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I stood before Judge Freeman with baited breath, “Young lady…don’t you think your mother is stressed enough to work two jobs to support you and your siblings?

“Yes sir.”

“In addition to that you have been sneaking out of your room while everyone is sleeping to meet all sorts of boys and men in the middle of the night. Now you stand before me charged with trespassing, breaking and entering, and burglary. Do you have anything to say?”

I couldn’t help my nipples from hardening as his aged stern face looked down on me. My mind was curious as to what was beneath his gown. Why did he need a cane to walk? Was he cute when he was young? Is he as old as my grandfather? Or older?

“Young lady…I am speaking to you!”

I returned back from reality, “Yes sir. Mom, I’m sorry. Please don’t let them send me away. I’ll stop hanging around Ivy and Pam and those bad kids.”

“Because your mother is unable to supervise you at all times, I have arranged for you to volunteer here at the courthouse twice a week and at the nursing home she works at twice a week. You will adhere to a curfew of 9:00 during school nights and 11:00 on weekends. I am going to suspend your sentence for two years as I receive quarterly reports on your progress. I believe that you were with the wrong people at the wrong place and time and believe that you are better than what I see here in this complaint. I have never been wrong with my gut feelings. I hope you realize the break you are getting from the court, however, if you do not fulfill your obligations, I will indeed sentence you harshly. Understood?”

“Yes sir.”

The gavel made me flinch and we all stood as the judge grabbed his cane, stood up and exited through the rear door. Do they wear clothes on under that?

A week later on Tuesday, I took the bus after school for my first day in orientation. There were other people in the room who were also made to volunteer but I was the only juvenile. An older black security guard around 55 years who stood around 5-6 escorted me to administration to fill out forms, take my picture and receive my badge. Since orientation took over and hour and it was almost closing time I would not start my services until Thursday.

I was wearing a white cotton camisole and short denim skirt with sandals. When my picture printed out on the badge, the elderly officer reviewed it for errors. However, he looked at the badge and my blouse several times before giving it to me. When I looked at my picture I realized why he was gawking at me, my dark Latin areolas showed through the blouse in the picture.

I smiled at him bonus veren siteler and asked, “So, do you like it?” as I raised the badge to him for a closer look. As I watched him compare the badge with the real thing, I felt a familiar twinge between my legs and I leaned my breasts against his elbows to retrieve my badge. He rubbed his calloused elbow against my right nipple and I stood still as it hardened. Instead of stepping back, I leaned in and allowed his elbow to scratch my nipple harder. My breath grew shallow with each circular motion and I watched his pants grow tighter.

As I looked up into his gray eyes, I grabbed his elbow and rubbed it around my other nipple. I bit my lip and moaned as I felt my teenage pussy grow wetter and began to throb in need. My breath was shallow as this sweet old man’s elbow continued its circular motion around my nipples and then both breasts. With his other hand he pinched the opposite nipple right through my blouse that made me gasp. His thumb felt like electricity and I was clearly breathing rapidly while my groins grew hotter. I was so hot knowing that this old man was hard cuz of seeing my young dark nipples. I began grinding my legs together as the man bent down toward my breast.

He slowly pulled down my loose top and tongue flicked my nipple. I slipped my hand up my skirt and my fingers rubbed my clit. His hand then replaced mine and I began grind my pussy against his fingers.

“Fuck, I’m wanna cum. Ohhhh, please put them inside me”

“My pleasure young lady.”

My whole body shook as he rubbed his finger on my panties and rotated it inside my tight cunt. He then exited it out and thrusted me with two thick old fingers several times before he moved the panties over and I felt his hard fingers inside me.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm deeper.”

He thrusted his fingers in and out like a hard old dick. I was desperate for more, “faster.”

I felt his thumb rotate around my clit as his other two fingers plunged deeper and harder inside me. I grabbed around his neck to keep my legs from buckling as he sucked my left nipple and finger fucked me to climax. As I reached my orgasm, I had to bite his shoulder to keep from screaming.

I was so weak afterward that he helped me over to the desk to lean on.

“Lay here and rest baby. Mr. Washington will take care of you.” As he pushed my shoulders down and guided me on my back.

While I was catching my breath, I felt his hands grab me behind my knees and pull me toward the end of the desk.

“What are you doing?”

Shhhhh, just close your eyes bedava bahis and rest baby. Mr. Washington gonna take care ya know.”

He raised my small skirt and slowly removed my panties.

“Mmmmm, I heard the young girls shave their business but I had never seen it.”

I then felt his breath on my thighs and heard him humming as he grew closer to glistening pussy.

“I ain’t tasted a woman in years baby. Just let me taste you a bit.”


His tongue bathed me from bottom to top. He lapped me all around the outside of my pussy, my thighs and close to my ass. I spread my legs wider and raised my hips for better access.

“Oh you like that huh baby? You want Mr. Washington to show you more?”

“UUUUUUUUUUUUUU don’t stop please!

His tongue then delved inside my folded lips and around my clit. I felt his entire mouth surround my pussy and his gray beard tickled my thighs. He sucked at my clit and licked along the sides like I have never felt with any boy before.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mr. Washington, here it comes again.”

My body spasmed again and I arched my back as I felt my body spasm in another orgasm.

“UUUUUUUUUUUHhhhhhhh I’m cumming.” I laid in a dizzy spell on the desk then I felt his strong hands on my body again.

“Flip over baby.”


“Get on your belly.”


“I’m not finished. Now do as your told baby…come on.”

I got on my hands and knees and he immediately dove into my swollen pussy. He rolled his tongue inside me and I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure. I could hear the loud slurping as he attempted to lap the dripping juices that flowed from my pussy. His tongue was now fucking my pussy and I arched back as far as I could. His tongue then slipped up to my asshole.

“OOOOOOO” I had never felt anything like that before. As he licked my ass he easily slipped two fingers inside my pussy. I felt myself reaching the brink again he stopped. I felt cold air against my wet ass and pussy and heard Mr. Washington unzipping his pants. I turned around to see what he was doing and watched him slip his pants and underwear down to the floor. His dick popped out of his boxers like an angry water moccasin. It was huge, black and shining with precum. I turned my head around and held onto the desk.

Oooooooooohhhh” as I felt his head rub against my pussy. It felt so great against my clit. While it was larger and thicker than the boys I have been with, it seemed more flexible than theirs.

“Oh Mr. Washington” as I felt his cock rub my juices all around deneme bonus my pussy and ass with his cock.

His hands spread my ass wider and his circled my ass hole with his thumb. He slipped his thumb inside my twat and lubricated it before sliding it inside my hole. I felt some discomfort at first but as long as he kept rubbing my pussy with his cock head I was distracted from the initial discomfort. He began thrusting his cock along my pussy from back to front. I needed this old fuck inside me so bad.

I grabbed his old semi-hard cock and rubbed myself. As I tried to guide him inside me, he would just place his head at the entrance but would not push in.

“MMMmmmmmm oh that’s nice baby. You want to feel Mr. Washington inside your sweet pink pussy?”

“Yes please”

“If you wanna fuck this old man, the push back on Mr. Washington. Ain’t no one gonna say that I took advantage some little white girl. You really want this?”

And he continued to tease my pussy and clit around and around in circles.

“FUCK ME Mr. Washington please.”

I then grabbed his old cock and stuffed inside my throbbing pussy. I leaned back into the old man and he held my hips and guided me back and forth. He stayed still while I thrust myself in and out.

“Nope, ain’t no one gonna say I fucked this little girl. Look at her. She’s the one fucking me. Ain’t u baby?”

“Oooooh yes. Harder Mr. Washington”.

“You want Mr. Washington to fill your teen womb with his family’s seed?”

“OOOOh…Please cum. Please.”

“Then baby u better go faster.”


So as I thrust as fast as I could, I felt his cock rubbing my clit as it slid in and my ass as it slid out.

“That’s a girl. Take it from Mr. Washington”

I then felt his cock expand inside me and his hand firmly grabbed my hips. He shoved that old black cock inside me as far as he could and held it as he shot his seed inside me. He thrust a few more times as he came again then loosened his tight grip on my hips.

I leaned forward on my arms and rested a few seconds while I felt his hands continue to explore my ass and legs. He spread my pussy and watched his cum leak out down my legs and onto his desk. Mr. Washington then licked and kissed my ass and pussy one more time before slipping my panties back up my legs. He rubbed my panties along my thighs and into my pussy to sop up our juices. Then stuck his long black nose inside me for one final whiff.

“Ok girl, I’ll have to walk you out because the building’s locked up.”

I watched him pull his pants back up and re-tuck his uniform together. I couldn’t believe I fucked someone older than my own dad and it was great. I was so glad that I would be here twice a week.

He straightened up before he escorted me out of the building. Like a true southern gentlemen he waited to ensure my bus arrived.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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