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Please don’t reproduce this copyrighted work without written permission.


Of course all the actors in this script are of legal age.


Thanks again to Bernard Lyons for his editorial insight.


Author’s Note: Kelley, my soulmate, has helped me with this second installment. Love you baby!


My eyes opened reluctantly to the loud, wretched electronic beeping noise my alarm clock was making only inches from my head. God, I believe who ever invented that sound for an alarm clock should be shot.

Normally I’m one of those people who jump out of bed when the alarm sounds. I tend to wake up with a great attitude and I can’t wait to start the day, but this morning I felt totally exhausted from our nocturnal activities, although I still had a smile on my face, along with Sara’s scent. As my bare feet hit the floor I knew I’d probably have to work extra hard to get my seven miles in this morning.

Despite the fatigue I was able to keep that smile on my face. I was experiencing the common phenomena we all suffer through every now and then, the joy of post coital bliss, coupled with extreme fatigue sustained in getting there. Now I was enjoying the bliss part, but later today I suspected the fatigue part would eventually set in and I thought I might become an early evening casualty.

I took a moment to stretch out briefly and then I got dressed in my running attire, which consisted of black nylon jogging shorts and a gray Texas Longhorns tee shirt that was altered like every other tee shirt I own.

I left my room and moved quietly through the house to the front door. I knew that my mother hadn’t come home yet, but I didn’t want to wake our sexy houseguest, who I suspected would probably be a light sleeper in a new environment.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I really wanted to sneak into her room and continue where we left off last night, but I believe that the most important part of a successful seduction is to know when to be aggressive and when not to be aggressive. I’m just guessing here, but six o’clock on a Sunday morning is definitely not prime time to be playful.

I sat on the front lawn and continued my stretching exercises for another twenty minutes and then I started the most dreaded part of my exercise regimen, the sit-ups. It took me a while to build up to two hundred sit-ups a day, but now I can nail those bad boys in about fifteen minutes. It’s not that they’re difficult for me, but that fifteen minute period is probably the most boring thing I do in a day and I just can’t wait to get past them.

There was at least another forty minutes to go before sunrise and I really loved the early mornings in Houston. For the most part it was a bit cooler, which is to say it was not yet in the nineties, and on the weekends it was pretty quiet, with only the occasional vehicle engine barely audible somewhere in the background. So as I lay in the grass knocking out the last of my sit-ups, I was certainly not expecting to hear any voices.

“Hey sleepy head, it’s about time you got that tight, sexy ass outta bed.”

I know it’s only been one day, but I can now say that I’d recognize that adorable Katie Scarlet O’Hara accent anywhere. It took me a moment to gather my wits about me and as I finished my sit-ups I looked around to locate the source of that comment. That’s when I saw Sara jogging past my house at a rather impressive pace.

Well, that explained the incredible body, I thought, as I quickly stood and started after her at a pace that was not too different from the one I’d normally maintain. I don’t know whether she slowed down to allow me to catch her or whether I was just a tad faster, but after about sixty or seventy meters I finally pulled up next to her and I adjusted my pace, as she turned her head and greeted me with an incredibly sexy smile.

I’ve never had a running buddy and I often wondered whether I’d even want one. It’s definitely easier to run without trying to carry on a conversation, but I felt as if I had so much to say to Sara after last night, although for once I actually didn’t know where to begin. Before I could come up with anything that seemed appropriate, she spoke first.

“Last night was very special and I want to thank you,” she began in a slightly labored breath.

I glanced over at her after she said that and I could detect a faint smile on her lips, which also caused me to smile back at her. Then I thought about an appropriate response for several minutes, but nothing too witty seemed to come to me. I started to wonder whether I was more tired than I first thought.

“I hope you could tell that it was very special to me also,” I finally said.

Okay, it wasn’t an immortal passage that will long be remembered in classic literature, but I didn’t have a lot of sleep and my brain was having trouble engaging.

She looked over at me and smiled and we continued running without saying anything. Oh, there was plenty I wanted to say to bedava bahis her, but there were too many things that held me back. I didn’t know whether the sex was just casual for her or whether she would ever want to be intimate again and more importantly, I had no idea about how her husband would ultimately fit into the picture.

Before I realized it we reached and then passed the three and half mile marker where I usually would turn around and head back to complete my seven mile run, but today Sara just kept going strong.

“Sara, how far do you usually run?” I asked a half mile later, trying not to appear too intimidated. I mean after all, I usually did seven miles a day and I never considered myself to be a light weight.

Sara looked over at me and seemed to consider my question for a moment before deciding not to answer me. She just maintained her steady gait without breathing hard and I just hung with her to see how far she’d run.

Somewhere after we passed the three and a half mile mark I decided I would stay with her even if it killed me, but in truth my curiosity was getting the better of me. We were now running in a totally different neighborhood from our own and I really had no clue how far we’d gone. After glancing at Sara for a moment I looked up and took a double-take, as I recognized the woman that was running directly towards us wearing a worn Chi Omega tee shirt.

“Good morning Ms. Peters,” I said with a surprised tone in my voice.

She smiled at me and acknowledged my comment with a quick wave of her hand and then Sara turned and looked over at me.

“Who was that?” she asked, still barely breathing hard.

I turned and looked over my left shoulder and Ms. Peters was already out of sight. “That was Jordan Peters, my anatomy teacher.”

“Well, she’s doing a really great job; next time you’ll have to remind me to thank her,” Sara said, with the cutest smile on her lips.

I thought Sara’s comment was simply priceless and I knew that no matter what I might possibly come up with in response, I couldn’t do it justice, so I just remained silent and accepted the compliment, as I smiled back at her.

Sara finally made a couple left turns and we eventually were headed back towards our street. By the time we got to our houses she started to slow her pace and then after another quarter-mile she began a brisk walk, all the while yours truly was still alongside.

I had no clue how far we ran, but I knew it was a lot farther than seven miles. I also knew there was no way I was going to ask her.

My mother was sitting on the front porch swing drinking a cup of coffee as we finally headed up the steps. I was reasonably sure I still had the energy to make that trip, but to be on the safe side I clung desperately to the hand rail, which I don’t think I used since I was about ten.

“Good morning ladies, how was the run today?” Colleen asked, as she smiled over at us.

“It was actually very pleasant, not too hot or humid. I had to stop at fifteen miles because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of your daughter.” Sara said, smiling over at me.

“Fifteen miles, whoa; that’s more than double . . .”

“How about if we all go inside and I’ll make breakfast for us?” I asked, cutting my mother off as quickly as I could without raising undue suspicion.

Colleen glanced over at me and seemed to immediately sense the reason for my interruption. A moment later she finally smiled at me. Thank god she’s so bright, I thought; I would hate to have to explain all the seemingly unrelated things I do around her on a daily basis.

While Sara showered I showed some initiative and made breakfast consisting of waffles, scrambled eggs, turkey sausages, juice and coffee. Then my mother and I sat down in the kitchen reading the Sunday Houston Chronicle and making small talk, as we waited for Sara to join us.

I was still wearing my jogging attire, but Sara had borrowed some clothes from me and I was anxious to see her come out wearing one of my modified Memorial High School tee shirts exposing a good deal of her tight stomach. I also gave her a pair of cut-off blue jeans that my mother literally threw away on me once because she said I’d be arrested if I was caught wearing them in public and I knew those too would really look great on her.

We heard Sara’s footsteps coming down the hall and I realized I felt a little like a kid on Christmas morning. When Sara stepped into the kitchen I thought I would fall out of my chair. My clothes must have been at least one size too small for her and she looked magnificent in them. I immediately knew if we were alone in the house I would have been all over her. Instead, I incurred the wrath of my mother.

“Damn it, Cat; is that the best you can do for your guest?” she said, but this time there was no mistaking her tone. She was visibly angry at me and even Sara could see it…

“Colleen . . .” Sara said in a near whisper, interrupting her while she was in the process bedava bonus of scolding me.

My mother and I ceased hostilities temporarily and she looked up at our beautiful guest standing behind her chair.

“Please don’t be cross with Cat; I was the one who selected the outfit, not her.”

My mother stared at Sara for a long moment and then returned her gaze to me once again. A moment later she looked back at Sara, who this time simply nodded at her with a half smile, as if confirming her earlier comment. It was an awkward moment for everyone and for an instant I honestly had no idea how it all would end up.

“Sorry Cat, please forgive my outburst,” she said, this time her face softening noticeably.

I just smiled and nodded. I really didn’t know what else to do or say, especially since both Sara and I knew the truth.

Then my mother looked over at Sara, who was still sanding by the chair.

“Sara, I’m so sorry to lose my temper in front of you. Cat and I sometimes don’t see eye-to-eye on her modified wardrobe. I would have been terribly upset if I thought she was . . . well, you know. Anyway, I guess I can see why you selected that outfit, you look absolutely gorgeous in it.”

I smiled at Sara and nodded in agreement. Then I used my hands to motion her into the seat. Then the awkward moment finally seemed to pass and in short order we were eating and joking like we were all one big happy family.

Sara helped me clean the kitchen after we ate and then we headed back over to her house to do some physical work. By the time we entered her house it was already very warm inside and we opened all the windows and used two extension cords to set up a huge oscillating floor fan in the living room, which was only marginally better than nothing at all.

Each time I looked at Sara wearing my clothes I fought the urge to jump her bones. I was experiencing feelings that were totally new to me and I wasn’t sure I even understood them. But despite the uniqueness of those feelings, I remained on my best behavior. I really wanted to make love to her again, but I was too afraid I might appear as the desperate female teenage pursuer with a bad case of raging hormones and then she’d probably never take me seriously again.

At about six o’clock Sara called me into the living room from the garage. It was the first break we had taken since breakfast and I was surprised that nearly everything was put away and most of the furniture seemed to be in a location that seemed to make sense.

“Cat, we’re officially done for the day,” Sara proudly proclaimed. “I want to take you out to dinner tonight. It’s early and I want us to get dressed up so we can enjoy a night out. What do ya’ say?”

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was gonna say when I first heard the offer. I always love getting dressed up to the nines, but the truth was that I would have preferred to have another quiet night alone with Sara. I almost made that suggestion at first, but when I looked into Sara’s eyes it really seemed as if she wanted to take me out and I didn’t want to disappoint her. Wherever is my selfish side when I really need it?

“That sounds great, let’s do it,” I said, marshalling all the enthusiasm I could possibly muster in a ninety-two degree house.

Sara grabbed a small canvas bag and disappeared into her bedroom. She finally came out about ten minutes later and her bag seemed to be filled to capacity. She was also carrying what looked to be a dress on a hanger under a white dry cleaners plastic sheath.

“Oh . . . you really do mean dressed up,” I said, but it was almost more of a question than a statement.

She leaned closer to me and then whispered. “To the teeth; I wanna see you all gussied up girlfriend.”

I smiled at her and nodded. Then we unplugged the fan and headed back over to my house to enjoy the air conditioning and the indoor plumbing.

I showered and sat at my make-up table for several minutes wondering about the image I wanted to create for our first date and then I suddenly wondered whether she even considered it a date or merely her quid pro quo for my assistance the past two days. I realized I’d have to wait to get my answer.

Initially I toyed with the idea of making myself look a lot younger and letting her play the “mommy” role, but I was not sure whether she would even be into that sort of role playing, so I opted for something a bit more traditional. I call it my “walking wet dream” look.

I used large two-inch curlers on my hair to give it a slightly naughty loose curl look and I shaved myself closely everywhere it counted. I had some very pricey cranberry lipstick that I saved for special occasions and I pulled it out and put it on my lips, my nipples and my aerola’s. I put on my gold waist chain and my matching ankle bracelet and then I rifled through my lingerie drawer and found a new pair of black fishnet thigh-highs that I was saving for just such an occasion.

I had a huge wardrobe closet filled with deneme bonusu a treasure trove of dressy outfits and I suddenly knew the one I wanted to wear. I pulled out a black sequined halter cocktail dress that fit like it was made for me. It had a plunging ‘V’ neckline, a drop-waist and a full chiffon skirt, with a handkerchief hemline that fell several inches above my knees. I knew the tops of my stockings could be easily visible when I sat down and I was looking forward to providing Sara with a bit of a show.

I carefully did my eye make-up in three blended shades of maroon and then I painted my finger nails and toe nails in a matching cranberry color. As the polish dried I looked at myself in the full length mirror that was mounted on the inside of my closet door. God, if Sara doesn’t want to fuck me tonight she never will, I thought brandishing my best wicked grin.

When my nails were dry, I squeezed my body into my dress and went into my closet one final time for my shoes. At first I selected my clear Lucite slip-on platforms with the clear tops and the incredibly sexy clear eight inch heels. God, what those shoes do to my legs should be considered illegal and I’ve gotten lucky every single time I’ve worn them.

Yet, as I stepped back to look at myself in the mirror, I had to admit it wasn’t the exact look I was going for tonight. Reluctantly, I decided to save those catch-me, fuck-me heels for another night.

I went back into my closet and finally found what I thought would be perfect tucked all the way in the back. Sitting there, never before worn, were my black five inch dress heels that had a sexy gold spike heel. I won’t go into the entire story about when I got them and why; suffice it to say they would be put to far better use tonight than was ever intended.

Then I slipped them on and stepped back a second time and looked at myself in the mirror once again.

“Fucking perfect!” I said in a low whisper, with a smile.

I stepped out into the hallway and I saw that the door to Sara’s room was still closed, so I walked to the living room and turned on a table lamp by the sofa and then I put my latest Alicia Keyes CD on my mom’s new Sony stereo. Then I sat down and waited for my date.

Another five or maybe even ten minutes later I heard her bedroom door open and close. Then I heard the distinct sound of high heels clicking against the hardwood floor. I realized that I was both nervous and anxious, as I wondered what Sara would be wearing and how she would look. Then she stepped into the living room and the light finally hit her and she nearly took my breath away.

Sara looked like she could have walked off of a magazine cover. Her eyes were done in contrasting shades of purple eyeshadow and her lips were a darker red color than she was wearing yesterday. She wore a black sequin top with a plunging neckline and a black wrap-around skirt with a hemline that fell several inches above the knee. I could also see she was wearing a black pair of five inch dress heels. For nearly a minute we both just froze and stared at each other.

I’m not sure when my heartbeat started to accelerate, but I could feel it racing in my chest as I stared at Sara who was standing not ten feet away from me. Then she slowly walked towards me and stopped and looked down at me on the sofa. I took a deep breath and then I stood and moved closer.

“Can I have this dance?” I whispered to her.

She didn’t respond, but her smile gave her away. I moved two steps closer to cover the remaining distance between us and then I stopped. We stared into each other’s eyes once again, as we stood with our bodies pressed together. Then I placed my arms around her waist and she placed hers around my neck and we moved just a little closer together.

At first we didn’t dance, we just stood there and stared at each other for a minute or two. I almost think we did that without even blinking. Then I pulled her tighter and we started to move very slowly in cadence to Alicia’s sexy voice and I felt my body begin to tingle. I suddenly realized this was the first time in my life I had ever danced with another woman and it felt absolutely wonderful.

We were nearly cheek to cheek and I knew she could now smell me as easily as I could smell her. I moved my mouth towards her ear and I whispered.

“Sara, you look absolutely incredible tonight. I think you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.”

Then I used my teeth to gently bite the edge of her ear, moving from the lobe at her earring, up the outside edge of her ear until I felt her faint shiver in my arms. Then I slowly worked my way back down the ear to her lobe, once again. When I stopped Sara moved her head slightly to face me.

“God Cat, if you keep doing that we’ll never go out to dinner.”

I smiled at her without saying a word, as we kept dancing. I loved feeling her in my arms and I was surprised how well we danced together for the very first time, without awkwardly stepping on each other’s feet.

As I slowly moved my hand down Sara’s back it came to rest directly on her firm ass. As we kept moving to the music, I could feel Sara back ever so slightly into my hand, causing me to smile once again. She obviously enjoyed where my hand was and I could not have been happier.

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