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This is a continuation of the well-received Ch. 01, which I encourage you to read, so that you can pick up seamlessly where we left off. Thanks for all of your positive comments!


The answer to Chrissy’s pleading inquiry was provided when we agreed to meet for her outdoor photo session the following Monday. Monday was always the slowest day at the Turf Club, so it was relatively easy for Chrissy to find a substitute for her bartending duties for the afternoon. It had also been a rare weekend when my girlfriend, Stephanie, had not visited, so I had all my energy and unbridled enthusiasm stored up. Ya know, just in case…

We had decided that The Village of Smithville would be a good place to meet, since it was in close proximity to the National Park, and Chrissy assured me that she could easily find transportation to the small cluster of quaint shops and cozy restaurants.

I arrived a few minutes early, my prominent hard-on accompanying my short walk to the bench where I waited uncomfortably for my young fledgling model’s arrival. I couldn’t help but to have already masturbated in the shower shortly before departing, but my Below-The-Waist alter ego was showing no sign of chronological recognition. He was raring to see, and hopefully participate in, the photographic events about to transpire. Yes, the purpose of the rendezvous today with a woman twenty-seven years my junior wasn’t about photography, at its core. Instinctively, I knew it, and I sensed that Chrissy knew it, and desired it, as well. The camera and ensuing photo session were just a convenient icebreaker of sorts, a means to an end.

I sat, pretending to be reading the newspaper, with my small duffel bag containing my two cameras (a Fuji Fine Pix S9500 and a Nikon D200) slung across my shoulder. My raging dick still twitched beneath my baggy khaki shorts, and it apparently caught the attention of an attractive redheaded woman shopper who was about my age, because she walked past about three times in five minutes, increasingly closer each time, peering through her sunglasses and smiling coquettishly.

I was just about to acknowledge the obviously interested redhead when I felt someone, a woman by the hint of aromatic perfume that preceded her, plop herself down on the bench to my left, touching my exposed thigh with her own exposed thigh as an unmistakable lithe frame eased next to me. Chrissy said simply, quietly, “Hi”, yet the mere two letters from the sound of her sweet voice touched off another involuntary response within my naughty middle-aged cock.

I didn’t even have time to survey her attire, my eyes absorbed only a pair of full, fire-engine-red lips pursed to meet my own lips, which already had slightly parted in pleasantly surprised anticipation. Chrissy’s velvety-soft mouth gently met my own mouth, and I heard her whimper almost imperceptibly as her mouth quivered onto my own.

I pulled my head back reluctantly, aware of our public surroundings, and from the corner of my eye noticed the redhead stare at the sight of a fifty-one-year-old man being kissed seductively by a woman more than young enough to be his daughter. This was not a paternal kiss indeed.

Chrissy put two small fingertips onto my chin, and diverted my attention back to the source at hand. “Hey, over here,” she chastised, nibbling on my lip. I looked at her face for the first time, and casino siteleri nearly gasped at the transformation from when I had last seen her.

As detailed earlier, Chrissy rarely, if ever, wore even a hint of make-up to her ‘day job’, so as not to attract the lechers. Today, however, she looked exactly like the model that she was about to become, except her appearance far exceeded the quality of the rather novice amateur photographer who was fortunate enough to be behind the lens.

Her light brown eyes were perfectly augmented by an impeccable application of mascara that highlighted light gold flashes within her pupils. Her hair cascaded around her neck in small auburn curls, with bangs that hung beguilingly over her forehead. The aforementioned lips were the cherriest of cherry reds, a lipstick hue called Russian Red, as she later confessed to me. (“I chose it because it’s supposed to last all day without smearing, and I knew I would be using it a lot.”)

Though I’m not a big proponent of comparing a beautiful woman’s looks to those of a celebrity, I couldn’t erase the thought that she looked exactly like Jennifer Love Hewitt in her younger days (and this comparison was only further enhanced once I finally had the pleasure of seeing Chrissy’s large tits on her petite frame).

Our faces were still essentially pressed together, and I opened my mouth to pay Chrissy proper homage regarding her sensational beauty, but she snuffed out my attempt by pressing those Russian Red-covered lips back onto mine, her warm, hot, long tongue snaking into my mouth, and for the first time, I felt her tits press into my chest, and, yep, I admit it, I peeked. I glanced down at her tits, smashed onto my shirt, poking out beneath a tiny, sheer, ivory bikini top, light freckles trailing a path from her collarbone down to her firm, ample cleavage.

She broke the kiss and stood up quickly, and for the first time I had an opportunity to examine the entire sensational package of the neophyte model that I would be fortunate enough to be photographing today. A light pink sarong wrapped around her slender hips, starting just below her belly button, fully exposing her flat stomach yet curvaceous hips, and a tiny white bikini bottom that barely covered her gorgeous ass cheeks was visible through the sarong which was essentially transparent in the bright rays of the sun.

She pirouetted, providing me with a view from every angle, and I squirmed on the bench as my Below-The-Waist alter ego twitched in rousing approval of the scene in front of me. I could still taste her delicious lipstick, and inhaled her intoxicating perfume in the fresh Spring air. The erotic tactile combinations were enough to have my dick as hard as during the many nights I had been masturbating recently, fantasizing about Chrissy, anticipating this very scenario. A lovely, nubile, and apparently very horny twenty-four-year-old was going to willingly pose for me, in semi-public, and who knew where the path would lead next.

She grabbed me by the hand and asked, “Which one is your car?” She smiled as I pointed to the late-model ebony Lexus parked under the tall oak tree in the corner of the lot. “Let’s get out of here, now, please, let’s go.” She threw a large beach bag over her shoulder and whispered in my ear as she hung onto my elbow, “I also brought some goodies for an indoor shoot güvenilir casino later, if you’re ‘up’ for it.” She accentuated the word ‘up’. “I want to take some photos like you have done of your girlfriend, I really liked that one of her in the black teddy.”

That particular photo was by far the most revealing one that I had shown to Chrissy when I had let her see a sampling of the photos that I had taken of Stephanie, but the desired effect it had upon Chrissy worked like a charm. You see, women, especially beautiful women, and no matter what the age, are extremely competitive when it comes to their looks. This is no secret, of course, but the magic of this truism is it also transcends any age barriers. A young woman in her twenties is going to do everything within her powers to assure that she will simply NOT be outdone in the sexy category by an older woman.

Though I am by no means a fisherman, I was hoping Chrissy would bite at this bait, and when she pulled the white g-string and garter set from her travel bag, it was apparent I had bagged a prize.

When Chrissy eased herself down onto the plush upholstery of my passenger seat as I opened the car door for her, she was eye-level with my cock, now nearly bursting through the zipper of my shorts. She licked her lips seductively. “Mmmm, seems someone likes my idea.”

I stumbled to my side and looked down through the window at Chrissy’s impossibly firm tits popping almost through her teeny bikini top as she leaned over to open my door, which was more symbolic that necessary, since I had already unlocked the door electronically.

She turned her entire body towards me as she removed her sarong, allowing me a full view of the small patch of moisture that was on the crotch of her bikini bottom, and tossed back her curly, flowing hair. She then reached into the beach bag, talking over her shoulder as she did so, and the crack of her ass poked through the bottom of the material, and said. “Stephanie, that’s your girlfriend’s name, Stephanie right?”

I nodded, diverting my eyes from her backbone to the road as I started the car engine and put it into gear. Stephanie who, I thought.

Chrissy smiled knowingly, now leaning over the gear shift and pressing her chest onto my right shoulder and began to stroke my neck with her left hand. “You see, Stephanie wore black in her lingerie shoot for you. So, therefore, naturally, I want to wear white, to be different.” Her hand began to snake down my shoulders and chest as I pulled onto Route Nine northbound.

Her small palm now rubbed over my stomach, pulling out the shirttail, and began to tug at my belt buckle. “White is more virginal, don’t you think, John? Isn’t that kinda appropriate for a girl who hasn’t been laid in nearly two years now?” Was it my imagination, or out of the corner of my eye, did I see a small cell-phone camera in her right hand?

Out of reflex, I lifted my buttocks off of the car seat as I felt my shorts begin to fall to mid-thigh and wondered if it was really true as I heard Chrissy say, “I thought you were commando today, that will be very convenient.”

Her left hand gripped my shaft firmly and before I knew it, about half of my throbbing cock was engulfed in Russian-red lipstick as Chrissy’s head snuck under the steering wheel and her tongue enveloped my shaft in a warm, wet surprise oral dance.

She canlı casino sucked on me for gently for perhaps a torturous half-minute or so as I struggled to keep my eyes on the road, my hands on the wheel, and my focus anywhere but on what she was doing to my crotch. I only succeeded on two out of those three tasks, how could I not focus upon this once shy twenty-four-year-old beauty suddenly turned into a brazen vixen, a mobile cocksucker?

She raised her head and began to purr into my neck and jaw line, never releasing her grip on my cock, tugging and pulling on it urgently, my length growing and stiffening with each stroke, my dick now nearly slapping against the bottom of the steering wheel. I was almost able to drive ‘hands-free’.

That’s when I heard the unmistakable click of the camera, and Chrissy cooed, “Unngh, huge, I knew you’d be big, I always wanted a big cock, my ex was nowhere near like this.” She took several pictures in rapid succession with her right hand with the lens pointed right at her left hand, which was tightly gripping my shaft.

She looked at one of the images as I continued to drive and she moaned, her hand pumping my dick harder now, faster, my own foot unwittingly pressing down unconsciously harder on the foot pedal as I glanced over to see a picture of my dick being held snugly by a small, neatly manicured hand, long red nails contrasting with the pink flesh of my engorged cock head.

“You’re not the only one who enjoys taking pictures of beautiful things,” she groaned, before again lowering her head down onto my cock, sucking about five inches into her hot mouth in one swoop.

I held on tightly to the steering wheel with my left hand, and for the next ten minutes, my right hand alternated between gripping the back of her hair and fingering her sopping snatch and tight little anus through the thin material of her bikini.

My climax rapidly approaching, I pulled aside the fabric to separate her slit and plunge two thick fingers into the hottest, tightest pussy I had ever digitally explored, and wondered for just a split second how my cock would ever fit into the vice-like grip of Chrissy’s well-preserved pussy.

Finally, I massaged her protruding clit, bringing her over the edge as we pulled into Batsto State Park’s lot, cumming at the same time, her creamy cunt juices dripping onto my fingers as I shot my first hot load of the day deep into her throat, exactly as we passed by the more-than-curious Park Ranger in his vehicle stationed at the entrance, and he no doubt noticed Chrissy’s hair bouncing wildly as she bobbed frantically up and down on my lap.

She wiped the remnants of cum from her mouth as she leaned back in the car seat as we parked, basking in the afterglow of savoring my semen and still trembling from her own orgasm, and I brought my cum-soaked fingers to her lips so that she could enjoy her own sweet nectar as well. She moaned in delight as she sucked eagerly, mixing our respective flavors within her throat.

“I think you’ll find out about me, John, that you have touched on many of my fantasies all at once. Exhibitionism, having public sex, and sucking the cock of an older, well-hung man.”

Hmmmm. This day was not certainly going as planned, not that I was complaining.

She pulled up my zipper after cleansing the last drops of my cum from my shaft with her tongue, and grabbed her beach bag, hopping out of the car, and walking towards the park’s gravel path.

“And thanks for being my own personal cock model, I always wanted one. Now, let’s go do me, shall we? Is that a log cabin over there?”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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