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I was always terrible at singing, I’ll be honest. My girlfriend Ellie made a rule in our apartment: I can’t sing. Ever. I’ve always wanted to try, but Ellie would never let me, so when she mentioned my singing talent, I thought she was going to insult it. Not this time.

“Hey, I think I may have found someone who might be able to help you with your singing.” Ellie said.

“Oh okay, who?” I asked.

“Someone down the street named Katherine. She’s a friend of mine.” Ellie said.

“From where?”

“Oh, just from school.” Ellie said slyly.

Oh, god. Not Katherine. Katherine had the tendency to be a jerk to all the other girls in my grade. Now I was going to get singing lessons from her? She already hates the fact I’m lesbian.

“Why Ellie? Just why?” I said.

“Oh come on, it’ll be fun!” Ellie said, kissing me. “Besides, there’s nothing else to do here anyway.”

“But we were supposed to-” I started. Ellie cut me off.

“That can wait until later. C’mon, Katherine’s expecting you in five minutes.”

Five minutes!? I was standing there bottomless with just a shirt on, and she’s saying we had to leave in five minutes?

“Let’s go! And leave your pants off.” Ellie said gently.

This was not going to be good.


We walked out the door, Ellie fully clothed and me still only wearing panties. It was a cool August afternoon, with the wind whipping through my hair. I shivered.

“Are you sure I’m supposed to keep my pants off?” I asked Ellie.

“Don’t worry, you’re just nervous,” she replied.

We stopped just outside an average sized white house, nothing weird about it.

“I’ll come by at five. Don’t get yourself into too much trouble.” Ellie said, resting her hand on my panties “And have fun!”

“Thanks Ellie.” I said shyly.

I walked up to the giant wooden door, and rang the doorbell. Katherine came to the door.

“Come on in, don’t be shy.” she said.

I walked into the house. The inside was also normal, dull even. adana escort I saw a couple bondage toys, but thought nothing of them. I looked behind me and realized Katherine was gone.

“Kat?” I called “Kat, don’t mess with me. Where are you?”

I walked upstairs to a door with the name “Katherine” in pink, curvy letters. So much for being 19 years old. I opened the door.

“Kat, are you in here?”

I was ambushed. Katherine jumped out from the corner and pushed me onto the bed. She started rubbing my pussy so hard, I could barely speak. She stopped for a second.

“I thought I came for singing lessons!” I yelled.

She put one hand over my mouth and the other over my nose so I couldn’t breath.

“The first lesson is breath training. You must learn to control your breath, or none of your notes will come out correctly.” Katherine explained.

The more I struggled, the more tired I began to feel. I eventually blacked out. I could hear Kat’s distant laugh in the background. *****************************************

When I woke, my feet were tied to the headboard of the bed, and my hands were tied down too. I had a gag in my mouth. It muffled my cries for help.

“Well, well, well, look who finally woke up.”

Katherine was wearing a bra and thong. I personally thought mine were prettier, but I kept it to myself. I had no choice but to keep it to myself.

Kat took the gag out of my mouth.

“Stay quiet.” she said.

She started to rip my panties.

“Hey, those are new!” I exclaimed.

Katherine didn’t seem to care. She took my ripped panties, and rolled them into a ball.

“Open wide.” she said.

I obeyed, not wanting to face the consequences if I didn’t. She stuffed my panties into my mouth and got on top of me.

“In order for me to help you sing, you need to do something for me. You need to stay under my ass and pussy all day.” Kat said.

She hovered over my face with her black lace panties for ten seconds, letting me take in adana escort bayan the sight. I started to wish Ellie was here.

Kat lowered her pussy onto my face. Her panties were soft, but I couldn’t get any breath. She started slow at first, giving me multiple chances to breath. But then she turned around.

Her near-perfect heart shaped ass lowered down on my face. She held it there for just under a minute. I could feel her panties getting wet with cum.

Maybe surprisingly, there was some deja vu to all this. Ellie is the more dominant one in our relationship, and I’m usually the one that gets smothered. But this was different. This wasn’t playful. Kat was using me as a sex slave, not teaching me how to sing.

She finally gets up off of me, but doesn’t take the panties out of my mouth. She does the opposite.

“I have another pair of panties for that mouth of yours.” she says.

She takes off her panties weirdly slowly, as if she was trying to seduce me. That bitch.

“Open real wide, I’m adding a thong.”

I open my mouth, and she stuffs it in there. Kat was now bottomless. She had a near-perfect pussy. NEAR-perfect. I admit, it wasn’t as good as Ellie’s (and even mine), but it was good enough that I was starting to become slightly horny.

“That’s it.” Kat says. “Now you can have both of our tastes as I sit on your face.”

The mixture of pussy tastes was weird, and not necessarily a good weird. Kat lowers her naked ass on my face. I could breath, but not much. She starts slowly grinding my face.

“Mmmm… yeah. Just like that.” she moans.

She reaches over and starts fondling my naked pussy. It felt good, I’ll admit it.

“Ahhh, feels so good.” Kat says.

I am surrounded by the odor that is Kat’s sex. It was not nearly as good as Ellie’s. I was starting to miss her now.

She leans back and her ass restricts my breath for over 20 seconds. My nose couldn’t provide the oxygen I desperately needed.

“You’re just a slave to me now…” Katherine escort adana says. “Just a useless slut of a slave.”

She finally gets off of me, but only to change orientation. Her naked pussy was on my nose, and she grinded my nose. Then, she started rubbing her pussy.

“Yeah… I’m going to cum all over your stupid little face…” Kat moaned.

The edges of my vision were going black. The motion of her masturbation was not enough to keep me going. She finally stopped for a second.

“You probably like this, slut.” Katherine says.

I couldn’t say anything. My clit was BEGGING to be rubbed now, and it wasn’t getting the attention it so desperately needed.

Kat went back to rubbing her pussy. She started moaning softly, but the volume was turned up dramatically. I couldn’t stay conscious anymore. I decided to let it happen. Kat started screaming in orgasm, and pussy juice was squirted all over my face.

“HARLEY!” I heard someone cry.

It was Ellie. I tried to reach for her, but it was no use. I blacked out.


I found myself on the bed, with pussy juice still on my face. Ellie was now in the same position. I was still gagged, but my hands and feet had been untied. I took the thongs out of my mouth, and saw Kat masturbating next to me.

“You’re going to pay for what you’ve done, bitch!” I yelled, and jumped on top of her.

I stuffed the two panties into her mouth, and put my vulva in her face. I started masturbating.

“This is what you get for what you’ve done to me and Ellie!” I said to Kat.

I was filled with sexual pleasure. Now I know why she did it; it felt so good. I cummed on her face.

“Doc Harley prescribes sleepy-sleepy time!” I said, maybe sounding too much like a maniac. I didn’t care.

I covered her nose and mouth with my pussy, cutting off her access to any air. Thirty seconds later, she stopped struggling. I got off of her. Ellie woke up.

“Ellie, are you okay?!” I screamed.

She looked up at me. Then she pulled me down toward her in the most passionate kiss you can imagine.

“Let’s get out of here, Har.” she said. “And no more singing lessons.”

I giggled, and she fingered me to a screaming orgasm right there on the street.

“Yeah,” I said, trying to catch my breath. “No more singing lessons.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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