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“What in the ever loving hell are you doing?!” I hear from behind me.

“Vacuuming my car. What does it look like?” I reply, looking up into the sun illuminating the woman from behind. I can see she is wearing shorts and a long sleeve dri-fit type shirt.

She looks like my neighbor who I saw arrive home by a rideshare about 2 hours ago. She’s a single mom, living next door with her ten year old son. We have talked only one time since she moved in. Her Mom helps with her son due to her long hours working in the nearby hospital.

I’m able to make out her thin, young, lithe body as she casts a solar eclipse with her body. Not exactly my type, she is nonetheless quite cute and I’m happy to have such an attractive woman for a neighbor. Still, I’m my usual dopey self despite my age.

“Sorry, Kimmy is it? What’s wrong?” I ask as her face emerges from her own shadow.

“Kelly. Kelly is my name. I do remember your name is ‘Zoo’. So, Zoo, why are you running your vacuum out here when I’m trying to rest from a long night?”

“Ummmm, sorry, I wasn’t aware I was keeping you up. I can stop right now.”

“That would be great. Next time. Since I’m pretty much awake now, I’m going to rest by the pool so go ahead and clean your car.”

“I’d like to make it up to you, somehow. How about I grill you some lunch and bring it over? You pick the time.”

“That would be great. I’m all alone today, so any time after 1. I really enjoy the smells from your backyard when you grill.” Kelly smiles.

“And your pool always looks so well-kept and inviting. I wish I had room in my yard.” I sense my opportunity to ease the tension here.

“What’s for lunch?” Kelly asks.

“Your choice, chicken, or hamburgers.” I reply.

“I’ll take the chicken, please. See you in a few hours. I’ll leave the side gate unlocked.” Kelly walks off.

“Sure thing.” I watch her walk toward her yard, then she stops and turns.

“Oh, and wear a suit if you want to cool off.” Kelly says.

And there it is: her perfect body straining against the material covering her body. With her ass still facing me, her shorts frame incredibly tight gluteal muscles. This is a woman truly on her feet for many hours at a time.

My eyes are immediately drawn though to her shirt. With her shoulders turned so she can look at me ever so quickly, I make out the firm nipples on top of her shapely tits. As quickly as she turned to look at me, Kelly enters her house just as quickly. As I rush to finish the car, I know I better bring my A game from the grill. Inside, I change into my swimsuit and a clean shirt. Now dressed for the pool, I gather the food to be cooked and head out back to my grill.

From my vantage point at my outdoor kitchen, I’m only able to see Kelly’s head as she walks outside to her pool. Her face disappears below our fenceline and I can hear her move a metal lounger into place.

“Smells terrific, as usual.” I see Kelly’s face looking at me just over the top of our shared fence.

“I’ll be there shortly.” I smile as turn the chicken and stir a pan of veggies.

“Awesome. I have a homework assignment for you.” She tells me.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“Think of a list of your favorite board games, no more than ten.” With that, her head lowers and I think I can hear her settle onto her lounger.

Board games, I think to myself. Hmmmm. I think of a few older games, and some new ones I’ve played recently. From Monopoly to Yahtzee to Code Names, I think of my favorites as I stand before my grill in my swimming suit. I haven’t worn it in some time, but it still feels good.

Having put the food into a couple of airtight containers, I head next door. I’m able to close the gate behind me while balancing the food and plates and plasticware. Turning the corner toward her pool, I’m greeted by a most surprising sight. Not taking my eyes off Kelly, I stop at her patio table and put down the food.

On her lounger, Kelly is lying down on her stomach and facing toward me so I definitely didn’t surprise her. What is surprising is the fact she is only wearing bikini bottom, and it is very evident that she is not wearing a top, and she does not have a top nearby, or even under her. For that matter, I don’t even see a towel anywhere.

“Hey Zoo.” She says, lifting her head up just a little.

“Hey Kelly. Here’s your lunch. Enjoy. I’ll come back later for my containers.”

“What? It looks like you’re ready to get wet.” She replies, clearly looking at my suit.

“Oh, I am, but it appears you’re ready for some private time.”

“Wait and let me explain. Remember when I asked you to think of your favorite board games?”


“Well, this is one of those games. Come sit down.”

After sitting down with a clear view of Kelly’s body, barely a few feet away at most, she explains how she plays board games. She and her friends have separate lists of their favorite games. On days like today, they put their games onto a T-chart. On the left side of the chart are asyabahis yeni giriş the games. On the right side, they list pieces of clothing to be removed when the particular game is chosen. To play, they take turns choosing games from the lists of the other players.

Most days, they meet in a Zoom session, or FaceTime. The players can start off with as many as clothes as they want. Today, Kelly has chosen a bikini and already lost her top and towel.

“I made the mistake of telling my friends you were coming over, so they made sure I put my towel inside, and then my top as well. I had just run my top inside and laid down again when you got here.” Kelly remains on her stomach.

“So, one of your friends picked ‘Monopoly’ and you lost your top?”

“Yes, just like that. If they had chosen a game which made me lose my shoes, then I get to put something back on, or choose twice.”

“And where are these friends?”

“One is in San Diego, another in Austin, and a couple more across town. So, stick around, write down your list of games on that paper on the table, and let’s see what happens. Are you game?”

“Sure, of course. Will your friends see me, and vice versa?”

“Definitely. That’s the only way you’ll see exactly who is playing the game.”

What have I got to lose, besides this swimsuit, I think to myself as I write down my games. I assign my shirt to ‘Secret Hitler’, my chanclas to Yahtzee, and my suit to Code Names. Once done, I jump in the water and swim up to the wall closest to Kelly.

“So, how long do these games last?” I ask.

“That’s the funny thing. We only set a starting time. There are no time limits, and once we begin we could go on for hours. I might have to lie here for hours for the next guess. Everyone knows I’m outside so they may make me wait. Since they want to see if you’re playiing, we won’t have to wait long.”

“Who played last?”

“I just chose a game for someone and that’s why I’m waiting here.”

“Just let me know when it’s my turn.” I swim backwards, away from the wall while keeping on an eye on Kelly’s body.

While I do so, I’m treated to a hint of the sides of her right breast as she moves around on the lounger. Most of all, Kelly moves her ass just a little higher to arrange her suit and uncover most of her cheekiness back there. Like I saw earlier, she has very defined glutes, and the muscles on her thighs are equally developed. With her ass almost completely uncovered now, I’m pretty sure I’ll like playing this game. Once in place, Kelly lifts her tablet screen so she can see it while remaining in a prone position on her stomach.

“Hey guys, my neighbor, Zoo, is here. Are you ready for another player?”

Bringing myself back to the wall, I can hear a couple of voices emanating from her tablet.

“Alright, give me a moment.” Suddenly, Kelly pushes her body off the lounger and gives me a complete view of her tits hanging down.

As fast as I’m able to absorb the view of her wonderfully hard nipples, she grabs both tits into her left arm and heads inside.

“We’re starting over.” Kelly explains as she returns outside. She has put her bikini top back on, and has her hands behind her back to refasten it in place. Along with that, she has put on a sarong wrap around her hips, and also wears a pair of flipflops.

With her tablet on the table, we sit and put together our plates of food. I probably should leave, but this is a very curious game.

“Say ‘hello’, Zoo.” Kelly tells the screen.

I look into it and say hello. There are 3 other girls and one other guy on the screen. Sandy is in San Diego; Jack is in Austin; finally, Tamara and Annette are co-workers of Kelly and together at a nearby apartment pool.

“I think we should let the guys go first, and last. Zoo, since you’re new here, you should watch us first, then you’ll know what you’re doing when it’s your turn.” Kelly looks at the screen, then me.

Using a random generator on her phone, Kelly informs Tamara she gets to go after Jack. From there, Kelly, Annette, and then myself will follow. Kelly then puts the lists of our chosen games on the screen. Just about every game ever made is on this group of lists.

“Let’s try to give Zoo a show. Kelly, I choose ‘Operation’.” I can hear Jack say through the tablet speaker.

“That’s my flipflops.” Kelly says, while holding them up for everyone to see.

“We’ve seen Jack’s junk enough, so I’ll start with Tamara. Chess.”

“No go. Let’s give Kelly a show, Annette.”

“Alright. I choose ‘Code Names’. Annette replies quickly.

Looking at Kelly, I can feel my body blush in every part. Did this just happen, I think to myself. I know I just saw Kelly topless, at least very quickly, so nudity was probably going to happen. Well, at least I have my shirt.

“Welp, that’s my suit. So, ready or not, your newest player is jumping in.” I tell everyone as I stand to lower my trunks.

I quickly flash the computer screen, then sit quickly to cover asyabahis güvenilirmi my manhood with the bottom of my shirt.

“At least he’s not shy.” I hear Jack say.

Hoping I can avoid a hardon at this point, I sit and realize it’s my turn.

“Okay, can I choose whomever I want?”

“See, it’s not rocket science. Go ahead.” Kelly tells me.

“Seeing as how I’m basically naked, I’ll try Kelly. Backgammon.” I say.

Kelly stands and hastily unfastens her bikini top. With her tits at my eye level, I take in the sight of her full, firm breasts and luscious nipples as they harden. Being so transfixed on her wonderful mounds of flesh, I nearly miss seeing her take off her bikini bottoms. With her sarong still wrapped around her hips, Kelly sits and leaves her shaved pussy for me to visually consume as well.

With Kelly now, for the most part, naked, I’m able to relax. Instead of trying to stop my dick from hardening, I fall into the moment and our little game becomes background noise as I enjoy Kelly’s body and the tempting thoughts of possibilites flood my mind. I’m so lost daydreaming of Kelly riding me right here by her pool I almost miss my turn.

“Sorry guys. I’m not usually poolside next to an incredibly beautiful and naked woman. Tamara, Skip-Bo.” I say aloud without even looking at the screen.

“I’ve already been chosen by Annette this round. Now, you lose your shirt.” Tamara replies.

“What?” I look quizzically at Kelly.

“Yep. Since you chose incorrectly, you lose the shirt. Just like Tamara said.”

With all inhibitions officially lost in this moment, I stand and drop my shirt. My dick finishes hardening, and I give the screen the best show I can manage while keeping my eyes on Kelly. She obliges by spreading her legs and opening her pussy with her left index finger. As her softness fills with blood, I’m able to look directly into her.

“Does this game end in sex? Let me rephrase that: I sure hope this game ends in sex. Does it happen on the Zoom?” I ask.

“Oh, it might. Tamara and Annette will go inside and put on a show sometimes. It just depends. We’re just a group of friends unwinding in a friendly way.”

“Do you ever meet up in public, like at a bar?”

“For sure. Hey guys, time for some ‘no-touch’ fun.” Kelly tells the screen, then stands. “Alright, Zoo, you lay down here on my lounger while I move my laptop.”

Thinking about nothing more than diving into the pussy I’m watching being fingered, I move obediently to the lounger and lay down. Kelly moves her laptop to my feet and points the camera right up my legs so my cock is on full display. Looking at the screen, I can see my legs and dick, and not much else.

“Alright, this is a ‘no-touch’ situation. Like it sounds, we may not touch each other. Good luck.” Kelly says as she moves above my head and looks down.

As I look up, I can see the top of her shaved pussy, her tits, and her dark green eyes as she looks down into mine. Keeping my hands to my side, I watch as the fullness of her cunt moves above my face and she spreads her legs apart so no part of my head is being touched. As I lick my lips, Kelly spreads herself open once again and begins rubbing the top of her pussy and lets her fingers explore while I watch.

This is simply too much, and I begin stroking my cock. If Jack and the women in the game are watching me, I don’t care one bit as I’m infatuated by the sight of her womanhood, even moreso knowing I’m not to touch her.

“Slow down, Zoo. You want me to stay here as long as possible. Think of this as an advertisement for yourself. There may be other women wanting a part of you, so show off your goods.” Kelly continues to rub herself, inside and out.

Taking her advice to heart, I stop stroking myself, and instead run just my fingers up and down the shaft of my cock. Stopping to feel the sensitive top of it with my right hand, I use my left hand to massage my balls. Some sticky precum on my fingers is fun to show the camera as I try to pull my fingers slowly and as far from my cock as possible without breaking the juicy thread.

“Wow, Zoo, you are a natural. What do you guys think? Do we break the rule and fuck now?” Kelly has pulled her pussy lips completely apart and they are mere inches from my tongue. My sense of smell allows me to taste her without touching her.

“No.” Comes the answer in unison from across cyberspace. There is one great idea, though.

“Hey, how about you did what we did the first time?” Jack asks.

“You mean, catch his cum in my mouth without touching?”

“Yep. Let’s see that.” Jack replies.

“Ok, here goes. Zoo, go ahead and jack off and I’ll catch as much of your cum as I can in my mouth.” Kelly directs.

“Well, get ready since I won’t last long.” I can feel my balls have tightened for my audience.

I hear an ‘holy crap’ from the screen, and realize Kelly has fallen over me, but caught herself at the last minute with her left hand on the side of the lounger. asya bahis giriş With her right hand still firmly in place on her pussy, she is able to put her mouth just over the end of my cock. As I look first from her pussy, then down to my throbbing cock, I know the explosion is imminent.

“I cannot wait to taste you.” I tell Kelly as I stroke my cock faster and faster and continue to stare at her fingers working on her own cunt.

As I imagine our audience watching us silently, I move my strokes up to my sensitive head and rub just enough to ensure the orgasm willl be very visible to Kelly. Looking down to make sure her mouth is in place, I give a few quick hard strokes, then hold my cock firmly as my cum spurts up and into her mouth. The first strong stream hits its intended target firmly on Kelly’s tongue, then a second squirt hits her chin. As she moves just a little, a third stream exits my cock and right onto her lips.

“I have a challenge for you, Zoo.” I hear Tamara break the silence.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“If you can do that again, in less than 5 minutes, then I think you should be allowed to eat Kelly’s pussy. I’m guessing she’s about to explode all over your face.” Tamara says, as she is surely enjoying the show.

“Okay. Give me a three minute timer.” I respond, and then I take my hand off my cock and peer into Kelly’s wetness.

“Damn, Zoo, I can’t believe I waited so long to invite you over. The girls have been challenging me to do so for quite awhile.” Kelly tells me and slows her hand, but keeps two fingers inside her pussy.

“Had I known what I was missing, I would have run that wet-vac day and night just to get your attention.” I stop to lick some juices from my lips that just fell there from Kelly’s dripping pussy. She is delicious.

“Time’s up.” I hear.

With that, I begin stroking my cock again. I harden pretty quickly since I’m not only competitive, but I really want this cunt on my face. With only two minutes, I have my work cut out for me. I work my hand up and down on my hardness, then focus my softer touch on the head of my cock to tease as much cum as possible to build up. Pushing my hips down onto the lounger ever so slightly, I use my glutes and abs just enough to fill the buildup in my balls.

With no time to spare, I grab my balls much harder than before and really squeeze them as my stroking becomes faster and faster. I don’t know if I can get three quality squirts again, but I can definitely feel a good one coming up.

“Here you go, Kelly.” I tell her as I let loose two nice squirts, and then I work up for a third one.

Never one to disappoint, I manage a third round of cum for Kelly, and she greedily swallows everything I just put into her mouth. I almost faint from this workout, but the sound of applause keeps me focused on Kelly as she pulls her fingers out of herself and lowers her pussy right onto my face without hesitation.

Opening my mouth, I find I’m able to surround every part of her inside my mouth. This allows me to first make out with her cunt. Kissing and slurping the smooth outside, I work my tongue into her softness and explore all sides of her tasty pussy.

As I suck down the last of her chlorine-soaked juices, I finally get to her essence, and Kelly is absolutely delicious. I won’t be able to stop until I taste all of her, so I grab onto her hips and work my face as far into her as possible. I also feel my cock engorge with blood once again, and Kelly breaks the last rule possible and grabs me with her right hand.

After probably just a few seconds at most, I can feel the contractions from deep inside her pussy, and I know her time is near. Maintaining my hold on Kelly’s hips, I keep her in place and force the orgasm out of her. As I feel her body spasm, I take one last gasp of air, then dive in to suck and swallow every drop of juice she produces.

I didn’t feel her squirt on my face, but the entire front of my head is suddenly drenched. I would equate it more to a slow moving tsunami of sorts where the fluids just build up and release into one place. Lucky for me, I was right where I needed to be, and I keep my tongue moving around to slurp up as much as I can.

Kelly falls a little forward, ostensibly to surround my cock with her mouth. As she assumes her new position, I can feel her spasms still occurring, but now I have a new target.

I move my hands from her hips to her ass. Pulling her ass apart, one cheek in each hand, I’m able to lick my way back to her ass and begin lubricating her asshole with my wet tongue. Pulling on her ass almost as hard as I can, I insert my index fingers into her ass, then pull her open and insert my tongue to get my final taste of her for the day.

The only way I knew it was my final taste was because Kelly pulled herself off me and ran into the pool. Looking up, I see the computer screen still squarely has my cock in focus.

“So, pretty cool game you guys play.” I tell anyone who still might be listening.

Standing, I walk over to the pool and join Kelly in the cool water. As we embrace and kiss, a thought occurs to me.

“You know, I’m a game developer, and I think we can turn this into a board game. For adults, of course. Wanna do some prototype research?” I ask Kelly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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