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This story is unlike any other stories you have ever read. This is an actual role that me and my boyfriend have done. I have cleaned it up a bit, so there are fewer spelling mistakes. Please do not leave comments on bad grammar and spelling. This is a real instant messenger conversation. Just in case you don’t know, lol = laugh out loud. When there is a set of two paranthesis, likes this ((word)), it’s me and him breaking out of the role. I hope you enjoy the story because it is really good and hot. Thank you!

fucinhigh08: bro sis
fucinhigh08: im feeling dirty

yankees2girl: haha ok, you feeling dom tonight?

fucinhigh08: if your feelin sub

yankees2girl:haha ok

fucinhigh08: nice
fucinhigh08: its tough being mean to you

yankees2girl: im 14, your 18, our parents are out for 3 days and have put you in charge

fucinhigh08: but its fun

yankees2girl: do it, i like it

fucinhigh08: lol
fucinhigh08: i can get mean

yankees2girl: mmm ok

fucinhigh08: ok so set up a scene

yankees2girl: ok, its morning and im already up making breakfast

fucinhigh08: damn your a good lil sis

yankees2girl: ready?

fucinhigh08: i walk into the kitchen and sit at the table((mm good i like bitches, mean ones but ill be meaner))
fucinhigh08: lol
fucinhigh08: “hey sis wsup”

yankees2girl: “hey bro, want some eggs?”

fucinhigh08: “mmm hell ya im fuckin starvin”
fucinhigh08: “what else you got cooking over there, i grab the newspaper and start reading”

yankees2girl: “just some toast”

fucinhigh08: “ya, ill take some, make some bacon or something too”

yankees2girl: “all right” 10 mins later i bring you and myself a plate and sit down

fucinhigh08: “thanks sis” i grab it and start eating the eggs
fucinhigh08: “where’s mom and dad?”

yankees2girl: “dont you remember, they said last nite they were leaving early this morning for their second honeymoon. your in charge”

fucinhigh08: “oh ya thats right….ya they’re dumb leaving me in charge. ill fuck this place up”

yankees2girl: “ya they are” i roll my eyes

fucinhigh08: “what you rollin your eyes at?”

yankees2girl:: “nothing” i continue eating

fucinhigh08: “ya you were. what were you rolling your fucking eyes at”

yankees2girl: “i told you nothing, now drop it”

fucinhigh08: “what fuck you bitch im in charge rember”

yankees2girl: “whoa, look whos the man now”

fucinhigh08: “ya thats right bitch me” i throw down my fork

yankees2girl: i jump in my seat

fucinhigh08: “you better get used to listening to me or its gonna be a long fuckin weekend for you”

yankees2girl: “why what are you gonna do?”

fucinhigh08: “ill beat your fucking ass you little bitch” i walk towards you

yankees2girl: i scoot back in my chair

fucinhigh08: “dont fuckin talk back to me”

yankees2girl: “why not?”

fucinhigh08: “next time you do ill slap the fuck out of you, and you cant cry to mom and dad”
fucinhigh08: ((what you wearing in the scene…im in just shorts i sleep in))

yankees2girl: ((ill be in a tank top, panties, and rolled shorts))

fucinhigh08: ((half tank top showin off your belly))

yankees2girl: i look at you with a little fear “you couldnt hurt me”

fucinhigh08: i walk up to you and say, “you wanna fucking try me….standing over you

yankees2girl: i take a deep breath “sure”

fucinhigh08: “you got it bitch”….i reach back and slap you but not too hard

yankees2girl: i put my hand to where you hit me “how could you…”

fucinhigh08: looking at you evil and smiling….” you fucking asked for it”

yankees2girl: “i didnt think you would”

fucinhigh08: i reach my hand back like im gonna do it again just to see you flinch

yankees2girl: “wats wrong with you today!”

fucinhigh08: “i aint got laid in a while and im frustrated, so dont piss me off”

yankees2girl: “what the hell!”

fucinhigh08: “what”….. as i stand over you

yankees2girl: “…nothing”

fucinhigh08: “thats what i thought bitch”
fucinhigh08: i go and sit and continue eating

yankees2girl: i get up and start to clean off my plate

fucinhigh08: “here take my plate too im done”

yankees2girl: i nod my head and take yours

fucinhigh08: “thats a good bitch”…i slap your ass as you walk away

yankees2girl: “what are you doing, im your sister?!”

fucinhigh08: “i know but your fucking ass is looking good in those shorts sis” ,as i stare at your
tight ass in tiny shorts

yankees2girl: “how can you even think about that?!” i put our dishes in the sink and try to get out of the room as quick as possible

fucinhigh08: i follow you into the living room

yankees2girl: i hear you and i run up the stairs

fucinhigh08: i chase after you up the stairs and grab your leg and trip you on the stairs

yankees2girl: “ow shit” i try to pull out of your grip, whining

fucinhigh08: casino şirketleri i keep pulling….”just come bitch….why you fucking running?”
fucinhigh08: pulling on your leg down the stairs

yankees2girl: “ow ow uhhh stop!”

fucinhigh08: i drag you step by step

yankees2girl: “stop stop ok ill walk!!”

fucinhigh08: i loosen my grip not trusting you
fucinhigh08: “you better not fucking run”

yankees2girl: i sit on the stair rubbing my leg and ass

fucinhigh08: i stare at you as you rub your ass
fucinhigh08: “hey keep doing that” i say as i start to undo my pants

yankees2girl: “ewww” as you start fumbling with your pants i bolt up the stairs, trying to get to my room

fucinhigh08: i chase you up the stairs and towards your room
fucinhigh08: i grab your shirt and try to pull you down

yankees2girl: i hear a rip as i fall to the ground

fucinhigh08: as you fall i fall on top of you and roll you on your back “you aint getting away you lil cock tease so why fight”

yankees2girl: “i…i..cant…breath” i say gaspin for air

fucinhigh08: “once my cock is in your throat you wont be able to breath” i say as i pin you down

yankees2girl: i stare at you my eyes huge

fucinhigh08: “ya thats right your gonna suck your brothers cock. hows that make you feel sis?” i say stayin back at you

yankees2girl: “you wouldnt, even you couldnt do something…that…that wrong”

fucinhigh08: “lol ,thats where your wrong” i say climbing on your chest and pull out my cock from my shorts

yankees2girl: i close my eyes and shut my mouth

fucinhigh08: i slap your cheek

yankees2girl: “ow”

fucinhigh08: “open your fucking eyes bitch look at this cock your about to suck”

yankees2girl: i shake my head no

fucinhigh08: i slap you harder on the head this time…”open your fucking eyes”

yankees2girl: i open my eyes slowly as tears fill them

fucinhigh08: “awwwwwwwww you crying lil girl”
fucinhigh08: i stroke my cock in front of your facce
fucinhigh08: i wipe my dick on your face as you start to cry

yankees2girl: “stop, stop!”

fucinhigh08: “what are you crazy i aint stopping for nothing, i aint stopping til your mouth is filled up with my cum”

fucinhigh08: i start slapping your cheek with my dick as i play with it

yankees2girl: i squirm underneath you

fucinhigh08: i press down harder on your shoulders with my kness
fucinhigh08: “stop movin you lil bitch”
fucinhigh08: i grab your cheecks and tell you to open your mouth

yankees2girl: you force my mouth open “ahhhh”

fucinhigh08: “stick out your tounge”
fucinhigh08: as i squeeze harder

yankees2girl: i stick out my tongue

fucinhigh08: i take my cock and rub it on your tounge
fucinhigh08: “hows your brothers cock taste” i say laughin as i wipe it all over your tounge

yankees2girl: tears roll down my face

fucinhigh08: “lol i knew u liked it”
fucinhigh08: i start movin my hips and going in and out of your mouth with your tounge still sticking out

yankees2girl: i scream with your cock in my mouth, trying to kick you, but no luck

fucinhigh08: laughing i fuck your mouth harder and harder, “you like sucking your brothers cock dont you,lol”

yankees2girl: i start gaging on your cock

fucinhigh08: mmmmm as you gag i start fucking harder and deeper making you gag more

yankees2girl: i start crying hard and i bite on your cock kinda hard

fucinhigh08: i pull my cock out and slap the fuck out of you
fucinhigh08: “dont ever bite my cock you little slut, you got that”…as drool pours from your mouth, you still gagging

yankees2girl: i spit in your face

fucinhigh08: i wipe it off and lick it then put some of it on my cock and start stroking it
fucinhigh08: “you lil fucking bitch”
fucinhigh08: i spit back twice as much right in your face

yankees2girl: i spit out what landed in my mouth and blink my eyes to get it away

fucinhigh08: ((i wanted to spit on you earlier but i didnt know if it was cool,lol))
fucinhigh08: i wipe my cock over the spit thats left on your face

yankees2girl: i close my eyes in disgust

fucinhigh08: i shove my dick between your lips tellin you to open up

yankees2girl: i open slowly

fucinhigh08: “mmmm thats a good sis” i say smilin
fucinhigh08: i move my cock in your mouth and down your throat slowly letting you feel it as it goes down

yankees2girl: i dont gag on it this time, and i know you can see a buldge in my throat

fucinhigh08: ((mmm thats hott))
fucinhigh08: i leave it deep pull back just a little and shove it back in

yankees2girl: i struggle for air

fucinhigh08: i start fucking you like that

yankees2girl: squirming around

fucinhigh08: i reach back and start rubbing your pussy through your shorts

yankees2girl: i cant help but moan with your cock deep in my throat

fucinhigh08: noticing you moan i rub your pussy hard and fuck your throat deep and hard
fucinhigh08: casino firmaları “see sis i knew you were a little fucking slut”

yankees2girl: i start coughing

fucinhigh08: i keep fucking…as i take your hand and tell you to squeeze my balls
fucinhigh08: my hand down your shorts now

yankees2girl: i start playin with your balls hoping youll let me breath soon and i moan louder

fucinhigh08: i pull it out and jerk it on your face letting you get air

yankees2girl: i take a deep breath

fucinhigh08: “now hows your brothers cock taste sis”…as i rub your clit and try to reach a finger down to stick in your very wet pussy

yankees2girl: i soft moan escapes my lips as i close my eyes

fucinhigh08: i put the finger in and rub your clit harder
fucinhigh08: watching your face ..seein you love it

yankees2girl: “ooooohhh”

fucinhigh08: “you like that sis”
fucinhigh08: as i finger fuck it good now
fucinhigh08: my cock still resting on your face

yankees2girl: “mmmmm ooooohhh uhhhhh” i start scratching at your thighs as i get ready to cum

fucinhigh08: “mmmmmmm” i really start fucking with your clit hard and i stick two more fingers in …not even paying attention to my cock sitting on your face

yankees2girl: i cum hard all over your hands

fucinhigh08: mmm still rubbing i move foward a little and put my balls right over your mouth

yankees2girl: still breathing hard, i open my eyes

fucinhigh08: “gonna just fucking stare or you gonna eat my balls bitch”
fucinhigh08: still rubbing your sore little clit

yankees2girl: i moan again and take your balls in my mouth and start sucking on them and grating my teeth on them

fucinhigh08: “mmmmm ya sis you know how to suck balls…. you done this before….and dont
fucking lie to me”…..i start rubbing your clit fast as hell

yankees2girl: i shake my head no

fucinhigh08: “well your doin a good fucking job”, i start jerking my cock as you suck hard on my
fucinhigh08: “mmmmu fuckin little slut, mmm it feels so good” before you know it i cover your face in cum

yankees2girl: i cant help but look up at you and smile

fucinhigh08: “mmmm see i knew you liked it sis”
fucinhigh08: i lean down kiss you
fucinhigh08: i tell you to get up and go in your room so i can fuck that tight little pussy of yours

yankees2girl: a little hesitant, i stand up, my knees still weak
yankees2girl: i walk into my room with my cum dripping down my thighs, i wipe your cum off of my face

fucinhigh08: as we walk i see you wipe ur face and i tell you to lick it off your hand

yankees2girl: i nod my head and lick it all off

fucinhigh08: “good little girl”…as i slap your ass
fucinhigh08: we get in your room and i tell you to take off your shorts

yankees2girl: i look around a little worried

fucinhigh08: “its ok sis, my cum is on you and you just sucked my cock, i aint gonna tell, you know your little pusssy is wet” i say looking down at the cum runing down your thigh

yankees2girl: “ya, but isnt that…too far?”

fucinhigh08: “fuck no” i say with no shorts on stroking my cock,…”im horny .. your horny…so fuck it..i wont tell if you wont”

yankees2girl: “but…i mean…what if i get…ive never…think about this”

fucinhigh08: i walk closer …. “fuck all that shit…..lets just fuck….now take off those little fucking cock teasing shorts so i can shove my cock into your tight little wet pussy”

yankees2girl: i still look worried while i take off my shorts and panties

fucinhigh08: mmm noticing you have a thong on…..”mmmm damn sis you wear thongs?”

yankees2girl: “uh..yea”

fucinhigh08: “get on the bed and get on all fours and stick your ass in the air”

yankees2girl: “im still not sure”

fucinhigh08: “just fuckin do it”….i push you on the bed

yankees2girl: i get on my hands and knees and do wat you say

fucinhigh08: i get behind you and start rubbing my cock on your tight little pussy and tight ass

yankees2girl: i whimper

fucinhigh08: “you scared you little bitch” i say grabbing your hair

yankees2girl: “yes!”

fucinhigh08: i shove it in no warnin still holdin your hair

yankees2girl: “ahhhhhhhhh im a virgin!!” i scream

fucinhigh08: i start fuckin you hard….”not no more you aint”

yankees2girl: i start crying from the pain and i can barely stay up

fucinhigh08: holding you up i slam your little pussy, i start fingering your ass

yankees2girl: “oooohhh shit” i cum again as i feel your fingers in my ass

fucinhigh08: ((mmm you like that huh))

yankees2girl: ((hell yea))

fucinhigh08: feeling you cover my cock in cum i stick another finger in your ass now theres three
fucinhigh08: ((thats my little girl lol))
fucinhigh08: ((are you playin with your ass))

yankees2girl: ((not yet))

fucinhigh08: i slam harder knowing you just came again and i fuck your ass hard with my fingers tell you to scream for me

fucinhigh08: ((well you should güvenilir casino lol))

yankees2girl: “OH…BRO..FUCK ME….HARD!!” i say between laboured breaths

fucinhigh08: i pull out of your pussy and rub my cock on your ass
fucinhigh08: “you ready for my cock in your ass sis” i say reaching down rubbing your soaked pussy

yankees2girl: i shake my head “no no too big!”

fucinhigh08: “well too fucking bad”….i put in just the head and move it around

yankees2girl: i feel my ass close around on it and more tears flow down my face

fucinhigh08: i grab your hips and slam my cock in your tight ass


fucinhigh08: ((mmmmm))

yankees2girl: i collapse

fucinhigh08: following you down i continue to slam your ass with you flat on the bed

yankees2girl: “ahhh shit shit oooohh it feels like your fucking ripping me in half”

fucinhigh08: mmmmm i moan loud as you screan yell those things … i grab you by the forehead and slam harder in your ass

fucinhigh08: “im gonna fucking tear you in half” i say in your ear

yankees2girl: i whine as you fuck me hard

fucinhigh08: “ya keep whining you little bitch” i pound your ass..pulling it almost all the way out and slaming it back in as deep as it will go

yankees2girl: ((oh my god ive lost count of how many times ive cummed))

fucinhigh08: ((lol im on 3 ,for real))

yankees2girl: i reach down under me and start rubbing my clit
yankees2girl: ((damnnn))

fucinhigh08: ((my balls hurt but im stiil fucking horny and i want to cum again))

yankees2girl: ((haha nice))

fucinhigh08: mmmmmm as you rub your clit and grind it on the bed i slam your ass and grab your nipple

yankees2girl: “ahhhhh im cummmmmming aggainn”

fucinhigh08: mmm as you yell that i try and stick 2 fingers in your ass with my cock

yankees2girl: “oooooohhhhhhhhh” i feel myself cum and i feel it dripping on my pussy

fucinhigh08: as your pussy gets soaked and sloppy you rub it harder as i still pound your ass
now have 2 fingers in there too

fucinhigh08: you reach back with your other hand and try sticking more fingers in your ass

yankees2girl: i try to fit 2 more in screaming as i do so

fucinhigh08: mmmm “ya rip your ass open sis” i say as i fuck your ass hard watching you try to open your ass more

yankees2girl: “oooowwww it hurtsss” i say leaving my fingers there

fucinhigh08: mmm((your so hot))
fucinhigh08: feelin your fingers against my cock i fill your ass with cum as you pound in and out

yankees2girl: “mmmmm” i feel you fill me up and i take my fingers out
yankees2girl: ((ive never cummed this much))

fucinhigh08: ((it so fuckin hott,lol i know))
fucinhigh08: as you take your fingers out you stick them in your mouth dyin to taste my cum

yankees2girl: i lick it off and stick my hand back for more

fucinhigh08: my cock covered in my cum i stick it in your soakin wet little pussy as you try and fist your ass

yankees2girl: i scrunch up my fist and get my fingers in to my second knuckle

fucinhigh08: ((you really can do that right lol))

yankees2girl: ((havent tried with my ass, my pussy i can get it to my second knuckle))

fucinhigh08: ((oh thats what it was pussy..damn thats hot.. your whole hand to your second knuckle))

yankees2girl: ((ya its a little hard))

fucinhigh08: i fuck the hell out of your little wet pussy as i watch you try to tear your ass open and you screaming load

fucinhigh08: ((lol ya its hot))

yankees2girl: i use my other hand to push in farther

fucinhigh08: i also push a little tryin to help…….”ya sis get it in there”…as i slam your pussy

yankees2girl: i scream loud as i finally get it in

fucinhigh08: mmmmmm i ram my cock as deeep as it will go as you get ur whole hand in your ass
fucinhigh08: i spit on it for you to

yankees2girl: “oooohhh fuck” i start to move my hand in and out

fucinhigh08: i reach down and fuck with your clit as i slam your pussy……”ya sis fuck that ass show your brother what a slut you are” i spit on your ass again

yankees2girl: i use your spit as lube and fuck myself harder “uhhhhhh mmmmmm ohhhhh fuck yea”

fucinhigh08: i slide a finger i with your fist as i spit on it again

yankees2girl: “ohhhh shit”

fucinhigh08: i pound your pussy…….” you want more sis?” as i work in another one
fucinhigh08: in your tight little ass

yankees2girl: “oooooo fuck tooo mucchchh”

fucinhigh08: “you know you like it” i say as i follow my two fingers with your fist going in and out
fucinhigh08: “you fuckin love it dont you sis”

yankees2girl: i nod my head feelin a little dizzy

fucinhigh08: “ya i knew you would i slam my two fingers hard and fuck your little pussy fast and hard
fucinhigh08: ((i cant belive im going to cum again))

yankees2girl: ((holy shit))
yankees2girl: “mmmmm uhhhhh bro, im gonna fucking pass out”

fucinhigh08: “if you pass out im still fucking you bitch” i say as i wiggle one finger back in your ass

I hope you liked the second one. I have more to come!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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