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Sue was 5’7″, 135 lbs., long auburn hair, brown eyes, sexy long legs, beautiful ass, cute to a fault, bubbly personality, and thirty-five yrs. old with the figure of a woman ten years younger was a dream girl. I forgot to tell you she had a pair of titties to die for. Perfectly firm rounded small grapefruit-sized breasts with brown areolas and pebble hard pencil size nipples that were as sensitive as her clit. She loved to please Jack with her breasts and did so at every opportunity.

Jack was 6’4″, 195 lbs., gray hair, blue eyes, Scandinavian, 35 years old, and an 8-inch thick cock also to die for. Jack made his money early on in the cell phone business so no longer has to work anymore. They live well within their means living in a small two-bedroom house with a Ford F150 basic truck.

Madly in love with each other, they do have an open marriage and are shared with other people. This first story is one of them.

“Could you get the door please Sue,” said Jack. “I’m busy with the camera.”

Sue peeked out the door and saw it was Tina the next-door neighbor who they knew well enough Sue didn’t bother to get dressed. She opened the door and Tina walked in wearing a breast play shirt and low cut shorts which showed off her bare tanned midriff almost to her shaved pussy area. She had short blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’8″, 140 lbs., and a very nice figure. She had very nice breasts, 32DD, which stuck braless out of her suggestive shirt, nipples already hard and at attention.

“I need a favor,” Tina asked.

“What can I do for you?” Jack asked. “Please pardon Sue’s appearance as I was taking a couple of pictures of her naked. If you don’t mind I have a couple more to take.”

Sue stood next to the white background and stuck her chest out prominently, getting ready for Jack. He snapped several off and then she cupped her big tits for the camera is very suggestive with her breasts. While they were pure white in color Jack had asked about an all-over tan, something Tina seemed to have.

“I wanted a snapshot but why not surprise Keith with a nude picture. Would it be okay with Sue?”

“I don’t mind at all as long as you’re not afraid of being seen by my husband?”

“Not at all Sue,” Tina winked.

In a flash, she whipped her shirt and shorts off baring her body for the camera.

“Can I pose like your wife?” Tina said in a sultry fashion. “My husband likes titties too. In fact, he would love Sue’s pair a lot.”

“Truth is known I like yours a lot to,” said Jack. “I’ll bet he gets his fill of your mammaries.”

Tina stuck her chest out as they were talking and Jack took a few shots and Tina did the same cupping her breasts for the camera and Jack while Sue looked on at the two of them.

“Pull on your nipples Tina so they stick out for a better shot,” Jack said.

“Could you do it for me, Jack?” Tina said teasing him. “Men do a much better job than women do.”

As Sue nodded Jack set his camera down and walked over to Tina getting on his knees in front of her. Taking a deep breath he bit into her erect nipples biting them like a baby might, first one then the other taking care to make them erect for the photos. He made sure to leave some saliva so it would show up on the photo.

Jack took several more repeating the poses to give her a choice of which she liked better. Meanwhile, the girls were getting to know each other feeling breasts, hugging, kissing, and pussy grinding. When Sue began to go to work on her right breast Jack took the opportunity to go to work on her left breast, the two of them sucking away while Tina gurgled with delight at the attention she was getting.

“Suck on my nipples,” Tina screamed with passion. “You’re making me so hard and wet right now I’m going crazy with desire. Suck, bite, feel me up good.”

“Is that an invitation Tina?” “Let’s look at the photos first and decide what you want.”

“I know what I want but you’d have to take it,” she said.

“What casino şirketleri is that?” asked Jack puzzled by what she had to say.

“I want a picture of your cock in between my tits. In fact, if you could get it cumming that would be even better.”

“You want me to fuck your tits?” said Jack. “My wife would not like that. She wants me to fuck her tits.”

“Keith won’t fuck mine,” she said.

“Go ahead Jack but remember mine,” Sue said.

“Are you sure?” he asked

“Go ahead and fuck them, Jack. I’ll take pictures.”

Jack readied himself as Tina grabbed some body lotion and rubbed it in her cleavage and the sides of her breasts. She figured she needed good lube and was right although she had a hint of lotion smell from sunning herself probably in the nude. She had a great body and fucking her tits were going to be a treat for Jack.

Why change with Sue?

“Where do you want me to give it to you?” Jack asked

“Right here is fine,” Tina said. “Give it to me good baby. Fuck them for me. Do what my husband won’t do.”

“Camera-ready Sue?”

“It will see you spurting Jack. Give her lots of cum like me.”

Jack took one more look at the brown firm cones, wondering what was the matter with Keith, got even hornier looking at them, and positioned his hands on her shoulders while Tina squeezed her breasts together holding her hands together.

“Like this?” she asked

“Should be tight enough, Tina. Let me see how it feels.”

Jack slid his large cock in the valley between her tits looking at the top of her breasts, cleavage, and hands as the cock began to slide back and forth. It felt good, fantastic in fact, but no good for pictures because too much was covered up except for his cockhead which was sticking out of her breasts. Maybe that would be enough.

Sue was looking but not seeing enough and suggested that the two of them go into the bedroom where he could straddle her laying down giving the camera a clearer view of what was going on. The trouble was it felt so good that Jack didn’t want to move and Tina was quite happy with what was going on.

The two of them went to the bedroom with Sue still naked with her big boobs bouncing back and forth, dying for a fucking, and Tina laid down while Jack got on top of her.

While her breasts flattened out a little they were still firm and big enough to hold Jack’s cock in place. He wasted no time in sliding the throbbing rod into her cleavage as Sue leaned over taking close-up shots of his cock and her cleavage. Not only was she getting some good shots but Jack was feeling her big breasts.

“Fuck my titties. Please fuck them,” she said.

“I love your titties Tina and I’m going to cum all over them soon,” Jack said.

“Are they good for fucking or do they need to be bigger,” she said

“They’re good Tina real good,” Jack said barely able to get it out.

Jack wrapped them around his cock like pigs in a blanket at a breakfast place covering his throbbing cock with breast flesh. He could feel it pulsating as he completed the task at hand. Moaning and groaning Tina was in heaven waiting for more and more while Sue shot more photos of her breasts.

As Jack watched what was going on, his cockhead popping in and out of her flesh he could tell how close he was getting to cumming and while Tina had no experience she could feel the stirring in his balls and loin and knew it was time.

“Give it to me Jack, please. Cum on my titties, make them wet for me with your hot batter.”

Sue was getting ready for her turn as she knew both of them had taken pills and were in effect right now. Jack like the volcano erupted all over her with enough cum for three men as he soaked her cleavage with lots of cum sticking her big tits together like glue with the hot sticky cum.

When he was finished Sue dropped the camera, Tina got up and watched as Sue got her own titty fucking.

“How do you recover casino firmaları so quickly Jack,” she asked.

“Special pills and a horny wife who wants some fucking too.”

“Fuck my titties, Jack, as you did for Tina.”

Jack went to work again this time on his wife who was aching for a good fucking from her husband. Jack put the lotion in her cleavage and rubbed it in on her white soon to be brown titties. He could see that her nipples ached and wanted to be sucked on which he was only too happy to do for her.

As he mounted her he took in her lushness. She looked so good in the nude, never got tired of looking at her. Tina was great but Sue was fantastic. She had breasts to die for and now was the time to show her how good she was. He loved the pills as he could do it over and over again.

Sue nestled his cock in her cleavage and began to slide it back and forth like an all-day sucker.

“So you want me to get brown for you?” she said. “All over?”

“Everywhere dear,” Jack said. “I have plans for us.”

“What kind of plans?” she asked pushing his cock back and forth driving him crazy with titty flesh.

“From now on I am going to show you off to the world.”

“I’m your slave so whatever you want me to do I will,” she said.


“Are my breasts nicer than Tina’s?” she asked.

Tina had left the room and was cleaning up so Jack was able to answer without hurting any bodies feeling.

“Of course you’re the best by far.”

Sue put an extra effort into her thrusting making the breast flesh tighten even more around his cock. He couldn’t believe what these pills were doing for him but as long as they lasted so be it. Tina came back out very satisfied and still cum covered. Was she going home that way? Was she going to tell Keith everything?

Jack felt another surge and this time with Sue’s help he let go another burst of semen this time he took it out and shot loads of cum all over her breasts. Sue smiled knowing she had done her job well. Her tits were soaked and she planned on letting it dry so she could smell him through the day. She loved his cum on the inside of her, on the outside, in her mouth, her tits, and her pussy. Where ever he wanted.

Sue cuddled up to Jack and went to sleep for now after saying goodbye to Tina. Somehow she knew this would not be the last of her that she would be fucking Keith and Jack would be banging Tina.

Sue slept for maybe fifteen minutes and woke up. Was it the pill or something else? Jack was sound asleep but Sue felt urges in her pussy and nipples. She touched herself and then a little bit harder finding her clit and rubbing it, groaning as she was going along. Jack stirred a little his hand falling one of her breasts cupping it lovingly.

Jack woke up to see that his wife was relieving herself and quickly took a bite out of one of her nipples and breasts which produced an instant groan followed by stirring. Both of them felt urges and desires to act upon and both of them began kissing and rubbing each other.

The kiss was deep, tongue touching, mouth exploring, and lip feeling for five minutes or longer. While kissing their hands were touching ear lobes, cheeks, neck, and shoulders. It was so easy to see how much in love the couple was. Of course, being naked together was making the pussy moist and the cock arousal inevitable. Jack was enjoying the firm breasts pushed against his chest and Sue loved the feeling of his hard cock laying in waiting against her pussy.

Jack moved his body down kissing and filling his mouth with her breasts.

“Did I ever tell you that you’ve got the best breasts in the world Sue?”

“Only 10,000 times but I never hear it enough Jack,” Sue said. “Show me how much you really like them. You’ve been fucking them like crazy but not playing with them enough.”

Jack began licking her beauties so she could feel the sandpaper feel of his hot tongue, coating them with saliva, making güvenilir casino her clit ache with desire as she rotated her pussy against his cock. Jack had his mouth full of her breast flesh and was lovingly squeezing the other one in his hand. It felt like he was making bread but it was so much softer and pliable to his touch.

He felt he nipple grow in his hand as he kneaded back and forth and as she gurgled with desire he increased his effort even more. He loved her naked body so much he wished that she would just stay nude for him always for the rest of her life.

“Are you going to like me more when I’m tan for you?” “Will my breasts look sexier?”

“You’re so hot now I wonder if I’ll be able to keep my hands off of you when you’re golden brown like toast,” he said.

Jack grabbed some of the body lotion and let out a big white glob on her stomach rubbing it all over the front of her covering her with a thin slick film of the gooey lotion. When he got to her shaved pussy and her lips he spent extra time rubbing them with special care, slowly putting his fingers inside of her. She gasped because she knew what was going to happen to her and she wanted to feel his mouth and tongue in her pussy. For now, it was his hand and she loved it.

He rubbed her thighs and then went back to her pussy lips rubbing in the lotion, moving back and forth slowly. He rubbed her thighs and then her legs down to her knees, the silky smoothness of her as the sexual tension builds between them. The more he touches the harder he gets.

Sue lay on the bed shaking with passion as to what was going to her and how she felt. Jack was acting like they were dating for the first time and he was being on his best behavior!

Jack’s tongue found her pussy slit and he licked the lips, Sue gasping and writhing at the greatly desired feeling of emotion she was getting from this. The juices in her pussy were freely flowing now and wetting her lips as well as Jack’s tongue and his lips. She was in ecstasy heaven on the verge of cumming but enjoying that getting close to feeling. She knew there was going to be more to come as his tongue went in to her and he began to lick, rub, and bite with his mouth.

What continued for like an eternity continued with the pussy attack as Jack stuck his tongue deeper and was even more active with it flicking it back and forth and working on the clit to get her to cum for him. Just when she was on the edge of cumming he stopped his tongue and waited.

“I want to cum so bad. Please let me cum Jack,” she said.

“Enjoy my dear. Enjoy,” Jack said.

“You’re driving me crazy with passion,” she said.

Jack continued with his mouth and tongue on her pussy lips and clitoris again getting her to climax before stopping and making her wait. She was so wet with juices now and her pussy was aching with a desire that she was surprised when Jack stopped and slid back up to her waiting breasts and nipples.

Jack hungrily bit and sucked on her nipples like it was the first time he had ever seen them.

“You can fuck them and cum on them if you want darling. I don’t mind at all.”

Jack said nothing but slide the big cock into her skit and very slowly slid it down and started to fuck her hard and deep with his hands on her big tits and his mouth on her swollen nipples.

Sue no longer able to contain herself came over and over again painting his cock with her juices which were overflowing again. As a present to Jack, she pulled his shaft out of her pussy and shoved it in her mouth slurping on his rod like a popsicle waiting for the explosion to take place.

“It feels so good Sue. You’re making it so big.”

Sue was such a cockteaser and proved as the cock grew in her mouth bigger and bigger filling it up until it was ready to burst with hot semen. As she slid back and forth waiting for it to happen she was smiling wanting to do it for Jack.

Jack could not hold back and let loose with cum, down her pretty throat which she took and more. Sue loved doing the cocksucking for Jack. She liked the feel in her mouth, the way it grew larger and larger and finally burst forth with fluid.

Both at least for now seem to be happy but…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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