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Chapter 8 – Naked at the Nite Club


I am the product.

Bound. In a crate. In a shipping warehouse.

There are hundreds of us, perhaps thousands.

We are boxed and shipped all around the world to buyers seeking our services.

The hum of the vibrator in my cunt keeps me occupied for the long flight to Arabia where I am to become the 49th wife of an emir.

My bar-code is scanned, the forklift picks up the pallet with me and four other girls and its loaded onto the truck full of other pallets all on their way to worldwide destinations.

Just this morning’s orders of a bustling worldwide distribution network.

I have the first of many orgasms I will have during my trip.


As they left the late night clinic’s office in the limo, Linda just wanted to go home and crawl into bed. She was fine, no ejaculate, no semen; which was a relief.

She was still in Tatiana’s coat, the ruined dress was on the other seat of the limo, balled up and forgotten. Tatiana handed her a glass of champagne to calm her nerves. Linda sipped it, but Tatiana made her drink it fast.

Another glass was in her hand. Again Tatiana had her pound it too.

Tatiana made a call as Linda drank a third glass.

On her fourth, Tatiana hung up.

“Vitaly took care of that bastard!”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“How are you Miss Moore.” Said Tatiana coming to sit next to her.

“Better, getting a bit buzzy.”

“Good, because I don’t want this night to end on such a down note. I’d like to head out to a club I know and show you a good time.”

And she leaned in and kissed Linda gently on the cheek.

Unbuttoning the coat and exposing Linda’s naked body underneath. Linda willingly let Tatiana expose her body.

“Thank you for shaving Miss Moore.” Glancing down at her nakedness. Tatiana, kissed her, Linda kissed her back eagerly.

“Do you remember what I said yesterday about tasting?” She said as she kissed Linda’s neck and then licked her way down Linda’s chest.

“…yes…Mistress.” Sarah closed her eyes took one more sip and then put the champagne glass down in the ice bucket.

“What did I say Miss Moore.” And she licked down to Linda’s nipple, taking it in her teeth and biting ever so gently.

“You said…you said…you were looking forward to tasting me Mistress.” Tatiana gave a little nip pulling a squeal out of Linda.

“Yes,” Tatiana continued her licking down Linda’s body, swirled her tongue in Linda’s belly button

“Are you ready for me to taste you Miss Moore?”

“Yes Mistress!”

And Tatiana licked her way over the smoothness of Linda’s pubic mound and down to her clit.

“ohhh, Mistress!”

And Tatiana kissed Linda’s pussy.


Tatiana started to nibble on Linda’s clitoris. She pushed Linda’s legs up and spread them wide. Linda bent her legs at the knees and curled her toes as Tatiana started to eat her pussy. Tatiana leaned over Linda’s Vagina and sucked and licked and kissed until Linda was panting.

Linda gripped the seat leather and screamed loud enough to make the chauffeur hear, “FUCK…Mistress! AAAHHH! Oh oh oh!”

Tatiana pressed on Linda’s legs harder, making the ligament stand out at the tops of her legs as she brought the other woman off in an orgasm. She bit Linda’s clit and held it in her teeth vibrating them as Linda’s eyes rolled back in her head and she came!


Tatiana licked more gently as Linda came back to Earth.


Then she let Linda collapse as she rolled back out from between Linda’s thighs. Linda was jelly as Tatiana sat down again next to her and played with Linda’s nipples as she pulled her phone back out and made another call.

Linda struggled back up to a sitting position; Tatiana brought her close next to her, pulling Linda’s naked form against her as she talked on the phone in her foreign tongue. Linda snuggled up next to her, kissing her neck, playing with her hair, gently rubbing her nakedness against her Mistress. She liked the feeling of Tatiana’s expensive clothes rubbing against her nakedness.

The limo stopped.

“Here we are my pet.”


“At my favorite club, the Executive Suite.”

“I can’t go out there Mistress, I’m naked.”

“No you aren’t Miss Moore, you have my coat, it covers everything well enough, it looks quite…eh… hip actually.”

“But, but, it…I…I’m still naked underneath.”

“Don’t disappoint me Miss Moore, not after all I’ve done for you,” Tatiana reached over to a small compartment on the side of the limo and pulled out her sunglasses; the fashionable mirrored ones.

“Put these on, pretend you are someone else tonight, there won’t be anybody here who knows you.” And with that Tatiana opened the door and pulled the two of them out of the limo. Linda was struggling to button up the coat, despite its moderate aksaray escort length, it only had 2 buttons and this made it difficult to remain covered while doing anything but standing still.

There was a long line outside the dance club, Tatiana bypassed it and walked right up to the bouncer. The big man just took one look at her and let them in; to the protests of all the people in line. Linda noticed as they went by that the line was virtually 100% women.

This was a lesbian dance club. Linda hid behind her sunglasses as they made their way inside.

Tatiana went right out to the dance floor and she and Linda started dancing.

It must have been the combination of the scene, the sunglasses, the champagne, the orgasm, the jacket, the rape and just the overall surrealness of the night but Linda started to dance like she was 19 again. She felt a release as she became a 19 year old brazen lesbian.

She pretended.

[I’m a nineteen year old BRAZEN lesbian!]

Here, now, almost naked, for her lover, her Mistress. She had never felt so right in her whole life. So Linda danced. Not caring about the nakedness, not caring if anyone saw her breasts or ass or pussy. She would have danced completely naked if Tatiana had but asked.

And how Tatiana danced! Linda marveled at her grace. It was the same deadly smoothness she had used on Linda’s rapist. Catlike, dominant, powerful. Linda was awestruck. She would always remember how it felt to be rescued, how it felt to be saved from the brute’s cock.

By Tatiana.

Linda spun and danced and swished into Tatiana’s arms and leaned her head back requesting a kiss from her lover. Tatiana obliged and took the proffered mouth. Linda felt at peace as she gave herself to the redheaded energy.

They danced for an hour before taking a break and made their way back to a back wall, all the tables were taken. Tatiana flagged down a waitress and ordered two Smirnoff drinks. Then she leaned into Sarah and kissed her, pressing her against the wall.

Sarah felt the buttons on her jacked being undone. This corner of the room was very dark, but Linda was very naked.

[I’m nineteen, I’m a lesbian, I’m brazen, I want this, I want her.]

She let Tatiana open her jacket and wrap her arms about her waist. Linda’s naked body pressed against Tatiana’s clothed one again, it felt so good. They kissed. Tatiana’s hands found their way down to Linda’s ass and massaged it.

A cough brought them back to the present. The waitress had brought their drinks. Tatiana leaned back out of the embrace to get hers. Linda briefly thought about covering herself from the waitress but then thought.

[I’m a nineteen year old brazen lesbian.]

And with that she left her long coat open, showing herself to the waitress as she took the proffered drink.

The waitress raised her eyebrows at the show and then moved on. Tatiana took a drink, then set it down again and moved back in on Linda. Kissing her and quickly finding her ass with her hands again. She slid the middle finger of one hand down Linda’s crack to her anus and played with her anal opening some.

Then she pulled back from the kiss, brought her finger out and held it in front of Linda’s mouth.

“Get it wet my pet. As wet as you can.” Linda looked at her through the mirrored shades.

[I’m a nineteen year old BRAZEN lesbian.]

And she took the finger in her mouth looking around her at the other women in the back of the bar as she did. There were other couples kissing in the dark corners, a couple of the other girl’s were looking at her, but there was no big deal being made, they were but one couple of many making out in the back.

She licked and slobbered up Tatiana’s finger as much as she could, she knew where it was going, she had never had anything in her ass, but still her love and lust for Tatiana overrode any hesitation.

“Thank you pet.” Said Tatiana as she took the finger back out of Linda’s mouth and slid it back under the coat and to the back of Linda, quickly finding her anus. She rubbed Linda’s lubrication around the opening and then started to press into her.

As her finger entered her ass she asked Linda, “Are you an anal virgin Miss Moore.” One knuckle deep. She kissed Linda.

“Yesssss Mistress.” Answered Linda as Tatiana penetrated her to the second knuckle.

“Then I shall take your anal cherry.” And she thrust to a third knuckle. “Would you like me to put on my strap-on cock and take your anal cherry and make you mine Miss Moore?”

“ooohh…yes Mistress.”

“You would give me the last virginity you have Miss Moore?” Said Tatiana as she finger fucked Linda’s asshole in the back of the nite club.

“…ahh….ahh…Yes Mistress…Yes!” Linda shifted a bit, having to use the wall to support her more as her legs became weak.

“I know how to fuck a woman Miss Moore, better than a man. You will aksaray escort bayan beg me to take you in both your vagina and your anus. You will dream of sex with me in so many ways.” She sped up her thrusts now as she finally leaned down and kissed Linda.

Linda felt another orgasm come on. The entire night had been building to this. The art gallery teasing, the rape, the rescue, the limo, the dancing. Tatiana hadn’t even touched her pussy, but the whole scene and the kissing and the alcohol and the thrusting finger where it shouldn’t be, in and out, in public! It was too much, she started to see sparks at the edge of her vision.

[I’m a nineteen year old brazen lesbian]

[No…I’m just a brazen lesbian.]

The thought came unbidden to her. She was a lesbian now, there was no going back. Tatiana had changed her.

[I am a lesbian.] With that thought, she came!

Tatiana held her as she quietly shook from her orgasm, holding her up as her legs gave out. Tatiana’s finger in her ass to the fourth knuckle. Tatiana’s lips upon hers. Tatiana pulling her naked body close.


They danced the night away, Tatiana played with her nakedness when they took breaks, her pussy, her tits, her ass again. Linda came twice more.

Linda wasn’t thinking clearly, she was just following Tatiana wherever she was led, when she finally found herself back in the limo and they were headed home. Tatiana made her take the coat off and she rode all the way home completely naked snuggled up to her Mistress. Tired and sexually spent.

Tatiana played gently with her body, no longer trying to bring her to orgasm, merely keeping her at a low level aroused state.

“I’m not going to take you anal flower tonight Miss Moore, we will save that for a special occasion, with the proper ceremony it deserves. Tonight you will taste your mistress. Tonight you will ask your Mistress for permission to taste her.”

Linda answered “Yes Mistress.”

The limo finally pulled up in front of Tatiana’s house. Tatiana let Linda put the coat back on and led her to her house, not even allowing Linda the option to head to her own home.

Once inside Linda took the coat back off as per her rules.

“Come pet, I need another glass of wine.” Tatiana led the naked Linda by the hand into the kitchen, pointed her towards a bottle of wine and some glasses and then she went out to put some music on.

It was some slow jazz. Linda found her in the living room waiting for her. They took a drink and then Tatiana took both glasses and set them down. She brought Linda into an embrace and they danced. Linda naked, Tatiana fully clothed.

Tatiana kissed her as they danced, she took a nipple between two of her fingers and rubbed it. Linda moaned. She rubbed her hands up and down Linda’s back, but didn’t try to invade her ass again.

“You may have permission to ask me now pet.”

“Mistress.” Said Linda, swallowing as she realized what she was about to say.

“Yes Miss Moore.”

“Mistress may I please taste you.”

“Do you really truly want to my pet?”

“Yes Mistress, yes.”

“Do you feel you have performed your duties sufficiently Miss Moore?”

“I…I…I…don’t know. I just know I want to taste your pussy Mistress.”

“I know you do Miss Moore but there is one final matter to attend to. You must accept your role before I allow you access to my pussy.” Tatiana let Linda out of the embrace.

“I…Mistress…I want to please you.”

Tatiana started to walk around Linda in a slow circle. “I know Miss Moore, I know you do. But I believe you are still…eh..confused about your role.”

“Mistress? I don’t understand.” Linda tried to watch Tatiana as she walked around her.

“You have accepted me as your Mistress yes?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“That is one half of the relationship Miss Moore, what is your relationship to your Mistress?” Tatiana stopped behind Linda.

“I…Mistress…I don’t know…I’m yours…I”

“You are close Miss Moore. You are everything but…eh…the word is I believe …acknowledgement. You need to acknowledge your role.”

“Mistress I’m confused, what do you want me to say? I’ll say it, please…” Linda was trying to think, [what am I?]

“Come Miss Moore, I am your Mistress and you are my…”

“I…please…” Linda started to feel tears well up, she was so strung out emotionally, she just wanted to please Tatiana.

“Miss Moore, I expected a bit more intuition out of you, you are not some dumb bitch but a smart woman. You should be able to understand your role by now.” Tatiana walked back around Linda and stood in front of the naked woman.

“You signed an agreement that essentially implies I own you. Yes or no?”

Linda looked up at Tatiana then, “Yes Mistress.” Realization started to cross Linda’s mind.

“When one person owns another then that person is a…” Tatiana reached up and escort aksaray cupped one of Linda’s breasts as she said that last sentence.

“…slave? Mistress?” said Linda in a little voice.

“Da. Slave.”

[slave?…her slave?] Thought Linda.

“Are you my slave Miss Moore?” Tatiana let her hand trail to Linda’s nipple which she pinched a little too tight for pleasure.


[slave?] Linda wasn’t thinking clearly after all that had happened.

“I’ve enjoyed our time together Miss Moore, as have you. I promise you this is only the beginning, but I must have your acknowledgement. I cannot continue without this truth between us.”

“Are you my slave Miss Moore?”

[slave?…am I?… Yes.]

“Yes. Yes Mistress I am your slave.” Tatiana pulled her close by her nipple and kissed Linda full on the lips.

“Will you try to be a better slave to me Miss Moore?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Then say it Miss Moore, say you will try to be a better slave.”

“I’ll try to be a better slave Mistress. I’ll try.”

[I’m her slave…yes.]

“Very well slave, you may undress me and I will allow you to lick me. I expect you will try to please me.”

“Yes Mistress I will try to please you.”

“Take my blouse off first.”

Linda reached forward and began to unbutton Tatiana’s blouse. Her hands were shaking.

“Relax Miss Moore, this is your purpose now, you are only doing what you are meant to do. You are meant to please your Mistress.”

Linda took a deep breath and continued to unbutton the blouse. Once open Linda slid it off Tatiana’s shoulders as the redheaded woman stood and offered no help. Tatiana stood with only a black lacy bra on top. Linda could see her perfect breasts and Tatiana’s nipples peeking out behind the lace.

“Now the slacks Miss Moore.” Tatiana gently pressed Linda’s shoulders until she was kneeling at her feet. Linda reached up to Tatiana’s waist, unclasped the slacks and unzipped them. The silk slacks fell to the floor of their own accord.

Linda was mere inches from Tatiana’s pussy. She licked her lips. Tatiana was wearing the matching lace panties to her bra. Linda could just make out the other woman’s pussy through the teasing fabric.

“Do you see your Mistress’s pussy my slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Pull down my under garment slave.”

Linda pulled down Tatiana’s black lace panties exposing Tatiana’s sex to her for the first time.

Tatiana stepped out of her pants and panties and slightly spread her legs.

“Kiss your Mistress’s pussy slave.”

Linda leaned forward and kissed it gently, bending slightly to get under Tatiana’s crotch. Tatiana closed her eyes. “Yeeessss Mizzz Moore. You are my woman now.”

Tatiana backed up two steps and sat on the couch spreading her legs.

“Come and service your Mistress slave. Show your … eh… your adoration of my pussy.

Linda crawled between her legs and brought her mouth up and kissed Tatiana’s vagina.

“Good slave, now lick me. If you do a good job I will return the favor later”

Linda started to lick and suck Tatiana’s beautiful pussy. Paying attention to the woman’s clitoris, nibbling and sucking but also using her tongue on the slit. Tatiana tasted different than Dania.

[I wonder what Mrs. Carter’s pussy tastes like] Linda thought of her last real estate client.

Then another thought came unbidden to her mind.

[I wonder what Sarah’s pussy tastes like] She repressed that thought as she kept working on her Mistress’ quim.

“You are going to be a great pussy licker Miss Moore. ” Tatiana put both hands on the back of Linda’s head and directed the other woman to keep licking.

“Oooohhh… Look up at me Miss Moooooorre! I’m almost there.” Linda looked up into the eyes of her Mistress. Tatiana saw her eyes, saw her submissiveness, saw her neighbor reduced to a pussy slave and threw her head back as the power she had catalyzed the building orgasm and sent her over the edge.

“Yessss! I own you bitch! AAAhhh! Fuck! suck my pussy!”

She kept calling Linda degrading names as she came, grinding her pussy against the other woman’s face, using her tongue to cum.

“You fucking cunt! You cunt licker! Dyke bitch. Pussy Slave!” Her orgasm kept rolling on.

“Cunt! I’m cumming! AAhhh Fuck! You CuntLicker! FUCK YESSS YOU BITCH! YOU CUNT! YOU WHORE!” Tatiana was almost pounding her pussy against Linda’s face as her orgasm spilled across her. There was nothing Linda could do as Tatiana fucked her face.

Finally Tatiana slowed down, her pounding turned to rubbing as she moaned a few more times.

“aaAAh…ahhh…fuck yes! You’re a good bitch! Aah…ah.a….aaaaahhhhh.”

Then she gripped Linda’s head between her thighs, hooked a leg behind Linda’s head and held her mouth firmly there, tight against her pussy as she leaned back and sighed.

“aahhh nice. Nicely done Miss Moore…lick my pussy juices up now, clean my pussy with your tongue.” Linda did as she was told.

“Now we need to satisfy your slutty urges, no?” With that Tatiana stood up over the other woman kneeling at her feet. “Stay pet.” And with that she left the room.

Linda sat there and wiped her face off with her wrist.

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