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Holly was lonely. Most of the time this was fine. Most of the time she preferred life that way. But the holidays got to her. It started with Thanksgiving and all the family togetherness. True, not everyone gathered joyously to fabulously prepared dinners, but we all pretended we did. Other people had to eat dry turkey and repeat old arguments too.

At least Thanksgiving came and went quickly. Christmas dragged out for an entire month, during which everyone was supposedly expressing joy and charity but mainly pushing their credit card limits.

Holly rolled her eyes at herself. She was turning her own anxiety into bitterness against the entire season. Just because she did not have a date to take to her sister’s Christmas party, did not mean the entire season was doomed.

Maybe she could at least show up in style. While searching her closet had been a failure, her friend and neighbor Candy might share something better. Unlike Holly, Candy shopped for clothes like a normal woman.

“Holly!” Candy was home and excited to see her. “Have you come to watch the soaps with me? We need to know if our favorite stud is really going to cheat on his girl!”

Even just hanging out at home, Candy was gorgeous. Holly wanted to run her fingers through Candy’s long black hair. And then maybe move lower to those juicy breasts under the red velvet hoodie.

Holly reminded herself she was not a lesbian; Candy would inspire lust in anyone. And she was not here to leer at her neighbor. “No soaps tonight, I need your help.”

Candy waved Holly into her apartment. Holly eyed the familiar leather sofa with longing, wishing she could stay here. But avoiding tonight would be an act of a coward.

Candy’s lovely full lips curved into a smile. “I made peppermint fudge.”

Holly accepted a piece directly from Candy’s hand, licking the chocolate from her friend’s finger, appreciating the taste of her skin even more than the sweet candy.

“My knowledge of plumbing only extends to that of the human sort,” Candy warned, teasing Holly with a reference to the poor condition of their apartment building. “Now if you need to revisit the human anatomy I can help. I understand if you have forgotten.”

“Very funny. I was hoping to borrow something for my sister’s party.”

“Oh, do tell.” Candy clapped her hands in delight. Her nails were perfectly manicured and painted red. “I thought you two were not speaking.”

Holly wondered how those hands would feel on her body. If depression istanbul escort could not get her through the holidays, then maybe sex could. She dismissed the bitter fight with her sister, “It’s a holiday miracle. But I need something to wear.”

Candy leaned back against the wall and studied Holly. “I thought your sister hosted couple’s parties.”

“Well,” Holly popped another piece of fudge into her mouth. At least she burned calories fast, so she stayed tiny and thin. Not that she would mind having curves like Candy’s. “Under the circumstances, she can hardly blame me for showing up alone.”

“Not at all bitter, are you?” Candy hugged Holly.

The warmth and sweet vanilla smell of Candy comforted Holly, but reminded her of her persistent horniness. She should sleep with someone, anyone, at the party tonight. Hopefully, someone that would enrage her sister. It was the season of giving. Oh yes, giving back.

“Just because she married my boyfriend,” Holly sighed. Her family had taken her sister’s side, perhaps because it seemed natural for a man to migrate from a boyish girl to a domestic paragon.

“Oh no, she saved you the trouble. Just because she ruined the joy of sex for you!”

Holly smiled, cheered for the first time today by Candy’s humor. “Well, then I really do need help from a friend. Let me raid your closet and maybe I can sleep with someone tonight.”

Candy agreed eagerly, delighted by the opportunity to play dress-up. They entered Candy’s bedroom. Although Holly had visited many times, mostly to watch television, she had never been in Candy’s bedroom. The bed was large for a single woman. Holly knew Candy did not slept alone often on the red and white striped sheets.

Candy encouraged Holly to undress completely, so she could start with a blank canvas. She studied Holly’s naked body intently. Holly was turned on by this examination. She could feel her pussy getting wet. Her nipples had perked up too, she hoped Candy would assume it was the cool air.

Candy shook her head. “You would swim in my bra, sweetie. But your lovelies are so bright and perky, you don’t need one.”

“You want me to go out without a bra?” Holly crossed her arms unconsciously over her perky lovelies.

“Now is not the time to be shy,” lectured Candy. “And with that thought, you’d better shave.”

Holly blushed, there was a bushy undergrowth under her arms and thick stubble on her legs. She had not even thought about it.

“Don’t be embarrassed, sweetie,” beylikdüzü escort Candy smiled reassuringly. “I know you have been having a hard time. I have fresh razors in the bathroom.”

Holly had been in Candy’s bathroom. The lace shower curtain offered a fun peek-a-boo effect. She sighed to herself and picked up the can of shaving cream.

“Consider shaving everything,” sang out Candy from the bedroom.

Holly dutifully went to work, but her mind wandered. She wanted to be naked in that bed. She paused in her strokes of the razor to touch herself. She slid her fingers inside her own damp warm pussy, wiggling her thumb up against her clit. Maybe if she could get herself off quickly, she could relax.

Candy stuck her head in suddenly and Holly jumped guilty, accidentally cutting herself with the razor. To tend the wound, Candy bent over Holly’s thigh, her head inches away from Holly’s half shaven pussy. Candy’s position gave Holly an excellent view of her full ass. Her sweat pants had slid down a bit and a band of white lace from the top of her panties was exposed.

“You should go ahead and wash up as well,” Candy stepped away. “I just bought this awesome bath gel, it is supposed to have pheromones in it that just drives men mad with lust. It’ll be just the thing tonight.”

“Ok,” agreed Holly dumbly.

The bath gel was a deep red color and had a musky floral scent. It was much fancier than anything Holly used, but she doubted it had any sexual power. Still, why not humor her friend?

When she was done, Candy was ready to work on her.

“You have to wear this,” insisted Candy, holding up a holiday thong. Santa smiled jollily from the crotch.

Holly never wore thongs, but why not for tonight? She slid it on, giving Santa a pat on the head to settle him into place. The string in the back slide between the cheeks of her ass.

Holly sat naked except for her thong like a doll for Candy. Candy styled Holly’s hair into loose blonde curls that brushed her bare shoulders. As the Candy worked, Holly savored the gentle touch of her fingers on her scalp.

Gold glitter around her eyes, thick black mascara on her lashes, Candy was building up a glamorous slutty look for Holly. Candy held Holly’s chin with one hand as she traced the shape of her lips with red lipstick. But the boldest decoration was the body glitter. Candy slowly spread it down Holly’s chest in lazy circles. She paused as she neared Holly’s breasts and glanced at Holly. Whatever esenyurt escort she saw there prompted her to continue downward.

Slowly, lightly she spread the glitter across Holly’s breasts. First, she circled Holly’s left breast in a large circle outlining the entire shape of her petite high globe and then slowly spiraled inward. When she reached the center of the spiral, she reached Holly’s nipple. Even though Holly’s breasts were small, her nipples were large and sensitive. Holly trembled at her touch, feeling the flood of moisture in her pussy and wondering if she would drown Santa.

Holly leaned forward and kissed Candy, first tracing the outline of her luscious lips with her tongue. As she slid her tongue into her mouth, Holly pulled Candy’s head closer by sliding her hand around the back of her warm neck underneath her long black hair.

After a long juicy kiss, Holly released Candy to unzip her hoodie. Candy was wearing a bra, white lace like her underwear. Holly cupped Candy’s breasts, rubbing the hardening nipples through the lace fabric. She did not bother unhooking the bra but instead pulled down the cup on one side so Candy’s breast popped out. She pulled the nipple into her mouth and suckled. Candy moaned in delight, this time pulling Holly’s head to her breast.

Holly continued to suck Candy’s nipple, running her tongue around the hard nub. Her hands pulled down Candy’s pants. She dipped her hand down inside the lacy underwear and found Candy as wet as herself. She slid two fingers inside Candy and Candy pushed her hips forward and then back, fucking herself on Holly’s fingers.

Holly lifted her head intending to move downward, but Candy pulled her back to her breast. Holly opened her mouth wider and tried to suck as much as of Candy’s breast in as she could. As she did this, she slide one hand around to Candy’s ass and gripped her ass, it was full but firm. She rubbed Candy’s clit with the thumb of her hand while Candy was still riding her fingers. With the extra stimulation, Candy came with soft gasps, her body shuddering, her hands convulsively tightening in Holly’s hair.

When she was done quivering with the tides of pleasure, she slid weak kneed to the floor in front of Holly. She made no attempt to adjust herself, her full breast with the nipple shining with saliva hung out of her bra, her sweat pants were wrapped around her ankles. Holly and Candy stared at each other and for a long moment, neither spoke.

Holly broke the silence, barely speaking above a whisper, “So would you like to come to my sister’s party? I don’t have a date, you know.”

Candy giggled with relief. “I would love to, but first you know, it is the season of giving…” she trailed off suggestively.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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