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The county road had been repaved, but the old cottonwood that marked the entrance to the dirt two tract that that led to our families small ranch was still there. It had been three years since I’d been home, a job in Spain had kept me away, but now I had at least a month before starting a new job in New York and I was glad to see my mom and sister.

After dad had died they decided to keep the small place going although there wasn’t really much to do anymore. The few head of stock that were on the ranch had been sold off and with what dad had in insurance and investments neither one really had to work. I guess they just liked the place and didn’t want to move on. Me on the other hand moved away as soon as I had the chance. College had given me the opportunity to make a good living away from this part of Arizona. I had never liked the heat and dust so it didn’t take much for me to leave.

The haft mile down the drive didn’t take long and soon I was pulling up into the yard. No one answered the door so I walked around back and saw that there was now an above ground pool with a nice sized deck where our old swing set and sand box used to be. Me and my sister had spent countless hours out there when we were kids.

Until we were old enough to help with small chores there hadn’t been much else to do. Looking around I saw there was now an shower head next to the rear door with couple of towel bars next to it. That was one thing mom had always wanted, a place to wash off the dust so the house would stay cleaner.

I casino şirketleri started walking down toward the old barn when my sister and mom came around the corner. I hardly recognized them, both looked thinner than I remembered and both of them had deep tans, something they never had when I was still at home. They had always kept inside the house or covered up, like they thought the sun would kill them or something.

After a few quick hugs and welcoming kisses we went inside and I was surprised that not much had really changed in there. There were a few new pieces of furniture but the kitchen looked exactly like the day I left and there still wasn’t any air conditioning, something that I thought would have been installed by now with the ungodly heat in that part of the state.

We got caught up on things over the next few hours and had a nice supper and then went outside to have a few beers after it cooled down a bit. Around midnight we all decided it was time for bed and mom said I should take my sisters bedroom and the two of them would share mom’s room while I was there. The house had had three bedrooms but they had changed one into a storage room last year.

The next couple of days the three of us just kind of laid around not doing much of anything, as if there was anything to do anyways. One morning my sister went into town to do some shopping, while mom and me sat in the kitchen talking.

“I think there’s something you should know about me and your sister.”

“What could that casino firmaları be?”

“Well I really don’t know any easy way to tell you without kind of shocking you, I mean the way you were brought up and things. You know how modest I was when you were a kid, I made sure I was always dressed fully no matter how hot it got and your sister was the same way. Well things have changed the last year or so. Being out here in the middle of no place and it being just your sister and I we’ve taken to not wearing much anymore, well that’s not exactly right, I mean we’re usually naked.”

“You’re telling me that you two have turned into nudists!”

“I guess you could say that, with the heat it’s just easier to not wear anything and it’s not like there’s anyone around to see us.”

“Well I’ll be dammed, my mom’s a nudist.”

“The two of us talked it over last night and we decided if it offends you we’ll stay dressed while you’re here, it’s only for a couple of weeks.”

To say I was kind of put in a strange position would be an understatement. Mom had just told me she was a nudist and wanted to know if it was OK if she was nude while I was here. Like most guys I had always wondered what she and my sister looked like naked , although I had never gotten the chance to see either of them undressed, I had always wanted to. Now she was telling me that it was up to me to see them that way.

“You know mom what you’re saying sounds kind of strange.”

“I know but both of us have gotten used to it and we güvenilir casino don’t see anything wrong with it.”

“Well I’ll leave whatever you two want to do up to you. I’ve been in Spain the last couple of years and there’s a lot of nude beaches there so it’s not like the sight of naked people is going to shock me although seeing you and my sister naked is going to feel a little strange.”

“Well don’t let it bother you, it’ll take some getting used to on our part too but everything will work out.”

I was kind of expecting mom to jump up and take off her clothes right then and there but nothing happened and actually nothing happened for the next couple of days. I was thinking they had thought it over and decided to stay dressed while I was there, but a few days later while I was sitting near the pool both of them came out without anything on and went swimming.

Mom was a blond but I had always thought she dyed her hair, I was wrong. She had a blond triangle between her legs and although it was trimmed around the edges it still was in its natural state, long and silky looking. Her stomach was flat and her tits sagged just a little with long nipples, She was tanned head to foot and didn’t look like she was almost fifty.

My sister was blond too but I didn’t know if you was a natural blond because she was completely shaven. She was taller than mom but thinner with smaller tits although her nipples looked just as big. She was just as tan as mom and they looked just as good as anything I’d seen on the nude beaches of Spain.

They splashed around in the pool for a while and then got out and sat down on either side of me.

“Well what do you think, is this OK?”

“Strange, but I think it’s just fine, you two look fantastic.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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