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My friend Barry’s sister Sue has just given birth to a daughter. Barry and Gilda, his wife, have decided to celebrate this family occasion and have invited Sue and Gilda’s brother John to join them at a local restaurant.

They arrive at the appointed place and are shown to the bar whilst their table is prepared. At the bar the celebrations get under way with champagne and cocktails and by the time they are summoned to the table they are all in a happy state due to the alcohol they have already consumed.

I happen to be dining at the next table (all carefully planned) with my companions and when everyone has been seated at the adjoining table I carefully drop a coin which I contrive to roll under their table. This is to give me an excuse to crawl under the table and ostensibly retrieve it. Having retrieved the coin I remain under the table in order to carry out the next part of my plan.

I encounter Gilda’s lovely legs and begin running my hands up their nylon covered slopes, slowly getting higher and higher. Now I am caressing her knees and soon slowly moving yet higher. Above the knee onto the thigh and slowly, lovingly, onto the soft flesh above the nylon stocking top.

I stop here for a while and she slowly opens her legs wider as I reach higher and higher. Now I have reached her panties and I caress her ever-wetting juicy pussy thru the panties.

I move up and start tongue licking her. She opens her legs still wider and my hands go higher to the waistband of her panties.

I slowly start to pull her panties down and they slide down over her lovely ass, down to her thighs, past her knees and finally I remove them completely and put them in my pocket.

Gilda is now naked below the waist and wet – just waiting for my tongue to recommence its activities. Her juicy wet cunt now welcomes my tongue again and I make sure I caress all the way from her asshole to her clit with my long tongue.

When I think she is wet enough I reach into my pocket and remove …………….. a butt plug! I slowly slide it into Gilda’s receptive asshole until it is all the way in.

Now I concentrate on her cunt and soon reach into my pocket again (I told you all this was planned so I have all the right equipment with me).

This time out comes a LARGE imitation cock which is soon introduced into her juicy cunt – it slides in easily, all the way in. It is very large and wide and she finds it a little uncomfortable at first but soon it is going in and out with ease – she has adjusted to it and is now enjoying it.

She begins to cummmm and has difficulty hiding it from her companions seated at her table. When she has finished cummming I remove the cock but leave the butt plug in.

I slowly crawl out from the table, stand up and in so doing catch the eyes of her brother John and Barry’s sister Sue (whose celebration it is) and they walk over to me.

We hatch a plot between us. We decide that when Gilda needs to get up to go to the ladies rest room, John and I plan to ambush her.

As Gilda, accompanied by Barry’s sister Sue, arises from the table to visit the ladies rest room they have to go past the gents’ restroom. As they approach us outside the gents’ restroom we grab them and force them inside.

Also inside is Barry who had left the table a few minutes earlier and gone to the Gents’ restroom to relieve himself of all the liquid he had consumed. He is thus unknowingly caught up in the ambush.

A further figure inside the restroom bahis firmaları at the time is one of my companions, Cher, a big-busted shemale with a big cock.

When we succeed in shepherding Gilda and Sue inside we jam the door so nobody else can enter.

Even before the ambush has taken place Cher has been taking a very keen interest in Barry’s cock which she spotted whilst he was peeing. She has been staring at Barry and has noticed what a nice cock he has. She very much likes the look of it and having silently approached him proceeds to take his cock in “her” mouth. He was completely unaware of “her” approach and has no chance to protest before he finds himself being sucked off by her. His initial reaction is of horror as he assumes it is a male giving him the blowjob but this is quickly turned to pleasure when he fully realizes what the situation really is. This is definitely the first time he has encountered a shemale and his pleasure is increasing by the second.

So when we burst into the room with Gilda and Sue, Barry finds himself in a very embarrassing position. There he is now in front of Gilda his wife and Sue his sister, with his erect cock in the mouth of what at first sight appears to be another man. Fortunately for him Gilda is much too preoccupied with what is happening to her and Sue to really notice what Barry is doing.

I ask John to hold his sister Gilda so I may take my chance to complete the caressing I started under the table where I pleasured her from the waist down. Now I am able to caress the upper half of her lovely body. I start from the top – her hair, face and breasts and having given them a long lingering treatment I again move below the waist. Her ass, pussy and legs come in for a second treatment – all parts being very lovingly and very sensually handled. At this point I realize that John need no longer hold her – she is very willing to let it all happen.

Gilda and I have been flirting with each other for quite some time now and this is about to be the realization of our mutual attraction.

At the same time Barry, astonished at seeing his wife in such a place and acting in such a way, stiffens up and squirts all his sperm into Cher’s mouth. He and I are very good friends but I don’t think he knows that I know he has been having an affair with my wife for a few months. This ongoing affair may part way explain why he is not too upset at what is taking place between Gilda and myself.

Having deposited his full load into Cher’s mouth he decides to join in the party. He takes one look at his attractive sister Sue, who is wearing a low-cut blouse over the top of a half-cup bra above the waist and a wide flowing skirt over crotchless knickers and hold up stockings below. He proceeds to unbutton her blouse – a button at a time, revealing her pert nipples protruding above the bra. After all buttons are unfastened, showing completely her sexy bra, we can all see her lovely milk-filled nipples and most of her beautiful large breasts.

His wife’s brother John meanwhile is helping me disrobe Gilda. She was wearing a beautiful button-thru dress and he starts undoing the buttons from the bottom whilst I start from the top. As we meet in the middle she is now standing there in her cut-out nipples bra, belt and stockings with her damp (actually extremely wet)panties hiding the large butt plug and her lovely slimy cunt. I take her nipples into my mouth one at a time and nip them gently causing her even greater arousal. John leisurely removes kaçak iddaa her wet panties and inserts his fingers into his sisters awaiting cunt, one at a time until he has four pushing in and out. As Gilda’s cunt becomes accustomed to the fingers John opens her up even more and inserts his whole hand into her. Whilst he is in her up to his wrist fucking her to a momentous climax, Cher comes over and removes Gilda’s bra.

I decide to leave Gilda to the ministrations of John and Cher so move over to Barry and Sue.

Cher, having removed Gilda’s bra, moves over to sit on the toilet seat and beckons Gilda over to her. John has to slide his hand out of her so that Gilda may cross over to join Cher who now removes the butt plug from Gilda’s ass and sits her down in her own lap, gradually inserting “her” cock into Gilda’s ass. We are all watching as more and more of the large cock disappears from sight into Gilda’s awaiting asshole. When Gilda has taken it all Cher begins to set up an in and out rhythm. Gilda is really enjoying the action and her arousal increases rapidly.

After a while John decides to get involved in the action between Gilda and Cher. He moves over to the pair on the seat and having removed his trousers and boxers gently and gradually inserts his rigid cock into his sisters waiting steaming cunt. She is now in heaven – one in her ass and another in her cunt.

He also gets Cher to suck his sticky fingers giving her a nice taste of Gilda’s pussy. They set up a good rhythm between them and Gilda rapidly approaches her first orgasm. They speed up and she breaks out with loud shouts and moans of pleasure as her climax hits her. Cher and John continue and just as Gilda has her second orgasm her brother John yells “I’m coming” and shoots his load of sperm deep into her.

After a short while he pulls out and replaces his cock with the large dildo I had put in her earlier, thus maintaining the “house full” situation for Gilda. John then gets Gilda to take his cock into her mouth to clean it and prepare it for its next action.

Whilst all this is happening to Gilda I have had the pleasure of removing Sue’s sexy bra, revealing her milk filled large breasts in all their glory. Having freed them from their bondage I take her milk filled breasts into my mouth – sucking the nutritious delicious milk from each tit in turn. At the same time Barry has followed Cher’s example and has also sat on a seat and removed his lower garments.

After I have had my fill of Sue’s milk, which has caused her to become sexually aroused, I drag her reluctantly over to her brother Barry. I tell her to sit on his stiff pole but she refuses vehemently.

I say to her “If you don’t do as I ask, your husband will be informed that the baby you have just given birth to is not his but mine!” At this she visibly blanches and after saying “Please, you wouldn’t” and my replying “I certainly would!” moves slowly towards her brother. After further hesitation and pleading looks in my direction she eventually sits astride her brother and impales herself on his stiff pole. Her sitting position is the direct opposite to the one Gilda adopted with Cher. She is sat facing Barry whereas Gilda sat on Cher’s lap facing away from Cher. Barry now has his fantasy coming true. His lovely big-titted sister is impaled on his rigid cock and he has her gorgeous titties there before his eyes and available to be caressed and suckled while he fucks her. He is very determined to take full advantage of the situation kaçak bahis he now finds himself in.

Sue is a very sex oriented female. The fact that she has just given birth to my child shows she is not averse to adultery and I could name several other men who have been granted her bedroom favors. So despite her initial reluctance she does not take long to become fully aroused and appreciative of her brothers fucking her. Her husband’s cock is not very large and he is not the most proficient at using it. After much in and out fucking by Barry, Sue reaches her climax and we all hear her screams of passion. By the time she has had her second orgasm Barry is ready to cum also and after crying out “Now Sue!!! NOW!!!” he fills his sisters cunt with his large load of sticky sperm. As his cock shrinks and eases out of her cunt John takes his place – inserting his revived weapon into her full sticky slippery cunt.

After I have had my fill of Sue’s lovely milk and inveigled her into being fucked by her own brother I move back to Cher, John and Gilda.

I watch my not so secret dream female Gilda being taken to heaven by the two people fucking her and when I see John stiffen up I know he is about to fill her cunt with his full load. I continue to watch as John’s cock slips out of Gilda and is placed in her mouth for cleaning. I still take no action when John replaces his cock with the dildo. Cher is next to cum – filling Gilda’s ass with her large load and shortly afterwards I do take action.

Gilda has now got a load of sperm in her ass and her cunt.

My first action is to kneel before her and remove the dildo from her cunt. This is followed by me moving closer to her and follow my nutritious milk drink with Gilda’s equally nutritious creampie. I suck long and hard at both her cunt and her ass, cleaning her up in preparation for my own dream to come true.

I lie on the floor and get Gilda to straddle me so she may slide my erect cock into her well-used cunt. I feel her cunt slide over my cock and for the first time I am entering my dream lover.

Despite all my efforts in the past she has never before succumbed to my entreaties for us to become lovers. It doesn’t take long for her to be filled with my erect cock. At last we are joined, pubic hair to pubic hair. My day is complete – I am fucking the current love of my life for the very first time.

I am far too excited for it to last very long and after only a comparative few thrusts I feel the excitement too much. My cum is soon firing rapidly from my cock into her. Despite the relative short time the action has consumed I have the compensation that she reaches a stunning climax with me.

Apparently she also had been looking forward to the consummation of our passion and had really only been waiting for an excuse to give in to me. We lie embraced for quite a long time, kissing and caressing as our orgasms recede.

Back to the other action. After John has cum in Sue’s cunt, Gilda and I, still lying entwined together on the floor, beckon Sue over to us.

She straddles the pair of us and we take it in turns to suck out the entire lovely sticky cum from her full cunt and exchange it between us by French kissing each other between sucks.

When we have finished cleaning Sue, Cher also lies down and beckons Gilda over to be cleaned up in a similar fashion. Cher pulls Gilda over her and lets the remaining juices within Gilda all drip into her mouth before sucking out the final dregs.

This seems to conclude the action for now but I am already planning ahead. We all embrace and kiss – re-clothe and return to our respective tables.

What will happen next time????? – You may find out in due course!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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