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I met Jamie in a hotel bar while on vacation in Cancun. She was in her mid twenties and dressed in all black. She had several tattoos and piercing which is normally not my type but she was hot as hell. Her dark hair was pulled back in a pony tail. She had dark brown eyes with long thick lashes, a pierced nose, a pierced eyebrow and a pierced tongue. Her black tee shirt was tight and revealed firm b cup tits and a flat tummy which had a pierced naval.

Our eyes met as she walked by me and she smiled. I smiled back and soon she was sitting beside me at the bar talking.

Several drinks later we were on our way back to her room for the most passionate and sexually adventurous night of sex in my life.

We kissed deeply as we rode the elevator up to the tenth floor. Jamie reached into my shorts and stroked my six inch cock before pulling it from the confines of my boxer briefs. She continued to stroke my exposed cock even as the elevator doors opened and I was grateful that no one was standing there when they did. She led me by my exposed cock to her room. She continued to stroke my dick, keeping it hard as she opened the door and pushed me inside.

Jamie dropped to her knees and noisily slurped on my drooling cock. She looked up at me with her dark sexy eyes as her head bobbed over my cock. I could feel the hard steel ball from her tongue piercing as saliva spilled from her mouth and covered my thick rod.

“Grab my hair baby and fuck my mouth,” she pleaded as she took my dick back between her lips.

I grabbed her ponytail and slowly started thrusting my cock into her mouth as she gagged and moaned around my throbbing meat.

“Harder baby,” she begged between thrusts.

I fucked her mouth hard as I held her by her ponytail until I felt my cum begin to boil.

“I’m gonna cum,” I groaned as I passed the point of no return.

Jamie moaned and buried her face in my crotch as my cock began to spasm. She gulped down my first shot and then withdrew keeping just the head between her lips as I filled her mouth with my seed.

Jamie pushed me back on the bed and straddled my waist. Her mouth descended on mine and she pushed her cum coated lips to mine. I tried to pull away but she persisted. Jamie held my face in her hands and forced her tongue into my mouth. My lips reluctantly parted, granting her tongue access to my mouth, and as they did my cum spilled into my mouth. I surrendered to her and returned Jamie’s wet kiss as we shared my seed in a hot passionate kiss. It was the first time I had tasted my cum and it was surprisingly not bad.

Jamie peeled off my clothes as I tore at hers and soon we were naked on her bed. She rose onto her knees and knelt over my waiting mouth.

My mouth watered in anticipation of eating her pussy and I wasn’t disappointed. She lowered her shaved pussy onto my mouth and I thrust my tongue into her hole as she ground hard against my face. My tongue slithered over the slick wet folds of her juicy pussy. Her juices ran down my face as she violently fucked my mouth. Her climax quickly approached but each time it got close she shifted back and ground her tight puckered asshole onto my tongue instead of allowing my tongue to stroke her sensitive clit. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore so she leaned forward giving me unfettered access to her hard swollen clit.

“Put your fingers up my cunt and your thumb up my ass while you lick my clit,” she said breathlessly.

I licked her entire crack and my tongue tickled her sensitive asshole before casino şirketleri I eased my thumb up her ass. I slipped two fingers into her dripping wet pussy and pinched my fingers to my thumb. I rubbed them together through the thin membrane as I began to assault her hard clit with my tongue. Jamie began to shake as the first waves of her climax rolled through her body.

“Just like that,” she panted. “Don’t stop. Faster. God yes. I am cumming”

I continued my assault on her clit until her body exploded and my face was covered with a delicious warm viscous liquid.

Jamie rolled onto her back and pulled me to her and kissed me deeply. Her long tongue thrust into my mouth as her hand grabbed my rapidly rising cock.

“Fuck me baby,” she begged.

I rolled on top of her and thrust my aching hard cock into the wet velvety embrace of her pussy. Our hips thrust together in perfect unison and the sound of slapping flesh filled the room.

“Fuck me doggy style baby,” she said as she pushed me off her.

Jamie got on her hands and knees as I slipped behind her and sank my throbbing torpedo into her liquid core.

“Pull my hair,” she begged.

I grabbed her ponytail and pulled hard as I thrust my dick into her wet hole. Our bodies slapped together as I continued to fuck her hard and fast.

“Put your hands around my throat and choke me,” she pleaded.

I released her hair and put my hands on her neck. I had never choked anyone before and I didn’t know how hard to squeeze. I clamped my strong hands around her neck and squeezed.

“Harder, and keep fucking me baby. I am so close.”

I squeezed harder and thrust my throbbing dick into her as she started to cum. I released her neck as she came. She yelled loudly as her body shook and it pushed me over the edge. I shop ribbons of thick cum into her wet pussy and we both collapsed after our simultaneous climax.

Jamie recovered first and rolled onto her back. She idly fingered her sloppy cum filled pussy then pushed her fingers into my mouth and told me to lick them clean. Maybe it was that I was caught up in the moment. Maybe it was the way her sexy dark eyes lit up as she spoke but I closed my eyes and noisily sucked on her fingers as she pumped them in and out of my mouth. When her fingers were clean she grabbed me by the hair and guided my mouth to her cum filled pussy.

“You seem to like the taste so why don’t you clean up your mess,” she said.

I tentatively stuck my tongue out and flicked it over her clit being careful to stay away from my cum as it drooled from her hole.

“Not there,” she said. “I want you to lick your cream from my pussy and I want you to swallow it all.”

I pressed my lips to her pussy and slurped up a thick gob of cum. It was salty but still pretty good as I swallowed it down. I looked into Jamie’s sexy dark lustful eyes as I sucked down the rest of our combined juices. She pulled me up beside her and kissed me deeply as we shared the product of our lust.

“That was really good,” she said playfully. “Let’s get dressed and go back to the bar. I need another drink.”

Twenty minutes later we were seated at the bar with drinks in our hands. Jamie was more than just a great fuck, she was a really cool chick. Little did I know that our night was just getting started.

A young guy, likely in his early 20’s, sat beside Jamie as we were drinking and soon we were all talking. His name was Josh and he was on vacation with several friends from college. casino firmaları We proceeded to drink for the next few hours and I was pretty drunk when Jamie invited Josh to join us in her room. I was a little nervous but in my drunken state I concluded that a night of firsts was about to include my first threesome and even if the gender of the third party was different than my fantasies, what the fuck.

Jamie pressed her body against mine and kissed me deeply as the three of us rode the elevator to her floor. Then she moved over to Josh and did the same. The whole scene was surreal and despite the fact that I had just met her I felt a pang of jealousy as they kissed.

The elevator door opened and Jamie walked quickly to her room as Josh and I followed like a pair of lost puppies. She quickly opened the door and stepped inside. She pealed her clothes off before the door had even shut and Josh and I quickly followed suit.

Jamie dropped to her knees in front of us and took a cock in each hand. She directed us closer so we were standing shoulder to shoulder facing her. I looked down and watched as she took Josh’s impressive dick into her mouth. His cock was about an inch longer than mine but slightly thinner and Jamie easily slid it down her throat. Her head bobbed over his cock as she moaned around his shaft. It was obvious that Jamie enjoyed giving head.

She took Josh’s wet dick from her mouth and started to suck mine with equal enthusiasm. Jamie continued to alternate between our cocks for a while before standing up and leading us over to the bed. She lay on her back and directed me to lie on top of her as she guided my cock into the warm envelope of her pussy as Josh stepped to the side of the bed and presented his cock to Jamie’s talented mouth.

I began fucking her hard and fast as she sucked Josh’s big dick. The sight of her sucking his cock so close was very erotic. I slammed my cock into her and I felt my climax beginning to boil.

“Switch places,” Jamie panted as she pushed me off.

I climbed off the bed and pointed my dripping wet dick at Jamie’s mouth as Josh climbed on top of her and sank his cock into her wet pussy.

Jamie sucked my cock into her mouth as Josh pounded his hard throbbing cock into her liquid core.

My eyes rolled back and closed as she deep throated my dick until she gagged and backed off. I opened my eyes and looked down. I expected to see Jamie’s pretty face bobbing over my cock but instead I saw both Jamie and Josh licking my throbbing rod. I had never entertained a homosexual thought before that moment and yet as I watched Josh take my dick into his mouth it excited me.

“Suck it baby,” Jamie whispered as Josh sucked my cock. He continued to thrust his pole into Jamie’s wet pussy faster and faster until he grunted around my dick and came inside Jamie.

Jamie’s hips thrust to meet Josh as her hand stroked my throbbing shaft. Josh finished cumming and Jamie pushed him off her. She straddled his face in a tight 69 position and told me to get behind her and fuck her doggy style as Josh licked her pussy.

I slipped behind her fantastic ass and eased my dick into her cum filled cunt. It was warm and wet and felt incredible as I buried my hard dick all the way inside her.

Josh slurped her clit as cum ran from Jamie’s hole onto my balls. I began slowly pumping my dick into her pussy enjoying the wet sloppy just fucked feel of her silky embrace. I paused with my cock buried in Jamie’s pussy and I felt Josh’s tongue licking güvenilir casino my smooth shaved balls. His tongue felt awesome and as I withdrew he licked my cum covered shaft. I continued to slowly fuck Jamie as Josh licked her pussy and my hard dick.

Josh’s talented tongue was everywhere as I continued to fuck Jamie. I sped up my pace as Josh concentrated on Jamie’s hard clit.

Jamie’s climax washed over her sexy body and her pussy rhythmically squeezed my cock as she came. She yelled out in ecstasy as Josh licked her clit. Her fingernails raked down my back and her legs wrapped around my back drawing me deep inside her womb as she came.

Jamie pushed me off her when she finished cumming. She got on her knees over Josh’s mouth and fed him her cum filled cunt as her mouth descended on my aching cock. She licked and teased my dick without letting me cum until Josh had thoroughly cleaned the cum from her well fucked pussy. She grabbed Josh by the hair and directed him to sit beside her. She held my dick in her hands and stroked my shaft as she and Josh took turns sucking my dick.

Jamie slid beneath me and tongue fucked my asshole as Josh expertly sucked my dick. My climax started at my toes and spread upward until I groaned loudly and filled Josh’s mouth with a thick load of creamy cum as Jamie continued to lick my sensitive asshole.

I collapsed on the bed after I came and watched as Jamie and Josh shared my seed in a deep wet kiss.

Jamie reached down and stroked Josh’s cock until it was back at full attention.

“Stay there baby,” she said to me as Josh rolled onto his back. “Turn about is fair play,” she teased as she moved me into position in front of Josh’s hard dick.

I looked at his dick just inches from my face. It was the first time in my life I had looked at a hard dick other than my own. It was not unattractive nor nearly as scary as I expected. Despite my nervous trepidation I was curious. I wondered what it would feel like in my hand and even in my mouth. I wondered what it would taste like.

I reached out and touched it. It was warm and hard but with soft velvety skin.

“Yes,” Jamie hissed as she watched my fear turn to lust.

I was no longer curious. I knew exactly what I wanted. I leaned forward and licked the precum from his hard cock. It was warm and salty; similar to mine but different too. It was almost sweet and I found myself wanting more.

I parted my lips and lowered my mouth over Josh’s turgid member. It felt comfortable in my mouth. My tongue slithered along the underside of his throbbing meat as I took it deep into my mouth. I felt his head touch my back of my throat as he let out a soft moan. I opened my throat and pressed it deeper until my nose was pressed tightly against his musky pubic hair. My eyes watered and I fought my gag reflex as I deep throated his big hard cock.

“Oh god,” Josh moaned as I backed off and noisily slurped his dick.

I closed my eyes and wrapped my hand around his saliva coated shaft. My head bobbed slightly. My hand pumped his throbbing shaft. My mouth sucked on his soft spongy head. I lost myself in the moment. The world around me disappeared as I worked Josh’s cock faster and faster.

I could hear his breathing become labored and I knew he was going to cum soon. I wanted it. My free hand cupped his big soft balls and I buried my face in his pubic mound as he started to cum.

Josh’s cock spasmed in my throat and spit cum down my gullet as I gulped and swallowed it all.

Josh pushed me off his hyper sensitive cock and we all lay on the bed in a tangled exhausted mess.

I dozed off and when I awoke Josh had left and Jamie’s sexy body was pressed against mine.

“Wow, what a night,” I thought as I drifted back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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