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Chapter 2: Dissatisfied

I was kneeling on the floor of my kitchen, and my mouth was still juicy from having licked the pussy of my neighbour, Eve. For that matter, my own pussy was still soaking wet from the experience. My sodden panties were clinging to the puffy, needy lips of my labia. I panted, trying to catch my breath, but her smell and taste still lingered. I licked my lips and my hand reached down between my legs, and I started to rub myself through my underwear.

Eve had left, but the effect she had on me still remained. I had orgasmed just from eating her out, I hadn’t even needed to touch myself, but my body wanted more. I stroked the hard, throbbing nub of my clit, using the fabric of my panties to stimulate myself further. My hips hitched, rocking me against my hand, riding it out. I felt the tingles, the shivers, sparks running up my legs and spine. I moaned, arching my head back, and came for the second time that morning, screaming in my kitchen.

Eventually the waves of pleasure subsided, and my head lolled back, so my head was down as I tried to catch my breath. Hazy, oddly exhausted and at the same time calmed, I could see my thighs, glistening with juices. I was sticky all over.

My female neighbour had encouraged me to lick her pussy, even though I was a married woman. Heterosexual, so far as I’d known, at least until now. Was I gay? Was I bi? What had just happened?


I showered, removing the physical evidence and smell of pussy juice. But the knowledge, the memory, was still in my mind. I couldn’t escape that. I felt arousal and shame all at once. I had been on my knees, licking another woman. My tongue had been inside her vagina. If anyone had walked into my kitchen at that moment, they would have witnessed me actively servicing Eve’s pussy. There was no “she made me do it,” there had been no coercion or arm-twisting.

As she had pointed out, I hadn’t even hesitated.

I couldn’t stop experiencing it again. I could feel everything – the way my hair was a bit dishevelled from having just got out of bed. The weight of my bathrobe on my body. The way my t-shirt had felt, just barely covering my bottom. My panties, wet, sticking to my engorged labia. My pussy, all sticky and hot and needy.

The questions in my mind were a cacophony. Was it adultery? I’d only had sex with one man, my whole life. Eve didn’t even have a penis. Was licking her pussy sex? It made me orgasm. Did that make it sex? Was I gay? I’d had sex with one man, my whole life. That was pretty heterosexual, wasn’t it? Did licking one woman change that? It had felt better. So for partners, I was fifty-fifty, one man, one woman. Was that bi? For pleasure, the woman far out-paced the man, even though the experience was less times. Quality, not quantity. What did that mean?

It felt good. I had to admit that. Labels and questions aside, the experience was enjoyable.

The physical desire was almost overpowering. My body still remembered, and worse, wanted more. I wasn’t satisfied, despite more orgasms in one day than I had experienced in years. Until today, I had rarely, if ever, felt the need to touch myself. But I was so aroused today that I had to masturbate again in the shower, frigging my clit until I was gasping, leaning against the tiled wall. I felt dizzy afterward, confused about my feelings.

I had cheated on my husband. I had licked another woman’s pussy. These were big things, taboo, sinful for some people. I had never really thought about them as right or wrong, because they weren’t ever things that applied to me. I had lived a humdrum, boring existence, so boring that I’d never even desired anything like, or conceived of this situation. I had always followed the rules, gone along with the crowd, blended into the background.

Now, I was beyond the boundaries of the world I understood up until the last twenty-four hours. I couldn’t wrap my head around that.

Instead, I got dressed. I put on panties, jean shorts and a t-shirt, and went out to the garden. I pulled weeds, something I had been wanting to do since we moved in but hadn’t had much time for while the kids were home. I tried to block out my thoughts, which were swirling in my head, by concentrating on physical exertion in the hot summer sun. I felt my sweat bead on my neck and forehead, the tug of the weed stems through my work gloves, and the grass against my bare legs.

Weirdly, all of that exertion and physical sensation just made it worse. The warm sun on my skin was stimulating, arousing me. The aches in my arms reminded me of the ache in my centre. I couldn’t escape my body – my pussy was still wet, as if to say I could ignore it all I wanted, but I had cravings. I wanted to use my body for enjoyment. It was hungry for pleasure.

I tugged off a glove, sighed, and wiped my forehead.

“Hot stuff,” a voice said, and my insides clenched wetly. I blushed, turning my head to see Eve standing on my front walk, still in her white and grey summer dress.

My istanbul escort eyes slid up her long, toned legs in those heels, to the way her dress fit her body snugly in all the right places. This time, instead of coffee she was carrying a purse over one arm. She looked so elegant, and at the same time, erotic. I felt a surge of desire.

“Hi,” I said softly.

“I thought perhaps you might like some lunch,” Eve smiled, “Hungry?”

My cheeks burned, thinking about the “breakfast” I had “eaten” with her earlier. I shrugged and stood up, taking off the other glove and brushing off my knees.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Invite me in,” she suggested. “We’ll see what we can whip up.”

I walked to the door ahead of her and held it open. She walked past me, lightly brushing my body on the way, and I shivered as I breathed in her perfumed scent. I followed into the house and closed the door behind me while she put her purse on a side table in the hall.

“What can I do for you?” I started to say. Or, I would have, but she turned and backed me against the door, just with her presence, and her lips found mine as her hand cupped my breast. I tensed up, feeling a shudder of lust run through me, and then I was moaning against her mouth and kissing her back. I barely noticed as I dropped my garden gloves on the floor, I was too caught up in the moment.

Eve’s tongue was nimble and bold, pressing into my mouth, swirling and exploring. I gasped and whimpered as her hand kneaded my full breast, squeezing my flesh through my tight t-shirt. Her thumb kept brushing over my stiffening nipple. Her other hand slid down my side and cupped my buttock through my jean shorts, roughly groping. I ground up against her with my hips, feeling shudders of pleasure.

Her tongue flicked and licked around inside my mouth. Eve tugged my nipple, and her fingers dug into my ass through the denim. She was just as hungry as I was, if not moreso. I moaned at the thought. Her thigh rubbed my mound, the seam of the shorts stimulating my wet pussy.

“You are delectable,” she purred against my lips, grinning. I panted and whimpered. She slid her hand up from my breast along my neck, making me tingle, and into my hair, so we were forehead to forehead, gazing into each other’s eyes. The desire I saw there made me shake.

Eve slid her hand around to the front of my shorts, unbuttoning and unzipping me, giving me butterflies in my tummy. I gasped as her hand slid inside, her fingers cupping my mound possessively. The hand on my neck when up into the hair on the back of my head, tugging.

“Mine,” she growled, and I moaned. My panties were stretched around her hand, her fingers stroking along my bare, pink lips. I wasn’t in a position to argue.

I simply spread my legs to give her better access, and felt her slide a finger into my quivering, tight pussy. I groaned as she thrust back and forth, dragging her finger along my inner walls. Her thumb found my clit and expertly started to strum it.

“You’re so tight,” she breathed against my ear, nibbling under it, and along my neck. “It’s like he hasn’t been fucking you at all.”

I moaned as she pushed a second finger against me, turning and twisting to find her way deep inside me. My vaginal walls clenched and I felt shudders as she fingerfucked me harder. Pinned to the door, my pussy a wet mess, I just surrendered to everything I was feeling. I clutched her arms and rode her hand, moaning and whimpering.

“Good girl,” she smiled as I started to shake and writhe. “Cum for me.”

I screamed, wriggling against the door, as if I could crawl up and through it, my pussy spasming and squeezing. I felt as if the world became a white blur, my mind overwhelmed with the physical sensations. I’d never orgasmed like this in my life.

Eve held me there, against the door, as I shivered and mewled. She waited while my breathing calmed, and I could open my eyes to look at her, my cheeks flushed. She smiled, a bit smugly, and then tugged her fingers free of my panties. Eve lifted them up and I could see my juices glistening on her digits. Looking me in the eye, she extended her middle finger and sucked my juices off, making a satisfied noise in her throat.

Then, she held out her index finger, to my lips.

“Do it again,” she said. I knew what she meant – earlier that morning, I had sucked her finger before being introduced to her pussy.

I took her into my lips and suckled. This time was different, in that my pussy juices coated her finger. I bobbed back and forth, tasting myself on her. It was sexy as hell, the taste and the scenario. She was in complete control of me. I moaned as I sucked her finger to the knuckle, using my tongue around it.

Eventually she tugged her hand away, and I moaned with the loss, making her smile.

“That’s a cute pout,” she said, patting my cheek and brushing her thumb over my bottom lip. I blushed.

“Where did you go?” I asked. “Why did you leave?”

Her beylikdüzü escort smile grew warmer. “Missed me, did you?”

I blushed redder and nodded.

“I thought you might like a moment to yourself, to collect your thoughts,” she shrugged. “But then I wanted to make you cum, so I came back.”

“I’m glad you came back,” I said.

“Me, too.”


It ended up that I made lunch. I grabbed veggies and lettuce from the fridge, and chopped and tossed them into a salad. I added some leftover chicken, as I always kept some around for the nights my husband worked late and I had to eat alone. Eve sat at the counter, watching me intently. Just having her eyes on me made my skin tingle, and caused little sparks at the base of my skull. I blushed every time I glanced towards her, because her eyes would be on me. Smouldering. The hint of a smile hid in the corner of her mouth.

I plated our food and served it, and then poured us both wine. She nodded approvingly, and waited until I sat before she started eating. We munched for a bit, and she complimented the light, impromptu meal.

“So why me?” I asked, almost blurting the question. It had been on my mind since we met. Why had she paid me any attention? Most people didn’t.

Eve smiled this smug, knowing smile, that already made me wet every time I saw it. She took another bite of her food, chewing slowly, as if savouring it. I think perhaps she was savouring making me wait and wonder about her answer. I squirmed.

“Well,” she said, finally, “You have a beautiful mouth.”

I blushed red, biting my bottom lip. I had not expected that answer. But it made me immediately think of all the things I’d done with my mouth for her: nibbling the apple slice, almost kissing her fingers; sucking her finger; licking her pussy; slurping my juices off her fingers today. There was something flattering about the idea that she’d wanted me for that purpose. There was also something arousingly dirty, that she could sum it up to that – as if that’s what I existed for.

I shook my head to dispel the buzzing, hot feeling in my face, and looked up at her. Eve’s eyes were sparkling with something mischievous, and I had to rub my thighs together. She made me so horny! I couldn’t think straight.

“So what’s the deal with you and your husband?” I asked instead.

“Deal?” she asked.

“Yeah, do you two have an open marriage or an arrangement, or something? Does he know you’re here?”

Eve tilted her head. She put her elbows on the counter and folded her hands, so she could rest her chin on them as she looked at me, smiling.

“You mean, does anyone else know I was here, getting my pussy licked by the housewife down the street? Does anyone know your secret shame?”

I felt a throb and my blushing cheeks felt doubly hot. She had summed up some of what I was worried about as if she could see right through me, and I hadn’t even really put it in words for myself.

“No, darling Mal, I’m the only one who knows you like cunt,” she said, and her use of the word “cunt” made me gasp. I had never heard it out loud except as a swear word, like an expletive. She used it casually, comfortably.

“Mal?” I said, quietly.

“Short for ‘Mallory,’ of course,” Eve said. “In French, it means ‘bad.’ You like being bad, don’t you, Mal?”

I blushed. And then, I nodded.

“Good girl,” Eve smiled.

She stood up, and came towards me. I squirmed in my seat even more, feeling my juices, and the tingles through my body as she loomed over me. Eve put her hand on the counter, beside my hand, leaning on it, looking down into my face. Her presence was overpowering. I looked up at her, and felt trembles in my hands and butterflies in my stomach.

“My husband, like yours, has no idea I’m here. I like it that way. It’s my dirty little secret. You’re my dirty little secret,” she said, emphasizing the word “you’re” in a way that made me shiver.

Her other hand cupped my chin, and her thumb caressed along my jaw. I moaned softly. Eve kissed me, so softly, so tenderly, that it made me whimper. Then she intensified our kiss, and I found that she was sucking my bottom lip, tugging with her teeth. I groaned, giving her my mouth, letting her ravage it hungrily.

I pushed my plate further away down the counter, and then my hands were caressing her hips and waist as Eve leaned over me to tonguefuck my mouth, her hand on my chin sliding up into my hair to hold me close. I moaned into her lips, and she lifted her ass so she was sitting up on the counter in front of me, her legs spread to either side so I was between them.

While she caressed my hair and face, kissing my eager mouth, I pushed the skirt of her dress up. She shuffled her hips to help me. Soon her bare pussy was visible, her ass on my counter. I stroked her toned, fit legs, feeling the smoothness of her skin over her muscles.

Eve pulled away from my mouth and pushed my head down. I knew where I was going. esenyurt escort I nuzzled my face into her pussy and licked, dragging my tongue along her pink petals. I tasted her nectar, still so fascinating in their texture and flavour, and lapped hungrily. She tugged me close, putting her legs over my shoulders to grind against my mouth.

For the second time that day, I was licking Eve’s pussy. My tongue rolled over the folds of her labia, exploring her. I was more patient this time, now that I had a second chance. Before, I had been too overcome to really think about what I was doing. It had been a wet, hazy blur of emotion and experience. This time, I wanted to notice everything. The way she was shaped, the texture of her skin, the smell. Her juices were so succulent, she was so naturally juicy as I licked her. I found her clit, a throbbing pearl, and licked and licked, feeling her shiver under me.

I heard her breathing faster, and that was sexy. I occasionally made her moan with sensation, which was accompanied with trembles, and that was sexier. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked on it, hard, and that made her tug my hair tight and cry out, which was the sexiest so far. I kept at it until she was shuddering against me, her body in spasm.

Her clit in my mouth was hot, like a throbbing, little bud. It was like giving her a blowjob, almost. I had never done that myself, but the way she was reacting to her erect little clit in my mouth made me think of it. I liked the way it felt to give her pleasure, to the point that she lost a little of her confident control. For a few moments, she was a twitchy, shivery mess, like me.

Then she calmed, and smiled, and kissed my wet mouth, sharing the flavour on my tongue, enjoying it with me. I smiled back, seeing that she was pleased.

“Upstairs,” she said, and I nodded.


I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Little tingles kept running up my back as I walked upstairs. I was leading Eve up to my bedroom. So far our exploits had been mainly confined to the kitchen, there was this almost playful, teasing air to them. I could conceivably argue that it had been harmless, just some kissing, just our mouths… Aside from the fact she had fingered me against the front door, that is. But, I’d been mostly passive… aside from the eager cunnilingus. But still, that was like, third base. Lots of people did that in high school, or experimenting in college.

Taking her upstairs had a different connotation. I was taking her to bed. My marital bed. There was something… defiling about that. It went beyond naughty or a little bit dirty, to real sex. Adultery. Right?

The terrible thing was, I was shivering about it, and nervous, but I was also eager. I wanted this to happen. Twenty-four hours earlier I wouldn’t have even thought it was possible, yet here I was, leading the way.

Eve was a few steps behind me. She’d stopped in the front hall to get her purse, which I thought was such a funny thing. I supposed, if someone came in, there would be no evidence that she was here. I didn’t think much past that – every step upwards along the stairway was a step where my brain got blurrier and blurrier, as my pussy got wetter and wetter. I almost stumbled at the top, and she had to reach out to put her arm around my waist.

“You okay?” Eve asked.

I nodded, blushing, and kissed her, cupping her cheek. Our tongues danced, and she pushed me against the wall. We made out, kissing roughly, passionately, and then she pulled away, and smiled that hot, smug smile of hers.

“Lead the way,” she nodded at my bedroom door. I nodded in agreement, and opened it.

She stepped through, so I didn’t do much leading. Eve stood in the centre of the floor, at the foot of the bed, and looked around. Our bedroom was simple: a king-sized bed with grey sheets, and a grey and purple comforter, with matching pillows; dark dressers and matching night-stands; a walk-in closet and the en suite bathroom off in opposite corners. She put her purse down by the corner of the bed.

I hovered in the doorway, feeling my stomach do flip-flops. Eve turned to look at me, and her smile was so warm and dazzling, I felt dizzy.

“Strip,” she said.

I bit my lip and stepped forward, criss-crossing my arms to grab the hem of my t-shirt. I pulled it upward, over my head, and tossed it aside. After my shower I hadn’t bothered to put on a bra, so my full breasts bounced free, with stiffened nipples. Eve’s eyes glittered as she watched me. I felt my heart hammering in my chest, and my hand went up to it. My pulse was pounding. My own fingers on my skin made me tingly, like an electric spark, and I slowly dragged my fingertips down my breastbone and tummy. It felt exquisite. Eve’s smug smile teased the corner of her lips.

I knew what she wanted next.

My fingers found my shorts, and I undid the button. I had put them back into place for lunch, after she’d unzipped and fingered me, but now the clothes were a barrier. She wanted me naked. I shivered at the thought, and then unzipped. I pushed the jean shorts down my hips and legs, shuffling, kicking free.

“We need to buy you sexier panties,” Eve said, once that was all I was wearing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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