in my mind’s eye was that thick fuck-pole pushing its way between the puffed lips of my daughter’s pussy. I closed my eyes and thought of Sean’s muscled frame writhing and sweating over Emily’s body as he pounded her stretched love canal. Using Sean’s cum as lube, I worked my cock harder and faster, occasionally looking at canlı bahis the monitor, hoping to distract my mind from darker and more taboo images.

“Uuuunnngggg….mmmpppphhhh…aaaarrrrgggg!” I grunted between clenched teeth as I shot four heavy ropes of pearly cum onto the wall in front of me. I had never cum that hard just jerking myself off, and had to rest several seconds before realizing I was kneeling in a video booth and jacking with another man’s jizz. “Holy fucking shit…you need to go home and kiss the woman who’s too damn good for you.” I thought to myself as waves of remorse started to flood over me.

The whole incident took maybe three or four minutes, but I was feeling a mountain of crushing guilt building over me. “It’s OK…nobody knows anything…I can deal with this…everything’s cool.” I said to myself, trying to calm my own nerves. There was no reason to believe Sean knew anything about who just got him off. This would all blow-over, and I would just have to deal with the memory of it.

I finally regained my composure, cleaned myself with a few tissues, and got my clothes back in order. I moved slowly through the bookstore, being careful to walk around awkward corners…ensuring I could see others before they saw me. Fortunately, Sean wasn’t around, and my heartbeat slowly came back to normal. I figured I’d already been here too long, and risked too much, so I walked calmly out the front door. Taking a glance to my side, I noticed Sean’s car was gone, and felt even more relieved as I turned toward the parking lot. It seemed like a mile-long hike before I reached the car and headed home.

I didn’t sleep well that night. My thoughts and dreams were consumed with images of Sean’s hard cock, and my own prick stayed insistently hard. I could hardly wait until morning when Kim would ease my mind and bring my focus back to the lovely woman in bed next to me. The eagerness with which I pursued my son-in-law’s dick, and did things that previously held little interest, started to worry me…and I convinced myself that a healthy dose of pussy would put me back on the straight-and-narrow.

The next morning, Kim slowly stirred as I kneaded her breasts from behind, my chest to her back, and my erection nestled in the crack of her ass. “Hmmmm…nice…” Kim cooed as my hand slid down her belly and to the mound between her legs. “I haven’t had a wake-up call like this in a long time.”

“I’m sorry, baby. Don’t be afraid to remind me of what you like. I can be a forgetful and boring old fuck.” I said, truly regretting not having kept things more interesting for her.

“Well…I’m not sure what has you so eager this morning, but I’m all for it.” My wife said, turning her head to share a deep kiss.

After a full night of tortured dreams and frustration, I longed to feel the familiar warmth of her body. I wasted little time trailing kisses down her neck, breasts, and belly. The smell of her sex filled my nose as I licked at the swelling labia and lightly teased her clit. Kim writhed and moaned as I shoved a slick finger up her gash, priming her hot tunnel. “Oh god, Jake…that feels so good!” she hissed, pushing my face against her pussy. I licked harder at her clit, and she rewarded me with a minor wave of orgasm, coating my chin with her sweet nectar. She was ready, and my hunger was strong…both to have her, and to wipe the previous night’s events from my mind. I slid between her legs, coated my cock in spit, and dove into her hot slit in one full stroke.

Kim’s eyes shot-open wide, and she gasped for air as I buried my turgid pole deep into her canal. “Uuuummmpppphhh…ooooohhhhh….yyyyeeessss! Fuck me Jake…oh shit, fuck me baby!” my wife screamed as though surprised at my unusually aggressive mood. She reached back and clawed at the headboard, her breasts swaying with every thrust. “Oooohh..Jake…hard, baby…give me a hard fuck!” she wimpered as I pushed deep and forcefully into her…subconsciously venting my frustrations through our sexual union.

It had been a long time since we shared such an animal-like intensity in our lovemaking, and it seemed both of us were getting into it. Kim’s cunt was so wet, and made sloppy sounds as I drove into her. Her walls convulsed around my aching shaft as she approached orgasm, and it felt as though she was milking my rigid pole. The fast and hard pace soon caught-up with me, and I felt my balls tighten. “Aaaarrrgggg…ssshhhiiiitttt!” I groaned as I emptied an ample load into my wife’s velvet folds, my body jerking with every pulse. Kim was very nearly there, but still need a little push to send her over the edge. After being so willing to play this early in the morning, I wanted her to enjoy it fully. Without thinking, I brought my head between her legs, and plunged my tongue into her cum-soaked snatch. I had never done this before, and shocked myself at how willingly I lapped-up my own seed. For a fleeting second, it occurred to me that it tasted a lot like Sean’s. My nose taunted Kim’s swollen clit as I tongue-fucked her and cleaned her moist tunnel. She came….and came hard…her vagina closing around my tongue as wave after wave coursed through her body. She pulled me up to her, sharing a deep French kiss. “Mmmm…you taste so good. I love tasting my nasty man this way.” My wife said, slapping me on the ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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