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I jumped into the shower and spent extra attention lathering my cock and balls. I needed to make sure that I washed away all of that dry encrusted cum from last night. It was not easy to do with a metal cage around my organ.

Work was fine but I was still teased by the cage tugging on my nuts. It felt nice. That evening Carrie tried suggesting sex but I was still satisfied from the previous evening so I rejected her. This went on for a few days.

On Friday Jennifer dressed supper sexy and arrived at work in a red sundress. It got me all worked up and by five O’clock I was supper horny again. As soon as the office closed I went straight to the adult book store to try and find some relief.

I sat in the same booth for almost half an hour and just could not stroke myself to orgasm with the damn cage on. It was perfect timing when the cock came through the hole. I was about to go home frustrated but the cock just looked so good! I felt almost as if I was pleasuring myself by pleasuring this cock.

I got on my knees and wrapped my lips around it. Once again, I was amazed at how good it felt. So hard but so velvety soft. I started bobbing up and down on it and the guy came in less than a minute. I was pleased to get the load but sad that it was over so quick. I savored the load in my mouth for as long as I could before swallowing it down.

The guy removed his cock from the hole. Through the hole I could see him pulling up his pants and leaving. Immediately after he left a big black man entered. I was curious, so I stayed and watched and he pulled down his pants and just walked right over to the hole!

His cock was flaccid but even in this state it was about 5 inches long! I grabbed it with my hand and inspected it closely. It had a rich ebony color and nicely shaped head. Thankfully it was cut so I could see everything.

“Get to work Boy!” I heard him command.

The way he said it with his masterly intonation, like I was some kind of servant totally humiliated me. I felt a churning of shame deep inside my stomach that seemed to be connected directly to my cock. It turned me on so much!

I put just the head into my mouth. I was so turned on! I still had the taste from the previous guy’s load in my mouth and now I could taste this black guy’s musky flavor! I worked my tongue around his head and felt him stiffen in my mouth! How exciting! I was making this awesome specimen of manhood hard! I felt so proud of myself.

This cock was so much larger than the previous one that it really stretched my mouth. I told the guy that my mouth was starting to hurt about 5 minutes into the blow job.

“Well then, why don’t you lick my nuts? If your mouth hurts.” He stated as he scooted up and put his whole nut sac through the hole.

This taksim escort made sense and I started licking his nut sac. It was soft and rough at the same time. I liked it and licking it let my jaw rest. As soon as the aching went away I went back to sucking his cock. This cock was so long that it was hitting the back of my throat. I could tell he was loving it because every time his head would hit the back of my throat he would moan! I alternated between sucking his cock and licking his nuts for over 15 minutes before he erupted into my mouth!

By erupted, I mean I could feel the force of it! It almost shot down my throat without me having to swallow! Wave after wave came out and my mouth was full. I swallowed and continued sucking and was rewarded with a few more spurts! These I swished around my mouth savoring as he pulled up his pants and left.

I waited in the booth another 15 minutes but no one else arrived. I scooped up all my dripping precum ate it and left for home.

Always the good home keeper Carrie had dinner ready not long after I arrived home. She kept smiling at me and I knew that I would be servicing her tonight. I felt revulsion at the thought of having sex with her fat folds after having fantasized about Jennifer in her sexy red sundress all day. Once again, I felt that churning humiliating shame deep in the pit of my stomach and my cock started swelling in its cage.

I started thinking about it and realized that I was being turned on by the humiliation. I thought, what does society consider more humiliating for a man than kneeling on a dirty seedy floor sucking off another man. I thought about how humiliating it was during high school and college when your buddies found out that you fucked a fat girl. They used to call it hogging. I would have never been caught dead walking around in public with a fat woman like my wife. The only thing more humiliating that I had experienced was the way that black man had ordered me to suck his cock, and it got me totally horny!

Carrie made me clean up after dinner. I was as hard as I could get in my cage while stacking the dishwasher, wiping down the table and sweeping the floor. By the end of my chores the precum had leaked completely through my underwear and the front of my dress pants. When I went into the bathroom to change I noticed that Carrie was showered and in a nice dress and all perfumed up.

“What’s up Carrie? I asked.

“Change and put some cologne on.” She said, “We are going out on a date tonight.”

About half an hour later the doorbell rang and it was her friend Michelle and her husband Glen.

Michelle is about as hot as Jennifer. She is two years younger than Carrie about half a foot taller and slim. She is very self-confident and oozes authority. Over kadıköy escort the years I had never grown tired of ogling Michelle’s fake pert boobs. Glen is a dweeb but he makes a lot of money at his family business. I was always so jealous of him, such a dork, having such a hot wife. I could easily kick his ass I thought.

Carrie told me that we were going to go to the mall to watch Fifty Shades of Grey. It was going to be a double date. She then asked me to get our guests drinks as she finished up her hair.

As I poured a scotch for Glen and white wine for Michelle, Michelle caught me alone in the kitchen and whispered to me that I had better be a perfect gentleman and supper nice to Carrie after what I had done to her. She knew! I was humiliated beyond belief! For the first time I was happy for the cage because my cock instantly swelled and would have shown. I guess Michelle could sense my humiliation because she then grabbed my crotch and said, “Who do you think came up with this idea?”

I was shocked and swigged a hefty gulp of scotch strait from the bottle after she took the drinks and walked back into the living room. I also thought about how her humiliating me made my cock stiffen, as much as it could, in its cage.

We got to the mall about twenty minutes before the film started so we walked around window shopping. Carrie held my hand at first but then wrapped her arm around my waist and rested her head on my shoulder. This forced me to also wrap my arm around her fat waist. I could almost feel all the stares of the other mall goes, especially the teenagers. “What the fuck is that good looking athletic man doing with such a fat wife?”

I could sense all the young teenage boys laughing about my predicament and my cock almost busted the cage it was so hard!

The movie was fine. Carrie held my hand or grabbed my thigh throughout. Afterward we went out to a classy bar for a few drinks. When we got to the bar Carrie and Michelle went to powder their noses and left Glen and I to get drinks.

While we were waiting for the bartender Glen stated with a smirk, “I hear that you have been caged.”

I almost fainted I was so shamed! Here was this small dorky guy laughing at my predicament. My cock immediately swelled. I wanted to punch Glen right in the teeth.

Glen ordered the drinks and I stewed and analyzed the situation.

After bringing the drinks to a booth Glen handed me a double scotch and confided, “Welcome to the family! I have been caged almost two years now.”

I was floored and realized that he wasn’t laughing at me earlier. I think that after years of me brushing him off and never bonding with him he was trying to finally bond with me.

He told me that almost two years ago Michelle halkalı escort bayan had caught him getting a blowjob from his secretary and gave him the same ultimatum that Carrie had given me. Be caged or divorced!

“Why the hell would you cheat on Michelle?” I asked him incredulously? “She is beautiful!”

“Well,” He answered, “She was just always so much better than me that I felt that I did not deserve her, so I started paying my secretary extra money to have sex with me. Rosy is shorter than me, chubby and just so average that I felt like a man and just loved being with her. I never felt pressured to perform with Rosy.”

“We should have just switched wives!” I told him jokingly.

“I would love a woman like Carrie!” Glen replied. “I was intimidated by her when Michelle started hanging out with her early in the marriage before the kids came. She was just so beautiful. But after the kids came and all her weight gain, she just got sexier and sexier in my opinion. I know that a woman like her would love me for me and that I would never feel pressured to perform like a superman with her. It is almost impossible to please Michelle!”

When the girls got back we made small talk for half an hour enjoying our drinks. The ride home is where it got interesting!

As Glen was driving an Michelle was sitting in the passenger seat, Carrie started fondling and necking me in the back seat. I was embarrassed and tried to play it off, but she just got more aggressive. It was not long before Michelle told glen to find a secluded place park. When he did Michelle commanded Carrie to give it to me good!

Carrie pushed me down onto the back seat and pulled my pants off. I could not believe this was happening with Glen and Michelle watching and egging her on! Soon she pulled my underwear off too and I was humiliated beyond belief when Michelle stated that I was caged like I deserved to be. Not for long though. Carrie unlocked me and quickly mounted me. I was shocked. I could not last long and came in less than a minute!

Carrie was pissed when she felt me cum and Michelle Commanded, “He had better clean up all that cum I don’t need it on the leather seats!”

“Do you have any napkins or wet wipes?” Carrie Asked.

“Make him eat you clean!” Michelle admonished. “Glen eats everything that he put into me.”

With that Carrie dismounted and plopped her freshly fucked oozing cunt down on my mouth! I immediately got hard again while eating her. I licked her fleshy folds tasting out mixed juices and was reminded of swallowing loads. I then inserted my tongue into her gash and got a lot out. It was bitter, and I loved it! I forms a seal lips to labia and sucked like a madman getting everything and then I attacked her clit! Carrie collapsed a couple of times, squashing me with all her large girth. My whole world was her cunt and I worshiped it with all my being. When she came she flooded my mouth and chin with her pure unmixed juices and ground my heard between her fat thighs and the leather seat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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