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They say it’s not a good idea to fool around at the office Christmas party, a piece of advice she was deliberately choosing to ignore. Her decision had been made the moment he had walked in the door. Feeling horny and with a few drinks under her belt, she had decided right there and then that she was going to fuck him.

Her plan was a simple one. Sitting on a sofa opposite where he was standing with his colleagues and knowing that any man couldn’t resist looking up a woman’s skirt, she casually kept uncrossing and crossing her legs, parting them just enough to keep giving him and only him a good look between her legs and the thin white strip of material nestled between her thighs. Her drink was on the coffee table and she also made sure he got full view of her ample breasts in their low cut dress each time she bent forward to pick it up. She smiled inwardly to herself as she spied him pretending not to notice but staring intently between her legs every time she moved them. She could feel his gaze burning into her panties and it made her pussy tingle and her nipples hard with excitement knowing what thoughts must be going through his mind and how arousing the sight of those panties were to him. She even suspected that the bulge in his pants had grown since she first saw it and the thought of it made her even more aroused. She could feel her pussy moistening inside her panties with every moment that passed and every look he gave them.

Deciding he had looked enough, she got up off the couch and carrying her empty glass made to walk to the bar. As she passed him she stopped.

“It’s shaved and wet.” She whispered into his ear.

“I’m sorry.” he asked, as if he hadn’t heard her properly and at the same time shocked and embarrassed he had been caught out.

“If you want a better look, meet me in my office upstairs in five minutes and bring that nice cock.” she told him and walked off, her hand casually brushing the front of his pants, enough for him to feel it but not enough for anyone else to notice.

It was the longest five minutes of his life, standing there talking to his workmates with a stiffening cock in his pants and thoughts of her shaved pussy coursing through his mind. Excusing himself, he made straight for the elevator, his heart beating hard with anticipation.

She sat on the corner of the desk in her dimly lit office counting down the seconds hoping he would take up her invitation. Like him, her heart was racing and her pussy ached with anticipation. She couldn’t help reaching down and running her fingers over her panties, caressing her pussy through them, her fingertip pressing the material into the moist cleft between her lips.

She heard the elevator ding and she jumped off the desk. Suddenly, he was there, his silhouette framed in the doorway against the well-lit outer office. They came together in the middle of the office sarıyer escort and he kissed her passionately, his hands sliding up her outer thighs under her skirt. Breathing hard, she reached down and pressed her hand to his groin, feeling the hardness there. She fumbled with his zipper as his hand slid down inside her panties seeking out the wet pussy within. Her hand now inside his pants gripped his rigid throbbing cock as his fingers eagerly parted her silky wet lips and found her tingling hard clit. She groaned with pleasure and began to pull him as he rubbed her clit using her own wetness to lubricate it, quickly propelling her towards the orgasm her pussy craved. She pulled him faster as her arousal grew and grew and her legs opened wider and began to quiver. With a gasp she froze, gripping his cock tight, her whole body jerking as she came with a loud groan of pleasure. With his hard swollen cock sticking out the front of his pants leaking precum, he guided her backwards to the desk and made to pull down her panties. She stopped him.

“No, not here.” she whispered, still recovering from her orgasm. As much as she wanted that hard cock inside her, for some reason she didn’t want to do it there in the office.

“Let’s go back to mine.” She suggested. Reluctantly, he withdrew his hands from her panties and stuffed his aching swollen cock back in his pants. They kissed once more and made for the elevator hand in hand.

When you are horny and desperate to fuck everything takes so long. That was the case with the cab ride to her place. In the darkened back of the cab she had rubbed the front of his trousers and he in turn had done the same over the front of her panties. It had made the cab ride seem longer but the thrill and excitement of their fondling and the level of arousal it created was worth it.

Inside her apartment she decided to slow things down by pouring them both a drink. She wanted the night to last, not be over with quick five minute fuck. Reclined on one end of the couch with him sitting on the other end facing her, she reached down and pulled off her panties, threw them on the floor and spread her legs wide.

“I said you would get a better look at it.” she said smiling. “What do you think? Does it make you hard?”

“Fuck yes!” he groaned, starting at her gorgeous shaved pussy with its slightly parted pink glistening lips and dripping wet opening between them.

“Would you like to taste it?” she asked, instantly making herself even wetter at the thought of what she just said. Without answering, he put down his drink, slid along the couch and bent between her legs. She was so wet and the musky smell of her pussy filled his nostrils inflaming his senses. Hungrily he began licking her, savoring the sweet taste of her pussy, his tongue rasping against her hard clit esenyurt escort and delving into her saturated opening. She moaned and her head lolled back as his tongue sent waves of pleasure from her pussy right up through her entire body. Sensing she was about to cum he licked at her clit and flooded opening faster. With shaking legs she reached down, grasped the back of his head and crushed his face between her legs. She came with a huge groan, grinding her pussy up and down over his mouth.

With a final few soft licks of her delicious pussy, he straightened back up, moved to the other end of the couch, retrieved his drink and took a long hard swig of it.

“Let me see your cock.” She said, lying back with her drink back in hand and her legs still wide open. Once again replacing his drink, he undid his belt, pulled down his zipper and reached into his pants. His rigid cock almost sprung from them, the engorged head glistening with precum and the thick shaft throbbing with excitement.

“Stroke it for me.” She commanded, staring at it longingly and imagining the feel of it inside her. Fuck, it was so nice and big. Taking his cock between thumb and fingertips he began to slowly stroke his cock, his gaze firmly between her legs as his hand moved up and down the rigid shaft. The sight of him pulling himself had her breathing heavily and her pussy wanting to cum again. Her eyes fixed on his hand and cock, she reached down and began to rub her clit. Watching her masturbating had his cock jerking with excitement in his hand. He groaned trying to block out the sensation of his hand on his cock. He didn’t want to cum, couldn’t cum, not before he had felt himself inside that gorgeous tight pussy. Stroking as slow as he could, he watched her rubbing get faster and then turn frantic until her pussy sprayed wetness over the couch between her legs as she came. The sight of her cumming and squirting pussy was sending him over the top. Desperately he squeezed the shaft of his cock to stave off his orgasm. He was on the very edge for what seemed like an eternity until it finally subsided. Releasing the grip on his cock, he watched as one solitary drop of cum leaked from the tip. He had fought off his orgasm but now his swollen balls ached, needing release. Sitting up, she moved onto all fours, crawled along the couch, bent and licked the drop of cum from the head of his cock. The touch of her tongue on his cock made him suck in his breath. Her mouth opened and she took him into it. He groaned as her mouth enveloped the head and slid down his quivering shaft. No sooner had she started she stopped, sliding her mouth off his cock, leaving it jerking with excitement and frustration. Sliding off the couch, she stood beside him, reaching down for his hand.

“Time to fuck me.” she said in a husky voice. Taking her hand he rose up and she led him avrupa yakası escort by the hand to the bedroom.

“Oh shit! Fuck!” she cried out as the swollen head of his cock prized her open and his thick rigid shaft forced itself deep into her tight wet pussy. Gasping at the fullness of his cock inside her, she spread her legs as wide as she could, wanting him deep. Braced on his arms above her and filled with lust, he worked his hips, grunting and driving his glistening wet cock in and out of her until he felt it gripping him with pleasure. Driven wild with the sensations inside her pussy, she groaned loudly and gave a little squirt with every thrust, pushing herself up hard to meet each one.

“Fuck it! Fuck it! Make it cum!” she pleaded, her pussy so close and desperate to cum. Almost there himself, he fucked her even harder, slamming himself between her legs, driving his cock between her parted lips into her warm wet pussy to the hilt.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Yes!” She cried out, jerking on his cock as her pussy exploded between her legs, spraying them both with a huge squirt of wetness. The tight grip of her contracting pussy and sound of her cumming pushed him over the top and he felt the numbness and rush of cum start. Quickly he pulled out his jerking cock and with a roar sprayed thick ropes of cum all over her tits and stomach. Still hard and not waiting for her orgasm to subside, he pushed his cock back inside her. She yelped as he slid into her sensitive pussy but pain soon turned to pleasure as his hard thrusting cock sent her hurtling towards another orgasm. He gave a loud groan and pushed into her hard, cumming again, this time inside her. Feeling him cum inside her was enough and she came herself, her whole body quivering. He lay on top of her, both of them spent, breathing hard and enjoying the sensation of his cock softening inside her cum soaked pussy. Then they slept.

He awoke the next morning cuddled up behind her, his hand cupping her breast. She seemed to be asleep but her nipple was hard under his fingers. He began fondling it and she moaned softly, her eyes still closed. Aroused, he began to run his hand over her naked body under the covers, his now hard cock pressed firmly against the crack of her behind. Reaching down under it, he ran his finger along the slit of her pussy, still slippery and wet with his cum. She moaned again as his finger slipped in between her lips and worked up to her clit. Rubbing it softly, he felt her body becoming aroused. Feeling his hard cock pressed behind her, she raised her top leg. He slid down and positioned himself and holding his cock, pushed the head into her warm wet pussy. Within minutes they were both cumming again, her pussy leaking another load of nice thick load of cum. She had never been fucked from behind on her side before, only on all fours. It was softer than the hard thrusting doggy ramming against her behind but she liked it a lot.

Evident there was a definite attraction between them they decided later that morning over coffee that they would spend the weekend together. Maybe the saying about not fooling around at work parties wasn’t a hundred percent true. They would see how the weekend went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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