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When my son Keith came home for the summer from college with a sweet little girl under his arm I knew life in this house was going to change. I know these kids of today are more prone to live together for a period of time before they decide to get married or move along in different directions. I am not so sure they may not be right in there thinking. I was married young and ended up divorced by the time I was twenty years old. Keith was from my first marriage so for five years we were a two party family. Then I met Greg, he was older, steady, and not into a great deal of sex as was my first husband. Greg worked hard and Keith came to know him as his Father. However, Greg died three years ago and we were back to a two party family.

I am or will be forty years old this September and Greg will be twenty-one also in September. I have not dated much since my husband died but I have gone out on three occasions. The first was after a company party at work and we, my girlfriend and I ended up I a bar nursing more drinks than I or she should have. Shelly is married so maybe she should not have been out in the first place. But she was and I did not yell for help when a handsome man came to our table and wanted to dance with me. He joined us and danced with Shelly as well as myself. The drinks came easy and before we knew it both Shelly and I were in the man’s room. He was from out of town and had a room in the hotel were we stopped for a drink. I remembered sitting on the edge of the bed. I must have passed out for a few minutes because when I came to Shelly was naked next to me with guy behind her screwing her doggie style. As I said, my second husband was not into sex much so for nearly fifteen years I had sex only once every two or three weeks. Later on it became only one a month or less. It was a slow change so I did not feel the need to have sex as I had when I first husband would screw me twice a day and want a blow job in between fucking me.

When I woke up and saw Shelly getting screwed and I could see she loved it. The way she was talking and moaning for more and harder. Something snapped in me and I went crazy. Before I knew what I was doing I was naked, kneeling next to them I had one hand on his enormous balls and the other under Shelly fingering her clitoris. The Guy pulling me over and kissed me. He still held on to Shelly’s hips with one hand and managed to work a finger into my pussy at the same time. I think this guy had done the two at a time thing before. I was fingering Shelly’s clitoris and also feeling his cock as he pulled back. It was a hard as a rock and had a thickness I had never before felt. He was only average in length but God was he thick.
Shelly climaxes and fell forward pulling free of the guy cock. I don’t know why but I bent down and took his cock in my mouth and let him finish by cumming in my mouth. I had not sucked a cock for many years and it brought back many wonderful memories. He held my head and emptied his load into my mouth. I willing drank all he had and wanted more. He was so excited he never got soft even after that heavy climax.

He pushed me over on my back as I opened my legs to give him all the room he needed to plug that cock into me. God, did he feel good, my cunt was stretched out to a width never before obtained. But it felt great. He was a good lover and I was eager to get all of him that I could. He was leaning back yet he was giving me all he had. Shelly moved up and sat across my face. Her well-fucked pussy was there in my face so I lifted my mouth to her cunt and licked her. It was sweet and I liked it. I had never before licked a woman’s cunt. I had never thought about it because it was just never available. But there I was getting a good hard cock pushed up my cunt while I licked a sweet juicy one. I always loved to be licked and now here I was doing this act of sex with my friend. Shelly came drenching my face with her cum. The guy cam again, this time in my cunt, it was warm strong smelling and all this sent me over the edge. I screamed and gave up a climax like none I had ever experienced in my life. Shelly and I managed to get out of there in the next few minutes. As we stood by our cars in the hotel parking lot Shelly made me promise never to tell her husband about this. I happily agreed and we parted.

Over the next few months Shelly and I grew apart not talking unless we had to. She then left the company and I have not heard from her since. I think it best because I was not too proud of my actions that night. Yet it happened and there is nothing I can change after the fact.

The second time I went out was about a year ago. Keith was off to summer camp as a councilor for younger kids. I was lonely and while I was down town shopping one afternoon I went into the same hotel bar where Shelly and I had stopped. I sat alone off to one side in a dark booth. I was sipping my second drink and remembering the time we had. It was early yet about an hour before happy hour when this place fills up with all the businessmen that work down güvenilir bahis town. The bar maid was about my age. When she came back to see how I was doing we got to talking as there were few customers in the lounge. I laughed and told her I was a widow and how bad I was the last time I stopped in here.

She said, she was a single mother and she knew how we single girls had to be careful about what we do and who knows what we do. I am sure it was the drinks but I told her that I had not had a man since that night nine months ago. She said, ” Girlie that is too long for any woman to go with out a little sex.” I agree with her, it was the booze talking or maybe not. Any way she told me she had a friend here in the hotel that would love to take the both of us up to a room he keeps on the top floor. I said, ” Oh, my I could not do that again.” She gave me another drink a little stronger than the other two.
She told me she was getting off in a few minute and that we should go up and visit her friend. I told her I could not but a few minutes later I was arm in arm with her going up in the elevator. We were laughing and talking as if I had known her all my life. She had a key to the room so we walked right in without knocking. I was shocked yet it was funny to see her friend on the sofa naked as a Jaybird. He looked up as we came in. He stood not bothering to cover himself. Hell why should he, his was the longest cock I had ever seen, not that I had seen many but it as a beauty.

Hanging limp it looked a foot long. He was tall lean, muscular and a light brown all over except for his cock. It was dark brown so dark it was nearly black. Her friend was a black man of only twenty years. He walked to us and kissed the barmaid. He turned to me; taking me in his strong arms he kissed me too. A black man had never kissed me and it felt wonderful his mouth was hot and his tongue darted into my mouth like a snake. His hands were on my breasts as he kissed me. The barmaid names were Ruby and she got the three of us to the bedroom. Together they undressed me. Ruby followed quickly so all three of us were naked standing by a king size bed. By this time Carl’s cock was awake and coming alive like a giant pole. He lay down and Ruby and I joined him one on either side. Ruby said, “Girlie, had you ever seen a fuck branch like this?” she reached out and started to fondle him. She said, ” Honey, would you like to suck his fucking hose, Carl loves to watch a white girl suck his fucking cock.” I guess that is when I realized she was a very light black girl with fine thin features. She really was very lovely I some how was pleased she was with me.

Carl said, ” Come on Baby, suck my cock. Ruby here will do you to if you want.” I did not answer he was pushing my head toward his wonderful cock. He was not forceful just kind of helping me make up my mind. Ruby wiggled around till her head was between my legs kissing me on the inner thighs. I held Carl’s cock in both hands and there was still enough left over to fill my mouth. The head was long, pointed and a deep purple. His cock was so smooth and the skin so soft, I wondered how it could get so hard and still be so soft. Ruby’s tongue found my cunt wet and ready for her tender licks. Somehow we moved around till I was on my knees between Carl’s legs with his cock in my mouth, Ruby was on her back between my legs. Carl’s arms were long enough to reach my tits.

He cupped and held my tits while twisting the nipples. Ruby was licking my cunt as she fingered my ass. I had never had my ass played with before and I found it both exciting and arousing. Taking a lesson from Ruby I managed to fine Carl’s ass hole as I played with his very generous balls. He said, “OK, Girl, finger my ass hole and suck my cock.” Then he spoke to Ruby “Ruby, she is giving me a finger wave so do her too.” He started to lift his hips to meet my mouth coming down. The rather large head was touching the back of my throat causing me to gag. He pulled back some and gave me a second to get use to the feel of it in my throat.
I felt my guts get hot and tight, I was so close to a climax I told Ruby to take it slow. But she did not she drove two finger up into my ass and worked then like a piston as she sucked hard on my clitoris. I exploded my climax came out of me and ran all over her face. It was as if I was pissing but I was not. Carl saw that I was cumming and it seem to set him off. His cock swelled and shot off into my mouth. “All right you fucking cocksucker, suck that cum out of me white girl.” Carl cried out as he filled my mouth. I sucked and drank his cum as did Ruby mine. His cock went limp and fell from my mouth. I went limp and fell over on my side. Ruby lay still from all her joyous activates. Carl got up and went to the shower. I got up a little sober now and dressed. Ruby wanted me to go down on her as she had me but I told her it would have to wait till another time. I was still a little drunk as I drove home.

That was a year ago so I was ready when just two weeks ago I got into a situation türkçe bahis that could have gone either way. It went the way I wanted it to go I got a great fucking.

I was still recovering from that most enjoyable event when Keith came home with his girl friend. I guess the first thing I noticed was once he introduced us she come to me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the mouth. It surprised me and at the same time I felt a little twinge down there between my legs. For one second I felt she knew how her kiss made me feel. I said nothing and we three went on about our business of getting them moved in for the summer. Keith was going to work this summer in his chosen field. There is a lager drafting company in town and that is where Keith wanted to work for the summer. The kids were out the door for the weekend but were back late Sunday afternoon. Keith had to get ready for the first day on the job early Monday morning. Margo had no intentions of working this summer. She was in her third year and planed to do nothing but read and study for next year. So I guessed Margo and I would spend a lot of time together while Keith worked.

Margo was smallish in stature, slim yet she had breasts of a size that looked very good for her. She was the kind of a girl that turned heads anywhere she went. I noticed this the first time she and I went the store. The guys at the market damn near fell over one another to get a better look. I some how wished it was me they were trying to look at. But at forty few guys look at us girls anymore. Well except for that guy down at the station where I get my gas. Now that young guy tries hard to look down my blouse and up my skirt any time he can. Oh well maybe someday I’ll let him get a good look and see what happens.

Margo helped me in the back yard for most of the morning. Then after a light lunch she told me she had to read. So I said I was going to shower and drive down town and go shopping. Margo had started calling me Mom in a singsong voice that sounded like Chinese. So when I heard that Mom voice, as I stood naked in the bathroom I looked up to see Margo standing in the doorway to my bedroom. “You’re so beautiful Mom.”
She said. I pulled my towel around me and walked toward the bedroom. I did not feel good about her coming into my bath but I did not want to cause a problem by saying anything. Margo stood in front of me and took my towel. She rubbed my shoulders and arms. Drying me as if I were a child. She patted my face then turned me around wiping down my back. I did nothing, my brain was shocked into an astonished none functioning organ. When she rubbed the towel down my spine she let her fingers slip between the cheeks of my plump rear. She did so softly and almost with out a touch. Her fingertips found the target and lingered there for one whole second that seemed like a lifetime. She knew I was feeling it and she knew I was not gong to stop her from continuing her advances. The towel dropped to the floor and the next thing I felt was two pointed firm little breasts pressed into my back.

Two tiny hands came around to caress my larger softer breasts. Lips were kissing me on the back of my neck. Both of her hands dropped to my thick bush of dark hair. Her hands were talented as they pulled my pussy lips open. I could feel the cool air for the bedroom breeze up into me. Her kisses started to trail downward till her lips were on my anus. Her tongue lashed out running like a wet worm up between the cheeks of my ass to titillate my tiny ass hole. Her fingers were now firmly planted in my wet hot pussy. Her tongue was doing thing to my anus as her fingers were dancing in my pussy. I was helpless as I stood on trembling legs. I reached a climax shaking so hard I nearly fell. Margo cupped her hand under me and licked the juices as they flowed freely. Moments later she had me on the bed her naked little body on top of me. Our lips were together in a sweet juicy kiss. I tasted my cum on her lips and in her mouth. She was so small yet she was in total control of this lesbian encounter. In my two other sessions with women I did not think of it as a lesbian affair because there was a man also evolved. Yet here with only the two of us I was surprised that I was enjoying it so much. Am I a lesbian or just a bi-sexual enjoying both men and women whenever and wherever I can?

I stopped wondering when she reversed her position and offered me a peek at her shaved little pussy. I did not hesitate when she opened her legs above my head I was eager to taste her wet cunt. I found her sweet and wet as my tongue licked and danced as far up her cunt as it would go. It was almost an involuntary motion that pushed a finger up her very enlarged ass hole. Then I used two fingers and that was easy also. Three fingers seem to be just right for she was moaning and jerking around to let me know she was having a climax. Her juices flowed and I drank the nectar of the gods till I was full. We fell apart to rest without words for many minutes. Margo moved first as she sat up. Looking down at me güvenilir bahis siteleri she said, ” Mom, your very sexy and a wonderful lover. Maybe I should tell Keith about us. He may wish to join us for a love session. What do you think?” She met my eyes and knew the answer to her question. For she went on “No, I guess your right maybe he would not feel right about fucking his mother.
But I’ll tell you this Keith is one hell of an exciting lover, he has that special something that makes a girl feel so excited during and after he make love to her. He introduced me to anal fucking and now I love it but I guess you found that out. The way you went after my ass you must have been ass fucked plenty.” I stammer and said, “No I have never been ass fucked.” Her words not mine. Her hand had been lingering between my legs not probing just touching. Now her fingers were on a hunt for my ass. She took a finger and tried to push it up my ass. When she did my natural reflexes took over and her fingertip never got past the pucker. She laughed and said, ” Well I’ll be damned you never have, have you?” It was a question and a statement so I did not answer. Margo left and I finished dressing.

The little shoe repair store I use is in a strip mall on the edge of town. I had to park some distance away and walk. I passed an Adult bookstore with adult toys in the window. Plus a few covers from video and books. One of the toys was a long black vibrator and I had a moment of wonderful memories as I remembered Carl. Next to it was a cover from a video, which showed two girls kissing while each had a cock in them from the rear. I could not tell if the cock was in each pussy or in an ass. But the picture brought to mind a vision of my son Keith with his cock up Margo’s ass. For one moment I wondered how it would feel to have a cock up my ass. To be fucked in the ass. I had enjoyed Shelly’s; fingers in my ass, Ruby was a master at it and it was so exciting I wondered if I were missing some thing. Then I thought I should try it with a vibrator first and see how it felt. But I walked on by to the shoe shop. The old man was not there today but his son a handsome tall dark haired boy was helping out.

He found my shoes and put them in a bag for me. As I paid him I noticed him looking at me strangely. I smiled and asked him. ” What is it do I have egg on my face?” He blushed a little and he said, ” No not at all you have a very beautiful face and body to match.” I thought he was being a little to wise and fresh to a paying customer. So I said, ” Your very fresh I bet your father would not put up with this if he were here.” He smiled and said, ” Oh, I know who you are I have seen your video. So please don’t be so up-it-tee, with me.” I got mad and I said, ” I don’t know what the devil your talking about but I’ll never come back here again so you can be a smart ass with me.” His grin just got wider and he said, ” Lady I rented a video the other night from the store down the block. I saw you give a long tall black guy a blowjob while his girl friend ate you out. So I know who you are. You’re the sloppy drunk in that video.” I was so shocked; I knew just what he was talking about. That couple in the hotel must have had a hidden camera in the room.” I grabbed my shoes and ran from the store. What could I do I was so ashamed. People all over town were watching me in a video. My God who all knew it was I and how would I ever live it down if one of my friends saw it. I ran past the adult store and tried to hind in my car.
I was shaking too bad to drive so I sat there a long time crying.

Five, ten, fifteen minutes I don’t know how long I sat there shaking. I rested my head on the steering wheel. I thought life would never get any worse than this. I had cried and now I just wanted to get home.

I straightened up in time to see there coming out of the adult store was my son Keith. He was carrying a small box it looked to be a videotape. Did he buy a copy of his mother doing her sex act? Was he going to go home and show it to Margo? I was doomed, I was gong to have to die or leave town.

What on earth could I do? This had been my home since I was ten. I had gone to school here, married twice and owned a hone in one of the better neighborhoods. I watched as Keith walked across to a car I did not know. There was a lovely girl behind the wheel I did recognize. It was the wife of Ted Brooks the loan officer at the bank where I do business. What in the world was my son doing driving around with his wife and coming out of an adult store? When they pulled out I was close behind. I followed a few cars back till they turned into the Best Western motel. I know what they were going to do and I felt I was about to be seen by one and all in all my naked glory. But the store had hundreds of videos what were the chances my son would pick up the one I was a star in.

Unwilling as I was when the video was made still there would be no explaining it. After all that was nearly a year ago. So surely that video was old and not sold or rented any more. Then the shoe man’s words came back to me. ” The other night I rented” Oh my lord I cried as I drove home. What was I going to do? Simply there was nothing I could do. “Except maybe.” Well there was a thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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