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It was late afternoon, sitting in the back of the bus, waiting for my stop. I had sat uncomfortable for the last 10 miles and just wanted this horrendous trip to be over with.

It had been years since I had ridden the bus and this day had been no better than I had expected. First I had to get up at the crack of dawn to catch the damn thing and then of course, it was the bloody milk run as luck would have it. It stopped at every bus depot that ran along the highway and even managed to stop in some towns. I had read the paper for as long as my eyes would remain open and the other time I slept. probably snoring and keeping awake the other passengers.

My car had to go into the shop for its maintenance check up and again as luck would have it, I didn’t have one buddy willing to wake up at 6 am to drive me into the city. I didn’t pressure anyone, but still thought it cheeky, considering how available I was always for everyone.

When we reached San Rafael, the bus stopped at the station long enough for some riders to disembark and for others to board. The drivers even changed. The first driver had been a man in his early fifties with a big belly hanging just under his black belt. He was balding and snorted every time the bus hit a bump in the road. The new driver was a 30ish womyn with long brown hair. She had said “good afternoon” to the riders when she got on and I thought to myself then that she was more than the average driver.

It took a little more than an hour to get to my destination and then another 20 minutes for me to get a cab home. It seems that this particular Wednesday was especially busy for cabs. Another of Murphy’s Laws coming after me.

When I arrived home, I had several phone messages, of which one was from my mechanic telling me the car wouldn’t be ready for at least another 3 days. Well that meant clear through the weekend and most of Monday. Another of Murphy’s still coming after me.

I retired early, after doing some bills and having a small repast. I went for a walk and then came home and showered and went to bed. The next morning I arose again at the ungodly hour of 4:24 am and showered and dressed and made it down the hill just in time for an overly crowded, standing room only bus, to come to a screeching halt before me. It appeared that Charles Mansons’ twin brother was the driver of the day. I squeezed into the near capacity bus and was grateful for deodorants. After another long grueling day with my editor I stopped at the TransBay Terminal to purchase another bus ticket and waited on the ramp for the numbered coach. I saw the driver from the previous day board another bus and wondered what kind of job it would be to haul people around day after day.

While waiting for my bus, I met up with a fellow I used to chef with and he and I began chatting about old times. He suggested that we have a drink together when we got to San adıyaman escort Rafael., I thought that was a good idea. Just then the coach pulled up to the curb and the would be passengers boarded.

As I pushed my ticket into the narrow slot and turned to walk down the aisle, I heard the driver say, “Sir, Sir, excuse me Sir”

My friend Rober tapped me on my shoulder and said she must be talking to me. I turned around and said, “Yes?”

She blushed and apologized. She just wanted to know where I was heading. apparently the womyn in the ticket counter gave me a bus pass for the opposite direction. Having noted that this was in fact the case, the driver said not to worry and waved me on. But it was a bit embarrassing to have held up the bus after she called me sir.

Rober and I laughed a bit about it as we sat chatting in the rear of the bus. When we reached San Rafael, we left the bus through a side door and walked the few blocks to the pub.

It had been a while since I had been there, but still some of my old friends were there, playing pool and drinking. We sat and talked and played some dice, and then the time grew later and I suggested we get dinner and then Piker said just one more drink.

As I made my way to the bar I noticed that the driver of the bus from earlier had come in and was ordering a drink. I stood right next to her surprised that she was in this gay bar. She turned to see me smiling at her and started to apologize for earlier. I told her not to sweat it and she asked if she could at least buy me a drink. I accepted and asked her to join our group. She said ok and followed me over once I ordered the next round for our group.

She introduced herself as Susann and I in turn introduced her to the rest of the group. I had just finished relating to them the incident of the bus when she appeared at the bar. We all had a good laugh.

Susann asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on her motorcycle and before I could answer, Annie M said she wanted a ride. Susann said maybe another time, she wanted to take me for a ride.

Wow, my head suddenly swelled to enormous dimensions, when I saw piker smiling real big at me and giving me the thumbs up gesture.

I said ok and grabbed my jacket and brief case. I bid adieu to my friends and told Annie another time. Suzann placed a twenty dollar bill on the table and told the group, the next round was on her.

When we were outside, she turned to me and said, “Annie is awfully pushy, Isn’t she?”

“Uh, sometimes I guess she is..” I smiled and waited for her to kick start the bike. It was a small sportster with a flaming red tank. She motioned for me to get on and I put my left leg over the bike and situated myself right behind her on the small seat. She had no sissy bar so I had to hang onto her as we rode.

We rode in the opposite direction escort adıyaman of my destination. For a fleeting second, I thought I was going to have a ride home and then dished that idea. When it was clear that we were indeed headed south, I asked her where we were going. She told me ‘Home’. I didn’t press her any further.

We rode down to Sausalito and then up into the hills. Her place was the carriage house of some modern day estate that was hidden in the grand old Cypress trees. There was a shiny black Rolls parked in the circular driveway and a Bentley right alongside of it.

I was first off the bike as she parked it near a tree and motioned for me to follow her. We climbed a set of stairs, maybe 15 of them that led to a loft. She opened the sliding door at the top of the stairs and told me to watch my head. I ducked inside and waited for her to light a candle for our light. the place at once loomed into view. She had Wiccan deities made of wax on many different shelves around the first room that we had entered, and little shrines where rituals probably had been performed.

She asked me if I wanted a drink and I told her water would be fine. I watched as she laid some logs in a hearth at the other end of the room and lit a fire. the flickering shadows on the floor and walls lent itself to visions of sprites and faeries.

When I turned to meet her gaze she took hold of me and kissed me passionately. it came as a surprise to me, but still I kissed her back. She told me she had wanted to kiss me from the first moment she had seen me and I could feel myself blushing in the shadowed room.

I felt as her fingers explored my face, I was somehow frozen in time, it had been so long since someone had said something like that to me. Again she kissed me, this time her tongue bursting into my mouth, wrestling with my own. She sucked my tongue and flicked it with hers. My own hands were holding her close to me, it was as if we had known each other for eons. She said she wanted to make love, and I couldn’t fight the heat. I too, wanted her. I nodded in agreement, and then made my way to her bathroom. I washed my face and then removed my jacket and shirt, folding them neatly and placing them on the hamper. then I stepped out of my slacks and panties and washed myself.

Then I went back out into the other room. there she was standing there without her shirt, still in her bus driving slacks. She came close to me and I heard her say, ” O Baby”, and then I felt her hands touch my breasts. the sudden stirring inside of me became frenzied as her fingers tweaked my nipples. I gasped and slightly bit her lower lip, then pushed my tongue deeply into her mouth.

I felt as her fingers glided down my back, sending chills in every direction, electrifying my clit as they moved.

I took one of her breasts in my hands and caressed the adıyaman escort bayan roundness of it, then stooping to suck her ever hardening nipples. her boobs were small, yet firm and oh so inviting. We were moving, she and I, towards an unknown room. As we made it through a doorway, she eased me backwards slowly till I fell onto a mattress.

She then laid her body down on top of mine, still wearing those bus driving green slacks. I wondered then when she would remove them. I felt as her mouth went from one nipple to the other, lightly kissing then sucking harder and then back to gently flicking. I ached inside, wanting her to fill me. She took her time though, wanting me to beg. She laughed, it was intoxicating and heady. Her voice was raspy and sexy, it took hold of me firmly. I could feel myself twitching.

I started to pull on her pants when she pushed my hand away and said No. This wasn’t for her, it was for me and she would be in control. No one had ever said that to me, no one had ever said no before. She was the proverbial “Stone” that I had heard so much about. It excited and challenged me. But still, I respected what she asked.

I laid myself out before her and she oohed and ahhhed, taking time to caress and fondle. her fingers explored the openness of me, pulling back my lips to reveal the delicate pink pillowed entrance. She marveled at my beauty. I felt myself blushing again, though this was clearly heat like never before. I felt her mouth on my flesh, searing into me, burning wisdom into the greater of my soul, creating a desire so vast and illuminating that the fire swept through me and I arched drenching her in my kind of power. Her tongue played in the continuous wet, bringing me up yet again and then I saw a look come over her, it was arduous and feral.

She pushed her finger deep into me and I gasped again, this time uttering a low moan that came from down in my depths. She twisted her finger and pulled it out and then pushed it back inside of me. each time driving me more wild than the next. when I could stand it no more, I cried out her name and arched high in the wind of a dream like state. the earth moved around me, the wicks from the candles danced in the fire of our heat and I came again and again, over and over while she drank from me.

I wanted to touch her, but she wouldn’t let me and it bothered me. Again she moved with her mouth, mounting my clit softly. It was so tender at this point, I almost protested when she went for me, but her touch was silken and pillowed soft. She ran her tongue up around my clit in circular strokes, pushing the hood back and then letting it go. explosions burst inside of me. I had no idea I could keep going on and on like this, as if the sky had opened up and rained inside of me. This time when my orgasm happened, it was different. I was alive and every fiber of my being danced in the flickering movement. My whole body raised up and then flooded. I heard her cough once while she was drinking and then I heard her laugh again and marvel at how drenched she was from me.

Then she came and laid beside me, her arms wrapped around my middle, holding me. Sleep took us. Me naked. She in her bus driving green slacks…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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