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Don’t panic! I haven’t stopped writing Saturn Rising. I wanted to take a break and write a piece of pure fantasy and was inspired by the real Brittany to write a fantasy about us. She has been one of my two proof readers, and gave me the okay this morning to post it. I’m so glad she did. Thank you Pickle. We both love you loads.



Brittany awoke in the morning and, dragging a hand through her short, dark hair, got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. She was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. As she walked bare footed into the hallway from her bedroom, she saw an envelope on the floor just below her letterbox.

She picked it up and realised there was stiff card inside. A little confused, and assuming it was some sort of promotional material, she nearly threw it in the trash, but then looked and realised that the envelope was hand written in a very neat, cursive script.

Raising a perfectly shaped eyebrow, she slid her finger along the opening and read the card inside. It was on white card, edged in silver. There was an inscription:

“Ms. Brittany Clark is Cordially Invited for Canapés and Cocktails at Ms. Anna Gibson’s Residence on Saturday 11th of May, starting at 7pm. R.S.V.P.”

Brittany sort of knew who Anna was. She had moved to New York a few months earlier and was a friend of her mother’s. She was some sort of financial person, but she wasn’t really clear on the details. Her British accent was opening doors for her, and when they’d crossed paths, Anna had always been courteous, polite and interested in what Brittany was up to.

There was an address and phone number on the card, so Brittany decided to call and ask Anna why she was being invited.


It was Saturday morning and I awoke, naked as usual, in my bed, the covers slightly dishevelled. I’d had an unusual night of dreams and had obviously been somewhat restless.

I was still feeling a little out of my depth. I’d been in New York for three months with the idea of expanding my accountancy practice but was finding the US financial system to be a lot more complicated than I had ever expected. I had made some good friends, and was seemingly being courted by the great and the good, but that had so far failed to turn into any actual business. My apartment was costing me a fortune, but I was determined to make this work.

I came up with the idea of hosting a party, inviting some of those business contacts and seeing if it led anywhere. I had sent out invites and, on a whim, had sent one out to one of my friends’ daughters. Brittany was enchanting and I thought she might bring a more down-to-earth reality to any gathering. I wasn’t sure how old she was, but I guessed early twenties. I wanted and needed the event to be different. Not just some regular New York socialite do.

The invites had gone out the day before, and that’s probably why I lay in bed thinking about Brittany. She had somehow featured in one of my dreams, and it wasn’t exactly what you would call an innocent one.

I recalled how, in my dream world, she had walked into my bedroom, naked, and lay down beside me. Kissing me everywhere, starting at my forehead my nose, my lips, on down to my breasts and on…

The memory started stirrings in me and I let my right hand wander down over my bald mound, delighting in that exposed nakedness that I was still getting used to after having my first ever wax and depilation just before I’d moved here, and which I’d had ‘topped up’ only two days earlier. I lazily opened my legs and let my finger wander down between my lips and over my clit. I moaned as the feelings ran though me. I felt my pussy already contracting in anticipation of the orgasm I was going to give her. My other hand went to my right breast and I squeezed Pinky tightly and let the feelings link. An image of Brittany sitting naked next to me, watching, came into my mind and this made my finger dance more quickly. I could feel my orgasm building and I let my practiced finger work its magic.

I was on the verge of coming and I cried out, “Oh fuck, Brittany. Fuck,” and that pushed me over and I felt a wondrous wave wash through me. My thighs automatically squeezed together, my hips sinking down into the bed, and I kept my hand there, covering and cupping myself as it slowly subsided.

I lay there, collecting my breath and my thoughts when I was disturbed by my cell phone – I would have to get used to calling it that, instead of my ‘mobile’.

I sat up, letting the covers fall down and picked it up. I didn’t recognise the number, but just answered, “Hello? This is Anna.

“Anna? Hi, it’s Brittany… you…”

After my little fantasy, this seemed amazingly coincidental. I stopped her mid-flow. “Brittany! How lovely to hear from you. Did you get my invite?”

“I did. I’m just curious. Why me?”

I was, as always, enchanted by that beautiful New York accent. I smiled inwardly. I was so happy that she had decided to call me.

“Because, my dear Brittany, I want you to be here.”

“You do? But… why?”

“Because canlı bahis şirketleri you are normal. Nobody else around here is. This is just such a fake city. I need normal around me. Does that make any sense?”

There was a pause, and then I realised what the problem was when she said, “Okay, but I have no idea what I would wear.”

“Brittany darling, you can come in jeans and a tee shirt as far as I’m concerned. It’s you I want…” I realised I might have revealed too much, “…here. Not your clothes.”

I was being so blatant. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I am usually the calm, collected type, but my Brittany crush was putting me on autopilot. I had to be a little more careful.

She giggled, a sound that always made me melt, and said, “I don’t need to wear clothes?”

The very idea excited me, but I quickly collected my thoughts and, laughing with her said, “No darling. It’s not that sort of party. Just something you feel is appropriate.”

There was a pause and then she said, “Um.. I don’t know. I want to be presentable. I mean the invite looks pretty fancy. It’s a bit of an imposition, but is there any way you can help me? Give me some advice?”

I was flattered, of course, and also saw a way I could engineer spending some time with her.

“I would love to help. Why don’t you come round to my place sometime and we can go shopping. Or I could come to yours and help you pick something from your wardrobe?”

There was a pause and then I was delighted when she said, “You want to go shopping? I’d love that! I don’t have a huge budget but I’d…”

I stopped her. I didn’t want to appear patronising, but the thought that I could go clothes shopping with her was just too exciting. “Brittany, forget budget. Let’s just go shopping. I need to get something for the night as well. We can try on all sorts of outfits. If nothing else, we can get inspiration. I don’t have any real girlfriends in the city, and I would love for us to hang out and just have fun.”

I heard another delightful giggle and she said, “I’m your girlfriend now?”

God I can be so gauche at times.

“No, no. I didn’t mean it that way,” I so did, “I would love to spend some time with you. You surely know the stores to go to far better than I do. Can we?”

I realised I was sounding desperate, and tried to temper it with, “Anytime. No hurry.”

“I’m free today. I can come over any time you like.”

My heart lifted. Maybe I was reading Brittany wrong, but I felt our attraction was not just one sided. I hoped so.

“How wonderful. You have my address on the invite.”

I heard genuine excitement in her voice as she said, “I need to shower and sort myself out. I can be there in a couple of hours, if that’s okay?”

“Of course it is, Brittany. I’m looking forward to our trip.”

“Oh, me too. This is going to be fun!”


I went to my bathroom and showered, the warm, solid jets of water helping once again to raise my internal temperature. I was clearly in one of my excessively turned on phases. Brittany may have been a contributory factor in that. I washed all over, including my long red hair, stepped out and dried myself, feeling the little tingles still there from my earlier exploration as I brushed the soft towel over certain parts of me.

I went back to my bedroom and picked out some underwear – a matching lacy peach bra and knickers that were slightly translucent. I just wanted to feel my best. Even if nobody else saw, I would know. Lingerie has that effect on me.

I picked out a violet summer dress that I adore. It has long, loose sleeves and is mid-thigh length. I lifted it up over my body and went through what I call the zipper dance, sliding the zip halfway up my back from below, then struggling over my shoulder to catch it and pull it up, finally hooking it together at the top.

The weather was warm, so I didn’t bother with tights, or pantyhose as they call them here, I just put on my pale grey flats. I’m five foot eight and, since Brittany was fairly short, not much more than five feet I was sure, I didn’t want to be too imposing.

I tidied up my makeup, applying my favoured red lipstick and black mascara and then I brushed my hair out, leaving it loose. I fixed myself some breakfast and coffee, and then decided to sit down in my home office and do a little work to pass the time. I was lost in some paperwork when the hall phone rang. It was the concierge on the front desk asking if it was okay for a Ms Clark to visit.

“She’s expected, but tell her I’ll come down.”

I grabbed my shoulder bag, checked my hair one last time in the hall mirror, and left the apartment, heading for the lift, or elevator as she would call it, and headed down to the ground floor. As the doors opened, I walked out and immediately saw her standing near the glass front doors.

She was wearing denim shorts, a mustard yellow tank top and trainers with no socks. A look that I had come to think of as quintessentially ‘Brittany’. She had a small, brightly canlı kaçak iddaa coloured backpack on. Her short black hair was a little wind blown, which merely served to make her look just that much cuter.

Her face lit up when she saw me, and she trotted over towards me, calling out, “Hey Anna!”

I smiled, “Hi Brittany. So glad you could come.”

I automatically opened my arms to hug her, which was so unusual. I just don’t do that sort of thing with relative strangers. She brought something protective and maternal out in me. She ran into my arms and flung hers around me, her head buried sideways into my breasts. The concierge looked on somewhat bemused. He probably thought she was my niece or something like that.

“Mmm. A hug. How lovely! I don’t get enough hugs.”

I pushed her back gently and smiled at her. “I am so looking forward to taking you shopping. Are you ready?”

“You bet! This is so much more fun than the laundry day I had planned!’

Her infectious enthusiasm was catching, and I laughed, “Okay. You lead the way. You know all the stores.”

A little thoughtful frown crossed her face, “What sort of thing are we looking for?”

“Oh, a nice dress. Shoes… and maybe… well, let’s see.” I was about to say lingerie but stopped myself in time. She really did have that sort of effect on me.

“Oh cool. Okay. Does it have to be super posh, or…”

“It can be whatever you like, Brittany. It really can. I didn’t say this before, but today is my treat, okay?”

A little consternation crossed her beautiful face. “What? I thought we were just window shopping.”

I smiled, “So indulge me. I want to spoil you.”

Her face lit up again, “Wow. That is so lovely. Thank you! I promise I won’t spend too much of your money. Okay I know just the place to start.”

“How far is it? Do we need a taxi?” I asked.

“Oh no. We can walk to the best area in about ten minutes. In this traffic it will be much quicker to walk.”

We headed out into the warm air. We were on the right side of the street for the morning sun, and I was surprised when Brittany took my hand and said, “Come on. I’ll lead you.”

Without any protest, I held onto her hand and walked with her and sure enough ten minutes later we were outside a clothes shop. It wasn’t horribly upmarket, but wasn’t a thrift shop either. It looked to have a good range of clothes on display.

“This is a good one to start with,” she said letting go of my hand and pushing on the large entrance door. I walked in behind her, as always mesmerised by her energy and bubbly personality.

We started sifting through the racks and I came up with a wonderful looking silver tube dress with a sheer long sleeved black slip, scattered with sparkles, that went over it. A perfect cocktail dress. Holding it up, I said, “Oh, now that is a dress and a half.”

Brittany screwed up her face and said, “Hmm. Not really me. More your sort of thing I think, Anna?”

I considered it, but wanted to see if it would work on her. “Well, maybe we’ll get one in each size and we can both try them on? At least give it a go?”

She smiled, and just said, “Sure. Let’s keep looking.”

We picked out two dresses in the correct sizes and then carried on. We held up and discounted several other outfits, then Brittany picked out a blue dress and held it up, “Oh wow. I love this!”

I could see what she meant. It very much fitted with her overall personality. It was a pale blue, halter neck mini dress with two layered tiers and a white lace midriff. It had a low back.

I daydreamed for a moment, imagining her in it, and said, “Yes. Yes. I think I’d like to see you in that.”

“You would? Awesome!”

I loved her enthusiasm. “Let’s go to the changing rooms and try our dresses on.”


We walked over and the woman on the desk gave us three tokens, one for each dress.

We headed on in and Brittany headed for the first door on the right. I started to go into the next cubicle but was thrilled when she said, “No, Anna. I’m going to need help getting into my dresses. Can you come in with me? Please?”

I swallowed, “Um, of course. Yes. I’d love to. And you can help me. With mine. Yes. That makes sense.” I was rambling because my mind was in turmoil. I was going to be semi naked with the object of my desire. I hoped it wouldn’t be too obvious.

We went in, and she closed and locked the door behind us. It was a larger than normal changing room with enormous mirrors on two adjacent walls. We hooked our dresses on the coat hooks on the blank wall and she shrugged her backpack off and dropped it on the floor. She unselfconsciously started lifting her top over her head to reveal a lacy pink bra covering her delightfully pert breasts. I was lost for words. I just stood staring as she slipped out of her trainers and slid her shorts down and off, revealing matching panties.

She looked up at me, “Aren’t you going to change as well, Anna?”

I shook myself. “Yes. Yes. Of course.” I turned. “Can you, canlı kaçak bahis unzip me please?”

I caught an interesting note in her voice when she said, quietly, “It would be a pleasure.”

I felt her undo the hook and eye, slide the zip down the back, and push it off my shoulders. She dropped it down to the floor and I thrilled as her hands seemed to stroke my arms and then hips and thighs. I was terribly aware that my nipples were very much on show through the thin material of my bra. I stepped out of my dress and she draped it over the back of the chair in the corner. I turned and she smiled up at me. My heart skipped a beat. Her gaze dropped down, and she looked brazenly at me and I resisted the urge to put my arms up to cover my bra clad breasts.

“You have a beautiful body, Anna. Do you know that?”

Was she coming on to me? I didn’t dare hope.

“Th… Thank you Brittany. You have a much nicer body than me, but you must know that.”

“You think?” She did a little twirl and I was captivated.

“I think. Yes. You must be what, twenty two? Of course you have a better body than me.”

She giggled, “Thank you Anna, but I’m twenty eight,” I was genuinely surprised, but in a good way. She was closer to my forty years than I had thought.

There was an electric charge in the air and, before I knew what I was doing I bent my head down to kiss her. My lips touched hers briefly. I was mortified. I pulled back, “I am so sorry Brittany! I shouldn’t have done that.”

She smiled and said, “Uh… why did you stop?”

Oh god. My dream was coming true.

“You… you didn’t mind?”

“Yes, Anna, I did. I minded when you stopped.”

Without another word she put her arms around my waist and pulled me close and we shared a soft, lingering kiss and my heart soared. I could feel some wonderful tingles down below. I wrapped my arms around her and we hugged and kissed for what seemed like an age. A family of butterflies appeared to have taken up residence in my stomach. I felt Brittany’s hands stroke my lower back.

When we finally broke for air, I could see her face was flushed and she had a huge grin on her face. I was totally mush inside.

I could feel all sorts of signs in me. My nipples were clearly visible, and my tingle down below had intensified, and that would probably mean a small wet patch on my knickers.

She pulled back, and said, “Wow Anna. Like, really wow.”

I finally found my voice. “I… I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted this. It is… I am… so happy right now. Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

She smiled and cheekily lifted her bra. She had delightfully small breasts with tiny brown areolae that had little goose bumps. Her nipples were slightly lighter and clearly proud and stiff. I wanted nothing more than to kiss them in that moment. She looked down and said, “What do we think, girls? We’re okay with this?”

She tweaked them with thumbs and forefingers then pulled her bra back down and, with a cheeky grin on her face she looked back up at me. “Yep. I think we’re good. What about you? I mean, I had no idea you were… um… this way inclined?”

Giggling and copying her, I lifted my bra, revealing my 34C breasts. My areolae are much bigger than hers, more than an inch across, and my nipples were very prominent. Looking down I said “Pinky? Perky? What do we think? Do we like Brittany?”

I replaced my bra and said, “Yes. We all like you, and I had no idea you were ‘this way inclined’ either, but I’m glad you are.”

“You have names for your breasts?”

I smiled. “Well, specifically my nipples. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you about it sometime. Now, maybe we should try on our dresses?”

“Oh god. You mean we can’t just go back to your apartment right now?”

I so wanted to, but I also wanted to finish our shopping. “I would like nothing more, but…”

I was surprised when Brittany walked forward and lifted my bra, exposing me once more. “Well, I’m not one to wait,” she said, she cupped my breast with her hands and took Pinky in her mouth and sucked. I felt a gentle scratch from her teeth which sent a huge bolt of passion through me. My nipples are very sensitive when I’m turned on and I swear when they built me they wired in a direct connection to my clit. I was helpless and my legs went weak. I was watching reflections of us in the mirrors and there was something so wonderfully erotic about the sight of this young woman pleasuring me. I felt slightly slutty, but in a good way, at having my bra pushed up and being so wanton.

Clearly sensing my wobbliness, Brittany stopped her ministrations, which sent an ache coursing through my body, and guided me back so that I could sit on the chair in the corner. I sat down.

My automatic guilt reflex kicked in. “Brittany, sweetheart, we can’t do this here. What if someone hears us?”

“Well, we better not make too much noise then, had we?” She replied cheekily.

She knelt down beside me and planted kisses on my nipple again and I just moaned. I felt her hand slide down over the thin material of my knickers, and my legs betrayed me by opening to her touch. I was in heaven and was now completely unaware of anything but her and her touch. My clit was so engorged and I could feel that my panties were very wet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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