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“You know what I don’t like about her,” said Anita, the tall statuesque blonde, “is that she thinks she is better than the rest of us.”

“I’ll second that,” said Carol as she sipped on her wine, while sitting in Anita’s family room.

“Well,” said Cindy the redhead, “I think her problem is that she and her husband don’t have enough sex.”

The three women laughed out loud as Carol said, “Well, to listen to the ice queen, Miss Lisa, she said, ‘women just don’t need sex like men do.'” The three laughed again.

“She always acts so prim and proper,” added Cindy, “I wonder if that woman has ever even had an orgasm?”

“Surely she has had them when she masturbates,” added Carol.

Anita laughed and said, “I don’t believe she would soil her fingers. Too messy. She is such a priss. She is always looking down her nose at us. Like her shit doesn’t stink.” All three women laughed hysterically at that last comment.

As they drank the wine was having its desired effect. “Wouldn’t Miss Priss just shit, if she knew about our bi-sexual games.”

“Oh she’d have a cow,” offered up Cindy.

“But I have a feeling,” added Carol, “that if she ever had an orgasm with us she’d be hooked.” The women laughed again as Anita added, “That would be the day.” Suddenly the room became quiet. The three looked at each other as Cindy said, “How could we do it?”

The three thought for a bit and then Anita said, “I know. You know my husband has that old trunk of magic tricks he used to do when he was back on college. Well, we invite her over and we start doing a few tricks. We all take turns and then I’ll say I need a volunteer to tie up and blind fold for the next trick. When we get Miss Priss tied and blindfolded we carry her into the bedroom, tie her down, and have at her.”

There agrı escort was a long silence and Carol said, “Let’s do it.” The plan was set for next Saturday afternoon when the men would be out golfing.

The men left at one p.m. and Carol and Cindy arrived at Anita’s at one fifteen. They got everything into place and then the doorbell rang at one thirty. In walked the ice queen herself. The four women exchanged greetings and began talking. The wine flowed freely and soon Cindy said, “You know that Junior League Talent Sow is coming up in a month and wouldn’t be fun to do a magic show with your husbands old stuff.”

Anita looked surprised and said, “Great idea! I’ll get the stuff and we can check it out.”

Soon all four women were looking at the tricks. They took turns trying them and even Lisa got involved. Anita looked at the book and read the instructions for the tricks and the other three women did them. After about twenty minutes Anita said, “Here is an escape trick. We start by tying someone hands in front of them. Lisa, let Carol tie your hands.” Lisa shrugged and put her hands out.

Once the ice queen was secured Anita said, “Now the subject is to be blindfolded.” The blindfold was put in place. Anita kept reading as the women got in position and before she knew what was happening the three women pounced on the unsuspecting ice queen. She struggled but the women had her in tow. Suddenly Lisa felt herself being lifted and carried out of the family room. She struggled but it was useless.

Resigned to the silly game her friends were playing, Lisa became rude and sarcastic. Soon she was place on the bed. She felt her hands stretched out and tied over her head and at the same time her legs were tied, spread eagle to escort ağrı the footboard of the bed. “Very funny ladies” Lisa said, “Keep your day jobs.”

Suddenly Lisa felt hands beginning to unbutton her blouse. “What are you doing?” she demanded. She struggled against the ropes but realized there was no way out. When she felt her bra being removed she really struggled and even cursed the three women who just laughed.

“Oh my,” said Anita, “what lovely beasts she has.” With that Carol and Cindy began to fondle Lisa’s 34 B breasts. She struggled and threatened, but again the women laughed. The women stopped and Cindy said, “Why look at her nipples, they are as hard as rocks. I think she is enjoying this.”

With that Cindy leaned over and sucked on Lisa’s left nipple. Carol did the same to Lisa’s right nipple. As the two women nursed there was quiet in the room. It was then that Anita got her sewing shears out and cut Lisa’s shorts and panties off her body. Lisa gasped and struggled as the two women kept nursing.

“MMMMMMMM,” said Anita, “what a lovely pussy she has.” With that Anita reached down with a finger and ran her fingertip the length of Lisa’s slit. She shuddered and Anita laughed. “You know what ladies? The ice queen is damp. I think the lady doth protest too much.”

With that Anita slid her finger into Lisa’s pussy and pressed up. Lisa gasped as the finger probed her g-spot and the other women sucked on her nipples.

“Please stop,” but the others ignored her. They worked feverishly on her body and began to notice that the ice queen was getting aroused. He plump outer lips were puffy and parted, revealing the delicate inner lips. Anita took her other finger and licked it and then traced the delicate inner lips with her index ağrı escort bayan finger. Lisa’s hips bucked slightly and she breathed a long sigh.

The finger pushing up inside her, another finger working on her delicate inner lips and those mouths working on her breasts were pushing her toward orgasm. “Oh my,” exclaimed Anita, “look her clit has come out to play.” With that Anita leaned down and sucked the little bud into her mouth. Lisa’s hips and ass heaved off the bed. She couldn’t believe it. The feelings were so intense.

She tried to retain her composure but it was a losing effort. She was moving slowly yet surely toward a climax. She began to breathe heavy and small grunts escaped her lips. Carol pulled her head away and said, “How does that feeling darling.”

All Lisa could do was moan. Her clit was swollen and hard as a cock at full mast. Then Carol leaned down and kissed her lips. The two women shared a long deep kiss as Lisa’s body moved toward the inevitable.

It was then that Cindy got up and disrobed. She then stood on either side of Lisa’s head and lowered herself down. Carol withdrew her lips and whispered to Lisa.

“Cindy is going to lower her pussy to her lips. If you want to cum, all you have to do is lick. Lick and you will be rewarded with an orgasm. Fail to lick and Anita will stop.”

Lisa didn’t say a word but suddenly she was enveloped with the heat and the aroma of Cindy’s pussy. Then she felt the curls tickle her lips and her mouth parted. She received Cindy’s pussy and began to kiss, lick, and suck Cindy’s female treasure.

The more she licked Cindy the more intense the feeling developed between her legs. Soon the women came to the edge. Cindy ground her pussy into Lisa’s face. Her orgasm overwhelming her. Then Lisa began to cum. Her hips bucking and her thighs drawing together. Her whole body spasmed as she came. Her whole body seemed to be spinning and she couldn’t remember ever feeling so good. When it was over Cindy rolled off of her and the four women just relaxed for a minute.

Part II to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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