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A few weeks had passed since we gang banged Julie Shafer in the locker room after football practice.

Julie’s reputation was now solidly cemented amongst the members of the football team and I think it’s safe to say Steve and I had bonded more with our new Assistant Coach than we had at any other time during the season. I’d discovered Skinner was a wild man. He kept our secrets and Steve and I kept his. I respected Skinner. But after a while I’d got to thinking that it was time for little quid pro quo. He and I had started to hang out a lot over last couple weeks. He was pretty close to us in age, just being out of college himself.

My persistence paid off.

Skinner was pretty cool and it was no time at all until I was completely in his confidence. I’d go over to his place to spend some time with him on the weekends shooting the shit. And more than once some of the guys had gone over to his house to get hammered. He had just graduated from the state university and was paying his dues as an assistant coach in the high school world looking for something bigger. He wanted more and was biding his time. It turned out he became a real good buddy, not just while we were in high school, but in later years as well. He talked about his sexual conquests. And I’d tell him about mine, comparing. I don’t know if all of his were true or not, but they sure as hell were interesting. I reckon in the few months he’d spent in our little neck of the woods he had discovered every form of sexual gratification the state had to offer! Hell he’d done stuff you couldn’t even find written about on the bathroom stalls of the men’s room.

I got quite an education from Skinner. I did.

The piece de resistance was when I finally got him convinced one night to take us to this little back woods strip joint I’d heard about in a neighboring county way back off one of the old highways. He agreed to take us there only with a little arm twisting. It was a gentleman’s club in every meaning of the phrase, except the word ‘gentleman’ of course. And Skinner said he saw some guys from a couple of the opposing teams there once in a while.

This place was very underground. For the right amount of money you could get just about any form of obscene pleasure that you wanted.

I was eager to get a look at the place and so I put a plan in motion. We decided that we were going to go there Saturday night. And, just in case anyone asked, the guys had all concocted a lie about some team bonding camping trip before the weather got bad. Funny thing about the sexes is that everyone figures boys are just being boys and we can get away with a lot of shit, whereas girls have to be more careful how they lie.

Well that Saturday afternoon we ditched all the camping gear at Skinner’s place and headed out in our cars. Jameson and I followed in our own trucks. Instead of pitching tents, we spent most of the afternoon in the back woods near Beard’s Field getting hammered and bragging about what was going to happen later on. It was to cover the nervous energy we were all filled up with. Then all too soon it was time to go. We were all so excited. We were like kids on Christmas Eve.

When we got there we saw a place that looked like a real dive from the outside. I don’t know what I’d been expecting, but this place looked less like a building and more like termites holding hands. It was a pretty big place though. The neon sign out front read ‘Hot Strippers — Food and Drink’. But I wasn’t going to let appearances deter me. I had gotten my young dick so worked up that I’d had a boner all day.

This roadhouse had several bouncers walking around outside. Randy, Todd and I were all pretty big guys, but I hoped there wouldn’t be any trouble. It appeared that they didn’t care who they let in as long as you looked like you could handle the scene and put your money were your mouth was.

Inside the crowd was pretty intense.

There were plenty of cowboys there from around the ranches. Some were old, some were young. Quick enough though I saw a buddy of mine, Todd Bryerson, who was the quarterback for the neighboring high school, sitting with some of his teammates against the far wall. Son of a bitch, I thought. That sly dog. I can’t believe he’d never told me he’d come here before. Probably because we were currently in the middle of football season and our neighborly rivalry was heating up. I decided against going up to talk to him, but he caught my eye and we nodded our hellos to each other from across the room. I took a place with my teammates over by the other wall. There was a pretty good view of the stage from there. The bikers and other roughnecks weren’t paying any attention to us; they were too busy taking in the action on the stage.

We were all guys bonding, feeling the primitive male need for spreading our seed. Hell, there were even a couple chicks in the audience too.

And there was a lot to take in. This wasn’t like big city strip clubs I went to when I was in college. This place specialized in full on entertainment of all varieties. You just needed enough money.

A petite casino siteleri little number was prancing around on stage, swinging her hips around a pole. She had the biggest tits I’d ever seen on a woman. I wondered how she managed to stand upright. Jameson as always managed to start the evening off by letting out a long catcall. We all started to get as rowdy as the other customers. The girl on stage was doing some patriotic little number in a bikini suit designed to look like the American flag. Skinner had ordered us all shots, which took some of the nervous edge off. Miss Fourth of July had just taken off her top, spilling her supertits all down the front of her, bouncing up and down as she worked her body to the beat. They looked like they would be very good for a long titty fuck.

Ever the bold one, Jameson put some money in the strings on her bikini bottom as some of the other men around the stage had also done. Clearly it was too encourage her to give them some of her attention. Steve was trying to get her to notice him as well, but his wallet wasn’t as full as Frank’s was. After a few minutes swiveling her hips in Jameson’s face, she collected the green bills that were pressed against her skin and undid the straps holding up the delicate triangles of cloth. As she did the fabric fell away from her flesh and exposed us to a perfect view of her swollen pink pussy lips.

It must have been that time of night, because the crowd roared their approval and settled in as the show went up a notch.

Jameson must have been the highest bidder. She moved up to him and worked her cunt back and forth in front of his nose. He stuck his tongue out and I think she couldn’t resist. I had heard that strip clubs were all looks but no touching out front, but she worked her pussy close into Jameson’s face and let his tongue glide over her clit and pussy lips. He was eating her out!

It seems the rumors about this place were true after all.

I looked around and all the girls were pretty much getting as free with their bodies. Bills were being slid onto the stage at this point, as there was no clothing left in which to stuff any. As each girl finished her show she went into the crowd to work the audience as another girl replaced her on stage.

A brunette had come over to Randy and had started to give him a lap dance. His cock was bulging in his jeans and she knew all the right buttons to press. She didn’t even need her mouth or hands to do it. I was feeling a little pressure in my own jeans watching them. But when I turned to talk to Skinner, I noticed he kept looking over to a door on the far wall.

It had a discrete sign on it that read: Members Only.

“Hey, man,” I asked Skinner, my curiosity piqued, “Where does that lead?”

“That, my friend,” he told me, “Is where the party really gets started.”

“Yeah?” I asked, “So what do you have to do to get into the party?”

“Hey, guy,” he said smugly, “All it takes is money.”

“Do you know the man in charge?” I asked, “Cause if you do, I got the cash to play the game.”

Skinner gave me a crooked grin and got up to talk to one of the guys at the bar. They looked over at me a couple times. For a minute it looked like they were in some serious negotiations. The man behind the bar made a motion towards my buddies. I saw some money change hands. I’m not sure what Skinner paid him, but the guy looked satisfied. Finally Skinner came back over.

“Hey, man,” he said, “I got us all night access to the back rooms. You’re gonna owe me five hundred bucks man. C’mon.”

“I’m good for it,” I said, “What about them?”

I motioned to our compatriots.

“I told Mike that they were okay and that if they wanted to join us they needed to front their own money.”

Skinner got up and went back to the door as I followed like a puppy. I glanced over at the guys. They were all in various states of agitation, chatting up girls, watching the stage, or getting their own private lap dances. I wasn’t too worried about them. I had a pretty good buzz going having already had a fourth shot anyway.

When I passed through the Members Only door, I saw that it led into a long hallway that came to an intersection with another hallway about a hundred feet further on. There were all sorts of doors off to each side of hall like a hotel, but the walls were painted black and the lighting was sufficient only to keep you from stumbling around in the total dark.

There was a big man standing on the inside of the door that had the build of a professional bodybuilder. I was a built dude, pretty ripped, and with powerful eighteen inch guns, but that guy made me look like a twig. There was no doubt in my mind he could snap me like one too.

He asked for our wallets and told us we could pick them up later. As Skinner had quickly handed his over, I did mine as well.

Just then though the guy put a meaty warning hand on my chest as he said to us, “You two get the run of the place for the night. You can do whatever you want as long as everyone’s okay with it. If you fuck up, you’re outta slot oyna here.”

“You’re a big boy Marc,” said Skinner turning to me, “Think you can handle yourself?”

“Yeah,” I said, excitement overcoming my nervousness, “I’ll be fine.”

Skinner gripped my shoulder reassuringly and then left me standing there. He walked down the hall and went into the third door on the left. It sounded like there was quite a party going on in there already. I supposed I could follow, but that seemed like such a chicken shit cop out.

I was a big boy. And I could handle myself.

Squaring my shoulders, I walked down the hall. Occasionally I would pass someone coming out of or going into a door, but everyone pretty much kept to themselves. I figured I could walk around forever or try my luck and see what I could find. Enee meenee minee moe, one door was as good as the next.

I saw a guy come out of a door and settled on that one.

Opening the door, I went through it. The room inside was bare, except for a bed against one wall and a wooden chair sitting in the middle of the floor in the empty space next to the bed. The room wasn’t very big. Soft music with a sexy trance beat played on speakers hidden in the ceiling. There was an opaque jar on the floor next to the bed. Mirrors covered the ceiling and there was another mirrored door on the far side of the room. To top it off there was also a mirrored window built into the wall. I’d seen too many movies not to realize it was some kind of two-way thing. I wondered if that was how they knew they had fresh customers.

The whole scene was completed by a few clearly used condoms scattered round the floor. I guess I no longer had any doubts about the room was used for.

The chair seemed the best bet, so I decided to sit down.

After a minute the mirrored door opened and a dark haired woman came into the room. She looked like she was in her early twenties and she was wearing a lacy black teddy and nothing else. I sighed catching a glimpse of her pink pussy as she turned around to close the door behind her. I didn’t catch a glimpse of what was back there.

The lady moved fast.

She crossed over to me in a couple quick steps and pushed me back against the chair. Then, straddling my legs, she ground her bare ass into the denim covering my crotch as she began to give me a lap dance like the other girls were doing out front. I figured it was best at that point to keep my hands to myself, but my little soldier had no such restraint. I’d had a hard on earlier watching the strippers outside, but it was now coming back full strength with a vengeance. This girl must have been able to feel the bulge as her pussy worked its way back and forth across the front of my jeans.

Now it had been a hot day that had turned into a hot night late in Indian Summer. I had planned accordingly.

All I was wearing were a pair of old blue jeans, my cowboy boots, a cotton wife beater, a gold chain round my neck and my best black Stetson. The wife beater showed off my buff arms and torso to their best effect. Hey, I’m vain. I admit it. I own up to it. I know what makes me look good. The girl reached up and took the hat off my head and put it on her own. She looked so sexy that I just couldn’t help myself. I reached my hands up to cup her ass, pushing up the lacy fabric to feel the smooth tight flesh there. It was soft and full and filled my aching fingers with desire.

I guess I half expected someone to burst in and throw me out of the club, but nothing happened. By that point I no longer cared. Instead she reached down to stroke my chest through the cotton fabric that covered it. I figured I must look pretty good to her considering some of the other customers I had seen outside, including the guy who’d just vacated the room. She took in the full muscles of my young, hard torso with her bright, eager eyes. At the same time her hands seemed to move everywhere all at once, each one trying to get a handful of the meaty flesh from my chest or biceps. When one hand rubbed the bricks of my six-pack, it made me laugh hitting a ticklish spot.

“Cute laugh cowboy,” she said in a pleasant, sexy voice.

“Are you ticklish too?” I asked.

I leaned towards her, reaching my lips to hers to kiss her. Meanwhile I reached my hand up to caress further and further up the inside of her thigh, and I found her legs parting a little for me, almost by instinct. My fingers came within inches of her naked treasure, and my heart began to pound faster. Her left hand caressed my right arm, but she couldn’t even wrap her fingers a quarter of the way around my muscular upper arm, so she slid her hand up my arm instead, caressing my bicep as she went. Before I knew it, my hand was on her cunt, tracing the outside of pink lips.

I could feel that she was moist against my fingers. And judging by the condoms around the room, I figured this probably wasn’t her first time tonight.

She moaned against my mouth. My fingers touched her pussy ever so gently, and her tongue went wild in my mouth, her hand squeezed my big bicep tightly. canlı casino siteleri I would not increase the pressure of my touch, however, and she found herself lifting her ass slightly, trying to press against my hand.

I rubbed her a little harder, and she broke the kiss.

“Oh,” she sighed as I kissed at her mouth, our lips smacking loudly.

Her hand released my arm as she kissed me back and she let it caress down my chest and reach under my tight wife beater to slide up against bare skin again. I could feel her fingers against the six-pack of my abs as her hand slid up the groove between my pecs.

I covered her mouth with mine, kissing her roughly as I reached underneath her body and grabbed her naked ass and squeezed it. My hand caressed up and down the back of her exposed thigh, squeezing her cheek each time my hand touched it. I was a little surprised at how far into my mouth she shot her tongue. I slowly ran the tips of my fingers down the crack of her ass, reaching underneath it. Boldly my fingers sought the sopping wet lips of this girl’s pussy as she moaned again into my mouth. When I felt hot moisture, I knew I found her treasure. She stiffened beneath me as my fingers trailed along her sensitive slit. All I did was caress the entrance to her needy pussy, never penetrating her. She kissed me more urgently, clearly wanting more.

She ran her brown hand down my tanned chest, continuing downward until she was clutching the outline of my hard cock through my jeans. Her pussy was soaking wet, and my fingers were covered with her flowing juices as I ran them around the bottom of her ass and pussy.

Just when I couldn’t hold back any longer, I inserted the tip of a finger just inside her hungry cunt. Then, with more urgency, I inserted my finger into her more firmly and slowly started jacking her off as she danced over me, writhing in ecstasy. It’d been a couple years since I’d first lost my virginity and in that intervening time I’d had plenty of practice with the female anatomy.

I knew what I was doing. And she could tell too.

Still taking it slow, I ran the finger up and down the lips of this beautiful woman’s vagina, and she squirmed over me, each time I penetrated her entrance. Also, each time I ran my finger up her slit, I nudged her clit. It was driving her crazy. After a few minutes of work she was cumming, no doubt about it. Or at least she was giving a damn fine imitation at any rate. I was getting pretty desperate for pussy myself and hoped she was getting pretty desperate for my cock. I felt her reach down and try and work the zipper on my jeans. Unfortunately for her I was wearing button fly jeans tonight.

I broke the kiss suddenly, pulling my hand away from her burning flesh. She opened her eyes, expressing wonder and asking why I’d stopped. Her chest was heaving through the lacy negligee before my eyes. I tugged my wife beater out of my pants, up my body, and over my head, flinging it onto the floor and leaving me naked from the waist up, which revealed my perfectly tanned and sculpted chest and abs to her eyes. She stared longingly at my naked upper body. Ever eager, I took my hat off her head and sent it sailing as well as I tossed it across the room. Then I moved my hands up her sides, pushing up the negligee as I went and baring her delicate, firm breasts to my hungry gaze. Each mound was a creamy shade of white with a large round nipple, brown and hard from her excitement. She was an absolutely gorgeous female specimen and her tits hung down her chest making me indescribably horny. Damn, I thought, as my eyes trailed from her mesmerizing nipples down the tender smooth skin to her waiting pink pussy lips tucked neatly in her flesh below.

I lifted my hips up to undo my jeans and slid them and my boxers down to my ankles freeing up my bull cock in the process. She moaned delightedly when she caught sight of my cock in all its glory, it’s almost ten inches rising straight up, proudly pointing past my belly button. I reached down to stroke myself a couple time for emphasis.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed.

“What?” I asked, smiling inwardly although I knew what she meant.

“Damn that’s big!” she exclaimed.

I had nothing to say. I heard that pretty much every time, so I was well used to it by now. She got down on her knees and hurriedly lifted my left leg and gave a hard yank on my boot, which came sliding off. The right leg was next and with that my jeans and boxers were off my body and on the floor. I now had plenty of room to maneuver and I spread my legs wide, letting my big balls come to rest against the cold surface of the seat.

This girl wrapped her fingers around my monster cock, and she bent towards it. As she held my cock straight up in the air, I swept her hair over to the other side of her head so that I could see what she did next. I watched her pink tongue stick out of her mouth and softly lick the side of my manhood. She ran her tongue around the mushroom head of my fat dick. She was in awe, almost reverently licking around my member as if it was something that was to be worshipped, but not touched. I watched her tongue lick across the top, running over the tiny hole as her small hand held me straight up in the air. I raised my hips off the chair a little, urging her to take me into her mouth.

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