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I stood and excused my way to the end of the row, heading outside and to the back of the tent where my old friend, Brutus waited, sneering. “She don’t want to see you.”

“I want to hear it from her lips, Brutus. I have to talk to her.”

“I let you talk to her before and look what happened.”

“Brutus, I haven’t talked to her in three years. You know why?” I moved closer to him, risking his anger. “I’ve been working my ass off to make my house and my life perfect for her. So that when she was done with this freak show, she’d have a place to come home to and people to love her.” I grabbed the lapels of his jacket, jerking him closer. “I have to talk to her!”

“Fuck you!”

I sailed through the air and landed some yards away, the flowers flying all over and I opened my eyes to see Lance and Lacey hovering over me, Lance helping me to my feet and Lacey trying to dust me off, mascara-laden tears streaking her cheeks.

“Oh, Steven! I’m so sorry!” I shook my head and raised a hand to massage my aching neck, holding on to Lance as I regained my senses. “Brutus is so overprotective of me … “

“Does he need to be?” I glared at her, suddenly angry and desperately trying to control my emotions. “Why would Brutus not let me by?”

“Maybe because I haven’t heard from you in three years!” We just stared at each other for a long moment and casino şirketleri she reached up, touching my cheek. “I thought you didn’t care any more.”

“Are you kidding?” I knelt in the dirt, not caring that I was possibly ruining my new suit. “My heart was broken when you left. I thought I couldn’t go on for awhile after that.”


“Really.” Lance piped up, gently touching her shoulder. “My brother is head-over-heels in love with you, Lacey. He hasn’t been able to look at anyone else.”

I looked into Lacey’s eyes and fell in love all over again. I just wanted to take her in my arms and show her how much I loved her but the ball was in her court. “You asked me to wait, Lacey,” I whispered, blinking back tears. “And I’m here to take you home.”

“What the hell’s going on?” The barker shouted, striding out and seeing the group of us in the back area.

Lacey ignored him, putting her arms around my neck and holding me tight. “Am I dreaming?”

“No.” I pressed a kiss to the side of her neck, loving the thrill that raced through me when I heard her sigh of pleasure. “I am.”

“Lacey, what the hell are you doing?”

She pulled back and smiled into my eyes. “I’m greeting my boyfriend.”

I laughed and yanked her out of the chair, spinning her around. “You hear that, Brutus?” I glanced at him as I held her tightly. “I’m casino firmaları her boyfriend!”

“Fine! Now get her on the stage!” The barker growled, stalking back toward the tent.

“Do you have another act that can fill in for about fifteen minutes?” He stared at me as if I’d spoken alien words. “Lacey has to clean up first.”

“Yeah, all right.” He spat reluctantly, stomping away.

I gathered Lacey in my arms and briefly passed her to Lance for a brotherly hug. The love and emotion I saw between them made my eyes water and I took her back into my arms. “Go take a seat, bro. I’ll join you in a few.”

Once Lance had trotted off, I carried Lacey back into the tent and pushed the curtain aside that closed her area from the rest of the open space. “What are you doing?”

“I have to make sure that my woman is ready for her event.” I set her on the divan and again knelt, this time, pushing the short skirt up and revealing those sexy stumps. My cock pulsed to life, hardening against the soft polyester of my suit. I let my fingers slide up her thighs, touching the hard keloids that etched her flesh and trembled when I reached the vee of her crotch. She caught my hands and I looked up at her, letting her know that I wasn’t going to stop. She released me and eased back, spreading her hips for me.

I tugged her panties down, slipping them into güvenilir casino my pocket and buried my face in her pussy, sliding my tongue along the tasty crease and drawing a long moan from Lacey. “God, I’ve missed you.” I murmured, licking and biting her thigh. She giggled sweetly, the quickly sobered as my tongue again found the deep pool of her juices. “Fuck my tongue, baby. Let me taste you.”

She grabbed my head and ground against my mouth, rocking back and forth as she worked herself to a mind-blowing orgasm. She came so fast and hard that I thought she’d had a seizure for a moment. I welcomed the grasp of her stumps around my head and grasped her ass, shoving my tongue as deeply into her as I could until she’d stopped twitching, her lovely body coated with a fine sheen of sweat.

“Steven … ”

I helped her sit up and fetched another pair of panties from the drawer, sliding them up over her hips and desperately ignoring the plea of my aching cock. We would have time later to make love. For now, I would have to be satisfied with the sound of her pleasure ringing in my ears and the taste of her juicy, red-haired pussy in my mouth.

“The show must go on, my sweet.”

“Will you … ”

“Lance and I will be in the front row to watch you and when your part is over, we’ll be backstage to take you home.” I lifted her easily and set her into the chair, making sure that she was comfortable. “To our home.”

“Our home.” She whispered softly, touching my cheek.

The barker cleared his throat and pushed the curtain aside, his eyes moving between us. “Showtime, Lacey.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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