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Tony had just slid behind the wheel of his car when he noticed that his boyfriend Wyatt was beginning to unbuckle his belt.

“Um…what are you doing?” Tony asked, shocked but amused just the same. They’d just left a nightclub, and after a good three or so hours of some serious partying, Tony’s adrenaline rush was beginning to wane. He’d only had a couple of drinks (enough to give him a nice buzz, but not enough to impair his driving abilities), but Wyatt couldn’t exactly say the same thing. He wasn’t falling-down drunk, but he was still good and sauced nonetheless, having really partaken of the spirits that night. Tony deduced that this was the reason he appeared to be coming out of his clothes right there on the side of his Subaru.

“Start it up,” Wyatt said. “But keep the headlights off.”

“What the hell…? Wyatt…!”

Wyatt shushed Tony, fumbling for the button on the waist of his pants. His fly came down with a brief zip!, and in an instant the loose-fitting, cream-colored slacks were down around his ankles.

“Holy shit…!” Tony screamed, laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. He was suddenly relieved that the club was in a very large industrial area where not many cars passed by. Fortunately, there was no one within eye shot of where they’d parked, so the sight of his boyfriend coming out of his pants right out in the open was seen only by him.

“What can I say?” Wyatt said, stepping out of his pants and tossing them into the backseat. “I’m feeling kind of frisky tonight.”

“I’ll say,” Tony quipped.

Wyatt had gone commando that night, and as he stood beneath the pale yellow-orange light of a nearby streetlamp, Tony noticed that his 8-inch cut cock was hanging thickly at half-mast. He didn’t know just what Wyatt had planned, but he was definitely eager to find out. Wyatt plopped down into the passenger seat and shut the door, sliding the seat far enough back to give his sturdy 6’2″ frame enough room to stretch.

“Go on. Drive.”

“You’re sitting bare-assed on my leather seat.”

“My ass is clean,” Wyatt laughed, his voice a lazy drawl of lusty drunkenness.

“Wait…don’t tell me you’re gonna leave the shirt on?” Tony said.


“What are you gonna do?”

He looked over at Tony without saying a word, and Tony’s breath caught momentarily because he’d never seen Wyatt stare at him so wantonly. Tony glanced down at Wyatt’s cock, which had gotten even harder, and watched as he gave the palm of his hand a generous lick.

“Drive,” he instructed again.

Tony buckled up, turned the headlights on and slowly pulled away from the curb. He hit the down button on his side to relieve the stuffiness inside the car, lowering his window a few inches. They hadn’t gone half a block when Wyatt began to stroke off with his slicked hand. He closed his eyes and slid down in the seat a bit, the street lights creating shadows that danced across his face as they moved along. He inhaled sharply as his idle hand snaked beneath his shirt to fondle his right nipple. The sight of his big, hunky, blonde boyfriend pleasuring himself in the passenger seat of his car was seriously beginning to turn Tony on. It also angered him that Wyatt was going to make him drive the roughly 30 minutes back to their place with a raging hard-on.

“There’s some danger in what you’re doing, y’know,” Tony remarked, making a quick right onto a street that led out of the industrial area.

“What danger?” Wyatt asked. “The freeway’s deserted this time of night.”

The streets were deserted as well. The four-way traffic light at the edge of the industrial area had gone from yellow to red as they approached it. Tony briefly entertained the notion of gunning through it, but nixed the idea when he spotted the traffic camera across the street.

“What if somebody pulls up beside us?” Tony asked.

“They’d have to be in a truck to see anything.”

“Okay then, what if they’re in a truck?”

“Then I guess they’ll get the thrill of their lives,” Wyatt said, smirking. He was pacing himself, pulling his meat in long, slow strokes. The hand that had been casino şirketleri fondling his nipple slid down to his pubic area, and he rested his index and middle finger on either side of his cock, gently applying pressure. He’d previously told Tony that this technique made his orgasms much more intense, but Tony had never actually seen him do it, not even after he’d pulled out of him to ejaculate when they were making love.

Tony’s cock suddenly jumped beneath the restrictiveness of his jeans. He wondered if Wyatt would let himself come to full orgasm before they reached home, or if he was merely readying himself for a session of marathon fucking later on. Either way, Tony was growing hornier by the second. He shot a quick glance over at the traffic light. Still red.

“Damn,” Tony muttered, immediately noticing a pair of headlights approaching from behind. “Don’t look now, but someone’s coming.”

“A truck?” Wyatt asked.

“No, thank God.”

A cherry red BMW convertible occupied by two women pulled up beside the Subaru on Wyatt’s side-the driver a blonde, the passenger a brunette. Tony had seen the blonde earlier that night in the club, but not her raven-haired friend. Music blared loudly from the convertible’s speakers, making the inside of the Subaru vibrate.

Wyatt remained undeterred by their present company as he continued to stroke himself. It was almost comical to Tony, seeing his boyfriend beating his dick just out of view of two random women who had no clue what was going on right beside them. He figured they’d surely be mortified-or maybe even intrigued-if they knew. Whatever the case, their presence was making Tony increasingly edgy. The blonde placed a cigarette between her lips and struck a match. When the tip of the cigarette glowed, she shook the flame out and tossed the used matchstick from her side of the car. Tony figured she must’ve sensed him watching her, because she turned her head his way and locked eyes with him. She blew a puff a smoke and smiled, and Tony nervously smiled back. She turned to her friend and they both began to giggle.

“They’re on to what you’re doing,” Tony blurted.

Wyatt turned his head to look their way, then turned back and closed his eyes again.

“No they’re not. But, they’re gonna make me lose my hard-on.”

Tony noticed the light change to green in his peripheral and floored the gas pedal, turning left onto the main strip. The Subaru screeched loudly, cutting a swath in the silence of the night.

“Easy there, tiger,” Wyatt said. “You don’t want us to get pulled over.”

“No, you’re right, there,” Tony responded, easing up on the gas. He saw in the rearview mirror that the convertible had turned right and gone in the opposite direction.

“Are they tailing us?” Wyatt asked.

“No, they’re going the other way.”

“Good.” He smiled and shifted in his seat a bit, still beating his cock at a steady pace. With the freeway entrance coming up, Tony got over into the right lane and veered up the ramp that took them onto the 405.

Wyatt had been right when he’d said that the freeway would be deserted this time of night. With the exception of a few sets of headlights behind them and a few more sets of brake lights way ahead, there wasn’t another vehicle within at least a two mile radius. Tony drifted over into the left lane and kept it at a steady 60 mph. Wyatt hit the recline lever on his seat and scooted down at bit, his knees hitting the dashboard with a light thud.

“Are you gonna come right here? In the car?” Tony asked.

Wyatt grinned widely and said, “Relax, Tone. I’m not there…yet.”

He licked his hand again and began to stroke off using the backhanded technique. Tony never much liked that method, as he found it a bit awkward and uncomfortable, but Wyatt appeared to like it just fine given the look of absolute pleasure that was on his face. For a while, Tony didn’t say anything at all. The soft hum of the car moving along the highway provided a calming, almost dreamy soundtrack to the erotic goings-on happening inside the vehicle. Tony’s cock surged again and he shifted in his seat, casino firmaları which caused his jeans to press his erection even more snugly against his left thigh. He slid his hand down to run it over the length of his member, all the while fighting the urge to unzip and join Wyatt in his jack-off session. Just then, another pair of headlights closed in behind them.

“Fuck me,” Tony snapped, glaring at the intruder in his rearview mirror. “Go around, you jackass.”

As if the driver had heard his command, the intruder drifted from behind them and into the right lane. Tony glanced at Wyatt, who was once again unperturbed by the whole deal. The driver sped up and was soon way ahead of them, his brake lights quickly becoming nothing but two red specks in the darkness. Tony assumed he must’ve been driving a little too slowly for the guy’s tastes, which he decided served him right because the whole ordeal had made his boner subside. Just as Tony was about to fire off another expletive at him, Wyatt let out a loud groan.

“You’re there?”

“No…not yet,” Wyatt responded breathlessly. Tony heard a light squishing noise accompanying Wyatt’s stroking and knew that he was leaking pre-cum. Wyatt hissed, bit his lower lip, and slowed his tugging down a bit. Clearly, he wanted this to last.

Two cars entered the freeway from a nearby ramp and one of them drove up ahead while the other became the guys’ new, unwanted company. It was a man, and he was driving with his overhead lamp on while sporadically glancing at a sheet of paper.

“Who the hell uses a map anymore?” Tony asked rhetorically.

“Huh?” Wyatt said.

“Some guy over in the next lane is reading directions and trying to drive at the same time.”

“Maybe he’s lost.”

“Then what the hell is he doing on the freeway at night?”

“Got me,” Wyatt said.

“Funny thing is, what he’s doing isn’t considered half as illegal as what you’re doing.”

“Yeah, and I’m not even driving.”

“Right,” Tony chuckled.

About a half mile up ahead, Tony could make out what appeared to be a cop car parked on the other side of the road. This was confirmed as they got closer and he could see the word POLICE emblazoned across the side of the white vehicle.

“Don’t look now, but we’re about to pass a cop.”

“Oh, goodie,” Wyatt said, lifting his head to glance out of his window. “Why don’t you stop and wave him over?”

“And interrupt his late-night coffee break? I don’t think so.”

Tony cut back to 50 mph and they passed the cop without incident, and he watched in the rearview mirror as the white car faded into the distance. The guy with the map had fallen behind a bit, but still insisted on being their road companion. Willing him with his mind to either pull over or get a flat tire didn’t appear to be working, so Tony continued on with the small talk.

“So…have you ever jerked off while driving?” he asked.

“Unh-uh. You?”

“Nope. Ever jerked-off in public before tonight?”

“Once…in a public restroom stall.”


“Before we met.”

Their highway buddy suddenly cut his overhead lamp and took a nearby exit, leaving them as the only car as far as the eye could see in either direction.

“I’ve thought about it now and then. Even had the urge a few times to do it, but I’ve never had the guts to, y’know, do it. “

“Unh-hunh…”. Tony looked over and saw that Wyatt had begun to jerk his dick at an even more rapid pace. Wyatt arched his back and jutted his pelvis forward, letting out a scream. “Ohhh…shit! Mmmm…f-f-fffuck!!”

He was squirming, his hips thrusting as he ground his ass into the seat. His knees came together and then spread far apart again and he began to stroke harder and faster. He pulled his shirt up until it rested above his pecs, which left him completely naked from the chest down. His body tensed and convulsed. His eyes were sealed tight and his teeth clenched through parted lips-his face a twisted version of its normal self as he sank deeper and deeper into bliss. It took everything within Tony to keep him from pulling over to help Wyatt güvenilir casino finish himself off.

The Subaru swerved slightly as Tony slowed down, his gaze going from Wyatt to the road and back to Wyatt again. Out of nowhere, a car that must’ve been doing at least 80 sped pass them and Tony couldn’t have cared less at that point. Wyatt grabbed Tony’s hand from the steering wheel and placed it on his nuts, which had drawn up so much that Tony could barely feel them beneath the warm, tightened scrotal skin. He massaged the area gently as he guided the car as best as he could with his left hand, slowing down to way below the speed limit. The tip of Wyatt’s cock, saturated with pre-cum, glistened in the dim light emitted by the dashboard. He grabbed it at the base with one hand while ferociously tugging near the engorged head with the other. Tony hastened his massaging as Wyatt’s thighs, moist with sweat, clamped and released his hand as he opened and closed his legs with every other tug. He let out a cry and his head snapped back as he released a thick stream of jizz that hit the ceiling with a loud thump. Tony felt some residual backsplash on his arm, but he knew that most of it had landed on Wyatt’s face because of the slickness that suddenly coated his nose, lips and chin. Tony hurriedly glanced at the road and then back to Wyatt just in time to see another stream fly from his cock. It hit the passenger side window and sluggishly made its way down the glass in a thick, milky white stream. This was almost too much for Tony to bear. He felt hot despite the fact that his window was still cracked. He could feel perspiration dripping down his back, and his brow was peppered with beads of sweat.

Wyatt tugged a good two or three more times and blew again, shooting toward his face but landing on his upper abdomen. By this point, Tony’s own hard-on had fully returned. He could feel pre-cum seeping out, making what he assumed was probably a very noticeable stain on the leg of his jeans.

Wyatt’s groans had become sharp, ragged grunts as he tugged out the last remnants of his massive orgasm. Most of it had made several glistening pools on various parts of his torso while the rest coated his hand. Tony looked ahead just in time to see that they were seconds away from veering off onto a nearby grassy slope and quickly slammed on the brakes.

“Shit!” he screamed, gripping the steering wheel with both hands as they jerked forward. He pressed the button for his window to come completely down, sticking his head out and seeing that the two front tires were on the top of the slope while the rear end of the car was still planted on the shoulder.

“You okay?” Tony asked. Wyatt nodded a quick response, his chest quickly rising and falling with each breath. He sat up straight and let out a shuddering sigh, still pulling on his softening, cum-covered cock.

“See that. You almost got us killed,” Tony joked.

“Yeah, but it was so worth it,” Wyatt said weakly. Tony put the car in reverse and tapped gently on the gas. The car swerved, spitting gravel as they backed up onto the road again where several sets of headlights were quickly gaining on them. Tony glanced back at the oncoming traffic and sped off.

“There’s a rag on the floor behind my seat,” Tony said. Wyatt reached back to grab it, wiping off his face, chest and stomach before swiping at the soiled window. “So what am I supposed to do now?”

“What do you mean?” Wyatt asked.

“Well, now that you’ve gotten off, I’m still stuck with a boner and no way of releasing it for at least another ten minutes.”

“Well, I’m sure I could take care of that if you’d scoot your seat back some.”

“I don’t think so,” Tony laughed.

“Didn’t you say that you’d always wanted to get off in public?”

“Yeah, but driving and getting sucked off isn’t really conducive to avoiding an accident, y’know…”

“Isn’t our exit almost coming up?”


“And isn’t there a gas station with a restroom just off our exit?”

“I think I like where this is going.”

Wyatt leaned over to lick Tony’s ear and said, “Tonight’s the night that you join the ‘I Got Fucked in a Public Place’ club.”

“You mean you’ve still got enough juice left over for me?” Tony asked.

“What do you think?” Wyatt said, placing Tony’s hand on his cock, which had already become rock hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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