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I woke up around noon the next day. I had moved to the guest room early that morning and fell back asleep. By the time I woke up the second time I figured Ashley’s mom would be home and I hoped we had covered all of our tracks from the previous night. We cleaned up pretty good but I had the worry we forgot something. We were careful about our porn viewing and extremely careful when it involved our parent’s videos. This was a whole new level for us and I wanted to make sure nothing gave us away.

I walked past Ashley’s room to find her door open and her not in there. I continued to the living room. As I came out of the hall, I looked through the living room to see Ashley sitting at the kitchen table with both our moms eating. All three women looked at me in my disheveled state as I sauntered over to the table. I thought nothing was out of the norm.

I sat and dished up some food. I had exerted a lot of energy from the previous night and my stomach was telling me so. I scarfed down the food, oblivious to everyone at the table. Once I had taken the edge off, I looked up. All three girls were looking at me. What concerned me the most was Ashley. She smiled but it was a nervous smile.

“What’s going on?” I said to break the silence.

Ashley’s smile vanished and the moms thought silently as if they were collecting their thoughts.

Aunt Sara spoke first and said, “Well I don’t really know where to start. Should I start at you guys looking at porn, or you watching your parent’s fuck, or the fact that I came home last night to see the two of you naked? Where should I start?”

Aunt Sara’s voice was not mad though. She was calm and stated facts.

“Umm, so I guess they know?” I said to Ashley

Ashley nodded

“Yes we know and we want to whole story.” Aunt Sara said.

“The whole story?” I said back nervously

“Answer this question first. Do you two love each other or just curious and messing around?” My mom said.

Ashley spoke up emphatically and defensive for the first time since I joined the table, “We’re not messing around. We love each other more than anything, just like you two do. What you saw last night was an expression of our love.”

I was nervous by how bold Ashley was. I was now expecting severe pain and punishment for our actions.

“Good.” Mom said.

“Good?” I asked back nervously

“Yes good. We have always known you guys were close but if anything more than being friends and cousins happened, it had to be with the right intentions.” Aunt Sara said.

“Wait your not mad at us for what we have done? That we are cousins?” Ashley asked

“Simple answer is no. We might be embarrassed you have watched our tapes but as for you being together, absolutely not. How could we be mad? You have seen us together. We love you guys and want you to have the same love and passion we share.” Aunt Sara said as she held my moms hand.

“Sorry I am having a problem taking you guys serious. You’re okay with me and Ashley being umm… intimate?” I said.

“Yes not only are we okay with it but we what to make sure everything goes well for you two. We want to help any way we can.” Mom said. “The bond me and Sara have is special. We want you guys to have the same experience. We have thought for years something would happen with how close you are.”

“I still can’t believe you are saying it is okay for me to fuck my cousin.” I said

“We didn’t use those words but yes. As long as you two are doing it for the right reasons. First off to fuck my daughter you have to get your big dick in her and from what I saw there was a major problem.” Aunt Sara said.

“Big? How big?” My mom asked. I guess Aunt Sara had not shared that information yet.

“Really big. It looked bigger than Adam (my dad).” Aunt Sara said.

“Wow. I guess it runs in the family. Ashley is a virgin trying to take that for the first time. I understand the big issue now.” Mom said as she looked down at my crotch.

I started to turn red in embarrassment as our moms talked about my dick and the issues Ashley and I had. We sat quiet as the moms discussed. My mom finally realized my embarrassment.

“Don’t worry about it honey. We will figure it out. We are here to help and we will fix the problem in no time. We are quite experienced.” Mom said.

“Yeah we have seen.” I said.

“Oh yeah.” Mom said. She seemed a little embarrassed at the mention of their videos.

“First I am taking Ashley to the doctor today to get her on birth control. It takes about a week for it to start working. That will give us time to prepare Ashley to take you Mark. You guys can do other stuff in the mean time.” Aunt Sara said.

“Oh shit! I forgot about birth control.” Ashley said.

“Yeah I know. I was about to stop you guys last night but once I saw that he could not penetrate you I stopped worrying.” Aunt Sara said.

“That would have been awkward.” I said

“We don’t need a pregnancy.” Mom said

We finished eating and moved to the couches to continue talking. Oddly the awkwardness was gone. Our moms were bahis firmaları so cool about everything that it really calmed down our nerves.

“So what about dad? Does he know?” Ashley asked.

“Hell no! We will all do our best to keep it that way.” Aunt Sara said

“We have to set some rules. We had many close calls when we were young and we don’t want you guys to have the same problems. We have learned a lot from our mistakes.” My mom said.

“First is your fathers. We don’t tell them anything. We hide the fact that you have seen any videos. Your fathers caught us in the act a few years into our marriages and we both almost got divorced.” Ashley and I perked up to that statement. Aunt Sara noticed but continued, “That’s a story for another day. It took us years for them to be okay with it. Then many more years to get them involved. For your sake it is better they know nothing.”

“Okay. Good to know.” I said

“Oh yeah that reminds me. Have you ever mentioned our videos to any of your friends?” My mom said

“No. We have never told anyone.” Ashley said and I nodded in agreement.


“Can we talk about those later? I am curious about a few things.” I said

“Yes of course we can. You can ask us anything. For now lets finish the rules and then you have to tell us everything between you two from the beginning.” Aunt Sara said

“Second rule is you have to keep living your normal lives. In private you can be a couple but in front of friends and family you are cousins.” Mom said.

“So within that you two have be like normal kids your age, date and see other people. From experience you will always have each other. The bond and relationship you have will never change as long as there is no jealousy or secrets. One day if you find the right people you could have a relationship like me and my sister have now but until then your relationship has to be private.” Aunt Sara said

“Sorry if this is a downer but the logistics of a long term relationship is not possible or legal. Be okay with sharing. We have learned that love only grows in being open and sharing. I know it might be hard to hear now but in the future you will understand. So for now if you have people, who are interested in you, go on a date and have fun. Just don’t keep secrets from each other.” Mom said

“Well that kind of sucks. I love Ashley.” I said

“I love you too Mark but I think what they are saying makes sense.” Ashley said. She was always more rational then I was. “We can have each other our entire lives but we also have to cultivate our lives outside of us.”

“I knew I had a smart daughter.” Aunt Sara said

“Thanks mom. Look Mark we will still have us. Think of our parent’s last video with your neighbor. It looked amazing and that could be us one day.” Ashley said

“I guess your right.” I said

“Plus I think Mandy is already interested in you.” Ashley said

“Who’s Mandy?” I said

“Mandy is my friend and has the hot’s for Mark. We can tell you about her later but I think Mark should take her out on a date and have some fun.”

“Not too much fun. No matter what my first time is going to be with you.” I said to Ashley.

“Look how sweet our kids are.” My mom said

“Stop mom. Any more rules?” I said

“I can think of one more for now. Be safe. No pregnancies. We are covering that with the birth control. We can’t have a baby between cousins. Down the road we want grandkids between you and your spouse, but nothing between you two. Got it?” My mom said.

“Yeah got it.” I said

“Got it.” Ashley agreed

Their rules did seem reasonable. I might get jealous if I see Ashley with another guy but for now I didn’t have to worry about that. Plus I had a chance to play with Mandy’s huge tits. I needed to be excited. My mom and aunt wanted to help. I had a beautiful cousin. Life was good.

“Great I am ready to hear how all of this came about.” My mom said

“Me too. Around us you guys can act like a couple. You don’t have to sit so far apart.” Aunt Sara said.

I had not realized but we had been sitting a few feet apart. Ashley slid down the couch and I wrapped my arm around her.

“Much better.” Aunt Sara said

Ashley and I went on to tell them the whole story. I don’t think we left out anything. We did not hold back at all. We even talked about masturbating after their videos and how hot the moms looked. They really liked the compliments.

After we finished we were all feeling very comfortable. Nothing was being hidden. I was holding Ashley tight and our moms were also cuddling. I had a few more questions for the moms.

“Mom, Aunt Sara can I ask you a few questions.” I said

“Definitely.” Mom said

“With a free house last night, did you make another video and if so when can we see it?”

“Since we are being truthful the answer is yes. Now about you guys watching it I don’t know. I don’t know if you should be watching us.” Mom said

“Oh come on. You two look amazing and we have seen everything else.” I said.

“I am okay with it kaçak iddaa Carrie.” Aunt Sara said.

“Fine, I will let you know when it is done.” Mom said.

“You are the coolest moms ever. My next question is, you told us we can act like a couple around the two of you. What does that really mean?” I said

“Just as it sounds. You guys can be a couple. Young kids in love.” Aunt Sara said.

“I understand that but I mean can we umm… how do I say it. I mean can we umm fool around or do we have to wait for you to be out of the house?” I said.

“My answer is you can do whatever you want. You can go to Ashley’s room right now or get frisky right here. Hell I have already seen you two. I say have fun. Do you agree Carrie?” Aunt Sara said.

“Yeah I agree too. Have fun.” My mom said.

“Wait, let me get this straight. You would be fine with me feeling up Ashley right in front of you?” I said.

“Yeah.” My mom said.

“I don’t believe you. I can make out with my cousin and grab her butt right in front of you?” I said shocked.

“Yep! I don’t see why not.” Sara said.

“Alright what if we push the limits more. What if you came home and we were doing oral or were naked?” Ashley asked.

“I have already seen you naked and doing oral, so I am fine with it.” Aunt Sara said.

“Holy shit. I can’t believe this. What would you do if you walked in on us?” I said.

“Honestly I would watch like I did last night.” Aunt Sara said.

“Seriously?” I asked, still shocked.

“Yes! I know if you came home to see your mom and me naked and fooling around you would watch too. Hell you have already watched us, a lot.” Aunt Sara said.

I sat and let the whole situation settle in for a few seconds. I thought about all the freedom Ashley and I would have. We had to hide from less people and our dads worked late most days so we could be a couple around the Mom’s.

After I realized I had freedom. I pulled Ashley tighter into my body and put one hand on her ass and squeezed.

“See no big deal.” Mom said looking at my hand.

“The same is fine with us. If you two want to be affectionate, that is perfectly fine. We probably would love to see it.” Ashley said with a grin.

“Well I guess we don’t have to hide it from you. You have already seen it.” Aunt Sara said.

“Yeah it will be nice not having to keep that secret.” My mom said as they pushed their bodies closer together.

“Its nice to see you guys like this.” I said. I was giddy to see them touching. I wanted to see more. “Lets see a little more. Feel each other up or something.” I didn’t have much control over what I was saying at that point. My hormones had the best of me

“Mark!” Mom said at my boldness.

“Sorry Mom. I don’t know why I said that.” I said.

“Oh give him a break Carrie. He’s a teenager in the most sexual situation he has ever been in.” Sara said.

“I know but I am his Mom. I keep forgetting he is turning into a man.” Mom said.

“Just wait till you see his cock!” Sara said.

“Sara!” Mom yelled.

“Lighten up Carrie. Have you not been a part of the whole conversation this morning? We are telling and helping our kids fuck. We can be a couple around them. We told them they could be intimate in front of us and we would watch. Stop letting little things set you off like your son’s cock or us being intimate.” Sara said with a smile.

Sara slid her hand down the top of mom’s shirt and onto her breast. Mom looked like her old instincts were going to set in and pull away.

“Relax.” Sara said.

Mom closed her eyes and took a deep breath. After a minute of Sara holding her breast Mom opened her eyes and smiled. “Alright this is fun. It may take a few days to set in but I think I will like this.” Aunt Sara did not remove her hand.

“Great and you two look amazing. You have heard how we started but can we hear how your relationship started?” I said.

“Okay, are you sure you’re interested in hearing how your moms got together?” Aunt Sara said.

“Yes we already told you how much we loved your home movies and how amazing you two are in them. What’s the difference between us telling you our story? We’re already not a normal family.” I said.

“I’m good with it.” Mom said.

“Me too. Only question is how much we tell them. Not even our husbands know everything.” Aunt Sara said.

“We want it all.” I said quickly.

The moms looked at each other and nodded in agreement. Big grins came to both of their faces as obvious memories were running through their minds.

“Here we go. You two will be the only ones ever to know everything so it should be known without saying but please keep our secret and never tell anyone.” Mom said.

Ashley and I quickly agreed, as we could not wait to hear everything.

“So, as you guys know we have always been super close. The fact we are identical twins only added to our closeness. Ever since we were kids we have done everything together and told each other everything. I don’t think either of us has a secret that the other doesn’t kaçak bahis know.” Mom said.

Aunt Sara took over. “So it first started in high school. It started out innocent. One day Carrie claimed she had to stay late after school. That was a lie. A boy she liked wanted to talk to her. I knew it was a lie so when she got home I pressured her into telling me everything.”

“Don’t act like it was a secret. I would have told you anyways. I was just nervous because it was the first boy I was interested in.” Mom interjected.

“Okay fine, but when she got home she told me the boy asked to be her boyfriend and they kissed behind the science building that day.” Aunt Sara said.

“The kiss was terrible. It was messy and not good. We even bumped teeth.” Mom said, “So as high school girls do, we talked about it nonstop. The boy told his friends about the kiss. So over the following few days I heard rumors that I was a bad kisser.”

“Ultimately we realized we were both rookies and needed improvement. I think it was Sara to first suggest it, but I took little convincing, that we should practice on each other. It seemed natural and easy. Both of us could improve our kissing skills and do it in the secrecy of our bedroom.” Mom said.

Then Sara continued, “At first it was a little strange. The first time our lips met in a not sisterly way was weird. Carrie pushed her tongue into my mouth and we made out. I am sure we looked tense and awkward but I knew right away that I liked it, and so did Carrie.”

“We made out every night for a month. All the rumors changed for Carrie at school. After kissing her boyfriend a few more times, he shared the news of her improvement. Even though Carrie had a boyfriend we kept kissing. Not much more happened. Maybe holding each other in bed but that was it.” Aunt Sara said.

“Until the day you came into the room in a towel after your shower.” Mom said.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. That’s when you told me your boyfriend ate you out.” Aunt Sara said.

“Yep and you got jealous because you wanted to know what it felt like.” Mom said.

“Not jealous, just curious.” Aunt Sara said.

“Either way you wanted to know every detail and every sensation. You were fascinated by it. So that was when I decided to take it to another level. Being twins we have an intuition about what the other one is thinking. Plus we talked about how much we liked kissing each other. I figured Sara would like my idea.” Mom said

“I loved her idea.” Sara said quickly.

“What was the idea?” I asked.

“I told Sara to drop her towel and I will give her the experience for herself.” Mom said

“No way! You told her you would eat her out right then and she was okay with that?” Ashley said.

“That’s right. Sara didn’t even answer me. She dropped her towel, climbed on the bed and spread her legs. She was so excited and her smile was huge. I still remember the moisture on her pussy.” Mom said.

“Holy shit Mom! That is so hot! So how was it?” I said.

“Thanks honey. It was awesome. I think I fell even more in love with Sara. Her pussy was amazing.” Mom said.

“Carrie was a natural pussy licker from the beginning. I must have orgasmed a few times.” Sara said.

The Moms covered every detail of the first experience and it was so hot hearing them talk about everything. They were so open and honest. The heat was spreading to everyone in the room. The Moms held each other tighter. I pulled Ashley into a spoon with me. My hard cock pressed into her ass.

They continued, “Once we broke the real sexual boundary, everything was free game. Sara ate me out. We tried fingers and sixty-nines.” Mom said.

“Our real problem was we could not keep our hands off each other and we almost got caught a lot. Our mom did catch us a couple times and that is one of the things we have never told your dads. They love grandma and they would die if they knew that grandma knew. That sweet little lady helped keep our secret and never told us to stop. She is the best mom. Grandma knows we still do it today. We have told her about our foursomes.” Sara said.

“Wait, go back. How did she catch you?” I asked.

“First time she came home early from work. We were naked and fooling around. She stopped us. She talked to us similar how we talked to you. Grandma only wanted for her daughters to be happy and she saw how happy we were. She did grill us on getting caught though. She told us that it could ruin our lives if word got out that we did incest.” Mom said.

“We were not as careful as we should have been but as far as we know, nobody else caught us. Second time we got caught by her was the worst. We were on a family road trip. Carrie and I had the back seat to us and our parents were in the front. We had a blanket and got bored with the drive. We started touching each other under the blanket. We were quiet but before we knew it, the blanket had slipped and my hand on Carrie’s vagina was exposed. I only stopped when our mom poked my arm. Dad was none the wiser, but it was too close.” Sara said.

“The last time she caught us was in our room. She walked in and was watching us while we were using sex toys on each other. It was a little strange to see our mom watching us use dildos on each other but she only smiled and left the room.” Mom said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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