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Following series is based on true stories however some names or details may have been changed to protect peoples identities.

31/12/18 will be our 20th wedding anniversary and although some of these stories are from the earlier days once I confessed everything and discussed at length the situation, my wife and I have had a great open relationship for the last 15 years.

First let me introduce a few people my name is Christopher and I’m 22 years old. My girlfriend Maria is also 22 years old, he younger sister Natasha (every one calls her Tarsh or Tasha who is 18 years old but looks almost like Maria’s twin), her mother Linda and her father Drew who are 46 and 47, her older brother Barry who is 24 and her younger brother Simon who is 12. This story takes place in the summer of 1996 (Jan /Feb).

Maria and I have been dating for about 6 months and I have slept at her house a few times although it is something I usually try to avoid, not because I don’t want to spend time with her it’s more that the couch is not that comfortable to sleep on. Why the couch you say well let me explain their living situation. Maria still lives at home and shares a room with her sister, her brothers share a room and her parents have the master bedroom hence leaving me the couch.

It was about 1am and I was struggling to sleep so I snuck down the hall to see if Maria was awake. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do if she was as Maria and her sister sleep in bunk beds so kinda hard for any hanky panky. I gently pushed the door open and looked at Maria on the top bunk, she was asleep 🙁 hey who wouldn’t be it’s 1am. I gently shook her and whispered her name trying to wake her without waking Tasha. She started to stir and looked at me through half asleep eyes. I then made one of the stupidest comments ever “oh hey I wondered if you were awake, I can’t sleep”. Even though she was half awake Maria looked pissed off.

I slowly reached my hand up and slid it under the blankets pushing in slowly till I touched her right leg. I began to slowly stroke her right leg starting just below her knee and gradually moving higher and higher until my fingers reached the bottom of her nightgown. I looked at Maria almost like I was looking for permission to go further, she didn’t make any attempt to stop me so I slowly continued my hands trip up her leg drawing little circles on her thigh, moving slowly further and further up towards the top of her thigh.

As I reached the top of her thigh Maria let out a small moan, we both froze realising if we made noise someone was going to wake up and that would not be good. After about 20 seconds of silence I gently moved my fingers to the top of her mound, running my fingers through her neatly trimmed bush. I knew Maria loved it when I played with her and I knew it wouldn’t help me sleep but I wanted to do something nice for her. I started to run my fingers over her outer lips gently sliding my fingers up and down, I could smell her arousal already. After a minute or two of teasing I gently parted her pussy lips with one finger immediately feeling the moisture between her lips. I slowly ran my fingers up and down her lips trying to avoid her clit for now, again Maria let out a low moan causing me to freeze in my tracks.

Then I heard Tasha move I had no idea what I would do if she woke up, here I was in boxer shorts and a T-shirt with my fingers playing with her sisters pussy at 1am. Luckily she didn’t wake up cause I had no idea how I was going to explain that. I gently started rubbing Maria’s pussy again getting my fingers nice and wet as her excitement built, having played with her for a few minutes I finally sought out her clit.

The second I touched it Maria grabbed the pillow and pulled it right over her face as she moaned again. I continued to play with her for another few minutes then gently slid a finger into her tight wet pussy. Yet another muffled moan escaped Maria’s mouth causing Tasha to stir and I thought to myself shit now I’m really in trouble if she wakes. Luckily it didn’t happen. I whispered to Maria spin around so I could eat her pussy. One good thing about being 22 and sleeping on a top bunk you don’t have the silly full length safety rails to stop kids falling out which also makes it easy for your girlfriend to sit right on the edge. Quietly Maria repositioned herself with her bottom right on the edge of the bed and hung her legs down off the side. Maria’s pussy was at a perfect height and I slowly moved forward till I was an inch away. I blew lightly across her puffy wet lips several times before moving forward and running my tongue the length of her pussy making a few circles around her clit and back down again.

The taste was great the smell intoxicating, I stuck my tongue as deep into her pussy as possible slurping up as much juice as possible. It was at this point that things got interesting as Maria groaned into her pillow trying to be quiet I felt a pair of hands tugging at my boxers. I think my heart stopped for a second I know my tongue did. I briefly looked down and there was Tasha smiling back at me holding casino şirketleri up 1 finger signaling for me to be quiet. I buried my tongue back into Maria’s pussy as Tasha pulled my boxes down enough that my half erect cock popped free. Now I was in one hell of a situation I had to keep eating Maria as I had been earlier without her realising that her sister was awake and had my cock in her hands. I continued running my tongue up and down the length of Maria’s pussy savouring the wonderful taste.

Tasha gently stroked her fingers along my cock encouraging it to swell to full size. She then proceeded to run her tongue around the head of my cock causing me to moan into Maria’s pussy. This got Maria’s attention as she was not sure why I would be moaning, as she looked out from under the pillow she whispered “are you ok?” I whispered back yes I’m enjoying this sorry I’ll try be quiet and immediately buried my face back in her pussy. Tasha then ran her tongue up and down the length of my hard shaft. The next time Tasha got down to the bottom of my shaft she started to lick and suck my balls. I have always loved it when chicks suck my balls and couldn’t help but bury my tongue deeper into Maria’s pussy as I let out another moan. It was at that point we heard footsteps outside the door and everyone froze in their tracks. What felt like hours was probably only a minute then we heard the toilet flush and footsteps go back the way they had come.

Tasha was the first to move again slowly wrapping her tongue around the head of my cock, just as I was about to moan I leaned forward and stuck my tongue back into Maria’s pussy moaning and whispering about how good she tastes. I started to flick her clit with my tongue slowly at first then building up speed. Then Tasha started to suck on my cock and boy could she suck a cock. Maria was good and knew exactly how I liked it but Tasha was next level.

She slowly slid her lips back and forward over the head of my cock just teasing it. Then she would hold just the head in her mouth flick her tongue around it a few times then pull it back out. Finally she started to slide more into her mouth taking about 3/4 of my cock and sliding back till she was kissing just the tip. Then she would bob up and down again. I was in heaven licking and sucking on Maria’s pussy, enjoying the delicious taste while unknown to her I had her little sister giving me an amazing blow job at the same time. I knew I wasn’t going to last long and the Tasha did something I really liked,

I felt my cock getting deeper and deeper until her nose was touching my pubes and I was as deep as I could go. When Tasha started to deep throat me I had to work hard on concentrating on what I was supposed to be doing. I have always loved the feeling of my cock sliding down a girls throat but then Tasha did something nobody else has ever done, with my cock as deep down her throat as possible her tongue snaked out and started to lick my balls too. I was doing everything I could to try not moan my tongue was flicking Maria’s clit like mad and I now had two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. All of a sudden I felt that pressure build up indicating my release was imminent but how to warn Tasha without tipping off Maria. I lifted my face from Maria’s sweet pussy and in a voice a little louder than a whisper I said to Maria “that’s it babe give me you sweet cum I want it all running down my throat.”

Tasha must have clicked and picked up her pace bobbing on my cock even faster, I buried my face back in Maria’s pussy and attacked her clit with everything I had my fingers positioning in and out of her pussy making squishy noises as her pussy started to clamp down on my fingers. Almost simultaneously as Maria started to thrash and cum I unloaded 4 spurts of cum down Tasha’s throat moaning into Maria’s pussy as I did. Tasha being the champion she is swallowed the whole lot and then proceeded to lick my cock clean, tucking my cock back into my boxers as she pulled them back up. I slowly removed my face from Maria’s pussy covered in her wonderful juices. I quickly wiped my face on my T-shirt and pulled Maria around so I could kiss her.

After a few loving kisses Maria said she wished she could return the favour but I told her “it was fine I was happy to do it and would even love to do it again some day”. As Maria lay down to go back to sleep I took a step back from the bed and looked down at Tasha who was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I quietly moved to the door turned around to see both girls smiling at me as I blew a kiss in their direction. I got back to the couch and lay down thinking what the hell just happened but as I was in my beautiful sexual afterglow I quickly fell asleep.

The next morning I woke to the sound of people moving about but not the normal sort of moving this was people on a mission moving about. Maria came up to me and gave me a kiss “good morning sleepy head” she said and with a wicked little grin she added “I guess last nights little visit helped you sleep after all” I froze wondering how much she actually knew. I had to admit to her casino firmaları “yes it did I really enjoyed it”. Maria apologised for all the noise and bustling about there was a big family gathering and the family was late leaving to go help set up. She asked me if I had plans for today, I told her there were a few little errands I was planning on running.

Maria advised me she didn’t know how late they were going to be back but it would probably be really late and she wanted to know if I could feed the cats for her in the evening. I agreed and she handed me a key and a hot cup of coffee. About 20 min later I was heading out on my way as Maria’s father and older brother were packing things into the family wagon.

It was about two hours later when I realised I didn’t have my cellphone with me, I must have left it at Maria’s place somewhere. I carried out my errands and returned to her house around 3pm. I had a quick look around, underneath end even in the couch for my cellphone but couldn’t find it, I tried to call it but it went straight to voicemail so that wasn’t going to help. I decided to make the most of the nice weather and mow the lawns thinking that should get me some brownie points with Maria’s parents. 45 min later and soaked in sweat I put the mower away and headed inside for a cool shower. I had been in the shower for a few minutes when I thought I heard someone in the house.

I knew I locked the door when I came in and I didn’t hear any cars plus Maria said they would be late, maybe I was hearing things and continued washing myself. I had my eyes closed and head tipped back washing my hair when I had that horrible feeling someone was watching me. As I finished washing my hair and opened my eyes there standing just outside the shower door as naked as the day she was born was Tasha. My hands immediately shot down to cover my cock almost like I was embarrassed to be seen naked. This made Tasha laugh and point out she had my cock in her mouth last night so there is no point hiding it. I removed my hands as she pulled the shower door open.

She immediately stepped in and pressed her naked body against mine planting a mouth watering kiss on my lips. She had my attention and she knew it, that fact was confirmed even more when her hand found my now erect cock. Tasha took a step back allowing me to take in all her beauty from her long blonde hair to her perfect C cup tits and her wonderful athletic legs all topped off by her perfect tan skin colour. I pulled her back to me and kissed her again. I then realised if she’s home then everyone is home and how do I explain this. So I said to Tasha “if you are here where is everyone else???” She replied don’t worry I told them I wasn’t feeling well and was going to spend the day in bed they all left and think I’m still in bed.

I have been waiting all day for you to come back. We kissed again this time my tongue snaking it’s way into her mouth. As our tongues dueled I slid my hands down her body and squeezed her bum pulling her closer. I spun Tasha around squashing my erect cock between her butt cheeks. I ran my hands up her body till I reached her wonderful breasts and started to massage them. The difference between Tasha and Maria was huge Maria had E cups Vs Tasha’s nice C cups Maria seemed to enjoy me playing with hers more than Tasha did but Tasha’s nipples poked out at least twice as far as Maria’s.

As I fondled Tasha’s breasts I started to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear lobes she melted into me even more. I slowly slid my right hand down her body and over her stomach as I got lower and lower I suddenly realised that Tasha had no hair down stairs. I had never been with someone who shaves so it was kinda interesting the difference. I slowly eased one finger in between her puffy pussy lips gently rubbing up and down as I kissed her neck working her body to a very aroused state. As she started to try reaching back for my cock I slid my first finger into her pussy stopping her in her tracks, as I finger fucked her with first one finger then two working her up until I had 3 fingers positioning in and out of her pussy and my other hand gently tugging and flicking her erect nipples. I felt her pussy start to clamp down on my fingers she started to moan really loud, with my other hand I started pinching her nipples more. This really set her off all of a sudden she screamed out “OH FUCK YEAH” her pussy got so tight I couldn’t move my fingers as it spasmed and her legs turned to jelly.

I had to hold her up as best I could. I managed to get my hand free from her pussy and slowly lowered her so she was sitting on the floor of the shower. Tasha looked up at me her face absolutely glowing “I have never cum that hard before” she said smiling up at me. Tasha reached up and started stroking my already hard cock, the sensation made it swell just that little bit more. I lifted her to her feet and kissed her passionately then turned her round and made her bend over putting her hands against the wall. With her perfect arse pointed towards me I slid my hands up the insides of her thighs until my right hand güvenilir casino touched her wet pussy. I stroked it a few times making sure she was still good and wet then grabbed hold of my rock solid cock and shoved it into her pussy.

There was nothing nice about it I was horny and wanted this pussy. Tasha was so wet from her orgasm moments ago it only took two thrusts and I was balls deep in her tight pussy. I started slowly at first so she could get used to my size. After about a dozen strokes I picked up my pace until my hips were slamming into hers every time I thrust forward. I paused for a moment grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling on it causing her to scream in pain and stand up at the same time. As she stood up I pushed her forward squashing her against the wall from this position she had no power to do anything more than take everything I had. I started thrusting into her again pounding her sweet pussy for all I had.

I felt her pussy tighten again and knew her climax was fast approaching as was mine then I felt her pussy spasm and she screamed out as her second orgasm ripped through her body, it was enough to push me over the edge too. I quickly pulled my cock out and let her fall to the floor as her legs collapsed under her. Tasha looked up at me just in time for the first spurt of cum to hit her left cheek the second and third landed on her left breast as she sank to the floor. The final spurts hit the floor between us. We were both glowing from that amazing fuck.

I helped Tasha back to her feet and moved her around so she was under the water. I then grabbed the bar of soap and started to wash her body. Starting with her back and massaging her shoulders as I washed her then slowly moving down her back till I got to her arse where I again spent some time massaging her. Next I went down her right leg and back up her left. This was starting to affect me and my cock was swelling again, some days I can recover for round two in about 15 min but this was going to be a new record. I pulled her body back to me so she was just out of the water as I reached around her and started to wash her stomach. The feeling of her wet soapy body against mine was amazing and had me swelling even more. As my hands travelled higher up her body my excitement grew, when I reached her breasts I massaged them too. As I had done for her she wanted to do for me so she quickly rinsed the soap off and we changed positions so Tasha could wash me. She started with my back and then as she finished my legs she asked me to turn around so she could do my front of course I did so without thinking and my now fully erect cock slapped her in the face. We both laughed about it and she continued to wash me making sure I was nice and clean.

We shut the shower off and dried off heading out to the Lounge dressed in just our towels. I fed the cats and asked Tasha if she had seen my phone two minutes later she appears holding it “yep I stole it from you this morning sorry, didn’t want Maria tipping you off that I was still home cause then you might not have come back”. I ordered us a pizza as we sat around talking while we waited for it to be delivered. When the delivery guy arrived Tasha jumped up to go grab it and I grabbed the bottom of her towel as she went causing it to come undone and fall to the floor. The little minx smirked at me and took her time wrapping it back around her as she went to the door, oh boy the pizza guy was in for a treat.

Tasha opened the door still trying to wrap the towel around herself and the pizza guy stood there dumb struck when Tasha reached for the pizza the towel started to fall off her body she grabbed the pizza turned around bent at the waist picked up her towel and walked inside shutting the door on the poor pizza boy who probably had to go beat himself off before he went back to work.

Tasha and I sat talking for the next few hours. Every now and then she would move or wiggle in her chair flashing her bald pussy at me then she would giggle and adjust her towel covering herself back up. I got so worked up by her little displays that I warned her if she keeps teasing she might get more than she bargained for. Tasha just smiled and spread her legs then closed them then opened and closed them again. Soon after that display she sat on the chair with her legs crossed in front of her like a little kid would at school. This time however she never adjusted the towel just left me staring at her pussy. She started to laugh as I tented my towel.

Just then I got a text from Maria saying they were on their way home. Perfect I thought so I stood up walked over to Tasha grabbed her feet and lifted the into the air tipping her backwards on the lounge chair. I grabbed hold of my cock and rubbed it up and down her moist pussy getting her worked up. I then eased my cock into her nice and slowly till I was buried balls deep. I started to stroke my cock in and out a few times slowly lovingly, then I flicked the switch I slammed my into Tasha as hard and fast as I could, my hips were a blur she was screaming and squealing, then I pulled out let her feet fall to the floor and walked away from her. She complained about me getting her worked up and stopping I simply said to her as I walked away “I told you to stop teasing me, finish yourself off if you want but be quick your family will be home soon”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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