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It was really becoming very exciting to see Chris blossoming sexually. After our first time together she had told me that she wanted to be my slut and do everything with me. She had been ignored for years by her soon to be ex husband and was primed to really let loose. I was the lucky guy who got to enjoy the results.

After our last adventure of going to an XXX rated adult movie and finding Chris sucking off a total stranger while I fucked her hot pussy our sex life got even hotter. I would have been happy just to get my hands on this hot auburn haired beauty with the C cup tits with their exciting puffy nipples but knowing that she shared my sense of sexual adventure was really the icing on the cake.

We were hungrily expanding our sexual life across, oral, anal, mutual masturbation, adult films and toys. So far we had not had an opportunity to realize Chris’s fantasy of being with another woman.

One day Chris asked me if I would do her a favor and attend an informal outing with the people from her job. A group of them were just going to get together after work on Friday night for a few drinks and she wanted to show me off. I told her that I would enjoy meeting some of the people that she worked with and talked about. antalya escort We arranged that I would meet her at the bar Friday night.

When Friday arrived I jumped into my 240Z and headed to the bar. Chris spotted me as soon as I came through the door. She walked me over to a group of tables where about 20 people from her company were hanging out. Most of the group were women but I did get to meet Chris’s boss Mike. He was probably about 40 years old and seemed nice enough. After the introductions Chris escorted me to her table and sat me down next to her. On my other side was a woman who was Chris’s best work friend.

Margaret was about 24 years old. She had dirty blond hair and a cute face. I checked out her slim body and noticed that she had small tits but a really nice ass and a fine set of legs attached to them. Not a bad looking woman at all. Early in the evening she seemed like the quiet type. After about 3 drinks she really came out of her shell!

Margaret got very sociable, telling a few dirty jokes, laughing and smiling. At one point I sat there and listened to her tell Chris about the time that she fucked 2 brothers at the same time. She said that she had been very drunk that antalya escort bayan night at a local bar. She met these 2 brothers and ended up in bed with both of them. She told Chris that she didn’t really enjoy the experience very much because she was way too drunk and the brothers were a little impatient with her. It was hard to believe that the shy woman I had met earlier in the evening was the same one telling this story.

Later in e evening all but about seven of us had left. That group included Margaret, Chris, Mike and we all decided that we wanted to go to another bar for a nightcap. As we walked to the parking lot Margaret and Chris were singing and laughing and basically acting as drunk as they were. Mike took the others in his car and I agreed to drive Chris and Margaret. The only problem was that my car was a two seater. Margaret ended up sitting on Chris’s lap in the passenger seat. We got strapped into our seat belts as best as we could and headed to the new bar.

As we drove there I noticed that the girls had gotten kind of quiet. I glanced over and was surprised to see them locked in a kiss! I didn’t say anything and we arrived at the bar in way too short of a time.

The escort antalya rest of the night was pretty uneventful. We had a few more drinks and then everyone headed home. Chris’s boss gave Margaret a ride home and Chris and I headed back home. On the drive back I told Chris that I had seen her kissing Margaret. She seemed a little embarrassed but I told her that I thought that it was incredibly hot. My hand slid to her knee and I started to caress her, moving slowly upwards as we talked. By the time we got home I had enjoyed finger fucking that sweet hot pussy. We headed upstairs and fucked ourselves silly most of that night.

We didn’t revisit the kissing incident for several more days. When Chris brought up her fantasy of being with another woman I suggested that she might want to see if Margaret was a likely candidate. Chris admitted that she was hot for Margaret but that she was afraid to approach her. When Margaret was sober she was pretty shy but when she got a few drinks into her she turned into a wild woman. After giving the issue some thought I proposed a plan for us to get Margaret in bed.

The plan began with Chris asking Margaret to join us after work this Friday night for a few drinks and maybe some dinner. Chris told her that we had really enjoyed her company and wanted to just hang out with her. Margaret accepted the invitation and Chris and I could hardly contain ourselves the rest of the week. When we got together we spent a lot of time fantasizing about what might happen with Margaret. It was a very strenuous week!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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