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Faerie World always brought out some interesting characters, and for Aurora’s first Faerie World event, she expected no less. She arrived at the gates to the camp-grounds in the mountains of Oregon on a Friday afternoon, the sun beating down on her lightly olive skinned face, to see an array of people dressed in their version of a Good Fairy. Aurora was no exception, her dark hair curled around her face, a turquoise blue silk dress hugging her body, falling just above her knees. Her silver sandals mirrored the sequins in her dress, and a Lord Of The Rings’ evening star necklace glinted just between her breasts. On her shoulder, a tiny blue stuffed dragon was attached to her dress. Indeed, she looked every inch of a good, but mischievous, fairy.

Aurora wandered the grounds and gazed at the work and crafts for sale. And occasionally, she caught the eye of a handsome guy dressed as a satyr or wizard, and grinned wickedly. It was during these brief moments that Aurora felt lonely and wished for company.

With nothing better to do, Aurora made her way to the makeshift tavern, Oberon’s, for a drink. Music from the stage drift over the stall, and Aurora shamelessly flirted with two of the so-called bartenders. However, as the hour became later, more people began to come in for a drink, and Aurora sighed, resigning herself to a table.

“May I join you?” said a somewhat deep voice. It was a voice that felt both strange and familiar all at once, harsh like stone, but also smooth like velvet. Aurora turned, and saw herself looked at a young man dressed as a satyr. A pair of fake horns adorned his dark blond hair, a vest of crimson linen covered what appeared to be a somewhat hairy chest, and his furry pants ended in black hooves. He carried a staff in one hand and a tankard in another. In fact, the only thing that was a bit disorienting about his costume was the pair of sunglasses hiding his eyes.

“Please, by all means, join me,” Aurora said, gesturing to the seat across from her.

“Thank you” he said, and sat down. “How are you enjoying yourself?”

“Truth be told, I am feeling a bit lonely,” Aurora commented, feeling a bit dejected.

A look of concern seemed to pass over the young man’s face. “You are here alone?”

Aurora nodded, playing with her plastic cup of white wine.

“Well, let’s see if we can remedy that. What is your name?”


“Well, I am Michael. It is very nice to meet you.”

Aurora felt herself smile as a smile as bright as the sun lit up Michael’s face. She also felt herself blush.

‘She is pretty when she blushes,’ thought Michael.

They made light conversation for a bit, until Aurora caught one of the “wenches” putting up something.

“Oh! How beautiful!” she exclaimed commenting on a hand made leather mask to look like a dragon. Michael had to chuckle, her reaction had been adorable. He watched her delight with amusement as she looked at other masks, but always coming back to the dragon one.

“It would be perfect for the dark fairy day tomorrow,” he commented.

“It would, but I already have something set for tomorrow,” she replied.

Michael got up, catching one of her hands lightly. He felt a jolt as his fingers touched hers, and noticed little goosebumps on her skin.

“Let’s wander a bit, and you can think about it.”

Aurora nodded, looking suddenly shy. They both rose from the table, Michael grabbing the staff that he had lain on the ground, and Aurora adjusting her wings.

As they walked, Aurora noticed Michael leaning heavily on the staff.

“Are you alright?” she asked, concern in her voice.

“I am fine, something is wrong with my nerves in my right foot,” Michael said, shrugging it off. “Where shall we wander to?”

Aurora was about to answer when a familiar song filled the air.

“OH! It’s ‘Tam Lin!'” she cried.

Michael chuckled, “I’m sorry?”

“The song! It’s Tricky Pixie that is playing right now! I love this song!” Aurora exclaimed, her body leaning towards the area of the stage.

“Let’s head that way, then, and sit and listen.”

Aurora led the way, keeping her pace slow so she could walk beside Michael. They found a spot on the ground that was partially shaded by the overhang set up for people listening to the main stage. Aurora was singing along softly to the song.

” ‘I forbid ye maidens all, to let fly your lovely hair…'” she gently sang, her voice low, soft and smooth like silk. Her hair played around her lips, and Aurora gently turned to find Michael looking at her. Beneath his sunglasses, Aurora felt her eyes meeting his, and Michael leaned towards her.

Their lips met softly, almost chastely, as Michael’s hand reached up to cup Aurora’s face. She could faintly taste the mead that he had been drinking earlier as his tongue slipped gently past her pink lips.

As gently and suddenly as the kiss had started, it ended. Michael drew back, and a playful smile crossed his lips.

“Sorry. I couldn’t resist,” he said. ankara escort

“It’s fine. But today is Good Fairy Day, and I should be good,” Aurora commented wickedly.

“Mmmm, but you taste so good,” Michael whispered, leaning back towards her.

“And so do you,” Aurora said softly. But she restrained Michael gently. “But I let you have all of me now, what’s going to make you come back for more?”

Michael groaned, deeply, in disappointment. But, in the back of his mind, Michael liked the chase. It felt very primal to him, and he liked a challenge.

As the sun drew lower in the sky, and the air became cooler, Michael and Aurora didn’t move for a long time, sitting and listening to music, the occasional soft, gentle kiss breaking up the listening. Finally, Aurora felt the jet lag of a long day catch up to her.

Michael noticed Aurora starting to wane. “Are you doing OK?”

“I’ve been up since 4am Eastern Time. I think that’s finally starting to catch up to me,” Aurora giggled.

“Then, perhaps I can lead you back to your car?” Michael said, rising and giving Aurora his hand.

“That would be lovely, thank you,” Aurora said, gently rising to her feet, her hand tingling in Michael’s grip.

They strolled to where Aurora had parked, the sun on their backs. As they arrived at Aurora’s car, Michael took off his sunglasses, letting Aurora see eyes as blue-gray as a storm cloud. He gently pushed her against her car, pressing his body against her, and kissed her again.

“Can I see you tomorrow?” he asked, as he pulled his lips from hers. “Or perhaps, later tonight?

Aurora’s breath was coming out slightly harder, her face flushed from passion. “I have to first shower, to get off all this make-up.”

“Can I join?”

Aurora giggled, “Perhaps, but I would prefer to clean up, especially after traveling since 4am.”

“Maybe in about an hour or so, then?”

“That sounds perfect.”

“I will give you a call when I am on my way,” Michael whispered, leaning close, his lips brushing hers, before pulling away, to await the date.

Michael called as Aurora was finishing up some dinner, and he was on his way to his car. He arrived at Aurora’s hotel about 40 minutes later. She was waiting for him, a vision in white—long white skirt, a white tank top, and her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. And she wore glasses! Just like Michael was wearing, to show his eyes, along with a t-shirt and shorts.

“You look different without the make-up. More stunning,” Michael commented, as Aurora led him to her room.

Aurora blushed prettily, and smiled, saying, “No I am not.”

They had walked into Aurora’s room, and Michael wrapped his arms around Aurora, pulling her close, and kissing her neck. “Yes, you are.”

Aurora sighed gently, her lips opening slightly in lust, her eyelids fluttering. She turned, slowly, until her lips met his in a deep, passionate kiss. His hands roamed down her sides, caressing Aurora’s hips over her white linen skirt. Aurora’s hands cupped Michael’s face, and lightly dragged her fingernails down his throat. She felt him shudder and groan into her mouth.

“I knew you were a dark fae,” Michael whispered, breaking the kiss temporarily. “You couldn’t have ever been good.”

“Like you were. You were dressed as a saytr,” Aurora moaned.

He pulled her closer to him, hard, and kissed her fiercely. His tongue slipped past her lips and probed her mouth. A hand grabbed her ass, while his other hand clawed at her right breast, his nails slightly digging into her skin. It elicited a sharp intake of breath from Aurora, and she bit down on Michael’s lower lip. Her mouth wandered lower, her tongue licking the skin of Michael’s neck, while the hand Michael had on her ass moved around to her front, slowly playing with her pussy through her skirt.

Aurora broke the kiss, Michael looking both disappointed and a bit angry, but Aurora had a look of lust. She pulled him over to the bed, where she climbed on it, and pulled him down. Michael lay next to her, resuming their passionate kiss. A hand slipped up her shirt, while his head moved down to her neck, and bit down.

Aurora moaned in surprise, pleasure and pain. This was making her so wet, and she could feel the heat of her pussy, her juices slowly leaking out of her slit. Michael traced a fine line up her leg to touch her panties, feeling the heat from her pussy. Michael slipped a finger past the flimsy material and gently touched Aurora’s bare pussy. Slowly, gently, he ran his thumb along her clit, making it erect, and causing Aurora’s body to jerk. He gently pushed a finger inside her warm, wet flesh, and explored her tight pussy. He felt her cream flowing down and onto his finger.

Aurora’s hand roamed down towards his crotch, and felt the bulge at the front of his shorts. Michael groaned, and broke his hold on Aurora’s neck. Aurora took advantage, and pushed him on to his back, her eyes having a predatory look. She straddled him, grinding her hips against him, escort ankara teasing the bulge, while leaning down as if to kiss him. But as she neared his lips, she suddenly swooped her head lower, and bit down, hard, onto his neck.

Michael’s body went rigid for a moment, his eyes going wild in surprise, and he growled. He tried to fight, but he found Aurora to be surprisingly strong, pinning him down with both her hips and her hands. She had bitten hard, and was sucking as well, adding to both his pleasure and pain. He felt such an intensity in the pleasure, and he began to writhe underneath her.

Aurora was turned on by the snarl and growl that Michael was letting out. She let up, and looked at him, seeing the wild look in his eyes. He smiled very wickedly, and tried to get up. Aurora could tell Michael wanted her.

“Let me up,” Michael growled. “Let me fuck you.”

“No,” Aurora whispered. “I want to make you wait for it.”

She bit down again, on a different part of his neck. Michael was going to have bruises in the morning, but Michael didn’t seem like he cared. He snarled loudly, his breath coming out heavily, gasping from the passion.

He tried to fight again, but Aurora would not let up. Michael exhausted himself after about an hour and a half of Aurora teasing him. Finally, Aurora’s jet lag caught up with her around 11:30pm, and Michael found himself, regrettably, leaving.

“Can I see you tomorrow?” Michael asked, his eyes still filled with lust, his breathing starting to become steady.

“Of course. Let me know you get back to the campsite safely, and give me a text in the morning,” Aurora said, before she kissed him again, cupping his face.

Michael left, knowing he was going to need to find a way to get off when he got back to his campsite. Perhaps, in his dreams, he would see Aurora as her dark self again…

Morning could not come fast enough for Michael. He had camped at the site, and unfortunately had a rude awakening at 8am—someone had decided to blast German techno music from the main stage. But that couldn’t damper his mood. He was going to see just how dark Aurora could be, and he had some plans for her. His dreams had been very dark and lustful, and he wanted to act on those dreams.

Aurora called around noon, telling him she was at Oberon’s. Apparently, the call of the dragon mask was too much to resist.

‘Well, I can’t exactly say I blame her. It was a beautiful mask,’ Michael thought as he walked towards the tavern stall. Today, he was dressed in a black pirate shirt with a green vest, and baggy looking blue and black pirate pants. He still had his staff and sunglasses, and he began to look for Aurora.

He found her marveling at the mask. She looked stunning, in a floor length wine red dress. It was laced in the front, low cut neckline, and had slightly puffy sleeves. Her hair was straight today, and she wore a red and black mini top hat. Her wings were black with purple glitter. But what made Michael catch his breath were two things: her emerald green eyes were accented well by the dark eye-shadow she wore, and she had fangs fixated to two teeth.

Michael was intrigued by the fangs. He wanted to feel them against his skin, particularly against his neck.

“Hello!” he called out.

Aurora looked up at him, and smiled, the fangs catching the sunlight, making the smile very feral.

“Hey! How are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m doing well. You look stunning,” Michael said, looking her up and down, drinking in the sight of her. He remembered how her kiss was the night before, and wondered how the fangs would add to it.

Aurora must have guessed what he was thinking, and smiled wickedly. “I will try not to bite too much, because I do not need to leave lipstick on you.”

Aurora caught a glance at Michael’s neck, “Although, perhaps lipstick would be a bit more flattering than the purple currently on your neck.”

Michael brushed his neck, feeling where the bruises from last night were, and grinned. “This is not necessarily a bad thing.”

Aurora leaned over, the tip of her tongue snaking out and licking a bruise. Michael shuddered.

“Come with me,” Michael said, taking Aurora’s arm and steering her in a particular direction. “I have something I want to show you.”

Aurora strolled beside Michael, her head erect, her movements graceful and unhurried. Michael was still walking with the staff, keeping his pace leisurely. What he had in mind was one of the vendors, who sold some interesting items, including floggers and…

“Oooh! Claws!” Aurora whispered, picking up one of the fingertip claws made of steel and bone. She looked over slyly at Michael. “I take it you have ideas in mind?”

“I might have…” Michael didn’t get far before Aurora decided to drag a claw down his neck and spine. The sensation was very intense, the bone wasn’t sharp, but the touch was light enough that it felt like an actual nail on his skin.

“Definitely might have to use those later,” Aurora ankara escort bayan murmured to herself. “How much are they?”

“About eighteen dollars each,” said the salesman.

“Allow me,” Michael said. “After all, they will be for mutual use.” He leaned over and bit Aurora’s neck.

“Maybe we should go test these a little later,” Aurora moaned, her eyes closing.

Michael smirked. He bought the claws for Aurora, as they were fitted to her middle fingers.

The two walked the fair for a while, Aurora occasionally using the claws on Michael. He felt his body becoming aroused as she used the claws on his neck, his arms, his face. Each time the claw Aurora used caressed his skin, he shuddered, and he felt himself growing hard.

After some time of this torture, Michael couldn’t take anymore. While Aurora was looking at prints, he came up behind her, reaching an arm around her waist, pulling her into him. She could feel his bulge through their thin clothing, and felt his breath on her skin.

“Let’s go back to your place,” he whispered.

Aurora’s eyelids fluttered, and he heard her take a sharp intake of breath. She reached back, running a hand down his leg, and gently nodded.

The drive back to Aurora’s hotel room went by quickly, with Aurora trying not to tease Michael the entire way back. After all, he had to drive. As Aurora led the way in, she had a wicked glint in her eyes, and bared her teeth, almost feral like.

They walked through the threshold of Aurora’s hotel room, Michael’s hand caught hers in a move so swift she started. His hands felt hot and big, almost completely enveloping hers. He turned her around quite forcefully, until she was looking into those stormy eyes. This man was making her blood run too hot, and her composure crumbling like ashes. Aurora purred, as Michael pulled her face close to his.

Aurora’s tits heaved as the passionate kiss deepened, before Michael pulled away, and drank in her sight. Slowly, he began to undo the ties in front, slipping off dress and wings together. Her milk white breasts, with her pink erect nipples, stared at him. He took in the rest of her body—the slightly built arms that still held grace, the delicate hollow at the base of her neck, the tilt of her head as she smiled coyly.

Their lips met lightly, no more than the brush of a month’s wings. Her breath fanned his mouth, sweetly, as Aurora deepened the kiss, pressing her lips to his, her tongue coming out to tease his. He savored her, licking across her mouth and tasted wine and woman. His pulse beat heavy in his body, and his arms ran up hers, pulling her close, pressing her naked body to his still fully clothed one.

Aurora’s nimble fingers undid the ties at his black pirate shirt, not breaking the kiss. The ties on the shirt undone, she moved her hands to his pants, and undid those just as swiftly. She bit his bottom lip and dragged her nails along his thighs.

“Careful” he growled gently.

Aurora was up on tiptoes, pulling his neck closer to her mouth. “Do you really want me to be careful?”

“Maybe not,” Michael groaned.

Aurora pushed Michael towards the bed, gently pushing him down. He lay down and she crawled up on top of him, like a big cat stalking it’s prey.

Aurora locked eyes with Michael, and scraped one of the bone claws across his nipples. Michael sucked in his breath, and Aurora heard a deep rumble in his chest as he growled. Aurora smiled, and dragged the claws down either side of his body, swooping her head down as she licked first one nipple, then the other, making Michael go stiff beneath her.

Aurora looked up through her long black lashes and smiled at the look on Michael’s face. His lips were slightly parted, his head tilted back, and his eyes were closed. Aurora sucked in a nipple, and Michael went rigid, groaning.

Michael was hard, and he wanted to feel himself inside of her. Aurora worked her way from his nipples back up to Michael’s neck, her dripping wet pussy teasing above the tip of his dick.

“I want you,” she whispered into his ear. “I want your cock inside of me.”

Michael groaned, and grabbed her hips, as if trying to push her down towards him. But Aurora wanted the control right now, and with the tip of his dick placed at her entrance, she came down hard, unerringly on his dick, his complete length inside of her. She felt his fingers dig in to the soft flesh of her hips, as his rock hard dick was lodged within her, pushing into the sensitive flesh.

Aurora held him there, nestled against him, sex against sex, not moving for several minutes, before slowly gyrating her hips. Then, she slowly pulled him out of her, hearing him groan in disappointment.

“Do you like this?” she asked, and then plunged him back into her, biting him hard on his neck. The force made both of them gasp. Michael squirmed and growled, barring his teeth at her, a look of wildness in his eyes.

Aurora braced herself against Michael, and kept up this teasing, the slow pull from her pussy, the forceful plunge back down, each time biting him in a different part of his neck. His nostrils flared, growling each time Aurora slammed back against him. Each time Aurora slammed against him, she would swivel her hips a little.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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