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Mike and Mark were twin brothers. Their bodies are as different as can be. Mark is broader and has more muscles and is taller. Mike was short and did have some outline of muscles, although not that much definition. Mark was also more athletic and Mike was smarter.

Mark didn’t want Mike to be frail so they signed up for a gym membership and went often. One day they stayed a little too late and had to shower in the gym showers. Mark and Mike had never seen each other naked at this day and age of 18. Doing so seemed a bit weird.

When they entered the locker room, there was an eerie silence in there that seemed no one was in there. And it was true, everyone who had used the locker room had left and it was just Mike and Mark in there.

Mark started to undress without much thought. But Mike had a secret. He had a secret crush on his younger brother by 2 minutes, and when he was undressing Mike felt his cock start to rise. Something about Mark’s toned smooth arms, and his tight ass made Mike all excited. He knew this was wrong but he had always wanted to see his brother’s cock.

As Mark pulled his boxers down to reveal his jaw dropping cock. Even though they were brothers Mark’s girth was much larger than Mike’s.

Mike had trouble looking away. Finally he caught himself staring in time before Mark realized this.

Now the bulge growing in Mike’s pants started to really stiffen. Mike said, “Hey, are you going to change or what we got to get going casino şirketleri in a little bit.”

Mike said, “what. Oh yea ill meet you in the shower room in a sec.”

With that Mark left and with his long cock bounced and forth as his sac swayed from side to side.

Now Mike’s cock was stiff as it’s ever been. He watched his brother’s ass as he left the lockers. Mike was relieved and finally stood up to undress trying to wipe the sight of his brother’s dick, balls, and ass from his mind. There was no use and his hard on was still there.

He grabbed a towel to go and brave the open showers, his cock fully erect and sticking out.

As he stepped into the tiled room he saw his brother look up with wide eyes and smiled at Mike, who turned and tried to hide his erection. There was no use and Mark giggled and said, “a little excited their champ.”

Mike blushed and turned away in embarrassment. No one had seen his own bits and pieces beside himself. And when Mark saw it erect he got even more excited.

Mark got a little excited, himself, from Mike staring at him and he was getting hard.

When fully erect, Mark’s grew to 8″ of hard cut cock. It looked even bigger tonight because Mark had just shaved his pubs the other day. Mike’s cock fully erect only stood at 6″ and was too cut and shaved, but his cock was much thicker than his brother’s.

When Mike looked over at Mark he came up to see his brother staring at him too. casino firmaları So Mike decided to take the initiative, and went over to Mark and started to caress his bothers whole body.

Mark just stood there in astonishment and didn’t say a word. He just stood there and didn’t fight it or accept it.

Soon Mike’s hands found Mark’s tight butt, and he popped a finger in his tight virgin hole. Mark let out a yelp and quickly removed the finer. But something about it made him feel alive. So he told Mike “do it again you sexy beast.” And kissed his brother right on lips.

This sent Mike into ecstatic. He decided not only to put one finer in, but he put three fingers in. Mark let out a loud groan and pulled away from Mike’s lips. He had never had something shoved up his ass, but he had enjoyed this.

Mike started to stick his fingers in and out of his brother’s ass, and as he did that Mark started meet each thrust with a simple push back of his hips. As the rhythm started to get faster Mark was groaning louder and louder. He knew this was wrong but he didn’t fight it one bit. He actually accepted it and began to play along.

With their dongs both touching each other, Mark grabbed hold of Mike’s cock and began to jerk it.

But when Mike released his fingers from his brother’s ass, his brother went down on both knees and started to lick his brother’s hard cock. Starting off by taking in his balls he worked his way up the shaft to güvenilir casino the head were he inserted the cock into his mouth.

Mike’s cock tasted like salt and sweat, but for some bizarre reason, this turned Mark on and he started to go faster. But then he felt something grab hold of his hair and push his head deeper into the cock. Soon he had Mike’s whole cock in his mouth touching the back of his throat. And pretty soon his mouth was filled with a warm salty liquid that he openly swallowed. Mike spat out Mike’s cock and licked up all the cum off his shaft and balls.

After cleaning up all the cum, Mark was pushed down tot hi tile floor and rolled over so he was now on all fours. Mark anticipating what was going to happen next braced himself for the inserting of Mike’s thick juicy cock. When he felt the massive thing enter him, he yelped in ecstasy. Now this was the largest thing ever shoved up his ass. He moaned and groaned for “more” or “harder.”

Soon enough Mark got what he wished for and Mile started to pound his meat into his brother’s ass as hard as he could. Mike couldn’t take any more and with one last hard push let out a sea of hot sticky cum all up in Mark’s ass. Mark yelped a moan of, “yeeeeeesssssss. You dirty motherfucker. Yes.”

They both fell to the floor in exhaustion with Mike’s dick still inserted into Mark’s ass. Mark asked, “Do we have time for me to do you.”

Mike stated, “Sorry, we don’t have any time little bro. We need to get going or mom and dad will start to worry and think some things up.”


Please tell me if you wan to here what happens next and if there are any idea’s you want me to put in the next story. Thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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