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This is the sixth story about a loyal husband, his wife, their friend, and the adventures they get it to. If you haven’t read the previous stories, you may wish to do so. To help you understand what has transpired so far.

Thank you for reading my stories.

Please forgive the spelling and the grammar. I am not a writer and do not pretend to be one.

Over the next few weeks, the girls were very cautious and unsure of themselves. But they did their best to see that I was happy and had everything I wanted.

I did take advantage of the situation. They cook all my favorite foods, take me out for dinner and pamper me.

I did not have any sex with either one, though I wanted to. The memory of that afternoon was buried deep in my mind. I figured no sex would screw with their heads.

After about six weeks’ things became normal again, Claire would leave Monday mornings to see her clients and come back Thursday afternoons. Kim spent an evening or two with her friends once a week.

This would give me time to think of a way to get back at them. I hadn’t figured out how, but one thing I knew. No matter what it was, it would be to both at the same time so that they could watch each other as I got my revenge.

I decided to learn hypnotism, and I found The Renegade Hypnotist website. Mark advertised you could hypnotize someone without them realizing they were hypnotized. This is what I was looking for. So I started learning how to hypnotize people. Every chance the girls were away, I would work further on my ability to hypnotize them.

After a couple of months, and my anger had subsided, but I had not forgotten. Life return to the way it was before. We even started little Saturday adventures. Each weekend one of us had to plan the day. The first ones were simple, like going bicycle riding downtown in a nearby town, going to an art festival or the green market.

Our events began to get more adventurous. Kim planned a day of Kayaking. We started in a small parking lot across the river from a state preserve. The weather was warm, and the sun was bright. The girls took off their shirts as we paddled along, leaving their tops on to get some sun. I led the way to an area where few other people went. I turned around to make sure they were keeping up. Without knowing, they had taken off their tops in order to get some sun on their tits.

“What are you staring at? It’s not like you haven’t ever seen them before.” Claire said.

“No, it’s not, but it has been a while.”

Just then, I saw an older couple paddling around the corner. I thought I should let get closer without telling the girls, but things were good, and this was not the revenge I wanted. But I did wait till the couple was close enough to make out that they were topless.

“There is a couple coming up behind us.” Both girls turned around to see. But by doing so, they also exposed their tits to the older couple. They both turned back around, put their tops on, and looked at me. They were mad.

“Why didn’t you tell us sooner?” Kim asked.

Playing coy, “I didn’t see them.”

“Ya, right,” Claire said.


“It’s time to go back,” Kim said.

That kind of killed the mood, so we turned around and headed back.

As we passed, the old man gave me a thumbs up. His wife saw it then she splashed him. We all had a laugh and continued paddling.

The next weekend was Claire’s turn. She planned a picnic in a nearby park. She had packed food, drinks, and a corn hole game. Once we arrived, we found a secluded spot. We laid out a blanket; then she brought out the cocktails. We sat, talked, and drank. Kim began to get a little tipsy.

“It looks like someone needs to eat!” Claire said as she brought out some food.

“Good, I’m hungry,” as Kim took a bite of her sandwich.

We all ate and continued to drink. After a short time, Kim jumped up, “Who is going to play corn hole with me?”

“I will,” Claire said as she got up.

I watched the two of them trying to get the bags into the holes. It was funny. I stood up and went over to where they were playing.

“You two need to practice more.”

“Oh, Ya. You think you’re better?” Claire said.

“Yes, I could beat both of you with one arm tied behind my back.”

“Ok, then Claire and I will be on one side and you on the other. With one hand behind your back.” Kim said.

“Sounds like a match.”

We started the game. It would have been easy to beat them, even with my hand behind my back. But I wanted to see how far I could take this.

“21, see, I told you, you couldn’t beat us,” Claire said.

“Ya, we beat you,” Kim added.

“Ok, I was just warming up. Let’s play another game.”

“Sure.” They both agreed. I let them get ahead, so they had confidence they would win.

“Ok, you two are in the lead by 4 points. Let’s make this interesting?”

“What do you have in mind,” Kim asked.

“Every time one side gets the bag in the hole, the other side must remove a piece of clothing.”

Kim looked over to Claire and nodded. “We accept,” Claire said.

They started, neither was able to score, which I figured would happen. “My turn.” I dropped bahis siteleri two bags into the hole.

“Oh, shit, how did you do that?” Claire asked as she took off her shirt. Kim watched, then she two removed her shirt. Both were standing there in their bra. They picked up the bags and were about to continue to play.

“One piece of clothing for every bag in the hole, remember. So you both owe me another piece of clothing. They undid their bra’s and threw them to the side.

They told their turn throwing the bags, Kim managed to get one in the hole. Hooting, “It’s your turn.”

Smiling, “Here you go,” I pulled off my shorts. I wasn’t wearing underwear, figuring they would be distracted with only my shirt to cover my crotch. “Now it’s my turn.” As I threw the bag, I made sure my shirt moved aside to expose my semi-hard cock. The first one went straight into the hole. The girls were looking at my crotch and not the board.

“I want to enjoy this, so remove one more piece of clothing.” Startled, they looked up and realized that I had put another bag in the hole. Reluctantly they removed their shorts.

It must have been a sight, two women standing in the middle of the park with only their panties on and a man across from them wearing only a shirt. “Ok, let’s see if I can do it again.” It went right in.

They looked at me in disbelief that they had lost and would to take off the last piece of clothing, leaving them naked. “Tim, you’re not going to make us strip naked, are you?”

“You would make me?” they both began to plead with me, that what is someone saw them.

“Ok, I will not make you strip here, but when we get home, you both have to spend the rest of the day naked. Ok?”

They both nodded. They quickly put their clothes back on, we packed up and headed back home.

Once home, they cleaned up and laid on the couch to watch TV. “Au, Hum. Don’t you two have something to do?”

“You’re not going to make us spend the rest of the day naked, are you?”

“A deal is a deal.” Reluctantly they stripped down.

“Now what?” Claire asked.

“Now what, what? The deal was to spend the day naked. That was all it was. If you want to do something else like sex, I would be willing to do that. But, I am not going to make you.” Thinking to myself, I have much bigger plans than this.

They resolved themselves to being naked and went off.

The week went by normally, Claire on the road, Kim home with the occasional visit to her friends.

Saturday was my turn for an adventure. I planned to take them to a nude beach not far away. They both had mentioned that they might like to try it someday. But every time I suggested it, they would nix the idea. So this time, I told them we were going on a hike along the ocean. I found a spot to park a little way down the road from the nude beach. We picked up our day packs and walked down the path. Once on the beach, I looked to the right and saw clothed people. Then I looked to the left, I could make out a few bodies, but I could not tell if they had clothes on. I knew the nude beach was to the left, so we started that way.

As we walked along the ocean, we came across a couple lying naked with no one around. The man was lying on his side, facing away from us as we walked. He was in his late 40’s, medium build, and had tanned skin from the sun. The woman was lying on her back. She was mid 40’s, average build, and also tanned skin. As we got closer, the woman looked up and noticed us. She raised her head, smiled, then said something to the man.

We continued walking closer when he turned over, exposing his massive cock. Both Kim’s and Claire’s eyes opened wide. They could not take their eyes off of his huge dick. We were right in front of him when he stood up, letting his 13″ cock swing down, and walked up to us.

“Hi, my name is Ben, and this is my wife, Sally.” Sally had also stood up and was right next to Ben.

“Hello, I am Tim, this is Kim, my wife, and this is Claire, our best friend.

“Hello, I see the two of you have noticed the size of my husband’s dick, pretty big isn’t it?” She reached down and took hold, raising it up for the girls to get a better look.

“Oh, my. It’s big!” Claire remarked. “How do you, a, you know.”

“How do I get this monster inside of me, a little at a time.”

“She sure does. Believe me. She manages to get the whole thing in. Don’t you, honey?” Sally nodded. “Do you want to see?”

“Oh, Ben, I don’t think they want to see you slide your big, massive cock deep inside my pussy.” Sally said as she stroked Ben’s cock, making it hard.

Kim just stood there spellbound, her eyes locked on Ben’s cock.

“I would,” Claire said with excitement. I looked over to her, breaking her stare to look at me, and smiled. “I have never seen a man’s cock that big and have always wondered how any woman could take it.”

“Ok, Claire, here is your chance.” Sally knelt down, took Ben’s cock with both hands, and directed it into her mouth. She managed to swallow haft of it on the first try.

“Holy Shit. Look how much she took.” Claire said. I looked over to Kim, her eyes were still locked on his cock, and her mouth was slightly canlı bahis siteleri open.

Ben had placed his hands behind his wife’s head and pushed his hips forward, forcing haft of the giant dick down her throat. He then pulled Sally’s head back, allowing the huge thing to slip out of her mouth.

She took a breath then leaned forward, putting the head between her lips. With a smile, “This time, it’s the whole thing.” Sally put her arms around her husband’s waist, pulling herself forward until her chin was pressing against his balls. Her throat bulged out as the massive cock slid down her throat

I looked back at Kim, her mouth open and her tongue sticking out like she was sucking Ben’s cock.

Sally pushed Ben back, letting the massive cock free. She swung around, getting on her hands and knees with her ass high in the air. “What are you waiting for?”

Ben did not hesitate; he was on his knees behind Sally. Sally reached between her legs, grabbing the huge rod and guiding it to her waiting hole. “Are you going to fuck me or talk about the weather?”

Ben, with one thrust, sank the humongous dick all the way to his balls. He then began fucking her like a freight train. In between each thrust, Sally screamed out.


Claire was now kneeling next to Ben, her shorts and bathing suit around her knees. One hand on his ass, helping him push his cock into his wife, the other feverishly fucking her own swollen pussy. I felt a hand grab hold of my stiff cock and began to stroke it. I looked over to Kim. Her eyes, still transfixed on the huge cock stretching Sally’s cunt to the limit. She had pushed her shorts, bathing suit down and had three fingers deep inside her dripping snatch.

Ben’s pace had quickened. He was fucking her like a jackhammer, pounding Sally’s cunt and ass. Claire reached over and grabbed Ben’s balls. “Oh.” Ben moaned, then grunted loudly as he filled his wife’s cunt with his cum. At the same time, Sally screamed out something I could not understand. Then fell forward, releasing Ben’s shaft from her overworked cunt. Ben fell next to her.

They lay there in bliss with Ben’s cum oozing out of Sally’s swollen pussy. Claire arched her back forward, head up, and her eyes rolled back, let out a long moan, and came, falling to the sand.

Kim, her hand deep in her pussy, began trembling with her orgasm. Finally, her knees gave out and fell to the sand. I finished off stroking my hard rod to an orgasm and spewed cum over Kim’s pussy.

I did not expect to be watching strangers fucking in front of me, and it wasn’t the plan. But I still enjoyed it.

We regained our composure, collected our belongings said goodbye to Ben and Sally. I didn’t think they heard us. They were both passed out from their orgasms.

We continued on.

After we passed, another couple and three men, all naked Kim, leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Are you taking us to a nude beach?”

“No, what would make you think that!”

“Because I only see naked people,” Claire added.

“Ok, we are.”

Kim stopped, put down her pack, “Well, if that’s the case,” She stripped off all her clothes, bent over, spread her legs wide, showing her swollen snatch, picked up her clothes. “Then, I won’t be needing these,” and put them in her pack.

Claire followed Kim’s lead, “I was wondering when you were going and tell the truth. I know where we are.”

“Ok, your right, we are at a nude beach. Is this spot good?”

“No, I want to see more naked men and some women too,” Claire said.

“Me, too,” Kim added.

I stripped, not wanting to be the odd one.

We continued walking until we were in the middle of a bunch of naked people. We found a spot that we all agreed on. There were some nice-looking men on one side and a few hot-looking women next to them. We spread our towels, sat down, and began to watch the passing people.

We spent the day naked, swimming, taking short walks, talking to other naked people.

I took a swim to cool off, and when I returned. I heard Claire saying, “He looks to be 7.”

Kim said, “No, maybe 6, defiantly not 7.”

Claire turned her head and motioned to Kim, “Look, he has to be a 9, and as big as my beer can.”

“Oh, my god Claire, your right. He is 9, and look how big around he is.”

“What are you two doing, rating dick’s?”

“It’s just a little game we started,” Kim said.

“We just don’t rate their dick’s by length and width but also their balls, how big they are and how low they hang.”

Shaking my head, “You two are something.”

“Oh, Tim, I am sure you do the same to women,” Claire said.

“Yes, I do.”

“How would you rate us?” Kim asked.

“Well, Kim, your tits are perfect, just a little bit more than a hand full. Your ass is round but not too round. Your pussy is nice and tight. Your clit is nice and hard when you are horny and pokes out of your labia lips. Like it is now.”

Kim and Claire looked down between Kim’s legs. Her clit protruded a little. “Your right. It does.” Then Kim reached down and brushed her fingers over her hard clit.

“Claire, your tits canlı bahis are a little bit bigger than Kim’s, but still a nice handful. Your nipples are big and stand out like pencil erasers when you are excited, just like they are now.” Both looked at Claire’s nipples. “Your ass is nice and firm. You have a nice pussy with your labia lips sticking out just the right amount to show off your hard clit.”

I took a sip of beer and turned to Kim.

“What Time is it, Kim?”

“It’s time for you to take us home and fuck us!” Claire looked over and nodded yes.

“Ok, Let’s get going.”

We picked up our belongings. Not bothering to put our clothes on, we headed down the beach. We came up to Sally and Ben. Sally was on Ben’s lap, bouncing up and down. There were two other couples watching them. One woman was on her knees with a guy behind her pumping her wet gash. The other guy had his dick in her mouth. The second woman was next to Ben. He had three fingers deep in her pussy as the second guy was squeezing her tits.

I stopped to watch for a few minutes. “Tim, you have something you need to do, don’t go wasting yourself here,” Kim said.

Claire took hold of my stiff cock, “Come on, we have plans,” We walked to the trail that went back to the car and stopped. I looked in my pack for my shorts.

“What are you doing?” Claire ask.

“Going to put my shorts on for the drive home.”

“You don’t have time for that. We are horny and need you to take care of us.” Kim said.

“Ok,” I continued walking until I saw a small trail off the main. My dick was so hard it heard, I didn’t know if I could make it home, so I decided I would take them off into the bushes and fuck them both. Then drive home and fuck them again. “Here, this is a shortcut.” I continued on the trail with the girls behind me. The trail was unused and had thick undergrowth. It finally came out into a small opening, I stopped.

“Why are we stopping again,” Kim asked.

“This is why,” I took her hand and spun her around, bending over at the waist.

“Ok, I get the idea,” as she reached back, grabbing my rock-hard cock and lining it up with her cunt. I rubbed the head of my cock between her slit to find she was very wet. “I am waiting.”

With that, I shoved my hard rod deep into her soaking pussy.

“Oh, My, I have been wanting that all day.”

“What about me?” Claire whimpered. I reached over, pushed her forward, so she was bent over too. Claire was on my right and Kim in front of me. I pushed my right hand between Claire’s legs. She immediately spread them open to allow me access. As I pumped my cock in Kim’s pussy, I worked three fingers deep into her soaking cunt, and couldn’t get them in further.

“Oh, I need more,” Claire said. As I added the fourth, she let out a low moan. Claire was leaning forward, hanging on a small tree limb to keep herself steady as I continued my assault on her cunt with my hand. Working for my hand in and out of her gaping pussy. I manage to get it in up to my palm with my thumb pushing against her rectum.

Kim had found a tree to steady herself too. My other hand was on her ass, and slowly I moved it, so my other thumb was in the crack, rubbing her rectum. At the same time, I gently pressed firmly on both their buttons until my thumb made its way to the top of my thumbnail. Claire let out a moan of pleasure, and Kim let out a sound of pain.

I kept my thumb there until they got used to it, then pressed more. Claire reached back with one hand to spread her ass, allowing me to push my thumb deeper. Kim was not so accepting and tightened her ass to refuse my advances.

Kim’s refusing me access to her ass brought back the pain of the afternoon they fucked me. I had worked my right hand deep into Claire’s pussy and ass. She loved it. She was screaming out that she wanted more. While Kim only wanted me to fuck her pussy and had reached behind trying to pull my thumb from her ass.

My mind flipped from sex to revenge. Giving them pleasure was not on the plate. I pulled my dick and hand from their pussies. Both looked back at me with lust and disappointment.

“What’s wrong?” Claire asked.

“We are making too much noise, and I heard voices. We could get in trouble with the law if we are caught. We need to go. I grabbed my things and headed back to the car. Claire and Kim didn’t know what to think but realized I was leaving and needed to catch up.

Back home, I made up something I had to do at the shop and left, leaving them to take care of their sexual needs on their own.

The adventures were pretty tame over the next four weeks, and my anger slowly melted. Things returned to normal. But I did continue the hypnotism studies.

I had gotten to the point that I felt that I could Hypnotize them without them knowing it. So I put together a plan to try it out. Kim was first, one day after work, she came home complaining her shoulders heard and would I massage them. Here was my chance. I had her lay face down just like I would if I was giving her a real massage. As I worked her muscles, I spoke in soft tones to get her to relax. After 5 minutes, she was under hypnosis. I did the test that was recommended on the website. She acted just as if she was under. I planned a trigger work so any time she heard it she would go under. That was as far as I could go. We had a dinner appointment with friends and couldn’t be late.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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