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I am a nymphomaniac. You may prefer to just think of me simply as a slut, but in any case I am addicted to orgasms. Ever since my first one when I was twelve years old I just haven’t ever been able get enough sex. I had sex with my brother, my sister, my father, my uncles and aunts and with all my friends at school. In college, sucking and fucking most of my professors helped me not only to satisfy my sexual cravings, but also to make almost straight A’s. I graduated Magna Cum Laude. Roughly translated, that meant I was highly praised for cumming!

As I matured I learned to use my sexual insatiability to great advantage. Men found me irresistible, and I fucked my way quickly into a cushy job as a social secretary for the elderly CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation. Charles — that’s his name — needed Viagra to keep his cock stiff, but he fancied himself a real stud and I kept him cumming and happy. He was 66 and I was 24 when we got married me a couple of years ago.

This marriage has suited us both wonderfully. For Charles, he has a beautiful and sexy escort at his command, which isn’t so often as you might suppose, for Charles is somewhat reclusive and keeps his social life to a minimum. He also has me available to suck his respectable cock whenever he wants it and enjoy incomparable fucking bliss as often as he’s up to it, which isn’t really so often. And he has a soft, warm body to sleep with him (I’m a super teddy bear and he loves me clinging to him). For me, I no longer have to work at a job at all, nor do I have all those tedious household chores to bother with. Charles’ swank Manhattan condo is staffed with a maid and cook that handle all that. Charles has given me financial security and whatever material needs I could want, so that I can spend my days keeping my body fit, my skin satiny soft, and my beautiful face and body as seductive as ever.

Charles cannot, of course, even begin to satisfy my depraved sexual lust. I must admit, however, that he is an exceptionally fine pussy licker. I keep it closely shaved and have always casino şirketleri encouraged him to taste my sweet cunt juices. Sometimes we sixty-nine and my tongue licking his balls and swirling around his pecker excites him to flick his tongue deep into my cunt and to suck on my clitoris until I cum. Other times he kneels between my legs and laps my wet pussy all along the slit until I am shuddering in ecstasy and demanding him to fuck me.

For Charles, I am heaven and he loves me dearly, but Charles now needs an orgasm hardly more than once a week. He understands my nymphomania very well and accepts the reality that I must satisfy my cravings that he can’t even begin to slake. We have certain ground rules, of course. I am to carry on my extra-marital affairs outside our condo and I’m not to involve any of his business associates or staff. Charles doesn’t want to know about them and he certainly doesn’t want to come home someday and find the mailman fucking his wife. Charles is gone most of the time during the day, during which I’m free to pursue one cock after another to my pussy’s content.

In fact I am very committed to Charles and have no desire to alienate him, so I observe these rules quite faithfully. Well, most of the time anyway. I have gotten it on with the maid a couple of times when I’ve stayed in bed late. She’s a cute little Cuban girl with a great body that makes my pussy tingle just to watch her flitting around with her feather duster. Take yesterday, for example. I had sucked Charles’s cock when we awakened and been rewarded with a mouthful of cum, the salty taste of which had lingered on after he was gone until Cookie (our cook) brought my breakfast in to me while I was still dozing in bed. Cookie is a very large, old Chinese man who has been cooking for Charles forever. His cooking is superb, but I think he is asexual, quite totally without sex appeal to either gender.

Maggie (short for Margarita), our maid, on the other hand, is young and sexy. She had a vibrant electricity about her as she entered the bedroom just casino firmaları as I was finishing my croissant and washing it down with the last of my coffee. “Good morning, señora,” she chirped happily as she gathered up my breakfast tray.

I reached out and squeezed her tight little ass with one hand and answered, “Good morning, Maggie. Are you as horny as I am?”

She squealed playfully and smiled. “I’m always horny,” she said as she placed the tray on the dresser.

I threw back the bedcovers to reveal my long, naked body as Maggie turned back toward the bed. I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her gently onto the mattress with me. She didn’t resist, giggling as her body fell on me.

The nipples on my breasts were stiff and hard, like tiny penises ready for action. Maggie’s face had fallen into one of them and her tongue began to lick it tenderly. The sensation of her rough tongue on my firm, smooth tit sent little shivers through me and I moaned with pleasure. She crawled up on me more fully and commenced sucking and chewing on my nipple as my fingers untied her apron and pulled it away from her. As she sucked my tit I massaged her ass, unhooked and unzipped her blue uniform skirt and pushed it down her legs to where she could kick it free along with her shoes. I pushed my fingers under her panties and continued to caress and pinch her ass cheeks, probing her ass crack down to the beginning of her cunt, already becoming wet.

Her sucking of my breast had made my pussy juicy, too. I ran a finger along my slit and into the warm, juicy depth. I rolled Maggie over onto her back now and stuck my wet finger into her mouth to let her taste me. She smiled and sucked my finger eagerly as I fucked her mouth with my finger-penis. Now I unbuttoned her blouse and stripped it away from her. Her lace bra hardly concealed her firm upturned breasts that beckoned my own mouth. Maggie reached behind her back to unclasp the bra and I tore it away from her chest and closed my mouth over one of her breasts, squeezing and cupping it güvenilir casino in the fingers of one hand while my other hand kneaded her opposite nipple. She raised her legs and wrapped them around my torso. I could feel her pressing her pelvis upward, rubbing her wet crotch against my own.

I kept my fingers on Maggie’s tits as I moved my face to hers and pressed my lips against her mouth. He tongue darted between my lips and explored the inside of my mouth. Our tongues played with each other as our steamy pussies rubbed together. Maggie’s hands groped my body and then closed over my tits as we mutually massaged each other.

We were both white hot and sweating now. I finally broke off our endless kiss and rose to all fours and reversed my position as Maggie opened her legs to release me. Maggie had only her panties left on and she raised her ass from the bed as I yanked them down. Once she had kicked them free she spread her legs and in unison our mouths now closed on each other’s cunt. Maggie held my ass, her fingers probing and squeezing, creating fire in my body as her tongue penetrated my vaginal lips. My own tongue reciprocated as I tasted her delicious juices. My tongue roved up and down her slit until I zeroed in on her clit, flicking my tongue over it and sucking hard on the little love ball. Our excitement mounted as our mouths and fingers worked each other into a frenzy of delight. Maggie screamed. I moaned in ecstasy. Our bodies stiffened in expectation of the awesome explosion in our cunts that would vibrate throughout our beings. I licked faster as my whole body began to quiver. I could feel the shudder that ran through Maggie and seemed to trigger my own orgasmic burst of wave after wave after wave of incredible pleasure.

Afterwards, we lay next to each other quietly without saying a word, just gently touching each other, softly, almost imperceptibly, sensitive to each other, still feeling the heavenly afterglow of our orgasms. Eventually, I got up and went into the bathroom. After a long shower I came back into the bedroom to find the bed made and no trace of Maggie. What a perfect maid!

The day was still early and by 11 a.m. I was once more feeling horny. I decided to go for a walk to see what I could find – but I shall save my account of that for chapter 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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