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This is my story of how I got to a really good place. My name is Brandi. I’m 20 years old, and I am a very hot girl. No lie. I have D tits and a smoking hot ass and I drive both boys and girls completely wild.

That’s right. I like boys and girls both. I’m bi. So get over it.

Another thing I like to do is dress up in short skirts and see-through tops, and go without my bra and try to drive older guys and older women out of their minds with want. When I just shake my little ass or cross my nice long legs in front of them, or when my nipples get hard, they just can’t take their eyes off me and they can’t think straight. It gets me wet, and I love it!

I get lots of boys and girls. And when I do get them, I just love it when they take charge, and punish me for being a bad girl, and make me go down on them. I love sucking dick and I love eating girls. I like the smell. I like the taste. I like how it drives them wild, and I love it when they come all over me.

So let me tall you how all this got started. My best friend since kindergarten is a cute little girl (my age, we’re both 19) named Cassie. We’ve been hanging together and doing everything together since we were both five. We started playing with toys when we were teenagers.

Sex started early for me with guys. It was rough sometimes, and it wasn’t always fun. Sometimes when you let somebody take charge and they don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t always do good. But I survived. Then I turned 18.

Cassie turned 18 six months before me, She threw a surprise party for me and it was great! All my friends from the neighborhood were there. We laughed and had fun, but by two in the morning, everyone was gone except Cassie.

She’s a little pale girl with dark short hair and her smile melts me. She’s just so cute! so she looks me right in the eye and just smiles at me. She comes on over to me and gives me a kiss, and her mouth opens up and it’s a real kiss, and she kisses me better than any guy ever has.

It just got me so wet! What could I do? I kissed her back. She starts grabbing my ass and I start grabbing her ass, and we’re just making out like crazy. I couldn’t stand it any more. She was wearing this cute black little cocktail dress and I ripped it right off her.

She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I took my hand and put it on her pussy and she was just as wet as I was. I had enough. I pulled us both to the floor and started rolling around with her. She unbuttoned my blouse and attacked my tits. She grabbed one of my nipples and sucked for dear life. It was so hot! Then she sucked on the other one. She pulled my skirt and panties off me at once.

Then she dove into my pussy. I could feel her licking up and down my slit. She stuck her tongue inside me and I just about fainted. Then she licked up and took my clit between her teeth, and just started flicking it with her tongue. She put one of her hands up and started playing with my tits. I couldn’t stand it and so I came all over her face. I saw stars. It was so good.

But she didn’t stop. She kept right at it ’til I came again. And then she went for three. My God it was good. The she flipped herself around and put her pussy square on my face. Wow! I just give her what she gave me. When I got her clit in my mouth she started to squirm. I licked my tongue all around her clit, the I stuck two fingers inside her pussy. I felt a spongey little spot and then she really started to squirm.

When she came the first time, she screamed and mashed her pussy down on my face. I couldn’t really breathe, but I didn’t mind a bit. It just felt so good to make her come. And she kept coming for a while, so I kept doing what I was doing and just drove her nuts. She came again, and then again, and then again.

After she had enough, she just twisted herself around and laid on top of me, face to face. She gave me that smile again. I can’t resist it! We kissed again, a good long time. “Oh Honey! You were great!” she said.

“I didn’t even know I was gay,” I told her.

“We’re not,” she said back. “We’re both bisexual. I’ve been reading about this. I like guys, too. And I know how much you like guys. And now I know you like girls, or at least this girl.”

And then she hits me with her smile again. I’ll do anything she wants when she hits me with that smile. “Yeah, you got me,” I said. “I didn’t even know!

“But that was fun! I’m glad I’m bi. That means I can play with you again and again. Besides you eat pussy better than any guy, and most of those guys won’t even eat pussy!”

“You eat pussy pretty good yourself,” she said. “What was that little trick you did? It was wild. You sure you never done this before?”

“I’m just a girl who’s good at what I do,” I said back, and we both laughed hard and squeezed each other. So that’s how Cassie and I started seeing each other. She’s the best.

We didn’t crowd each other, though. She was still seeing guys and girls and I was still seeing guys. Two days later I hooked up with Jack, who’s poker oyna kind of like my boyfriend. Jack and me didn’t crowd each other either.

We were at his apartment. We had dinner and drank a little wine. He’s a mean cook. He works in a restaurant. When we got a little tipsy we moved to the bedroom and he pushed me down on the bed just the way I like. I get so wet when he does that!

Then he just pulled his dick out of his pants and shoved it in my face. He’s got a nice big dick but I just opened my mouth and took it all in. I know how to deep throat. It feels so good to have a nice big dick stuffed in my mouth!

So I started moving my head up and down on his dick. I swirled my tongue all around the head and he let out a groan. I started buzzing on him with my lips and he started squirming and groaning some more. It felt so good! I poked my tongue right on that little sensitive spot right under the head and he started go to wild. He sure didn’t tell me to stop!

It didn’t take too much of this and then he said, “Oh my God, I’m coming! I’m coming!” and just like that his dick started squirting, and he started pounding that great goopy stuff into me, and I swallowed every drop. Usually I like to get it on me, but right then I still had my top on, so I just swallowed.

Right after that I just started jacking him. It didn’t take long to get him hard. Didn’t I tell you? I’m hot! This time I took off my top. It was a cute little see-through black number. I know how to get Jack going! He just pushed me back on the bed. He reached down and pulled my short little white skirt right off me. He pulled my panties off with it.

Then he just jumped on the bed between my legs and pushed it into me. He started pumping hard and fast and I could see that great big dick going in and out of me. It was so hot! I bucked my hips to make it feel even better and put my hand down there to play with my clit. I used my other hand to play with my tits.

He bent down and kissed me. He’s not as good a kisser as Cassie, but he’s pretty hot. So my tongue’s tangled in his, and his dick’s pumping in and out of my pussy, and I’m playing with my clit and my titties, and just then I start to come! My pussy spasms all over his dick and he pumps another load right into me. It feels so hot! It’s just warm and squishy and good!

Then he collapses on top of me. We kiss for a while. Then we scooch up to the top of the bed and just fall asleep. Jack is fun. He pissed me off later, but we’ll get to that.

I forgot to tell you. I graduated high school when I was 17 and started right up to college. College is pretty easy really, and so I have way too much time to play. I’ve got a job, too. I clean people’s houses for a living. I’m good at it and it’s pretty good money, too. But I still have too much time to play.

I came to live with my uncle when I graduated because he lives closer to where I go to school. He’s always got different women running in and out of there. He’s kind of wild.

Well one day he comes up to me and tells me, “Brandi, I’ve got a new housecleaning job for you.”

“Really?” I said. “Where?”

“It’s at my buddy’s place. It’s about half a mile from here. I think it’ll be pretty easy. Are you game?”

“Yeah. Sure. Why not? I can always use some easy money.”

So we set it up for that Wednesday. Right after class Wednesday I went over there. When I got to his door toting all my cleaning stuff, I was dressed in a little red top that shows my belly button, and a pair of shorts that weren’t as short as what I wear when I’m having fun. My uncle’s friend opened the door when I rang the bell, and he was real big and good looking.

He had a tank top and jeans on, and he was ripped! “you must be Brandi,” he said.

“Yep. Sure am,” I said back. He stepped back to let me in, and I saw his house looked pretty neat and clean. “Why’s he need me?” I thought.

As soon as he shut the front door, he turned and said to me, “My name is Gary and your uncle’s told me a lot about you. You know, you look a little beat. School a little tough today?”

“No. Not really,” I admitted. “But I had to hustle kind of hard to get changed and get over here after my last class.”

“Sounds like you could use a drink,” he said, and smiled. “Why don’t you drop your cleaning supplies right over there?” He pointed to a spot in the hallway right by the door. “And come into the kitchen with me. I’ll fix you a drink.”

He led me into a nice kitchen with real tile floors and great cabinets. He sat me down at the kitchen table and said, “You ever had a martini?”

“No,” I said. “Not really.”

“Well there’s always a time to start,” he said with a little grin. He had a nice smile. So he went to the icebox, and pulled out a bottle of gin. He took a metal shaker and put a bunch of ice in it. Then he poured the gin, Tank I think it was into the shaker. The he took a bottle of something from the counter, vermouth he said it was, and poured a little of that in. He put the canlı poker oyna cap on and shook it. “Shaken, not stirred. Just like James Bond says. The martini is the drink of kings, you know,” he said with a grin.

He went back the fridge and grabbed a bowl of olives. He went into a cabinet and got out two martini glasses. He poured some into my glass and then some into his glass, and then he put a couple of olives into each one. “Enjoy,” he said. And we each drank some.

Wow! This was good. I drank a little more, and a little more, and it wasn’t too long before I asked for another one. He started telling me about his job as a national sales rep for a chemical company and about all the crazy people he meets when he’s on the road, and how he didn’t ever really settle down with a woman because he’s on the road all the time.

He seemed like kind of a neat guy. I was feeling pretty good. I chattered on about all the silly boys in school and about my classes and I was feeling pretty good. Gary just started looking better and better. I was laughing a lot.

After I got done with the second drink he said, “Do you want to come upstairs and see the rest of the house?”

“Sure,” I said. That’d be fun.” When I got up I noticed I was a little bit woozy. So he had me grab onto his arm to help me. It felt good being next to him, and I was getting kind of wet. So he helped me upstairs and turned me to my left and showed me a great big bedroom with the biggest king-size bed. “Wow! That would be fun to sleep on,” I thought. “Might be fun for other things, too!”

So Gary took me over to the bed. He said, “This is the master bedroom, where I sleep when I’m in town.” I just leaned over in to him. His body felt so good. Then he turned me around kind of rough-like, and he said, “I’ve go something in mind. Do you want to help me out ‘lil Brandi?”

It was pretty clear what he wanted. I could smell his dick. Then he pushed me down on the bed and said, “Take off your clothes.” He didn’t say it real nice. It was an order. I know some girls wouldn’t like this, but I like a guy who bosses m e around. I just got wetter and wetter. I think he could smell me, too. I wiggled out of my clothes and screamed out, “Come get me, Mr. Gary. Come get me now!”

He didn’t wait. He jumped on top of me and started pawing at me and kissing me. It wasn’t gentle but it sure was fun. He pushed his dick right into me. It wasn’t super big, but he really did know how to use it. He just pumped and pumped in me. I started playing with my clit. I could see this was turning him on, so I said, “Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Come on! Give it to me!”

I started squirming my hips around his dick when I said this, and he just lost it and came, great big gobs, inside of me. I kept humping and humping his dick as he came. He let out a yell and collapsed right next to me.

So I started jacking his dick, and it didn’t take long before he was hard again. So he rolled back on top of me and we did it again. This time I came right along with him. “You are so fuckin’ hot, Mr. Gary!” I yelled. He did it two more times and I came two more times.

Then he said, “I want to fuck your ass.”

I felt so good, I said, “Yes. Do it.” So he got me on all fours, and he got a bottle of lube and poured a bunch of it over my asshole. Then he took his finger and shoved a bunch of the stuff inside. After that he started working his dick in. He shoved it in slowly so it didn’t really hurt, but it started feeling really good in a different sort of way.

It was good his dick wasn’t too awful big. I think if it was, he would’ve split me right open. Instead it felt just right. It felt different from being fucked in my pussy. It made me feel real submissive and sort of peaceful.

So once he had it all the way in he started moving it in and out, and that felt real good, too. Then I got a surprise. He reached around with one hand and started playing with my clit. Oh that was hot! “I thought to myself, “Mr. Gary, you could teach those young boys I date a thing or two, couldn’t you?”

I started wiggling and squirming and bucking against him kind of hard and his dick bobbed up and down in my ass, and still made me feel kind of submissive and peaceful. But with Gary rubbing my clit, it wasn’t long before I came and came hard. That did it for him and he shot his load right in my ass. It felt icky and really naughty and good.

After that he rolled right off of me, and it wasn’t two minutes before he was snoring really loud. I waited a little while. Then I gave him a quick little kiss, and grabbed my clothes. I dressed when I got downstairs, and went to grab my case of cleaning supplies.

There was an envelope on top. I opened it up and in it was $300 cash. I thought for a minute about leaving it behind, but I didn’t think very long. I took the money with me when I left. I kept going back there whenever Gary was in town for five or six months. He really was pretty hot and he sure fucked the shit out of me. and every time internet casino there was $300 cash.

My uncle was waiting in the living room when I got home. “How was it?” He asked. “Was everything OK?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Was fine.” Well the very next week, he set me up with another guy for some housecleaning, but the only thing that got cleaned at that guy’s house was his dick when I sucked it dry three times! After about a month I had four or five guys I was going around to, and every time I would get $300.

My uncle never took a cent of it. He would always bug me to tell him how it went, and tell him what I did and all. Once or twice I did and I could tell it was making him really, really hot.

I might have just the girl for him! In the fall I made friends with a tall, pretty girl named Molly who was an RA in one of the dorms on campus. Well one weekend, we both got a couple of drinks in us. I was wearing this sexy peasant blouse that shows off my tits really nice. I didn’t have a bra on either.

Well she started looking at me all wanting-like, and I knew where it was going. Every time I went to the potty I would sashay my little ass just where she could see it the best. My nipples were getting hard, too. So she says, “Want to come to my room for another drink?”

I said, “OK.” And so that’s where we went. Molly was a tiger! We got the door closed. Right away, she told me, “Take off your clothes!” As soon as I was naked, she pushed me down on my knees. She said, “I know all about you, Brandi. I know how you’re always going off with those big ugly guys, and I know it’s ’cause you like dick. You like to have your pussy full, don’t you?”

This was so hot, and I was getting so wet. I just love it when someone takes charge of me like that! So she says, “You don’t need dick! After you see what I’ve got, you’ll never need dick again!” she took off her shirt and didn’t have bra on. Her tits weren’t big, but they sure did look nice. Then she pulled her slacks off her and out pops this great big plastic dick.

That dildo must have been 10 inches long! And she’d been packing that thing the whole time we were out at the bar. Wow! “Well what are you waiting for, girl?” she snarled. “Suck it!” She grabbed my hair and pulled my face right into the thing, so I did what I was told and sucked it. She shoved it back in my throat and I deep throated the thing.

I pressed down my lips on it and shoved it back against her clit while I was sucking. She started breathing hard and moaning. “You really are a bad girl, aren’t you?” she said. But she didn’t stop me. After a few minutes of this she started squirming and it wasn’t long before she shouted out, “I’m gonna come, Dammit!” I looked up at her as her body started flapping around and her eyes were rolled back up in her head.

When she came out of it, I was still kneeling there with that plastic dick in my mouth, and I was so wet. I wanted her so bad! She grabbed me by the hair and turned me around to I was on all fours with my ass facing her. She grabbed my hips, and started forcing that big black plastic thing inside me!

I hurt like crazy but it felt so good at the same time. “You’re my little whore, aren’t you?” she said. “you’re my dirty little as slut!”

“Yes I am!” I yelled. “I’m your dirty little ass-whore!” with another shove, she got it all in, and then, on my God, I didn’t come, but I saw stars anyway. She started moving the thing around in me, and it was so big I started to feel it in my pussy! I squirmed and wiggled and wiggled and squirmed. I squirmed harder and harder, and then I just squirt-came right on her floor.

After that I just lost it, and fell belly first right into the puddle. Molly just stood there looking at me with a silly grin on her face. Then she walked over, grabbed my clothes and tossed them to me. “Get dressed and get on out of here dirty girl,” she said. I must’ve looked a little hurt or something ’cause then she said, “I’ll give you a call pretty son so we can do this again.” She did, too. That girl could fuck some mean ass. She made my butt sore sometime, but it was always really good!

Speaking of getting rough with girls, I’ve got this friend named Maxie. Maxie’s nice enough looking, but a little bit heavyset; strong more than fat. She’s really a bull dyke. You know the type. Loud, tons of opinions. She’s a big gay rights gal. And she’s just the nicest person to be around. I got stuck in a dark alley somewhere, I’d sure like to have Maxie right there with me.

She mostly likes little femme girls, and she doesn’t have any trouble getting them, either. She knows how to make them laugh, and when she has to, she’ll take care of them just like she’s their mom.

She makes me laugh, too. I’m not really femme. I’m kind of big and strong and can take care of myself, but you know me, when she gets al bossy-like, I just melt. I sass her back just enough to get her going.

So one night me and Maxie and a crew are at a bar on campus. We had a little bit too much to drink. I was wearing this little yellow sundress with nothing on underneath and I started pinching my nipples when no one but her was looking, and rubbing up against her, and telling her how bad ass she is, and I could see she was getting worked up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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