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Her goal for this cruise was to lose any inhibitions she had regarding just having sex for the pleasure of it. She booked a stateroom for just herself. packed sexy clothes. Lingerie, low cut shirts.

As she boarded she noticed so many were couples. Unless she can find one willing to have a one night fling she was not going to meet her goal. it was an eight day cruise. To meet her, as she put it, quota, she needed to start that night.

After having dinner she headed to one of the bars. The event occurring was singles meet. perfect. She chose a low cut red shirt, right pants. Her ass filled those pants. She so wanted a man to grab her ass, rub up against her. She wanted to feel his cock grow as he rubbed against her.

In the bar she saw a few that was her normal guy she went for. She put that aside and considered all of them prospects. She had a couple drinks and looked around. Her tits were almost falling out of her shirt. She drank a Margarita and wiped some salt from her glass and slowly licked and sucked it from her finger. fingers. That’s when she noticed the guy sitting across from her. He was watching her. She smiled and gave her finger a very sexy lick and gave bahis siteleri him a wink. He approached her and say next to her. He leaned close and whispered in her ear if she wanted to take a walk.

As they walked along the outside deck he wanted to know if she called on the trip by herself. She told him yes and she was hoping not to sleep alone. Feeling unusually brave she pretended to be off balance to fall against him. Rubbing his dick through his pants. Feeling it here just a bit, she took a breathe and made sure he was able to see her chest rise.

They stopped at a different bar to get a drink and she mentioned her room was close. She led him to her room, finished their drinks, and feeling brave, missed him.

She went in the bathroom and freshened up and changed into a black lace corset that only covered half her breasts and matching lace panties that were crotchless. When she walked out he smiled and got up to lead her to the bed. She laid back and he asked her if she wanted him. Of course she said yes. He wanted her to show him. She spread her legs, placed her fingers on each side of her pussy and showed him how wet she was.

He slid two fingers in, she moaned canlı bahis siteleri and lifted her hips to get deeper.

She looked at him and said”fuck me and fuck me hard” He flipped her over, slapped her ass and told her to lift that ass. He undressed and slammed his cock in her. Holding her hips he went in deep and hard, over and over. When he came he came hard and pulsated in her.

After he left she started thinking about tomorrow and how to keep the sex going. She didn’t want a repeat of who she slept with. She wanted to be the slut she felt she was for this cruise.

The night before at dinner her main waiter was very attentive. She was trying to see if she can get a reaction from him. Noticing him looking at her cleavage she smiled. In conversation she asked him how late his hours were since she had also seen him working lunch. He would get off at midnight. She asked if he could meet him on the deck then. She was curious about what it was like working on a cruise.

She waited on

deck, Thinking of what to say. She closed her eyes a minute, listening to the waves. He thoughts went to imagining him down between her legs, licking her clit, getting wet and canlı bahis cumming like that. She didn’t hear him approach, nor was she aware her hand had moved to her pussy. rubbing against her pants.

She jumped when he placed his hand on hers. She relaxed and let his hand stay there. He asked her what she wanted to know. She’s just said what she wanted. A different man every night. Maybe two, Afternoon and night. She felt s connection with him. Not wanting to not reach her goal, she asked him if any of the other crew would want her. He knew there were those that would. She expressed her want of a crew member and one passenger a day. She invited him to her room and they fucked until they both came.

For the rest of the cruise she had a passenger in her room for lunch and a crew member at night. She was physically sore, but she is naturally she and reserved.

On the last night of the cruise when she entered her room, she found her waiter who set up the crew members, waiting for her along with the five crew members from previous nights.

She spent the night in tight quarters with all six men. Hours of sex.

Vacation over, sore, but content. She decided to stay a couple of days before flying home so she can rest. Checking in she saw the man from the first night. She let out a sigh as she felt herself get wet. One more night she told herself. Then back to her reserved did until the next cruise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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