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Autumn is certainly my favorite time of the year. The weather is cooler. The days are shorter. The leaves are turning into a beautiful array of colors. I find myself on most days now gazing out onto a lake front and watching the sun dip behind the tree line. While most know I live in Charlotte these days, I won’t share what lake it is. Just do yourself a favor and enjoy this time of year and all of its splendor.

As you read this, you may ask yourself why am I writing about a lake front. This is called Literotica. We want to read about naughty parts and sexual exploits. Trust me, I will get to that soon. One just has to try and set the mood. Well, try is the operative word.

The sunset I spoke of earlier is absent today. You see I am sitting on my porch as the rain streams from the sky, gently tapping the roof above where I am. The smell of autumn mingled with the rain is both soothing and brings to mind more intense times. That is what brings me to writing this particular experience.

I am a ravenous reader of books. I will spend hours in a Barnes and Noble. There is this place on South Boulevard in Charlotte called 2nd and Charles. It has become my newest addiction. It is, essentially, a second hand book store but it has albums, games, and quite a bit of things related to geek culture.

This particular time I entered the store and made my way towards the fiction section at the back left hand corner of the store. I started off in the mood for Robert Jordan or Margaret Weis. I wasn’t wearing anything sexy.

Converse and a junior’s dress from Belk. I was completely going for a Drew Barrymore look. I admit it. Again nothing special, but definitely dressing well below my age.

I passed by an elderly couple and smiled. Said hello. You know all that polite stuff. I reached the back of the store and began finding a cornucopia of stuff. I needed a basket for it. I practically skipped back to the front of the store and in doing so heard some chuckles from the staff. I played it up and blew the young girl behind the counter a kiss and winked as I grabbed a bag to stuff full of goodies.

Having loaded my bag about half full, I began to walk to the front. I got to feeling a particular way and stopped off to see what they had in the way of erotica. Browsing through, I was surprised that they had a decent amount of non-Harlequin stuff. I was the only person in the section for a while. I walked along the shelves, scanning the titles for something that I thought might be juicy.

One book that caught my eye contained tasteful nudes. Just sitting there on the shelf and plain as day. I didn’t know if it was in the wrong section, but I thought it interesting enough to pick up and browse through.

I became very interested. The book itself was a mix of erotic photos, some explicit while others merely women in erotic poses. One page showcased a woman masturbating and I thought that isn’t even how its done. Having said that I am not sharing how it is done.

Nonetheless, I definitely became aroused. I placed the book back and wandered further into Wonderland. I selected a book filled with erotic short stories and took a squat on the floor to begin reading. The stories were very good and I could feel my skin warming up and I felt myself tingle in all the right places.

It was about then when I heard someone else walk down the aisle.

I saw a very cute, dark skinned young woman walking down the opposite end from where I was and with her torso turned sideways used her finger along the skins of the books to skim the titles. I figured she was in her mid-twenties. Her hair was not quite shoulder length and kept behind her ears. Very pixie-like. Her features seemed a blend of African-American and maybe something South American.

She had converse on, wore faded blue denim, a Nirvana t-shirt, and had a Batman hoodie over that. There were multiple bracelets on her arms. As she walked about one shelf in, she gave me a sweet smile and I sensed she could notice that I was a little red at the moment. I owned it though and kept reading.

She said “hi” and I responded with a smile before she turned her attention back to the bookshelves. I couldn’t help but noticed how fit she looked. Not like a jogger too-thin fit, but a very “healthy looking” as when an English person says a woman is fit, fit.

I returned to reading my book and I would be lying if I said I couldn’t help looking up at her frequently. She was slowly moving towards me and quite occasionally she would turn her back to me. The denim prominently displayed her shapely bottom and thighs. Looking at her, I was drawn in by how lovely she was. Her cheeks were soft with full lips.

It was her eyes.

Those eyes.

A soft blue.

Totally unexpected.

I tried to keep reading but was always trying to get one more glance of her eyes. I began to imagine her in the story I was reading, with nothing but a white towel around her torso.

She continued to look through the books as she moved along the shelves, putting them beylikdüzü escort back, one at a time. Sometimes she lingered at a book. She did so as if her interest lay elsewhere or her thoughts had been interrupted.

One book eventually held her attention for some time and she leaned against the shelves as she looked it with one hand. I noticed that her other hand was absently tracing along her stomach as she read. She was almost to me at this point and as she put that book back, she smiled at me and shook her head, “its warm in here, isn’t it?”

I cocked my head back to laugh a little, “Hot, if you ask me?”

“I know what you mean”. She answered with a knowing wink.

It was just another step or two that she came to the book of photographs that I had looked at earlier and picked it up. After looking at a few pages, she came towards me and slid down the wall and plopped down about six feet from me. If I turned to my right, I would have been facing her.

She sat with the book and opened it in her lap. She slowly began going through the book, one page at a time, examining the pictures. At times, she would gently bite her bottom lip as she was reading, and I noticed her sweet well-shaped legs, crossed at the ankles, sometimes moving, like she was pressing her thighs together. I found myself looking at her more than I was reading my book, and she had to know it.

It became a game between us. She would glance up to see me looking at her, and I would smile and look down at my book. This continued for some time, and we were both smiling. Then at one point I glanced up to see her staring at my legs. She glanced at my eyes, but did not look away, instead

returning her gaze to my legs. I looked back at my book, pretending not to notice, but turned slightly toward her.

Then I looked directly into her eyes and slowly let my legs open. Because of how short dress was, barely to my thighs I had no doubt that she could see the crotch of my light yellow panties. Her eyes focused on the spot between my thighs, and I spread my legs a little further. I was being nothing if not a little exhibitionist.

Then she looked up into my eyes and I saw her pupils. She was definitely turned on. Then as if she realized she was staring, she quickly returned to her book. If I were a betting woman, I would have placed a few hundred on the fact that she was blushing through her dark complexion.

Her legs rocked gently and soon grew with agitation. I watched with intent interest as the motion was something I could no longer ignore. After openly watching her discomfort for a few minutes, I got up and walked to a spot at the shelves near her, to put my book back on the shelf. “I was looking at that

earlier. It’s a beautiful book, isn’t it?” I said.

“It is,” she said. “There is a picture here that I really love.”

I stood beside her as she leafed back through the pages. She went slowly, and I stepped in very close to her to see the pages. She paused briefly at a black and white close-up of a naked woman standing under a water fall, glistening with beads of water as they cascaded around her.

Then she continued. She stopped at a color picture of a tall brunette woman, stretched out on her back in the sun. She had one knee raised and her eyes closed. One hand was arched over her head and the other placed to look as if she was just beginning to touch her pussy, which was adorned by a very small patch of light auburn hair.

I had to admit, probably in my vanity, that in regards to shape and color that the woman looked quite a bit like me. “I love this one,” she practically whispered.

I told that sometimes when I look at a book like that, I not only enjoy looking at the women, but think about how much I would enjoy posing like that for someone. I bit my bottom lip and I felt my nipples tighten at the thought, bringing up fond memories of the past.

She looked at me and smiled. “That would be something to see.”

We laughed together and I extended my hand to her. She grabbed it and I pulled her up. The momentum of her rising to her feet put her very close to my body. I could smell her perfume. Very floral with a hint of spice.

I liked it.

I introduced myself.

She did the same.

Her name was Danai.

I told her that her name was almost as beautiful as she was. Then I went for it and asked her if she’d like to have coffee sometime.

My heart skipped a beat when she told me that she was open to having coffee right now.

I told her that I was going to buy my bag of book as well as the photo book we had both just enjoyed. I jokingly told her that if the coffee was good enough, I might just have to invite her over to my place sometime and we can judge and admire the works of art together over some wine.

She nodded and told me that she liked the way I thought, adding that if that was the case, she’d buy the wine.

The only Starbucks I knew of was at Southpark Mall so we drove over to the other side of Tyvola, in separate cars.

We chatted casually avcılar escort as we placed our order and waited. She smiled frequently, and we sometimes bumped against each other. I couldn’t stop looking at her pretty face and noticing those legs moving beneath her. I could see that she was looking at me in the same way. We sat on one of the benches and began to talk.

It was a very extensive and interesting conversation. I found out that she wasn’t in her twenties. She was actually thirty-four. When I told her my age, she blushed and couldn’t believe it. We touched, in generalities, about our pasts and what brought us to this point in our lives. After a solid hour of talking we got quieter and it wasn’t that awkward what do we talk about next quiet.

My body was humming. On edge. I sensed that she was as excited as I was.

The way she constantly batted her lashes and played with her hair was proof enough but there were other clues.

Like the rapid increase of her breathing. The way her chest rose and fell. They all pointed to the fact that she was interested in me.

Our coffee long gone and the shadows from just outside the door pointed to the fact that the sun was going to be setting soon. It was time for us to part ways. For now.

We exchanged phone numbers and I gave her my address. I extended the invitation for her to come over anytime.

She said that she never did this but was wondering if she could come over now.

I smiled and said yes.

I’d be lying if I said that the ride to the house wasn’t the longest since my Beth passed.

It was very comparable.

She pulled up in her late model Accord and when she stepped out of it, she cast a look at the surroundings. I told her about my roommate. She asked a few questions. The main one was about our sexual history and how it was living under the same roof.

I told her it was difficult but sex had to be off the table as long as I lived there.

As luck would have it, Jason was getting ready to leave as we were walking up the stairs. I introduced them and he was his usual charming self.

After he left and we were on the top of the staircase, she asked me how I managed to keep my hands to myself.

I laughed and said it wasn’t easy.

Standing beside me, our hands gently grazed one another.


I turned to her and kissed her on the lips. The kiss was long and sweet. Her tongue was warm and darting. I pressed into her, our hands touching then gliding before melting into each other. I pulled away to look at her flushed face.

That beautiful face.

Those eyes.

I have a confession, she said. She hadn’t kissed or slept with a woman since college and it was making her nervous.

I looked at her tenderly. Lovingly. I held onto her hands and squeezed them.

“My dear, I didn’t know.”

I thought that she had been very experienced. The way she flirted with me at the bookstore and the conversation we had while drinking coffee. She had seemed very natural and at ease with me. I told her that.

She was attracted to me the moment she saw me in the bookstore. She went for the gusto and flirted because something inside of her made her want to do it. She accepted the invitation to come to the house this night because she wanted to know what I looked like naked.

Her exact words were, “If you tasted as delicious as you look.”

I blushed and asked her to find out because sex between two adults is a wonderful thing. Gender roles do not have a place in the bedroom. The only thing that belongs there is desire and a need to feel something more than what our base nature makes us. Its as spiritual as it is physical.

Fuck it, she smirked with devilish intent.

Danai took a step forward and pushed me back against the wall and kissed me passionately. I responded in kind. Our hands locked and I cooed soothingly against her tongue and the cool brick at my back.

Between the short moments our lips were apart I managed to tell her that I couldn’t wait to get her naked and shower her with my attentions.

We broke the kiss after that comment and I turned to open the door. She closed it behind her and I led her, by the hand, down the hallway and up the stairwell to my room. At one point I remembered turning around and walking backwards just so I could look at her.

Her eyes were locked on my legs and then when she realized I was looking at her, she flashed her tongue through her lips.

I pulled her in close to me, kissed her lips and she entered my room. I followed.

When we stood in the center of the room. She ran her hand along the side of my face.

You are so incredibly beautiful, Angelica.

She leaned in to kiss me. I welcomed her. When our lips parted and our bodies hummed with electricity and what was to come next, I asked her what she liked.

She told me.

I responded.

My body leaned into hers and pushed her down onto the loveseat. I opened my mouth to her and she put her arms around me.

I slid esenyurt escort down her body until I was kneeling on the floor in front of her. Trailing my hands down her thighs, I came to rest at her feet. I roughly, quickly pulled off her converse and socks.

My hands then moved up the outside of her thighs to the waistband of her jeans and she lifted her hips off the loveseat to make it easier for me.

I pulled them down and off her body and returned to peel her panties off her delicious body.

Her pussy was revealed to me now its slim strip of black hair beckoned to me.

I put my hands under her bottom and pulled her to me. I kissed the space directly above her before I began to kiss the folds of her pussy. I pressed her legs back and began to suckle on her delicately soft and sweet tasting lips.

My sampling of her was long and slow.

Tortuous tedious.

She moaned her approval and I soon felt her hands in my hair, edging me on.

The first swipe of my tongue past her gate revealed to me a gift that I would come to take again and again.

And again.

My licks soon became nips. Those nips soon became tugs. When I tugged, I returned to her gently as if she were a virgin. I would build her up and let her linger for what seemed like an eternity.

I felt her desperation and it hung between us for a long while. I continued to tease her. Torture her.

I pleasured her up until I felt her body ready to snap.

Somehow during all of this, she had managed to take her shirt off.

I pulled away, licked my wet lips and took in as much of her taste as I could. I told her to turn around and kneel.

I unsnapped her bra and pulled it away and I moved in close behind her. I could feel the heat eminating from her in such a way that I nearly came. My left hand slid between her legs from behind and the other moved up and around he to squeeze her right breast.

My fingers spread and stroked her distressed pussy. I would pull it back and gently play with her ass. My hand was strong on her breast, now moving between pinching and twisting her nipple. I put my head on her shoulder and whispered into her ear, asking her if she liked this.

She moaned and nodded her approval.

I continued to play with Danai this way for a few minutes. She spread her arms out on the back of the loveseat and pressed her ass back against my hands. She was trembling from the need to exorcise the demon from within her.

Then I stopped.

I told her to turn around. I sat on the table behind me and looked at her.

Her eyes were heavy.

Her body pulsed.

She was on edge.

I would provoke her further.

I stood unzipped my dress from the back and let it fall to the ground. Kicking off my converse, I thumbed my panties down my body until they landed on the floor in a pool with my dress.

I slowly peeled the bra off my body and when the cool air hit my nipples, I arched in delicious response to it.

My eyes narrowed and I sat back down on the table.

Spreading my legs wide, I slowly began to finger the lips of my pussy. My thumb pushed through and I began to rub my clit while she looked at me.

My other hand slid up my belly to the space between my breasts and I began to massage them. I left a breast and lowered my head and began to both kiss and suck my nipple. My eyes were very clearly intent on her.

I took the hand that was wet from my pussy and put my fingers in my mouth, licking and sucking them clean. Enjoying the taste of myself. Enjoying the pleasure of being with her.

She stood up in front of me. Her mocha colored breasts were firm and beautiful with very dark large

nipples. I slid forward to the loveseat and wrapped my arms around her waist where I kissed her stomach.

I looked up at her as my hands felt her breasts, enjoying the sight of my pale arms against her dark skin. She put her hands behind my head and pulled me against her as she grinded and pumped her hips. A silent plea for me to continue tasting her.

I was wild with passion. I licked her deeply and encouraged her to bring her weight against me. Having my face in heaven again tickled the flame of desire within me.

I continued to massage her thigh. Lick her pussy, stroke her moist portal with my finger. I built her up again. This time I would not stop until she finally came.

As her hips jutted against my tongue, I could literally feel the tension of her body against me as she writhed and pushed to get extinguish the fire from within her body.

After a few minutes, when her body returned to a semi-normal state. She told me that was fantastic and that she would now return the favor. She motioned to my bed. I followed the direction of her hand and laid on my mattress, gently playing with myself as I watched her.

I pinched my nipples and moaned. My hips rose to meet her as she gently slid into the bed beside me and kissed my lips. Soft fingertips traced an invisible line across my body.

It was so slow and gentle. I missed the subtle touch of a woman.

Then she slowly slid up my body, her pussy pressed down against mine for a time before sliding up against my stomach, my breast, and then she straddled my face.

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