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“Not a one thanks to you two,” Gracelyn says.

Ariel smiles down at Echo as she walks past her and towards the only conscious guy at the moment. “Well, well…Bravo is it?” Tapping her foot on his hip, “How they hangin’?”

“I think you broke something,” he wheezes on the brink of tears while laying sideways in the fetal position.

“It wasn’t my shot that hit you, so I didn’t break anything…yet,” she says before looking over at the other guy. “I took out boob boy over there,” stepping on and walking over Bravo’s waist on her way to Tango, getting a yelp of pain out of him in the process. “I think he’s wearing Liz’s vest,” Ariel observes with a laugh.

“Probably is since we haven’t seen her in ages,” Amber says, “it was the only one we had available for him.”

She walks over to Bravo while Gracelyn keeps Echo held in place.

“You know, you looked a little smarter at first glance, I’ll give you that,” Amber says, leaning towards him, “but you still haven’t learned to keep your mouth shut.”

“Yeah. Since you and dumber over here planned to use our friend as a hostage, there will be consequences,” Ariel says as she retrieves Tango’s weapon.

“I told you we were miked,” Echo says to Bravo, “but nooo, you said the shocks would disable them,” she mocks him before banging her helmet back against the ground. “Nit-wit.”

“Should’ve listened to your friend there,” Amber tells him, “might have spared you some degradation later.”

Ariel laughs, “Yeah, key words there – might have!”

Amber and Gracelyn laugh along with her.

“Not bad for bean bag cannons with no laser scopes,” Cindy says as she approaches the group. She looks over at Tango, “You knocked him out?” looking to Ariel.


“Nice! Good thing he’s easy to drag around. It should be no problem getting him back to the garage.” Cindy assures her, and then directs her attention to Bravo. “Can you walk? Or is your…transmission…broken too?” making emphasis on the terminology Tango used earlier.

Before Bravo can get a word in, Amber speaks on his behalf, “Oh no, he’s not walking! He’ll be crawling if nothing else!”

Shrugging her shoulder, “Well, you heard the lady,” Cindy says, “looks like you’re crawling.”

He groans as he rolls onto his knees. As he moves past Amber, she unclips his cup from his waist and holds it up.

“Wow! My shot inverted the curve! Bet that hurt like a bitch,” she sasses at him. He crawls a few more paces before she turns and kicks him between the legs, sending him face first into the dirt.

Cindy smirks at his pain before turning her attention back to Echo. She pats Gracelyn on the shoulder to take her foot off the girl, and then offers her a hand up. “You aren’t going to try and run, or be any trouble now are you?”

Echo is puzzled by Cindy’s inquiry. In her peripheral vision, she catches movement from Ariel and looks over to see that she’s pointing the retrieved paintball gun at her while grasping the still unconscious Tango by the ankle. After an audible gulp, she shakes her head ‘No’.

“Lean your head forward then,” Cindy tells her.

Gracelyn, Ariel and Amber eye the girl like hawks as Cindy deactivates and removes the shock collar.

“It would be in your best interest not to make me regret this,” she says, holding up the collar for Echo to see. “We’re going to follow your accomplice back to the house. No need to walk any quicker.”

“What? You really aren’t going to try and make a break for it?” Bravo asks Echo, kicking up dust with his huffs of breath. “Some accomplice you are.”

“You know what, fuck you!” Echo yells near the top of her lungs, not just because she can with the collar removed, but because her tolerance for him reaches its breaking point. She starts to take off towards him, but is held in place when Cindy grabs her by her vest. “I’m so sick of your shit, Dick!” kicking dirt at him followed up with a spit of disgust. “I don’t even care anymore! I hope these people fuck you up royally!”

“That can be arranged,” says Ariel with a smile on her face.

“Good! Because he fucking deserves it!” Echo tells her, and then turns back to Cindy. “It would be in your best interest to keep me away from him the rest of the time I’m here!”

Cindy doesn’t say anything as she maintains her hold on Echo’s vest.

“Or else what,” Bravo taunts her, “you gonna try and kick my ass too? Ha-ha, good fuckin’ luck.”

Echo tries to make another advance at him, but Cindy pulls her to a halt once again. As a last resort, the girl removes her helmet and throws it, nailing him in the shoulder and almost hitting Amber as well from the ricochet.

Cindy yanks Echo back down to the ground and holds her in place with her shin over her chest, “That’s enough!” She looks back to Amber, “Get him out of here.”

“Move,” Amber orders Bravo with a kick to the side of his leg, “and God help you if you screw that up!”

Ariel follows her with Tango dragging unconsciously behind. “You two going to be alright out here?” she asks casino şirketleri Cindy and Gracelyn.

“Pshh, totally fine,” Gracelyn replies. “We’ll see ya in there in a bit.”

Ariel smiles back, hooking Echo’s former helmet on the end of the paintball gun as she makes her way out of the forested part of the yard.

Cindy turns her attention back to Echo, “Listen, just because I removed your collar doesn’t mean I buy you’re little spat with your buddy.”

“Like I give a rat’s ass what you think,” Echo replies still pent up with frustration.

Cindy looks up to Gracelyn, “Did you hear that sweetie? It sounds like she wants to help you get into your groove again.”

Gracelyn smirks as she puts her foot on the ab section of Echo’s vest.

“No, no! Not again! I’m sorry!” Echo says as she braces prematurely for Gracelyn’s weight while already struggling under Cindy’s leg. “It’s fine if you don’t believe me, really!”

“Should’ve thought about that before you spoke out of line,” Gracelyn says as she steps on and over the girl’s stomach, squeezing a small groan from her. She turns and poses her foot on the girl again.

“I’m sorry, I promise,” Echo says in a huff.

“Being sorry isn’t going to get you out of this,” Cindy says, “so you best pay attention and answer my questions.”

“Anything you want, just don’t hurt me!”

Cindy and Gracelyn laugh together at Echo’s plea.

“She won’t hurt you anymore than the ghosts here will. You do believe in ghosts, right?” Cindy asks.

“No, I don’t,” says Echo.

“Then what were you looking at last night?”

“What do you mean?”

“When I brought the new guy down, you were tracking something. What was it?”

“I don’t know.”

Not pleased with the answer, Cindy snaps her fingers, signaling Gracelyn to get back on and stay on the girl’s stomach to which she promptly obliges.

Echo tenses up, “I really don’t know! I swear to God!”

“Swear to me!” Cindy barks, grabbing Echo by the cheeks with one hand and pinches them inwards. “When asked a few nights ago, you said you thought the place was haunted, and when I brought up how suspicious that sounded compared to the new guys story, you were looking at something! It wasn’t me, and it wasn’t her! So what was it?!”

Echo squeals from the pain in her cheeks and tries pulling herself free of Cindy’s grip but to no avail. Gracelyn eventually has to coax Cindy from her hold, and with the force in which she releases it, brushes Gracelyn off, and removes herself from the equation, Gracelyn loses her footing and slides off Echo’s stomach, allowing the girl to roll to her side while holding her face nearly in tears.

Gracelyn shoots Cindy a ‘what the hell’ look, but hardly gets any acknowledgement from her as she paces back and forth to blow off some steam. She still has Echo between her legs as she considers a less aggressive approach.

“Look, she’s a little on edge, so do yourself a favor and give us some kind of description of what you were looking at. Things will go a lot smoother that way.”

Echo avoids eye contact and massages her cheeks, “I’m telling you I don’t know what it was… it was just black. Like, there was the rest of the room kind of black, and then there was this black blur.”

“How big?” Gracelyn patiently asks.

“I don’t know, not too big, like knee high maybe,” Echo says while holding her hand out that high off the ground to illustrate.

Gracelyn looks over to Cindy who is shaking her head with a smirk. She then attempts to rephrase another question. “So, do you think that supports what you heard about the place being haunted?”

“He’s the one who has the paranormal thing,” Echo says referring to Bravo. She sits up, “I just heard that someone died here, and he’s the genius who wanted to check it out. I didn’t think he’d actually try to smash in a window.”

“Nobody died here,” Cindy says while trying to keep a straight face.

“Yeah, they did, I read the obituary.”

“Then you didn’t read it right! There was also no address mentioned in it, so there’s no way you could have known about this place through that source!” Cindy rushes back, knocking Gracelyn out of the way as she lifts Echo from the ground effortlessly by her vest and backs her against a tree. “You better cut the crap now!”

“No, you’re right, that’s not how I knew! It was for a chick named Christine—”


Echo’s heart skips beat from Cindy’s outburst. “Christie, yes, sorry,” pausing for a moment to catch her breath, “she used to throw parties here that guys I know enjoyed attending. I didn’t know her in person, but I had heard about her enough times, and I’ve driven by here before after one of them mentioned attending a new house party they went to. That’s how I know of this place, promise!”

Enough of the story checks out for Cindy to release her grip, but she still has her doubts and doesn’t take her eyes off the girl.

Her reaction causes another detail about the obituary to click for Echo. “You must be casino firmaları one of the partners she left behind.” Seeing the pain in Cindy’s eyes as she quietly backs up causes her [Echo] to empathize with her. “I’m so sorry,” she says as she slowly sinks down to her knees and lowers her head, “I… I won’t be any more trouble, I promise.”

Cindy and Gracelyn aren’t sure what to make of Echo’s change of heart at face value; however, they decide to give her the benefit of the doubt.

“Take her inside,” Cindy tells Gracelyn. “We’ll honor her request to stay away from the guys this time.”

Gracelyn motions Echo to her feet with a simple finger gesture, and as promised, she gets up without a fuss. Echo holds her position until an escort is initiated, and the three quietly make their way back to the house.

Meanwhile in the garage, Ariel and Amber have been taking turns jumping on Tango to see who will get him to stir first. They have also been keeping Bravo in line whenever he comments anything negative about what they’re doing. Both guys have had their paintball gear removed and are taking the full brunt of the ladies aggression’s against them.

Several minutes go by and Ariel gets sick of hearing Bravo continue to speak. She takes a running start at him before launching herself and landing both feet into his midsection. She doesn’t worry about the collar backfiring on her for two reasons. One, her shoes protect her from any possible shocks, and two, Bravo folds over from having the wind knocked out of him, so he can’t make any noise other than to gasp for air.

“That’s what you get for lacking the ability to shut up,” says Ariel as she gets back up.

Amber giggles to herself as she feels her way onto the side of Tango’s head the best she can through her ankle boots. His face is already beat red from the treads carelessly wiggling about against his skin.

Ariel notices the marks being left behind as Amber walks in place. “He’s going to have such a gnarly headache when he wakes up,” she says as she returns to her spot on his stomach.

“Not my problem,” Amber says with a shrug of the shoulders.

“Is he awake yet?” Cindy asks walking into the garage.

Amber stomps on his chest and doesn’t get a response. “Nope.”

“Trying to play opossum again, is he.” Cindy puts her stuff down and walks over to his head. “Move,” she tells Amber before walloping Tango across the side of the head with her hand like she did the night before.

He finally comes to, but can’t breathe with the ladies crushing his torso.

“You’re good at that,” Ariel says along with several bounces on his midsection.

“Get off…you’re crushing my guts,” Tango barely manages to say due his voice being heavily strained with what little air he has in his lungs at the moment.

“What was that? I…can’t…hear…you,” Ariel replies with a bounce accompanying each word.

Tango tries to repeat what he said louder but forgets that the shock collar is still applied around his neck, resulting in being stunned to the point that his body involuntarily flexes, lifting Ariel’s one hundred fifty-five pound frame with ease only to have her come crashing back into him once the electrocution stops.

“Oh that never gets old,” Ariel squeals in delight.

“Alright you two, off,” Cindy orders, “I need some answers out of him.”

“Aww, but he almost blacked out again,” Ariel replies with a pouty smirk as she and Amber step down.

Cindy points to Bravo, “Go play with that one then.”

“Yay!” Ariel rushes at him like before, jumps and lands on his chest this time, knocking the wind out of him yet again.

“Hey, don’t break him yet! I want to have some fun too!” Amber says.

“Cindy wanted us to keep them quiet. They can’t make noise if they can’t breathe.”

Amber steps up onto Bravo’s waist, “I know that, I just wanted you to wait up.”

A mix of girlish laughter and a guy groaning under them is all Tango hears before Cindy pins his chest with one foot. “Not again. What is with you crazy bitches and stepping on people?”

“You broke into my house,” Cindy explains with a stomp to his breast bone, “we break into your body. It’s really quite simple.”

Ariel and Amber giggle fiendishly about Tango’s groans as they pile onto Bravo’s chest and head to muffle his own.

“Is shooting people with paintballs a part of your sick fetishes too?”

“I’ll ask the questions here you little shithead!” With another stomp and a quick full weight stance on him, Cindy clarifies his inquiry, “And no, the paintball thing was just for exercise. Not that it did you any good.”

Knowing he can’t speak with her on him, she steps back off with one foot on each side.

“Before I let my ladies here squeeze the air out of you again, you have one chance to redeem yourself…a little,” looking to the others and rolling her eyes back at him. “You’re going to tell me why you broke into my house. You’re going to tell me why you smashed in the same window that fucker over there started with, güvenilir casino and you’re going to tell me the truth or else I will uphold my promise about making this place haunted and God help me I WILL FUCK UP YOUR GHOST TOO!”

Tango is legitimately scared speechless by Cindy’s fierceness.

“TALK!!” she orders with a fist balled up and ready to strike.

Cindy’s threats travel up the stairwell to the main room where Kacie, Gracelyn and Echo hear them loud and clear.

“I will fuck up your ghost too? Holy shit,” Kacie giggles softly towards Gracelyn, as if Cindy can hear anything they’re saying, and doesn’t want to incur her wrath.

“I know, right?” Gracelyn replies. She looks down at Echo lying under their feet, “For your sake, I hope you’re telling the truth.”

Echo can’t respond directly due to having Gracelyn’s socked foot over her mouth, but she does acknowledge her with a weak whimper. She is otherwise subtly disgusted with the position she’s in, regardless of her surrender, having Gracelyn’s feet rubbed across her face and neck and having her abdomen be a footrest under Kacie’s white-strapped sandals.

“I still can’t get over how you hear of Christie, but don’t actually know her. How is that possible?” Kacie asks Echo.

Gracelyn moves her foot from Echo’s mouth to her forehead to let her answer.

“As I said before, I know guys who liked her parties. I was actually invited by one of them to a so-called house warming party a while back, but I’m not into feet, so I declined.”

“Not into feet, huh?” Gracelyn replies with a smirk towards Kacie. “Well they can’t be that bad. You seem to be doing fine down there so far.”

“Just trying to be a good sport.”

“A good sport? You?! Let’s not forget who’s an accomplice to breaking and entering here,” says Gracelyn with her toes on point on Echo’s chest, “yeah, you! Sure you came in here on your own steam, but even if you had fought us, you’d still be in this position; you’d just be in more pain.”

“Who’s to say for sure that she doesn’t feel the same way now,” Kacie says to Gracelyn, “I mean, she did choose to come here. At some point it must’ve come up about what would happen if she got caught, wouldn’t you say?”

“I concur.” Gracelyn starts scrunching her toes over Echo’s mouth and nose, “I think now’s as good a time as any to find out what you’ve been missing out on.”

Echo tries to turn her face to the side and away from Gracelyn’s feet, only to have it turned back by one foot guiding her jaw. The magnetic wrist restraints hold in place as she tries to pull her hands to her face. She can still curl her legs up, but it doesn’t help her situation any; it just gets her a light stomp to the gut from Kacie.

“There’s really no point in fighting this,” Kacie says as she stands up facing sideways on Echo’s stomach with her sandals still on and fixes up her hair, “you got yourself into this mess, so deal with it.”

“She should really be counting her lucky stars. Not everyone gets to deal with feet as soft and clean as ours,” Gracelyn says backing Kacie’s point as she pulls off her own socks one by one and resting her bare feet back on Echo’s face, “not at first anyway.”

“Right?! Like other than extra muscle, that’s why Ariel and Amber are here,” Kacie says looking back down at Echo. “If the guys don’t lick their feet clean, that’ll be your job.”

Echo groans with the stamp of her foot on the floor. Kacie rides the exhale down as Gracelyn enjoys the rush of air between her toes.

“Ooo, that felt nice,” Gracelyn says with a smile.

Kacie smiles with her and starts to bounce a little on Echo’s stomach, forcing air in and out more prominently. Still being the smallest member of the group, her movements only trigger light grunts from her human floor. Gracelyn on the other hand is thrilled with the sensations and clamps her toes on Echo’s mouth and nose. After a couple solid minutes of this treatment, Kacie plops back onto the couch and Gracelyn removes her feet to allow Echo to catch her breath.

“Oh, stop being a little drama queen,” Gracelyn says after seeing Echo cough frantically.

“That was nasty though,” the girl replies in a huff, “and those shoes hurt.”

“Now I know you’re full of shit. She’s like a hundred pounds! There’s no possible way she could hurt you!” Gracelyn retaliates in Kacie’s defense. She then grabs Kacie’s calf and shows Echo the sole of her shoe, “These are like the flattest shoe treads ever too! So stop being a sissy,” she says with another light stomp to the chest.

“How about if the shoes come off?” Kacie asks Echo as she hooks her finger under the rear strap, freeing her heel and letting her shoe dangle from her toes.

The girls can tell by Echo’s body language that she just wants them to stop, but they’re having too much fun with her.

“I definitely think the shoes should come off,” Gracelyn says, pulling Kacie’s shoe off the rest of the way. “These are the cutest toes ever,” she adds, followed up with a kiss on them.

Kacie giggles along and folds her other leg up in the opposite direction so she can pull her other shoe off, and tosses it over Echo onto the floor. Gracelyn tosses the shoe she’s holding nearby as Kacie plants both her bare feet back on Echo’s stomach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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