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I look up as the door opens. Briefly my mind races back to what I am doing. I am lying on my Daddy’s bed with no clothes on and am watching some movie from his porn collection. I don’t remember what movie I chose this time nor do I care. All that matters was I had the afternoon to myself and I was masturbating till my hearts content. I look up as my Daddy starts walking through the door.

Instantly I realize that my Daddy is going to catch me. I scramble to grab the bedspread and get covered just as he walks in the door. I smile at him.

“Angel what are you doing?” Daddy asks.

“Nothing Daddy,” I say sweetly.

“Angel, are you lying to me? I heard moaning coming from this room”

“Daddy I never lie to you.”

My Daddy startles me as he grabs the bedspread and yanks it away from my naked body. My Daddy’s eyes get wide.

Sternly he says, “You call this nothing? Where did you get that cucumber and what are you doing with it?”

“Daddy, I am 18 now and I have needs and urges. You should understand it has been a long time since Mommy died and you have needs too. I wasn’t expecting you home until later.”

“How long has this been going on?” Daddy asks.

“I have been doing this for a couple years now Daddy,” I answer.

“Do you expect to get away with this? I think not you have to be punished.”

I casino şirketleri glance down and realize that my Daddy’s cock is making a tent out of his pants. Instantly my pussy starts to quiver. I start to wonder how far I can take this and just what my Daddy means by being punished.

“Daddy I don’t deserve to be punished. This isn’t fair,” I proclaim.

“Yes you do young lady!”

Daddy grabs my hair and pulls me from the bed. He sits down and then pulls me over his lap. He starts to spank me and I feel my ass getting redder and hotter. I beg and plead for him to stop. I am so close to cumming that I am afraid if he doesn’t stop I will get his pants wet.

Just as I am sure that I am going to cum I feel my Daddy’s hand slip between my legs and feel my wet pussy.

“You little slut you liked being spanked by me didn’t you?” Daddy demands.

Eyes cast down I answer, “yes Daddy.”

Daddy grabs my hair and drags me into the bathroom. He tells me to climb into the bathtub and to sit down with my legs spread wide. While I am getting situated Daddy goes out and gets a big glass of water. When he comes back in the bathroom he hands me the glass and tells me to drink it quickly. He has his belt in the other hand and tells me if I take to long I will feel the belt on my breasts and pussy.

I start to drink the water. It obviously casino firmaları isn’t at a pace that makes Daddy happy because I feel the belt land across the tips of my breasts right on the nipples. I gasp and start drinking the water faster. I finish the glass and hand it to Daddy. He fills it up and hands it back to me.

I begin to drink the second glass of water trying hard to drink it fast. By now I am feeling like I have to pee since I haven’t peed in awhile. I stop drinking to tell Daddy that I have to go to the bathroom. Daddy’s answer:

“You will hold it my little slut and if you wet on yourself you will be sorry.”

Gulping I begin drinking the water but I don’t think it was fast enough to please my Daddy as I felt the belt land hard between my legs on my tender pussy. It was now that Daddy realized I was shaved. All he does is glare at me and fill my glass a third time. During the entire time I am drinking my third glass of water my Daddy is hitting my breasts and pussy with the belt. I am on the verge of crying.

“Is Daddy’s little slut going to cry?” asks Daddy.

“Yes Daddy. I have to pee can I please use the bathroom?” I beg.

“No. Now I want you to start rubbing your clit. Show me what you were doing when I walked in on you,” Daddy says to me. It is now that he pulls the cucumber out from behind his back and güvenilir casino hands it to me. Scared of what he will do if I don’t do as he says I begin to masturbate with the cucumber. It is just now that I realize that my Daddy is hard.

I realized that in my concentration on masturbation I wasn’t paying attention to my bladder. Before I knew what was happening I was pissing all over my hand and the cucumber. I look up embarrassed.

“You little slut, I told you to hold it. You will be punished starting now and lasting for the rest of the night,” Daddy said.

“The first thing you are to do you little bitch is continue masturbating, close your eyes, and look up towards the ceiling. Understand?”

“Yes Sir,” I answer.

I close my eyes and look up. I hear Daddy unzip his zipper. Many thoughts run through my head but nothing close to the truth. Before I can process what he is doing I feel his piss hit my mouth…I swallow and gag quickly….Daddy moves his stream down my body pissing all over and lets the majority flow out on my pussy. I cum very hard from the humiliation and I hear my Daddy laugh.

Daddy turns on the shower. It’s not cold but it isn’t warm either.

“Eat that cucumber and rinse off slut then cum to Daddy in the bedroom and don’t adjust the water!”

I look at the cucumber and then at Daddy. He swings the belt again and gets both breasts. I gasp and begin to eat the cucumber and then I rinse off and not knowing what to expect I wrap myself in a towel and head to Daddy’s room.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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