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This has been written as a serial. Each chapter contains a unique experience, but the ongoing story builds with each installment. If you start with this chapter, there will be references to previous incidents, and you may be confused.

I recommend you begin with Carnal Maturation Ch 1: Erica


Chapter 5: Moving On


My breakup with Erica went smoother than anticipated. Well, smoother for me. She was a mess — crying through the whole thing, begging me to stay, and making me promise we’d stay friends after eventually admitting it was happening.

I wasn’t sure if she truly wanted to remain friends or if she was just afraid of losing all the people she’d met because they were part of my friend group.

Even Andrea and Sharon were firmly embedded in my friend group, even though they were on the verge of ditching their boyfriends. Soon the three of us would be single and, hopefully, we’d still be able to hang out without it being awkward. It was not clear where the allegiances would lie when the dust cleared.

They might have to choose between Erica and me unless she was truthful about wanting to remain friends. I was skeptical, but I wasn’t going to punish her further just because I didn’t want to date her anymore.

We would figure it out.

There were two immediate negatives to breaking up with Erica when I did: the loss of guaranteed sex and that Melanie was no longer single.

As if by clockwork, Melanie had found a new boyfriend right before I broke up with Erica. I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if I’d been a month quicker to ditch Erica.

Would Melanie have been interested in dating me? We had continued to flirt, and it had been escalating lately, but we had a long history as friends, and it might have been weird to cross that line for her.

For me, I was more than willing to cross over and never come back. I only needed an opening to stay open rather than slamming shut every time I got my hopes up.

Nevertheless, I had a few other options. I hadn’t been friends with Andrea and Sharon for long, but the three of us had grown close. I sensed feelings from both of them toward me, and I was starting to grow fond of each of them.

Sharon was the more attractive of the two, with her strawberry-blonde hair, large breasts, and curvy hips, but she was a little too hippy for me. Not that I minded when she went braless under a flowy shirt, and I got to see her impressive tits wobble to and fro.

I didn’t think I could date her, however, as we disagreed on too many issues, but if she fancied a fling after she dumped Scott, I was all for it.

Although, I wasn’t sure Scott, my longtime friend, would be as thrilled.

Nor would Erica.

“Hey, Gavin,” Sharon said as I answered the phone, “any interest in coming over Sunday before school starts?”

“Just the two of us? What would Scott think?” I said in a mocking tone, but it was a serious question.

“No, Andrea will be there, and I don’t care what Scott thinks anymore. We broke up,” Sharon said, a hint of joy in her voice. “Actually, Andrea dumped Nick as well, so we’re all single now. Which is why I wanted to invite you over. We want to have a bit of a celebration of ditching our bad relationships. You in?”

Why did they invite me and not Erica? Shouldn’t I be hanging out with Scott and Nick? Well, at least Scott, I thought, wondering if Erica had pissed them off as well.

“Sounds good. Should I bring anything?”

“No need. Just bring those comfy abs,” she joked before hanging up.


“What do you want?” I grumbled as I answered the phone.

“I just want to talk,” Erica said. “You said we could remain friends.”

“I did, and I mean it, but it’s only been two days, Erica. Don’t you think we should take more time, like at least until school starts?”

“I know, but I’m so lonely right now, and you’re the only one I can talk to,” Erica pleaded.

“What about Sharon and Andrea? Can’t you talk to them?”

“They’ve got their own stuff going on, and it’s just not the same as with you. I only want to see you for an hour so we can talk things through.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Why don’t you say what you want over the phone?” I replied.

“Please,” Erica begged. “I’m not trying to get back together with you. I need to see you. No one is home, and I’m really fucked up about all this. I feel so alone.”

“Fine. I’ll be there in thirty.”

I didn’t want to go. Even though I’d been the one to initiate the breakup, I needed space. I still had feelings and was afraid I would slip into old patterns if we spent too much time together — especially alone.

On the other hand, I felt responsible for how she was doing because I knew I was still her only close friend. She hung out with Andrea and Sharon but didn’t share much with them. I am sure they would have listened to her, but I understood why she wasn’t comfortable confiding in them about personal matters.

Hell, they’d invited kaçak iddaa me to their post-breakup celebration instead of Erica, so maybe there was more to their divide than I thought.

When I arrived at Erica’s house, it looked like she’d been crying. She gave me a tight hug before leading me to her room. It felt too familiar. We were doing the same thing we’d done before having sex for the last few months. There was now a barrier between us, but I feared it could be easily penetrated.

“What did you want to talk about?” I asked.

“Just hold me for a while,” Erica said, reaching her arms out to me.

Fuck. This isn’t going to end well, I thought as I joined her on the bed.

She snuggled into my arms as I draped them over her. I leaned back and stared at the ceiling as she buried her face in my chest. I wanted to move on, but the prolonged contact provoked a betrayal from my libido.

My dick stirred. Not a lot, but enough to remind me that I found Erica attractive, and all personal issues aside, I would love to keep having sex with her.

If only she wasn’t so needy, I thought. We had such a good thing going, and she had to go and ruin it with feelings and codependence.

It’s not that I had wanted a friend with benefits situation. I was happy being in a relationship, but I couldn’t deal with her constant need for my attention.

As the weeks of our relationship drug on, I’d lost my individual identity and began to operate as a subsidiary of her. Everything I did was either in conjunction with Erica or in reaction to her. I was constantly thinking about how my actions would affect her, even when I knew she wouldn’t care, as the moments she did were too frequent and unpredictable to allow me to relax.

Her insisting I comfort her after our breakup was just another example, but still, I obeyed. I knew it was a poor choice to obey, but I felt bad for how I’d made her feel, and despite knowing I needed to move on, I wanted to make it as comfortable for her as possible.

I could have devastated her by pushing her out of my group of friends. She would have been alone a semester from graduation, which was not the ideal way to finish high school, but I wasn’t that guy. I didn’t want revenge because our relationship didn’t work out. I just wanted to be free to be myself again.

But here I was, cowing to her wishes even after I’d ended things.

I knew I shouldn’t have come over, and once I was in her bed with her arms wrapped around me, I knew I had lost all control.

Erica lifted her head and kissed me. I should have pushed her off me and left, but feeling her body against mine had turned me on, so I kissed her back, our tongues dancing as we held each other tight.

We quickly slipped into our familiar ways and turned to facilitate the kiss and prepare for what we both knew was coming.

It took several minutes before I regained some clarity, pushing her away from me slightly.

“I’m not getting back together with you,” I said, looking her in the eyes.

“I know,” she replied before resuming our kiss.

Well, as long as she knows we aren’t getting back together, then I might as well go with it, I thought with my dick.

Our hands fumbled with our clothes, pulling them off one by one. We’d only been separated a few days, so the hook-up didn’t feel awkward, and things progressed quickly.

Soon we were in our underwear, with me on top, sucking a nipple into my mouth as I fondled her other breast. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my stomach as she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair.

I slid lower, pulling her panties and exposing her damp slit as I prepared to dive in.

There was no stopping after I dipped my tongue between her lips. She tasted slightly bitter, as always, and I knew I would eat her to completion before I fucked her one last time.

I flicked her clit with my tongue as I slid two fingers inside her. She grasped her breasts and released a deep passionate moan. It felt good to be pleasing her, and I was eager to be inside her.

We constantly bickered outside the bedroom and made a terrible couple, but we were good at fucking. It was too bad that we didn’t start as friends with benefits because we could’ve had a lot of fun until we left for college.

That never would’ve happened. Erica would never have slept with me if we weren’t dating, and I would’ve never gained the experience and confidence losing my virginity gave me. It was a bad relationship, but I knew I was better off for experiencing it as long as I could move past it.

That was easier said than done.

“Oh, God. Keep going, suck harder,” Erica called out as she neared orgasm.

Is she going to fuck me if I make her cum? I wondered, thinking if she was only doing this because she was horny, then I might be leaving with blue balls.

“Not yet,” I said, pulling my mouth from her clit. “I want you to cum on my dick.”

I kissed my way up her body, my hard cock smearing pre-cum against her leg as I inched kaçak bahis higher. I paused to give attention to her nipples before making my way to her neck.

I sucked and nipped at her neck, pulling her skin into my mouth, trying to give her a hickey. I had always shied away from this, knowing her parents wouldn’t approve, but I wanted to mark my territory. I wanted to exert control over her.

Erica had invited me over to seduce me. She had wanted this to happen, and I was going to leave a reminder of what she’d done. There were consequences, and while I would regret giving in to her, she would have to see it in the mirror for the next few days.

It was petty and vengeful. Honestly, it was plain stupid. I was punishing a girl for wanting to sleep with me, but I was still angry and confused about why I couldn’t resist giving in, so I took it out on her neck.

To my surprise, she didn’t push me away or ask me to stop. Instead, she moaned deeply and lifted her chin to give me better access. She was getting turned on by my ferocious sucking of her neck.

As my mouth focused on her neck, I slipped my hand to her crotch. I massaged her clit, moving in quick circles, as I built her up again. I wanted to tease her and make her beg for me to fuck her. Erica quickly got the message.

“God, yes. That feels so good, Gavin. I want your cock inside me,” Erica implored.

I grabbed my shaft and positioned it against her moist slit. I wagged it up and down, smearing lubrication against my tip, before pushing inside her. She felt as tight and warm as the first time I fucked her without a condom.

I sank deep, with the walls of her pussy gripping my rod as I began to thrust. I squeezed her breasts with my fingers, digging my nails into her skin just slightly. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues danced.

I fucked her slowly, not wanting to seem too eager to nut and leave.

I positioned my body high against hers, angling my dick to pull against her clit with every thrust. She responded to the stimulation by dragging her nails across my back, leaving trails of red behind them. It wasn’t enough to hurt, but it let me know she liked my efforts and urged me to increase my pace.

I liked making love to her in the missionary position, as I could stare into her eyes and play with her pert tits, but it was not how I enjoyed finishing. To cum, I liked fuck her from behind.

“I want to get on top,” Erica said.

It wasn’t what I desired, but I knew I would last longer with her on top, and it wouldn’t be so bad to prolong this final session. I always enjoyed her being on top, especially the view of her bouncing breasts, but she’d never made me cum.

I grabbed her ass and rolled, ending with her on top and me still inside her. It was a move that seemed to work every other time we tried. She wasted no time pushing against my chest and beginning to ride my cock.

She started by swirling her hips, working my dick in circles as she stared me in the eyes. She had changed since we first met, especially since we’d first slept together. She was more confident, but more importantly, she knew what she wanted.

She wanted me, or at least she wanted my dick. I still couldn’t tell if she was trying to get off or get me back. She’d acknowledged we were not getting back together, but her eyes made me think she had lied.

She wasn’t just horny.

She was obsessed.

I just didn’t know if it was with me or with sex.

Erica leaned forward and kissed me. Her breasts pressed into my chest as she worked her hips. She made short and quick strokes by rotating her hips. It was a movement that I couldn’t do, but it felt fucking amazing.

My mind left all my thought behind and focused on her body. My hands slipped to her ass and gripped a cheek in each palm. My fingers dug in, slipping into her crack and pulling it apart as I helped guide her hips.

Her pussy continued up and down with growing confidence. She’d figured out how far she could pull back without me popping from her. She left only my tip inside her before impaling herself once again.

It was not a usual position for us, and, without prior practice, she began to tire. Her thrusts grew shorter and less frequent, drawing us both from the edge of orgasm.

“Get up,” I ordered before I slipped behind her.

Grabbing her hips, I pushed my cock into her. She was on her hands and knees and swayed as I pushed and pulled her body, timing her movements with my thrusts, no longer holding back.

My hips slammed against her ass with loud slaps. She had enough padding to protect her from the boney points of my hip bones, but she was at the mercy of my cock.

I split her open with each thrust, driving deep as my head reached for her cervix.

She was completely soaked, and I slid in and out with ease. There was so little friction that it was making it hard for me to reach orgasm.

I knew we had to change positions.

I pushed her forward, and she collapsed on the bed, flat on her stomach. illegal bahis I followed her and slipped my hands beneath her. One went to her breast, taking her nipple between my fingers, while the other slipped to her clit.

I straddled her, pushing her legs together, and held her tight while I thrust into her from behind, doing most of the work with my hips. It was a better angle, pressing my cock into the roof of her vagina, giving us more friction and, therefore, more pleasure.

I was getting close, but I wanted to cum with her. I might have been pissed I couldn’t resist her seduction, but I didn’t want to be selfish. I wanted us to both cum.

“Cum for me. I want to feel you clamp down around my cock as I fill you with my cum,” I whispered next to her ear.

“Oh, God, yes,” was all Erica could muster in response as her body began to tense.

She was close. I could feel it. She just needed a little more pressure.

I squeezed her nipple harder and rubbed her clit faster as I began to suck on her neck again. The combination pushed her over the edge.

Her body shuddered beneath me as I thrust in search of my orgasm. When her climax caused her pussy to clench, I was done. I shot load after load into her as I grunted and arched my back with my ass cheeks clenched tight as I delivered my seed to her.

I continued to work on her clit after my thrusts ceased. I was out of cum and out of breath, but I kept urging her on as she continued to jerk beneath me.

“Stop. I can’t… just, stop,” Erica said between gasps for air. “My clit is too sensitive.”

I pulled my hand from beneath her but remained on top as my cock softened inside her. Clarity was returning, and I realized how bad an idea sleeping with Erica had been.

“Wow. I’m going to miss this,” I said, trying to pay a compliment and reaffirm my intention to stay broken up.

“You know, you don’t have to,” Erica said.

I knew where she was taking this and rolled off her, propping myself against the wall.

“We’re not getting back together, Erica. The sex is amazing, but we don’t make a good couple. I warned you before we started that I wasn’t interested in that.”

“I know. I know. I just thought–“

“Erica, stop. I am okay remaining friends, but I think we shouldn’t hang out alone, at least for a while. Okay?”

“Fine,” Erica said, her annoyance apparent. “I guess you should go then.”


“How’s the breakup with Erica going?” Andrea asked with a knowing smile.

“Fine. I guess, besides us hooking up again,” I responded.

“Ha, you dirty dog,” Sharon joked with a wicked smile. “Although, I’m sure it’s hard for you to resist her if she throws herself at you. I just hope you didn’t promise you’d get back together with her.”

I lay on Sharon’s bed, her head resting on my stomach, with the awkward conversation taking place in what had become a comfortable and frequent position.

“No. I told her it didn’t change anything, but I’m not sure she fully absorbed that idea. It was a mistake. I shouldn’t have gone over there in the first place. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking.”

“You were thinking you wanted to comfort someone you care for. Someone that you hurt,” Andrea said. “That doesn’t make you a bad guy. Although, if you truly want to move on, you shouldn’t do it again.”

“I think I’ve got that figured out,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Well, you’re always welcome here,” Sharon said, “although I’m not sure why Erica didn’t ask one of us to talk if she was feeling lonely.”

“Probably because she was just trying to get back together with him,” Andrea interjected. “I think she’s more conniving than we assumed.”

“What went wrong for you two?” I asked, trying to divert the subject from Erica and me.

“Nick went wrong,” Andrea said, sitting alone across the room. “I mean, he’s a great guy, and I really like him, but I don’t think he was attracted to me. He said he was, but he didn’t act like it.”

“Do you think he’s gay?” Sharon asked.

“I don’t think so. I think he’s just inexperienced and scared to take the next step,” Andrea replied.

“Did he know you wanted to go further than kissing?” I asked.

“I think so, but now that you mention it, I never really said anything. I just assumed he’d make the moves like other guys,” Andrea admitted. “Maybe I should’ve taken the initiative.”

“Or, maybe you’re better off without him,” Sharon piped up. “I know I’m better off without Scott. He’s a good guy too, but he’s too caught up in school. I might not be looking for something long-term heading into college, but I at least want to be fucked when I ask,” Sharon said with a nervous laugh.

“Believe me, you can’t survive on sex alone. I learned that the hard way,” I said.

“Maybe if you want a relationship, but if you’re looking for a fuck buddy… ” Sharon trailed off as she readjusted on my torso. “Do you know what I miss? Giving foot massages,” she answered herself.

“Any time you want to repay me for being your pillow, you’re more than welcome to fondle my nasty feet,” I joked.

“They aren’t nasty. Who told you they were nasty?” Sharon asked as she slid to the end of the bed and took one foot in her hand.

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