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Sunday morning I woke to something unexpected, the smell of bacon and coffee. I went into the kitchen. Paula was at the table reading the paper, a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee in front of her. John was busy in the kitchen. It irked me to have been replaced by him in the kitchen especially after Paula commented about how she was cooking for him.

John was in a good mood, asked me what I wanted. I settled on French toast. I poured myself a cup of coffee and joined Paula at the table. Paula had the uncanny ability to read my emotions even when I thought they were well hidden.

“I was going to cook, but John said he’s a much better cook so I let him.”

Her revelation took the sting out of being replaced by John in the kitchen.

We ate breakfast, chatted, talked about the movie they had seen, and planned our day.

“John wants me to go with him to church. You’re welcome to join us.”

I had given up on church a long time ago and politely declined. Paula still attended, but sporadically.

Breakfast over, Paula said, “Since you’re not going you can clean up breakfast.”

She and John headed to their bedroom to get ready for worship services.

They reappeared a half hour later in their Sunday best, he in a charcoal grey suit and she in a dark blue knee length dress. Her dress was more conservative than anything she wore to the office. She wore hose and her shoes were black, the heels an inch, the toes closed. While her dress didn’t show any cleavage it also couldn’t hide the fact Paula possessed some big boobs, a lean torso, and a Cardi B ass.

I told them they made a good looking couple which caused them to smile and insist I take a photo. John found his camera, showed me how to operate and I snapped away. They headed to church and I went exploring. First place I headed was Paula’s bedroom because I craved seeing ground zero. I looked at the bed which was disappointingly made. The laundry hamper proved more interesting as there were several towels in it. The top ones were from their recent shower, but the one on the bottom was cuckold gold, pay dirt. I pressed it to my face inhaling the aroma of her juices and his spunk, picturing them making love in the dark. I poked around a few more minutes, but didn’t find anything to make my penis swell.

The parlor and den weren’t interesting. John wasn’t a big reader. I went upstairs. The bedrooms had adult sized furniture. I wondered as the kids got older and moved out if John and Mary Beth returned to having boarders. The bedrooms were big. I looked in drawers and discovered their contents were empty. The bathroom had towels and the linen closet was full, but the upstairs was devoid of personality. I pictured the rooms full of children’s furniture and toys.

The garage was detached and large enough for two cars and lawn equipment. There was a separate building out back which John said he used as a dark room and place to tinker. It was locked. Other than John and Mary Beth’s sexual proclivities, they presented as an average all American family. I was going to work on the yard, but John had done it while Paula and I were at the gym.

Paula seemed in no hurry to change the house to reflect her tastes. I wondered if she was doing so as a courtesy to John. She might be the owner, but it was his house. I was anxious to relocate.

John and Paula didn’t return until mid afternoon which I found a bit annoying. They were in a good mood. They had gone to lunch. She had been thoughtful enough to bring me a meal. I only had a few hours before I needed to leave so I felt robbed of our time together. I really hadn’t seen much of her.

I thanked her for the food and sat down to eat. The two of them went into the den. I had a clear view of them. Paula sat down and a minute later John asked if she needed a foot massage. She told him she did. I’m green with envy.

The foot massage didn’t last long because five minutes later Paula’s hose is off, her dress hiked up, and John’s face is between her legs enjoying dessert. They act as if I’m not there. I eat my meal as he eats her. She is quite vocal when she orgasms. A minute later she suggests they go to the bedroom. They close the door, but it isn’t long before I can easily hear the sounds of them fucking. They go at it for a good half hour. He climaxes, but once, but before he does she has half a dozen orgasms. At one point she pleads with him to cum because she can’t take any more orgasms.

I go to my room and pack my suitcase. I wait a half hour for the two of them to make an appearance, but they remain behind closed doors. I am too consumed with jealousy so I quietly exit the house and head to my car. I start the car, put it in drive, and head down the road.

I remind myself cuckolding can be painful, but that doesn’t make my bruised ego feel any better. A big cocked, former cuckold, septuagenarian, has pushed me out of the picture. Paula let me stew for two weeks before showing up at my door on a Friday night.

I ignored her knocking, but when she said she wasn’t casino şirketleri leaving until we talked I decided to open the door.

She asked, “Were you ever coming back?”

I answered with a shrug.

“I thought you loved me.”

I assured her, “I do, but…”

“But what? Either you love me or you don’t.”

“Paula, I cant compete…”

She cut me off, “So that’s what this is really about? Your feelings got hurt. You’re jealous of John so instead of being a man and talking to me you drive off without saying a damn thing.”

“Yes. The reason I said nothing is you didn’t appear to be in a receptive mood.”

“I was having fun. I thought we were having fun. You’re the one who insisted John and I do things together. I thought you were enjoying yourself. You seemed pretty enthusiastic about John getting me pregnant.”

“I was having fun until it wasn’t fun. Seeing John massaging your feet followed by his head between your legs was too much. He crossed the line and you encouraged it. Those were my…”

“Duties? Are you two and can’t share? If he wants to massage my feet and go down on me I’m not going to tell him no.”

“But you tell me no.”

She looked at me as if I was the village idiot, “He’s not my pet. Of course I tell you no. I don’t force you to obey. You choose to obey. Are you in chastity right now?”

“I am.”

“You have a key, Pet. You could have freed yourself, but you chose not to.”

“What would you do if I didn’t obey?” I moved closer, invaded her personal space. I didn’t intimidate her.

I dropped to my knees. My face was level with her crotch. I reached out and unbuttoned her jeans. I unzipped them. I pulled them and her panties down.

“What would you do?” I asked before pressing my face against her sex, inhaling her scent, feeling her hair against my face.

I reached around and grabbed her buttocks. I stuck my tongue out and ran it between her labia.

She opened her knees as her feet were trapped by her jeans. She then grabbed the back of my head.

“I’d let you eat me, but afterwards I would punish you.”

“Punish me for making you feel good?”

No, Pet. For disobeying. There are consequences.”

She was wet and getting wetter.

“I’m willing to accept them.”

“Pet, I’m going to hold you to it.”

She groaned, told me to get her pants off as she wanted to be on her back. I ignored her. I licked her sex until she rewarded me with a flood of juices as she orgasmed screaming loud enough to warrant a phone call to the police or a knock on the door for us to keep quiet because there were kids in the building.

After her orgasm, she kept my head pressed to her sex for several minutes.

“Wow, that was nice and unexpected, Pet.”

“I’m glad you liked, Mistress Paula.”

“I did, but I’m afraid you’re not going to like what I’m about to do. Go get me a towel so I can dry off.”

I got up and retrieved a towel from the bathroom. I even offered to dry her, but she declined telling me, “Go to your bedroom. Pants and underwear off. I’ll need your belt.”

“You’re seriously going to spank me?”

“Pet, I told you there were consequences for disobedience. You even said you’d accept them. Are you backing out?”

“No, Mistress. I just thought you might reconsider after what we just did.”

“Do you think that orgasm makes up for you leaving without so much as a goodbye to weeks ago? No, Pet, you’ve been bad and you’re going to pay.”

I answered, “Yes, ma’am,” and headed to the bedroom where I did as she asked.

Hands on the bed, bent at the waist, my legs straight, I waited. She came in, picked up the belt I had laid out for her, folded it, then snapped it back and forth making a popping noise. I jumped.


“A little, mainly nervous.”

“You’ll get used to it Pet. You might even find yourself wanting it.”

She raised her arm and hit me with the belt, hard enough to make me jump.

“That was one.”

She had me count. By twenty my ass was on fire. By thirty I was doing my best not to cry. She paused at forty because her arm was tired. She switched hands and gave me ten more licks. My face was wet, snot ran from my nose, and I was sure my bottom would never recover.

“Dry your eyes, Pet and go wash your face. After you dress, come into the kitchen.” She tossed the belt on the bed.

My buttocks were a bright red. I was surprised they weren’t bleeding. In retrospect, eating her was worth the ass beating.

She said, “I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.”

We went to a barbecue place and sat outside. It was inside the city limits so there was no alcohol. I asked about John. She told me he was doing well. I asked why he didn’t go with her. She told him it was a situation she needed to deal with on her own.

She asked, “Do you dislike John?”

I didn’t answer right away as I needed to mull it over.

“I don’t dislike him, but I think you are way too accommodating. I’ll also admit to being a tad casino firmaları jealous.”

She teased me, “A tad?”

“Okay. A lot. I’m very jealous.” It felt good to admit.

“I don’t know if you’re ready to move to Midland.”

“Because a seventy year old man has swept my wife off her feet.”

“Yes. Would you be so upset if it was Aaron or someone closer in age?”

“You have a point.”

“It’s the age difference that bugs you.”

“Not true. It’s his manipulation. He got into your pants the first day we met him. He went from decades of not sharing his wife’s bed to sharing yours. If anyone understands a submissive’s role it should be him, but he purposely disregards them. He’s elbowing me out. The cooking which I should be doing, the lawn care, the foot rubs, and the oral sex. Are you really going to leave the house as it is? Other than your clothes in the closet, there is nothing in it that reflects you. You’re making the payments, but it’s his house.”

“You’re giving him too much credit. He gives me foot massages because he has a thing about feet. He eats me because he enjoys it. He cooks because he enjoys cooking. You forget he’s been doing all that most of his adult life. You sound like you want him to give up all his previous pleasures because he’s fucking me. Maybe the real problem is you.”

“I’ve shared you.”

“More like a loan. For a few hours. I’m not going to tell him no.”

“But you tell me no all the time.”

“That’s because our relationship is different.”

“But it didn’t start out different,” I pointed out, “We used to be equals.”

“We were never equals Pet. From the start I bossed you around. We did what I wanted to do. Our marriage is a continuation of that trajectory.”

Her remarks surprised me, “Trajectory? I was just being a good boyfriend. Besides, I loved you which is why I let you have your way. You interpreted me being nice with being a doormat.”

“You’re putting words in my mouth, Pet. I never said doormat. My recollection of us dating differs from yours. You didn’t let me because you were being a good boyfriend or because you were in love.You let me because way back then you had a submissive streak in you a mile wide. Like I said, we were heading in this direction from the start.”

“I always thought it started with Mrs. Mayweather.”

“She got us back on track and provided a framework, but I had already decided on this direction.”

“You had?”

She nodded in the affirmative.

“I had no idea,” wishing my tea was something stronger, “I need a drink.”

She shook her head, “No. You and I need to have this conversation when we’re sober. You have some decisions to make. Learn to share and come to Midland or stay here.”

“Are you threatening me with a divorce?” I asked.

“Not at all, Pet. That decision is yours. I want you to come to Midland.”

“Why? He can do everything I can do and he’s better at what I can’t do. You don’t need me.”

“You’re wrong. If I didn’t need you I wouldn’t have driven here. I can love two men.”

“So you do love him?”

She answered, “Yes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I love each of you differently.”

“What do you want from me Mistress?”

“To play nice.”

“You make it sound so simple.”

“Because it is. You’re the one making it difficult with your temper tantrums.”

I knew she’d cast me as the villain, but I also knew she might be right. I was behaving somewhat childishly, but given the circumstances was I really that out of line?

“Let me think about it.”

She signaled for our waiter she was ready for the bill. She paid the bill and drove us back to my apartment. I asked if she wanted to come inside. She declined and said she would be driving back to Midland.

“It’s late,” I pointed out.

“I’ll be home by one. John and I have never spent the night apart. He’s worried.”

“About what?”

“Me leaving him to come back here. He knows how much I love you.”

She made it sound like I had leverage, but she had also given me an ultimatum. I wondered if she had been bluffing, but I also didn’t want to call her out on it.

“May I kiss you Paula?” It had been a long time since we actually shared a romantic kiss.

“Of course, Pet. Thank you for asking.”

We shared a nice kiss that took our breaths away. I ran my hands over her body, caressed her breasts, noticed how her nipples were hard under her blouse and bra. I reached over and turned off the ignition, then kissed her again. I unbuttoned her blouse, fished a breast out of her bra, lowered my head, and took its erect nipple into my mouth.

She groaned.

I put my hand between her thighs and rubbed against her crotch. She squeezed her legs together and told me I needed to stop, that I wasn’t making it easy. I started to unbuckle her jeans when she took my hand and moved it away from her.

“No, Pet. We need to stop. I have to get back to John.”

I put my lips against hers. She opened her mouth. güvenilir casino I rolled her erect nipple between my thumb and first two fingers. I was surprised at her response because she had expressed zero interest in this kind of sex from me. Lick her ass, suck her tit while John fucked her, eat her. She was always down for that, but not this.

I let go of her nipple and put my hand between her legs. She squeezed her thighs and ground herself against me. When I unbuttoned her jeans she didn’t stop me. When I unzipped them and slid my hand inside her panties, dipped a finger between her wet labia, located her engorged clitoris and petted her to orgasm without breaking our kiss I had my answer.

She started crying.

I asked what was wrong.

She said, “You’re going to stay here. You were telling me goodbye.”

I wiped her tears away, kissed the bridge of her nose, brought my wet finger up to her lips. She opened her mouth and licked it clean.

“I was just telling you goodnight.”

“So you’re coming to Midland?”

“I am.”

“And you’ll behave?”

“I will. I know you insisted on no rules, but I do have a request. I would love it if you allow me to make my bedroom reflect me. The same with the garage. I also,wouldn’t mind taking one of the upstairs bedrooms and turning it into a study or even knocking down a wall and making a bigger room.”

“I don’t think John will have a problem with what you want. He’s very attached to the house which is sweet. I’ve been hesitant to change anything out of respect for he and Mary Beth.”

“I know, but what if he does?”

She assured me, “He won’t, but if he does I’ll handle him. You just have to play nice.”

We shared a few more kisses. I asked her if she wanted me to go tonight. She said she did. I told her I needed fifteen minutes to pack.

She said, “I’ll help. We can be out of here in ten.”

It was one a.m. when we arrived in Midland. John was napping in front of the television. He seemed happy to see me. We shook hands.

Paula told him, “Let’s go to bed.”

She kissed him and led him by the hand to the bedroom. I headed to my bedroom, unpacked, changed into my pajamas, brushed my teeth, used the bathroom, got a glass of water from the kitchen and listened as John made love to Paula. I wondered if they were purposely being extra loud for my benefit or were they always so loud. Paula seemed to be a lot more vocal since the move.

I didn’t find it upsetting, but it also wasn’t calming. It induced in me a sexual buzz. My penis swelled, my testicles ached, my stomach felt empty. I wanted to climax. My penis would pulsate as Paula’s screams got louder. I convinced myself I was going to climax, but didn’t. The lovers finished, I went to bed.

I had the key. I could take it off, masturbate, and lock myself back up, no one the wiser. Instead I went to bed sexually frustrated and in a bit of pain as my scrotum and penis both hurt. Paula had said someday I would have spontaneous orgasms from listening to her making love. I wanted those orgasms even if it meant I was one step closer to being her eunuch.

Saturday morning, John started the coffee. I insisted on helping him prepare breakfast, reminding him I needed to learn my way around the kitchen. He and I chatted as we cooked. Not forgetting my place, I requested permission to join them at the breakfast. My Amazon, Paula, demurred to John who said yes.

Over breakfast, we discussed our plans for the day. Paula wanted to go to the gym. She said she had been bad about going as it was too easy to find something to do with John. I told her I would make her go more frequently once I moved.

I cleaned up. John dressed and worked on the yard. Paula read the newspaper. She told me she was going to talk to John about my request. A few hours later Paula and I got out workout in and headed back to the house.

John had finished the yard, showered, changed clothes, and was reading the newspaper when we came home. Paula told him to go get a towel and told me to sit on the sofa.

“Watch and enjoy.”

John behaved like an older version of me. She bossed him around. She had him untie her shoes, remove them, peel off her sweaty socks, suck and kiss her smelly, sweaty feet, pull down her panties and gym shorts, then directed him to bury his head between her buttocks. As he worshipped her backside she talked aloud about changing up his old bedroom, the garage, and a few rooms upstairs. He was surprisingly amenable to it all. Paula made lots of eye contact with me. It was exciting to watch her get more aroused. My restraint device prevented a full erection, but it couldn’t stop me from getting excited.

Moments from orgasming, Paula stopped John’s analingus and said she wanted to be fucked. She told John to remove his clothes and to lay on top of her. She opened her legs. He grabbed hold of his manhood and guided himself into her. He put a definite smile on her face. She rapidly approached orgasm and told us she was fertile. I was already very worked up by what I was witnessing, but that bit of news induced the hands free orgasm Paula said I would eventually experience.

She asked if I had and I nodded yes. She said, “I knew it. I can always tell by the look on your face. Why don’t you go clean up?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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