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The Governor and his wife dropped in before retiring to their bungalow. He invited me to join a small group that were going to have dinner in the resorts private dining rooms. Following Bernadette’s advice, I accepted. I showered shaved and spruced myself up before making my way to their rooms.

Jan was looking great as she welcomed the guests. She had that look that successful women develop. They reach a stage, where they know they are beautiful, and the worlds at their feet.

The dinner guests were some of the business leaders that Bernadette had introduced me to that day. Their wives well preserved older women.

Bernadette and Jackie were the only wives that were clearly younger than their husbands. Bernadette told me she would introduce me to the most important pair in the room.

She went on to explain that 60 year old Robert was old money and power. His marriage to 45 year old Rebecca was a marriage that joined the states two oldest and most respected political and business families.

When we joined them they were with the Governor and his wife. The talk immediately turned to football and my game that afternoon.

I studied Rebecca. She was real old style quality. She was genuinely interested, asking questions, and showing a keen interest in my replies. Robert listened intently, and joined in to make the conversation lively and challenging.

When the conversation slowed, the Governor turned to his wife, and asked, “Will you pick the wine?”

“Jan knows her wine, I really don’t know one from another,” he explained.

I watched as Jan and Jackie discussed the wine list, with Ron and the cellar master.

Jan was leading the discussion and ordered a number of costly top quality reds and whites. I looked over to see Jan sampling the first red, yes, I though “Candy’s dandy but liquor’s quicker”.

I was intrigued by Rebecca .She was dressed impeccably. Her outfit would have cost a fortune, perfect grooming not a hair out of place. But there was an air about her that was challenging and intriguing.

Jackie sat next to me at dinner, she delighted in teasing me. Her hand never left me alone. If she wasn’t grabbing me under the table she was turning and leaning forward to talk. She knew by doing this that her magnificent tits were on full display.

My prick was hard throughout the meal.

The talk centred on Robert and Rebecca’s family business and the major local and interstate industries they controlled. They had married late, had no children. They pointed to the lack of suitable locals, who were interested in staying and developing local industry.

The point was made that most young smart men and women headed off to the big cities or overseas. Bernadette, who was sitting on my other side, squeezed my hand, whispering “Tonight may be your great chance, make sure you don’t miss it.”

After dinner, we adjourned to a music room where a string quartet entertained. Jackie asked for waltz music and the governor and Jan danced together. I danced with Jackie .When we returned to the ladies Jackie announced,

“Richard is a very good dancer”,

Jan said “that’s right he is very light on his feet.”

“I love dancing, but find most men are not really interested in ballroom dancing” Rebecca added.

Those dancing lessons were the best investment I had made.

I danced with each of the women in turn. Finally only Jan and Rebecca were left. I swirled Jan around the tiny dance area gradually pulling her closer. She ran her hand up my back whispering “My god I must have you before we leave.”

As the room was small and there were few dancers I was being careful, trying to hide my growing erection. As we turned away from the group I pushed my groin hard against her, “I could fuck you right here and now, you make me so horny.”

My erection was as usual, in an awkward position. It was painfully caught up in my tight pants. When the music finished I headed for the toilet. There were casino şirketleri three restrooms. As those closest to the music room were occupied, I headed to the one in my bungalow. I had my prick out, when the door opened and Jan entered.

“I told them I was going to my bungalow to get some medication.” she whispered.

She grabbed me roughly by the prick, adding with a laugh “this is the medicine I want, give me an injection,”

The danger of being caught wasn’t given a single second of consideration, as we threw caution to the wind.

Her lips locked on mine; as she pushed me down to sit on an Elizabethan sofa. “Watch my clothes,” she mumbled into my mouth,” I want to be fucked, but I don’t want to look like I’ve been fucked.”

She lifted her dress, slipped off her panties, pulled me forward on the edge with her legs wide; she took me in her hand, feeding me into her warm wet cunt.

She grabbed me by the shoulders holding me tight, “Sit still,” she groaned, as she proceeded to rise up and down. I tried my best to sit still, while she worked her cunt vigorously up and down my prick.

I pushed a hand between our bouncing bodies and rubbed around her clit. Her knees tried to tighten around me but the sofa made it awkward.

I grabbed her by the arse and tried to stand up. She never missed a beat, grunting and groaning as I stumbled and finally stood

“Oh fuck! That’s great! Pinch my clit again, ohhh! Ohhh! I’m going to come.”

I was standing holding her up by the cheeks of her arse.

I couldn’t pinch her again; neither could I hold her bucking body.

I slipped back on to the sofa, pushed back by the power of her thrusts.

She kept on, her feet on the ground, our bodies slapping together. She moaned “I can feel you’re cum rising. Oh fuck, I know you’re ready to blow! She stepped up the pace, “hang on, I’m nearly there.”

Her body trembled… her thighs were wet … a sheen of sweat appeared on her brow.

I tried to hold back but it was to no avail.

I was gone. I felt my cum rush from my balls and empty into her.

Her hands clawed my back as our cum oozed out, between our now slowing bodies.

“My god I can’t get enough of your lovely young cock,”

“I’ll have to find a way for you to sit on one of the Governors committees, so you can visit me discreetly.”

Discretion had not been one of our stronger points at the moment. We hurried to dress, clean up and leave.

I left first. Outside I ran into Bernadette, who was looking for me. We were lucky she was not a few minutes earlier, or she would really caught me with my pants down. As it was, I nearly gave the game away, when I pulled Jan’s panties from my pocket to wipe my forehead.

Luckily Bernadette didn’t realise what I was using…

To hide my confusion, I slipped my arm around Bernadette and kissed her. To my surprise, given her previous responses to my efforts, she kissed me back.

“I was looking for you,” she said as she removed my hand from her breast, you must suck up to Rebecca, she is looking for a male personal assistant to train for greater things in their company. It could be the gateway to future jobs.

“Fuck the job.” “I want you,” I whispered.

Pushing me away… “Stop it! Behave,” was her only response.

Rebecca danced beautifully. As we moved around the floor I could feel her relaxing, I eased her closer into my body. Holding her in my arms as we danced I took the opportunity to study her closely.

Her hair was cut and styled short. She had one of those mouths that lit up her face when she smiled. Her tits were large; her bra pushed them up, allowing her dress to display them nicely. She had a small waist. Her backside let her down, in that it was slightly large in proportion to the rest of her body. Her legs, what I could see of them were a little heavy.

“Well do I pass” she asked with a smile.

Caught out I could only own up.

“Beautiful! Very casino firmaları beautiful!” I answered

She laughed out loud.

I was upset that she laughed at me.

I pulled her closer as we moved effortlessly around the room.

“You are a very mature young man for your age,” she said as she eased her body away from my erection.

“When you refer to my age you make me wish I was older,” I replied

Why older? She asked.

“You don’t take me seriously, because of my age.”

“When I said you were beautiful you didn’t accept my word,” you laughed.

“I laughed with pleasure” she replied.

I pulled her closer moulding my body on hers. We danced on to the end of the number in silence.

We stood and waited for the next dance to start. As others joined us on the floor, she moved into my body. My erection was trapped tight against her. She sang the words to the music quietly in my ear.

I didn’t realise at first that she was no longer singing, she was whispering, “I am looking for a discreet, smart young man, to work with me, you should call on me soon.”

As the evening started to draw to a close, Robert took me aside “Young man I like your style,” “Thank you” I replied.

“Rebecca will contact you and invite you to talk about your future.”

“Would you be interested in a career here in our city, or are you one of those who can’t wait to leave?” He asked.

I responded by saying, “It depends on what sort of career.”

“Rebecca will be in touch” he said.

When the maids bought in a light supper, I decided to explore the other private rooms that were the exclusive preserves of the rich.

Lush furnishings and thick carpet caught my eye, when I entered what was obviously a retiring room for those bored with the more formal proceedings in the adjoining rooms. The carpet deadened my footsteps as I moved into the room. I locked the door quietly, as I spied Bernadette standing looking out the glass doors on to a balcony and garden…

I crept up behind her, moved my arms to enfold her, with both hands on her breasts. She didn’t jump, or cry out, she just leant her body back on mine.

“I knew it was you I could see you in the glass doors.” She explained as I kissed the back of her neck, moving my extra hard prick slowly in an out against the cheeks of her arse.

When my mouth tried to swallow her ear, and my tongue searched the ears inner depths, she shuddered and moaned.

“Richard, this is wrong, I’m married, I have three teenage kids. This is wrong.” She moaned softly, but did not push me away.

My hands partially released her dresses zip, and pushed her bra down. Immediately a more than ample breast and nipple escaped their prison. Her large hard breast sagged slightly. I pinched, pulled, and played, with the erect nipple, whilst my other hand manipulated her bra catch, letting the bra slip away. Pretty good with one hand I thought to myself.

Now my both hands were full. I cupped those large hard breasts, using my fingers to lightly stroke her nipples; all the while my prick was massaging her arse.

We mustn’t, I’m old enough to be you mother!” she cried as her objections grew weaker.

Her mouth was saying “no, no.”

Whilst her body was responding. The cheeks of her ass were rubbing back hard against my prick. Her head was moving with my mouth, rolling back to get more of my kisses.

I whispered in her ear, “I want to fuck you,”

She straightened immediately, grabbing my hands,

“No! That’s it! This has got to stop.” She pushed me away.

As she turned, I took her face in my hands, held it so she looked straight in my eyes and told her,

“I am going to fuck you.”

“If not now, if not tonight, tomorrow or the next day.”

“I am going to come to your home, if we don’t do it here.”

“We’ll do it in your bedroom, where I will undress you slowly, one piece at a time.”

“1`m going to suck your nipples.”

“My güvenilir casino tongue is going to make love to your beautiful pussy.”

“You are going to beg to suck me, and then fuck me.”

“I want it, and you know you want it.”

“No! It can’t happen” she cried, pushing me away.

“It will happen, believe me.” I said with as much conviction as I could muster.

As I kissed her, I could feel her start to give in, so I moved my hands from her back, down to her arse, slowly drawing her dress up with one hand, as the other massaged her backside.

My hand was on the silk of her panties, when someone rattled the door handle.

“It’s locked” a woman said.

Another man’s voice responded, “don’t worry we can go around and open it from the balcony.”

Bernadette started to panic. She pushed me away straightening her clothes. I opened the balcony door, and led her out over the balcony to the darker adjoining terrace garden.

I moved behind her placing one hand on her hip, the other moved to her hair, running my fingers up so the back of her neck was free for my kisses.

She was cooler now, “This is very stupid. I’m older than your mother. She’s a very close friend.”

“My god! I have son your age. You’ve got to stop this nonsense.”

Her voice kept telling me No, but her body kept responding. Kissing her neck and shoulders was turning her on. My hand returned to her curvaceous arse and the other moved over her breast tweaking her nipple. Her low groan of delight made my prick jump…

Easing her dress up I again felt the warm silk of her panties.

My hand caressed the firm bare skin of her arse, my fingers searching and finding a way under her panties.

Her body was pushing back on my hand, but she was still very quietly repeating the word no, over and over, No!

I felt her legs ease apart, allowing my finger to move past her rosebud to her cunt.

She was still moaning, “No! Oh don’t do this,” as I eased her a few feet further into the dark garden, pushing her body forward on to a marble railing.

I kept murmuring how beautiful she was, as her dress piled up on her back and her panties slid down around her ankles.

She was starting to protest loudly, when the group that had tried to enter the room appeared on the balcony. She heard them and went quiet. They were at the other end of the balcony looking in the opposite direction. Bernadette did not know this, so I whispered in her ear, “be quiet or they will hear us,” I took advantage of the situation by pushing one, and then two fingers in, to finger fuck her from behind.

She moved, so her legs opened wider. Her cunt became wetter. Seizing the moment, I ripped down my zip, and as my erection sprung free, replaced my fingers with the real thing.

I felt her object and stiffen, as I pushed in impaling her on my roaring erection.

The people on the balcony had moved closer, not more than thirty feet away in the dark as I started to fuck her.

They stood smoking and talking, as Bernadette’s body gradually relaxed and joined the fray. Our bodies made slurping and slapping sounds as we drove at each other, but our visitors didn’t seem to notice.

Eventually when thevisitors drifted off, Bernadette and I were lost in our own erotic world. We fucked on vigorously, until she moaned out loud when my spent prick slipped from her cunt.

“My god Richard, what have we done, oh my god, I shouldn’t have let it go so far.”

I quickly turned her round, and kissed her, “That was wonderful,” I whispered, as I stroked her breasts and fingered her sopping cunt.

“You and I made love” “We did it because we wanted and needed it.

“That’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Taking one hand from her breast, I held her head “look at me, kiss me.”

I kissed her mouth, lips, nose licked her cheeks, bit her ears, as I tried to calm her down.

“You are wonderful. Making love to you was great, just great,” as I spoke I again moved my fingers to stroke her clit.

“Come on let’s find a room and do it again.”

She pulled away, laughing at last, your bloody mad, your incorrigible, don’t worry she added,

“I loved it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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