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I thought I would give you the latest on my nursing situation. The girlfriend I mentioned before, that said it turns her on to watch me nurse my son, was over the other day again, and chatted with me and watched while I nursed him. As usual, he had given both my breasts and nipples quite a workout, and my girlfriend had gotten another real show. He said thanks and went to his room to watch cartoons. There I was with both my breasts exposed to my friend, with both my nipples sticking way out and oozing milk.

My girlfriend said, “I’ve just got to show you what I mean. Don’t cover your breasts yet.” She quickly opened her blouse and removed her bra. There were her two large beautiful breasts, with both her nipples sticking way out, just like mine! We both laughed. And then we looked at each other, and were thinking the same thing I believe. She asked if it would be OK if she touched my breasts to see if they felt like hers. I caught my breath, but said yes, I guess so. She slowly took both my breasts in her hands and gently squeezed them and izmit escort started massaging them. She said, “My, they are so firm and full of milk.” She then squeezed each of my enlarged nipples, and got several drops of milk to drip from each one. She was amazed I guess, since she has never been pregnant.

She then said, “May I please?” I nodded yes, without knowing for sure what she meant, but was really enjoying her massaging and caressing my breasts, and didn’t want her to stop yet. To my surprise she took one of my nipples in her mouth and started sucking on it. Ooh, it felt soo good. She sucked hard and got a lot of my breast in her mouth with the nipple. And like my son, she massaged the other breast and nipple while she nursed me. It felt wonderful! She emptied all the milk my son had left in it, and switched to the other one. After a wonderful while she had emptied both my breasts of milk. During this time I had had two silent orgasms, that I don’t think she could tell.

She said for me to look at her tits. Her nipples were poking izmit kendi evi olan escort out even further than when she had first shown them to me. She shyly asked me to do her a favor and touch them like she had done for me. I sort of felt obligated since she had just given me so much pleasure. But I had never had any sexual contact with another woman, so I did feel a bit awkward. So I slowly took each of her breasts in my hands and felt them. They were much softer than mine since they had no milk in them. But her nipples were much harder than mine. I noticed that she closed her eyes and moaned a little while I massaged them. As I continued, she slowly lowered herself back further on the couch. As I continued massaging, she put her hands behind my head and slowly pulled my face down to her breasts. Not knowing exactly what to do, I slowly kissed her nipples and licked each of them.

Again, she moaned and said, “Suck them, please, please?” So I started to suck them as my husband and son did to me that felt so good. She continued to moan and moved her whole body sensually as I took turns sucking both her breasts. She got more and more into it, and finally had a loud earth shattering orgasm. She said, “My God, That was awesome!”

We shared with each other that neither of us had ever had any sexual contact with another woman, but that this was a wonderful experience. She again surprised me with another request, and said she wanted to check something. I said ok, and she reached under my skirt and felt my soaking wet panties between my legs. I jumped back in a bit of a shock. She quickly took my hand and placed it between her legs under her skirt. She was as wet as I was. We both smiled and looked at each other. About then, my son came back in and asked me to fix him some lunch. My friend and I were a bit embarrassed and laughed and giggled. She excused herself and left while I prepared lunch for my son.

Later, as I did my housework, I was still wet and aroused so much that I had to lie down on the bed and make myself cum while I thought of the earlier activities. I wonder if the next time my friend comes over, we will have the nerve to do it again. And will we go even further? If we do I’ll share it with y’all if you want me to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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